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Update 2: Touring Kazan

It's the first place a new Hunter in Kazan ought to come visit. It's a place for Hunters to meet, to form guilds, and to sign up new members. Do you belong to a guild already? Or are you starting your own?
Oh, I'm starting my own!
Oh, setting one up? Hmm, I wonder what you want to call it?
Hmm... Aha! I've got the perfect name!

This is what was voted on, so Odyssey is what we'll be going with.

That's a nice name. I'll register it for you. There's just one name there now, but you can add members at any time. I recommend finding 3 friends before you go! Go with your friends to the building next door. The Quest Office is the main place where Hunters can find work. Anyhow, best of luck. I'll be seeing you.
Don't worry, I got a few more on the way!
...And that's when I noticed a bunch near that forest as well.
I wonder if those sneaks had anything to do with it.
Tch, does it matter how they appeared? It's not our problem. Yet.
...Not them.
Ah, another fellow looking to make a guild?
Heh, good luck to ya!
Thanks! You too! Oh, there they are! Where have you slowpokes been?
Trying to prevent her from causing an international incident, what else!?

Gods, this was a mistake. Maybe I should quit this business while I still can.

Oh come now, testing the flammability of armor is an important thing to know about!

Fools, the lot of you. Ah, but this should prove to be interesting either way, and hopefully productive as well. Also, why the hell did you pick this name?
Ever heard of the tale of the heroes who climbed a tree?
No, do tell.
Please don't. I've already heard five versions of that stupid story by now.

The story of Kazan's founding, in detail.

A comprehensive listing of currently active guilds.

...Is this Erin's?

There are several places you can examine to get some extra flavor text.

If you don't believe in one another, someday, it's going to all fall apart.
Tell me about it.

Hey! What're you looking at?!
Oh, um. Nothing!

Okay, we did all that we could in here. Let's exit the guild office.

These splash screens pop up when you enter a town for the first time. A short description of said town is in Japanese.

For the record, I have no idea what they say.

I spy with my little eye...

Free food!
Sure, take food that you find in random places. It's not like it's unsanitary or anything.

There are various kinds of containers around towns that can contain an item or something else. It's generally worth your time to inspect them.

Paro Fruits are the basic healing item in this game. At this point, 30 Life is pretty much a full heal for a few classes. Like I said, looking around town can be worth your time.

So I'm going to build one with my own two hands! It'll be fun to see what kind of folks come to join up ♪

We're not allowed to explore the town until we enter that building.

Might as well look around town a bit first.

May as well.

Welcome to the Quest Office! We're all over the world. Our job is to connect Hunters and clients. First, go about town to discover new quests. Then, stop by the Office to formally accept them. Next, talk with the client to get the details. And once you're done, come back to the Quest Office for a reward. If you find a quest is completely impossible, you can cancel it. There are Quest Offices in lots of countries, not just in Kazan. You can accept and turn in quests at all of them. However, each guild can only be assigned to three quests at one time. We hope the questing life works out wonderfully for you! Best of luck!

I'll talk a bit more about the quest system later, but all I'll say for now is that it has problems.

There aren't any available now. Things have been peaceful lately.

I don't see any right now. Try talking to people around town and see what they need.

This is where the world's Hunters come for work, and the rewards thereof. We mediate between clients and Hunters. Keep doing requests in order to build a name for yourselves as Hunters. Got it?

Uhh, run that by me again.
Oh for the love of-!
Off to a great start, I see.
Really? Well, you'll catch on soon enough. You also might want to poke around town for any other jobs to do. We're happy to have rookies like you. Stay safe and good luck!

As we go to leave...

The "CUSTOM" option is very important. It lets you spend your SP on various skills. As you adventure, you'll gain more SP each time you level up. Anyway, those're the basics. So get to it!

Why don't we listen to him and start customizing our characters?

Chopping's more flashy than slashing!

Fighters have 2 weapons that they can make use of, swords or axes. Sword skills are faster to go off compared to axes, and they can hit multiple enemies at once. While axes can only target 1 enemy and are slower to go off, but they're more powerful than swords. Which is why I'm going with an axe build for Stella. I just prefer having more offensive power.

I call this, the super axe chop!

Leveling up Axecraft to 1 unlocks Power Crash, which I pick up for Stella in case I want her to deal more damage than usual. I won't be leveling it past 1, but it should hold her over for now. It has a speed modifier of 85%, and deals 130% damage at level 1. Spending a skill point like this may seem wasteful to an EO player, but the early game in 7th Dragon is really rough, and I need all the help I can get. Also, you have plenty of skill points to spare in 7th Dragon.

Look, I'll try my best to keep you all safe, but only if you actually work with me here.

