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Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang Lvl. 1

Tiger's Roar:			
Dragon's Breath:		
Moonlight Rend:			
Transmigration Slash:		
Three Robes & One Bowl:		
Mahayana Blade:			
Theravada Blade:		
Blade of Dharma's Way:		
Lightning Strike:		
Double Lightning Strike:	
Tripple Lightning Strike:	
Roaring Thunder:		
Thunder Slash:			
True Dragon's Breath:		 - 
Rising Dragon:			 - 
Falling Dragon:			 - 
Zhong Kui Slash:		
Double Zhong Kui Slash:		
Fire Dragon Spinning Descent:	
Climbing Dragon Blade:		
Twin Blades:			
Continuous Slash:		
Twin Continuous Slash:		
Flying Dragon:			
Blade of Earth:			
Blade of Heaven:		
Heaven & Earth:			
Fang of the Dragon:		
Double Dragon Fang:		
Triple Dragon Fang:		
Swooping Dragon Fang:		
Haze Rolling Slash:		
Extinction Cross Cut:		 (Essence)
Extinction Rise to Heaven:	 (Max Essence)
Silent Gale: 			 (While Running)
Gale Rising Slash:		 (While Running)
Rise to Heaven:			
Sokaku's Secret Blade:		 (While Blocking)
Sokaku's Transection Slash:	 (While Blocking)
Ground Roll:			 (On Downed Enemy)

Double Zhong Kui Slash:		 (While Jumping)
Fire Dragon Spinning Descent:	 (While Jumping)
Spin Slash:			 (While Jumping)

Divine Hawk Flying Sparrow:	or (While Wall Running)
Divine Hawk Twin Blades:	 (On Wall)
Descending Divine Hawk:		 (On Wall)
Divine Hawk Dancing Blades:	 (During Flying Bird Flip)
Flying Bird Descent:		 (on Wall)