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Now, let's just handly this calmly and cooly. No need to panic...

Oh who am I kidding RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Please don't go...Stay and talk to me awhile.

O...kay? I guess it wouldn't hurt to just talk.

I don't understand what's going on. I can see right through him...


I he...Why won't he say something? It's freaking me out!



A-Ashley? That's a perculiar name.

I mean Ashley. My full name is Ashley Mizuki Robbins.

Please! Don't hurt me!


Music: Silence

Open your eyes.

I don't want to!

Open your eyes and look at me.

Huh? Why?

Can you see me?


Are you sure?

Of course I'm sure. You're standing right in front of me!


A ha ha ha ha!

Why is the ghost laughing at me? I should be scared, I guess. But now I'm just kind of annoyed. Don't you know that it's rude to laugh at other people?

I've been waiting all these years...Waiting so long...

For someone like you.

Someone Like Me

What do you mean by that? You don't even know me.

I've been waiting for someone who can see me.

I don't understand.

You CAN see me, right?

Of course I can! You're standing right there. Why are you so surprised?

Because I'm not human. I mean, not anymore.

I knew it!

I'm D.


I really messed up this time. That must have been his gravestone that I pushed over.

I haven't found Dad or Jessica. And now this! Waking the dead. What else could happen today. I don't know what to do.


That's not my grave. My body isn't in there.

What are you talking about? Did you hear me thinking?

I've been here for a long time. Nobody ever noticed me. I've been alone for a long time.


But you'll find out one day.

A mite bit grim, D?

Well, of course you feel lonely.

Music: Silence


Maybe it's just because no one lives here anymore!

Then explain it to me.

Though visitors have become more infrequent as time goes on,

This island has seen some. And none of them could see me.


Do you understand what this means? People with clouded minds can only see what's in front of them.

Oh no.

I still maintain that this game has some pretty good writing, but this is one of its weaker plot points.

I don't understand.

Your heart and mind are pure.

Outside of being a flimsy justification for why nobody could see D, this explanation fails to hold water when we meet other characters later in the game.

What are you saying?

You see past what's right there. That's why you can see me.

I wouldn't mind it nearly as much if the game didn't insist on reminding us of it at the moments where it is most easy to poke holes in it.


But I digress. We'll have plenty of chances to examine why this plot point is dumb later on. For now, just enjoy the conversation.

You must be the one.

The one?

The one to recover my memories.

Recover D's Memories

Recover your Memories? What do you mean by that?

Ashley, listen to me. I don't have any memories.

That's impossible. How can you not have any memories?

I can't remember anything about my life..Who I was...How I died...No one remembers me, not even me. It's as if I never existed at all. That's why I wander around here. That's why I can't move on.

How long have you been here?

I think around...57 years.

57 years?!

Are you so surprised? Death has no expiration date.

I was originally considering this as the thread title.

I know, but...57 years...I'd be an old lady by then.

You've been wandering alone for that long?


That's just terrible.


Which is why I need to get my memories back. I need to get my life back.

I understand.

I feel the same way.


I have something I try to remember, but I can't. It's a riddle, and the answer is right on the tip of my tounge.

So we're kindred spirits. Ha ha ha!

That was really corny, D.

So, you can't remember anything at all?

Well...There is one thing. I remember...

D's Memories.

What do you remember?

Someone calling me "D." And also...This mark on my chest.

The mark on your chest?

It's the last thing I saw. Something burned into my memory the moment I died.

Go on.

If I could just remember what that last piece was, I could probably remember why I died. I need to know why I died. I need to move on from here.

Oh, D...

I am thinking about what captain said a little while ago. "The question of why people die is too big for anyone to answer." Is it too big even for the dead?

With no more conversation topics, we can only press back.

Ashley. Please help me get my memories back.


Please help me uncover this island's story. And own.

What to do...

I should help D. But...

I have to find Jessica and Dad. Captain said he's leaving the island before sunset. And...



You're going to see your father? Who's Jessica?

Did you hear me thinking again? I came here to meet my father.

I'd been told he was dead.

Your father is dead?

So I got mad at my Aunt Jessica. Then we were seperated.

I'm not following your story.

I'm sorry. so much has happened. I just really want to see him.

Your father?

Yes. It's been so long since I've seen him. I need to find him. It's why I came here. So...I'm sorry, but I can't help you get your memories back.

Video: Remembering Things.

Your dad? Dad?

Music: Silence

Sound: Wind

D, what's wrong?


Sound: Wind


What's the matter, D?!

Oh! D just dissapeared!

Where did he go?


Huh. Well, that certainly was a thing that just happened.

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Remembering things.