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Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang Lvl. 2

Rolling Thunder:		
Waves of Rolling Thunder:	
Roaring Thunder Cross Cut:	
Rising Thunder:			
Falling Thunder: 		
Rising Zhong Kui:		
Heavenly Zhong Kui:		
Zhong Kui Heavenly Sparrow: 	
Dragon Slaying Sparrow: 	
Falling Dragon Slayer:		
Spinning Dragon Slayer:		
Bird and Dragon:		
Zhong Kui Izuna:		
Falling Zhong Kui:		
Fire Dragon Izuna:		
Twin Cross Cut: 		
Descending Dragon: 		
Gale Cross Cut:			 (While Running)
Gale Falling Slash:		 (While Running)

Rising Zhong Kui:		 (While Jumping)
Heavenly Zhong Kui: 		 (While Jumping)
Zhong Kui Heavenly Sparrow: 	 (While Jumping)
Dragon Slaying Sparrow: 	 (While Jumping)
Falling Dragon Slayer: 		 (While Jumping)
Spinning Dragon Slayer:		 (While Jumping)
Bird and Dragon: 		 (While Jumping)
Zhong Kui Izuna:		
Fire Dragon Izuna: 		
Falling Zhong Kui: