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Update 3: Questing

And now we're on the world map. I don't find the music particularly exciting, but I suppose it's serviceable.

Anyways, the first thing we need to go to complete the Build a Guild quest is to go here.

Nothing much we can do with this yet.

These gray pillars serve as save points. Occasionally you'll find them in dungeons.

I meant to be heading to Kazan...

Hey, there!
Eeeeeeeek?! Are, are you travelers? Y-you startled me...
Oh, sorry about that. Anyways, you look like you wanna be a Hunter. So you know what you should do when you get to Kazan? Join up with this hot new guild I just heard about!
Yeah? You're inviting me to a guild?...
I'm sure you'll be greeted with open arms considering how absolutely desperate she is for new members.

Fade to black.

I tried to go on a journey, but I'm kinda a scatterbrain... All in all it's been a mess. I was starting to wonder if this was for me...
I don't believe you have much to worry about. The founder is new as well.
If they'll accept me, I'll gladly join up! ...Anyway, I'm off to Kazan now. Pardon me!

The lady leaves.

Alright! One down, one more to go!

I walk around on the overworld for a bit to get into a battle.

And here's a new enemy.

Level: 2
LIFE: 21
ATK: 28
DEF: 10
INT: 7
SPD: 8
Attack Type: Blunt
Size: Small
Exp: 34
Gold: 2
Item Drops:
-Normal: Nut - 50% Drop Rate.
--Found inside a Nutshell. Recovers a little life.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Nut Ball: Deals ranged 130% ATK-based Blunt damage to one party member. Has a speed modifier of 90%.

Nutshells are very dangerous enemies early on. Nut Ball can straight up one shot the squishier classes from full health if they don't have enough armor. You typically want to focus them down first if they're in a group. Around Kazan, they're the most dangerous enemies to run into.

Ow! Oh, you're so going to get it!

Something to keep in mind are that party members positioned at the left tend to draw more aggro than a party member positioned at the right.

Fear me.

Take this! ...Well that didn't work out too well.


You really shouldn't have your Healer and Mage use a regular attack unless you're that desperate to save mana/are out of mana.

Watch me go! AXE CHOPPER!

Woohoo! Victory for Odyssey! Yeaaahhh!
Congratulations. We killed a nut. Truly a momentous accomplishment.
Considering that we didn't die horribly, I'll take it.
Aww, I didn't even get to use my magic on it... Oh well, there will be plenty of opportunities for that!

Ugh, didn't even get the item drop. While tankier classes can take a hit from the Nutshells easily, squishier classes should be at full health and have a decent amount of defense to be able to survive any incoming Nut Balls.

Hang on, let me patch this up. Don't need anyone dying on me today.

In the earlygame, it's good to heal up often. Though using Paro Fruits at this point may be overkill. In all honesty, resting at Kazan's inn is more economic for doing that. Of course if you have a Healer, that's nothing to worry about. And honestly at this point, what else are they gonna be spending their mana on? Just spend it, you have very little to lose.

And here's the last new enemy you can encounter around Kazan.

Bluegrass Nymph
Level: 2
LIFE: 22
ATK: 23
DEF: 8
INT: 6
SPD: 12
Attack Type: Blunt
Size: Small
Exp: 32
Gold: 2
Item Drops:
-Normal: Butterfly Wing - 30% Drop Rate.
--Wing of a Bluegrass Nymph.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 150% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Paralysis Scale: 30% chance of inflicting Paralysis on one party member. Has a speed modifier of 85%.

Bluegrass Nymphs aren't as dangerous as Nutshells, but you still shouldn't underestimate them. Paralysis Scale is fairly annoying to be hit by, since it can potentially disable a party member. And they do hit fairly hard on their own, though not as hard as Nutshells.

...Was that supposed to do anything?

Though since the infliction rate is fairly low, Paralysis Scale doesn't land all that often. Of course even if an ailment skill has an infliction rate of 100% or above, there's a very small chance it won't land due to how 7th Dragon's RNG works.

Storm warning! Ooh, now there's an interesting reaction.

One Mage spell can pretty much dispatch them instantly, if you have one of those. They're not too bad to deal with for the most part. Though if there aren't any Nutshells in the battle, you want to focus them down first.

Ooh, got lucky with one of the drops there. Light Meat increases a Fighter's SPD by 5 if they eat it.

Um, what do I do with this?
...You can't be serious.
...It's meat. You eat it. Ever heard of eating meat?
Oh dear, I think her poor head is going to explode if we try to explain any more to her. Wait... Oh, Stella dear-
Okay, let's go. The last thing someone needs on their gravestone is telling the world their head exploded just cause they didn't know how to eat meat.

Sadly, Stella lacks the ability to eat meat at the moment since she needs to learn a specific skill first to do so. And the stat buff will be dispelled once she sleeps at an inn. The only purpose it can serve right now is to be sold for cash, and quite a decent amount at this point (20 G.) If you don't have a Fighter in the party, then meat is completely useless and should either be discarded or sold. It can't be used for anything else.

