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The Questions:

0. You are about to embark on a long journey. Whom do you want at your side?
A: My Family
B: My Beloved
C: My Friend

1. You brew an arcane elixir. What power will it hold?
A: Order and obedience
B: Concession and regret
C: Liberty and turmoil

2. All men have flaws. Which of yours would you remedy?
A: My sloth
B: My envy
C: My pride

3. In what thing do you stand above all others?
A: My beauty
B: My wealth
C: My wisdom

4. The people of your kingdom rise against you. What course do you take?
A: Treat for peace
B: Rally my armies
C: Abdicate the throne

5. Of the many evils men do, which is the most necessary?
A: Deceiving others
B: Sacrificing others
C: Stealing from others

6. What do you seek in a lover?
A: Wisdom and ability
B: Wealth and power
C: Youth and beauty

7. How do you define victory?
A: Vanquishing my foes
B: Ending the conflict
C: Preserving my allies

8. All men hold darkness in their hearts. What lurks in yours?
A: Vengeance for family
B: Vengeance for friends
C: Vengeance for country

9. A sage will grant you a single piece of wisdom. What would you learn of him?
A: The secret of wealth
B: The secret of victory
C: The secret of winning hearts

10. You stand at the end of a hard-fought battle. Why have your forces lost?
A: Inadequate troops
B: Poor leadership
C: Ill luck

11. How would you bring together two disparate clans?
A: By force
B: By religion
C: By diplomacy

12. You stand poised to take the life of another. Why do you attempt this dire act?
A: To satisfy revenge
B: To defend my honor
C: To defend my life

13. In the final reckoning, who will prove false?
A: My king
B: My beloved
C: My dearest friend

14. Your reckless plan has ended in disaster. What has it cost you?
A: My friends and beloved
B: My position and honor
C: My family and fortune

15. A devil will grant you any wish... for a price. What are you willing to endure?
A: Grotesque disfigurement
B: Complete isolation
C: Relentless fear

16. A fire engulfs your home. Whom do you save from the flames?
A: My beloved
B: My child
C: My parents

17. Stars shoot across the night sky. For what do you wish?
A: Success for my friends
B: Happiness for myself
C: Peace for the world

18. In a fit of passion, you take your friend's lover. What will you do next?
A: Keep the lover for my own
B: Savor the moment
C: Put it from my mind

19. You stand at the end of a hard-fought battle. To what do you owe your victory?
A: My own ability
B: The strength of my allies
C: The grace of god

20. The man who slew your family stands chained before you. What punishment will you mete out?
A: Imprisonment
B: Beheading
C: Banishment

21. What is god to you?
A: An exemplar
B: A weapon
C: An illusion


For the sake of my sanity (what little left there is), please submit your answers in the format below.

Character name, mm/dd
0. a, b, or c
1. a, b, or c
21. a, b, or c

I will explain what all these questions are for in the first proper update. Since there is a lot to go through voting will be open until Sunday, 11:00 PM EST.