Medicine is the basic mastery skill for Healers. What it does is provide a boost to healing and cast speed of healing skills. Though it doesn't do anything at level 1 since the healing bonus and cast speed multiplier are both 100%. Now the healing boost isn't applied to the actual healing component. Instead, it's applied to a 20% boost that's applied to all healing skills, so it's not as potent as it could be.

This'll keep you alive, as long as you aren't being stupid. Please don't be stupid.

Cure I is the basic healing skill. It has a speed modifier of 80%, and has a base healing of 12 HP.

Then again, I don't really trust any of you to actually listen to me, so I'm just gonna take matters into my own hands here.

The Healer's main form of offense is inflicting Poison upon their enemies. I'm mainly getting this for Edward just so he has something to do other than being a healbot. Toxicology affects both Poison damage and casting speed, but like with Medicine, Toxicology basically does nothing at level 1 since both of those modifiers are at 100%.

I wonder how well living things take to being shocked.

I pick up Shock Mastery which increases Lightning damage and the cast speed of Lighting spells. Of course, it does nothing at level 1. However, these skills really don't do much when it comes to increasing damage, because they only increase spell damage by 3 or 4 points per level. Yeah... At least they do have a somewhat noticeable effect on casting speed.

Only one way to find out!

Shock deals Lightning damage to one enemy. It has a speed modifier of 80%, has a spell power of 300%, and a damage multiplier of 150% at level 1.

I should experiment with ice too.

I'm gonna pick up all 3 elements for Nila, but I'm mainly gonna focus on Ice and Lighting. Mainly because Fire is kind of the “worst” element in this game. Ice tends to be the big weakness for a lot of bosses, and Lightning can provide additional coverage on top of that.

I may as well put this vessel to good use.

Nobility increases the casting speed of holy songs. Like with all other mastery skills, it does nothing at level 1.

There shall be plenty of slaughter on the battlefields.

Heated Words places a buff on the party that increases their ATK stat. It has an 80% speed modifier, and at level 1, it applies an 110% multiplier to the party's attack stat. Something to keep in mind is that most of the Princess' holy songs have a permanent duration, so they won't wear off until the battle ends, or if a party member dies. Even if you're not interested in offensive buffs for whatever reason, you should still invest one point into this since it can dispel attack debuffs.

...What use do I have for this?

Hard Words has an 80% speed modifier and applies an 110% multiplier to the party's defense stat at level 1 for the duration of the battle. I'm not really a fan of Hard Words, since I prefer offensive buffs over defensive ones. Though it's definitely worth it to take a point in this since it can dispel defense debuffs.

Anyways, once we leave the quest office...

The game helpfully points out which NPCs you need to talk to. Don't expect it to keep this up.

How am I going to get a more exciting mission?

Glad to see that the guards in this town are a friendly bunch.

I start the guild I've been planning forever, and no one's coming to join up? Hellooo? Anyone?? Somebody please, pleease, PLEASE join my guild!
We'll search for some hapless followers if it will silence your infernal whining.
Now now, Dia. That's no way for a hero to act!
Doing menial tasks is your idea of being “heroic”?
Hey, a hero helps everyone in need, no matter how small or large the task may-!

Once a quest opens up, you can accept it at any time from the Quest Office. Kazan's quest clerk is at the left desk in the Quest Office. Go and take a look!

In order to initiate quests in this game, you have to talk with NPCs. Outside of those 3 NPCs the game indicated, you can't really tell which NPC will give you a quest or not. So basically, talk to everyone.

Let's see... The most solid guild is probably still Kingsblade.
Hah! Yeah, I already know they're good.
The rest all run together.
Heh heh... well, you never know when a guild will surprise you.
Hah. I'm looking forward to hearing about a new guild making a name for itself.

The man starts to leave.

Those times build bonds that can never be broken.

The man leaves.

Someday, we'll be one of those guilds!
Uh huh. Heard that before a million times.

Don't even think about it.

Oh, come on! There's even a warning against it!

You're going to want weapons, armor, accessories. Oh, and items too, lots and lots of recovery items, plus some snacks'd be good...
Whoa whoa whoa, who even has that much to spend at once!?
Eh? Huh? You're saying you don't have that much money lying around? Hmmm... Wait, how much did I spend?

My nation is located to the east of Kazan. Along the way, there are monsters rookie Hunters might struggle with.
Ha! I bet we could handle-
We'll keep your advice in mind.

Translation: heading to Miross right away will result in your party getting slaughtered.

Eh, it's still free money. It's nice to find at this point in the game.


Ah! Sorry!

Hmm, I didn't think attempting to steal others' possessions was considered heroic nowadays.
I-It was a moment of weakness.

7th Dragon has a couple of gag treasures that you can't really get.

I took on any quest there was, no hesitation. Even now... Owwwww! My back, my back...

I was in a guild together with Johnny there. We were small, but made a name for ourselves.

Anyone who's poisoned, friend or foe, takes damage at end of turn. To complicate matters, it doesn't go away right after the battle. Items, skills, and a trip to the clinic can cure it. Take action fast!

Poison, petrification, and death are the only status effects that persist outside of battle. All others go away once the battle ends.

Whatever you need, it's in here... somewhere.

I can't carry that thing. At this rate, I'm going to be tossed out of the guild.

And another quest is available. I'll pick them up once I've unlocked the last one.

Ooh, I do love some juicy gossip!
Sometimes, I heard the President slips into town. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Haven't heard anything about it.
That President Doris... What a strong, charming, manly fellow he is. The sort of man who makes one's pulse race, even...
Sounds like some people hold him in high regard.
From what I've heard of him, he holds a lot of respect around these parts.

A nice bit of money around here.

Someone said there's been a huge outbreak of monsters in the caves. And people are seeing enormous butterflies. What's going to happen from here is anyone's guess!
I wonder if we could-
No no, and oh god no! We aren't ready for that stuff yet! Trust me.

...There is no such thing as a fighting maid.
Maids don't do any fighting? Ha ha ha... I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you ♪

Wait until the 4th game.

Are we seriously taking that with us!?

There's a shop over here, so let's check it out.

We can talk to the shopkeepers, but they only have 1 line that never changes throughout the entire game.

Food and medicine can have similar effects, but... Food tastes a lot better.

...I think we'll stick with the medicine, thank you.

We can't really afford this stuff, and it's not that great anyway.

But none of these Hunters wanna settle down. What a pain.
This does seem like a nice spot.
Do I have to remind you that we can barely afford lunch in this town?

Ooh, we'll be able to start some serious shopping soon.

No thanks, we haven't even gotten started with our work!
Come back any time.

Resting at an inn recovers all your party member's Life and Mana, as well as refilling their EX Gauges. However, it can't dispel status effects or revive dead party members. And dead party members are unaffected by sleeping at an inn. There's also a penalty to using them, but that won't be seen for a while. They also serve as a way you can save your game, as 7th Dragon makes use of a save point system instead of a save anywhere system. Thankfully, you don't have to pay for an inn stay to save your game.

To dispel any status effects and revive dead party members, you need to talk with the person who runs the revival clinic instead.

I only got the goods to open my stall yesterday, but I've sold quite a bit. It was worth coming all the way from Nevan.

Why, it's the size of my mansion's pantry! I can't say I like how crowded it feels in here.

Um, excuse me!?
Do you want to know what I think? I wanna see if you're any good. Come on, show me what you've got! Haha! What's wrong?
Oh, if you insist...

Okay, I'm gonna put a stop to this before we get injured by something that isn't even the local wildlife.
Dontcha have the guts? C'mon... Gimme your best shot!

Hey, what're you doing? Stay outta this!
It's not your fault that Kamuro's dead. Stop blaming yourself.
Cut it... who? What do you mean?
Quit being stupid. You're going to get hurt. Is that what he wanted?
You... I... I! Sniff... waaaaaaah...

Life is short, and you could die any day. Don't leave regrets. Make friends, drink up, and try to enjoy life!

The man leaves.

If only I could.

I wonder what happened.
Something you shouldn't pry into.

...Who are you?
Huh... who am I? It's Karyu, nice to meet you!

And who are you to decide that?
Me? I'm a regular here.
Hmph, watch who you call mere children.

Everybody comes here, so it's a good place to collect information. Take a load off, greenhorns.

Personally, I think you can never have too many meds.

All this shop sells is Paro Fruits. If you have a Healer in the party, you can probably save your money for other things. Cure I should suffice for now.

Yes, of course we heard from Mr. Menas.
Can you fulfill it?
It won't be easy to find that much gear... but we'll do our best.
I appreciate it. By the way...
Yes... I know what you're looking for. Rushe swordsmiths have a fine reputation.
Hmm... My, this is impressive. You weren't kidding.
Is that all you wanted?
Well... you were able to get a good deal on it, right?
On this sword? It's as expensive as you'd expect.
Okay, I get it. Can't blame me for trying.
Thank you very much.
Thanks. I'll see you later.

The man leaves.

Heh heh, I already know what kind of weapon I want!

You're gonna love it!

And here's the weapon shop. Oh, about that 100% thing at the top, don't worry about it for now. It won't be relevant until later.

Swords can be equipped by multiple classes, and are considered to be a melee weapon.

Axes can only be equipped by Fighters. They're generally more powerful than swords, but most of them come with a SPD penalty to compensate. They're also considered melee weapons.

Wands are actually one of the stronger weapon types in the game, though they can only be used by the casting classes. Some of them come with some nice stat boosts, though the starting wand doesn't come with them. Again, it's considered to be a melee weapon.

Whips can only be used by Princesses (And those are the only weapon type they can make use of.) They're actually the weakest weapon type in the game, but they are considered to be a ranged weapon. So there's absolutely no reason to have a Princess in the front row unless you somehow don't have a frontliner.

Bows can only be used by Rogues. They're obviously a ranged weapon, but they all have a hidden property where every time an arrow gets fired from one, the Rogue's accuracy gets reduced by 5% per shot for the rest of the battle. There's a lower cap of 50%, so the Rogue can't ever not hit, but it can be annoying to run into in long battles. Of course depending on the Rogue's SPD stat, their accuracy can go as high as 150%, so it may take a while for them to get there.

There are two weapon types that aren't available in the shop right now. One of them are daggers. They're only usable by Rogues, and along with whips, they're also the weakest weapon type in the game. They're considered to be melee weapons.

The other one are katanas, and those can only be used by Samurai. Samurai specifically need katanas to make use of most of their skills, so for a good part of the earlygame, they won't be able to use said skills. For the time being, they'll have to stick with swords.

You might want to spend your starting money on armor upgrades. Those defense boosts may not seem like much, but they can increase the number of attacks enemies will need to make to kill a character. Even forcing them to make 1 extra attack can make a huge difference, especially since reviving characters without going to a revival clinic isn't possible to pull off at this point in the game.

I don't do any of that and proceed to bankrupt my party by buying a Hand Axe for Stella.

It's so shiny and sharp! Just what I need to clobber everything!
Um, maybe you shouldn't have spent all our funds on just one weapon, and you know, actually bought us some armor!?
We won't need that with this beauty!
...I can tell we're off to a great start.
It's not like we could have bought much else with that little.

If there's even one dude who needs saving, I'm on it!
Now that's something I can get behind!

I've done most of the work around here.

Don't talk to me! I'm looking and can't be distracted!

I think I saw one in the shop.
It's something you make to keep travelers safe. Right now, my brother's away, journeying as a rookie Hunter. So I wanted to make a Traveler's Amulet for him! But... you absolutely need a certain kind of nut. He's leaving Kazan soon, though... What do I do?

Okay, now that we've activated all 3 quests, let's take them up.

You can't really just accept the quest on the spot, you have to go to the quest office first, then take them up. It's a little cumbersome.

On second thought, I regret this already. No.
Wha-? We totally-
Sooo... does that mean you guys wanna join my guild?!
No no no, you got this all wrong.
Oh... I guess you would probably just say so if that were it, huh? But that's fine! I'm still pretty grateful to you! Okay, lemme explain things. I'm a rookie Hunter, but... I still wanted to form a guild.
Uh huh.
Don't look at me like that! It's more fun this way! Better to learn the trade with a bunch of friends to party with, right?? But... nobody showed up! Is no one interested? Or does nobody have confidence in me cuz I'm still learning? Hey, I bet you could do it! You could convince some people to join my guild! Well... at least... 2 people, I guess. That's enough.
Do you actually have an idea of where to find anyone?
...Huh? Where can you find 'em? I... don't really know! Buuut… probably not here. I mean, I looked all over town and found nothing. So I would look around just outside of town.

Talking to her again will net us another hint.

Could you at least give us a place to start?
Remember, 2 people just outside of town is what I need! Like, maybe, Rorakka Cavern up north of here. Or off to the southeast? If there's anybody, they must be out there. Cuz I checked around here. You guys gotta join my guild if you don't find 'em!

This is probably the easiest quest to do, so I recommend getting it done first.

Oh it's fine! It's our job after all! Soooo... what do you need?
I'm the leader of the Courier Guild. It's my job to deliver packages. But I forgot how old I'm getting these days. I just threw out my hip. I could ask my son, but the monsters are strong. But you'd have no problem. Some courier I am! I can't even walk. It really is a shame. If you could deliver this to Miross in my place, I would be most grateful.

It's for a popular knight in Miross. Please deliver it for me!

From ruling the world with an iron fist, to delivering a mere package. How far I've fallen.
Are you still keeping up that crazy demon act?
Mmhmm, that's cute.
Somebody end me now.

It's probably best to save this quest for last, as the enemies around Miross are very dangerous to our party for the moment.

I'm looking for the Nuts dropped by Nutshells outside of town. I'll need about three Nuts to make a charm. Thanks for helping!

This is just a fetch quest, and there are a lot of those in this game. We just need to kill a few monsters for their item drops, but the monsters that drop these are a little tough to deal with at this point in the game. Just a word of warning.

Okay... backing away slowly...

Next time we'll leave town and get some quests done.