The other person we need to recruit in Rita's guild is in this cave.

All dungeons in this game don't come with a map. You'll either have to find one (it's usually somewhere in the dungeon itself) or buy one from an NPC.

The person we're looking for is at the top of this cave.

Unless you need help, don't distract me.

Searching for something, huh? You know, there's a brand new guild out there that could use skills like that!
What are you up to? ...A guild needs members?...

Fade to black.

I've tried life as a lone wolf, but it's tough going. But, you probably just want me to leave so you can steal this quest. Don't misunderstand me. I'd do the exact same thing to you guys. Anyway, sure, I'll go hear what this woman has to say. Adios!

When you complete the objective of your quest, you need to head back to the client. No, this does not mean that you can head to the quest office to turn it in. That will just end up canceling the quest and you'll have to start all over. So don't do that.

Off to the right, there's a treasure chest with a Paro Fruit in it. Nothing else is in this cave, and you really do not want to be spending a lot of time in here. There are random encounters in here, but the encounter rate is really low. There's a good reason for that, namely that the encounters in here will utterly maul us.

Just farming for some Nuts for that quest. Your best bet is to wander around on the forests, as those contain more “dangerous” encounter formations. Also, you'll gain experience quicker that way. In fact, I recommend getting up to at least level 2 before heading to Miross.


The RNG in 7th Dragon is extremely stingy. Those drop rates I listed along the item drops? Yeah, it doesn't work out that way in practice. Unless said drop rate is 100%, you're going to get the item drop much less often than the listed rate. Take it from someone who has done a lot of item farming to finish up this game's quests. (Also from what I could tell, the RNG is dependent upon the frame the battle finishes on, which you don't have much control over in a normal playthrough.)

Ow! Hey! Quit it!

A hero falls in battle...
It begins...
Here lies our Fighter. She was “heroically” mauled to death by butterflies.
That does sound kind of pathetic when you put it that way.
Thankfully, she's not dead. Just unconscious.

Aaaand, Stella ended up going down before I even found a 2nd nut. Which granted us the first death in the LP.

One trip to the clinic later...

Nothing can keep a hero down!

There's something wrong in this picture. Can you spot it?

After all the suffering I went though, this is how I go down...?

Hmm, I can't seem to find an escape route.

No! This can't be happening! Not... now...

When a front liner dies, the back row gets moved up to the front. I forgot to move them all back (Not that it would have saved Edward since Nut Ball is a ranged attack) resulting in Nila going down.

Oh, and Rabis can randomly run away from battle.

You'd best go this way if you wish to live.
Right! Hot footin' it outta here!

After that series of disasters, I head back to town to sell off some of my drops.

Occasionally, a monster's drop will unlock some equipment, which nets you this message.

Of course it doesn't necessarily unlock the equipment, just lets you know that selling some more drops will unlock it. If you press A over one of those mystery pieces of equipment, you'll be told what else you need to sell to fully unlock it. 7th Dragon doesn't really place much of an emphasis on unlocking equipment, most of the time, the shops in a new town will already have some new ones in stock.

After fighting this group of monsters, I...

Don't even get the drop I want. Oh well, at least everyone got level ups.

With this power, I swear to protect the weak and help all those in need and encourage the-
We get it! Sheesh.
Aw, I was enjoying that little speech.

Axecraft is at level 3, which applies an 114% multiplier to all axe's weapon powers. But more importantly, it unlocked Status Down and Defense Down. I'll be picking up the latter later.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

I take Venom for Edward. It has a speed modifier of 80%, and at level 1, it has a 25% chance to inflict Poison, and the Poison itself has a power of 50%. Which means that it deals 13 Poison damage at the end of each turn. Not particularly impressive, but you pretty much have to go all in on the Healer's Poison related skills for those to do much.

Ice isn't always nice.

I pick up Freeze for Nila, and will be investing in this heavily as soon as possible. It is going to be her best damage option for plenty of enemies.

Nobility now provides a 102% speed multiplier to the Dia's holy songs. Honestly, I'm really not sure why I leveled it up at this point in the game. Spending that point in Heated Words would have been a more productive use of a skill point.

Anyways, after several failed attempts to find more Nuts, I just decide to head back to Kazan to turn in the one quest that I did get finished.

These two people say that you sent them! Ace work! Thank you! Now I have to find a third person! Hahaha! So, I'm gonna journey with them. I'll show you guys by going on a biiig adventure and becoming a great Hunter! Then, you guys can join my guild, right?
In your dreams.
Haha, just kidding! Ohhh, yeah, there was something else too! I just learned a majorly important skill! Let me show you too!

Sometimes quests give out additional rewards, though not all of them do so. Anyways, what we just got is a party skill. These can't be learned by investing skill points into something. Instead, certain NPCs will give them to you if you fulfill a specific task. This one is fairly basic and not all that interesting.

Strike while the iron's hot! We're leaving real soon. You can pick up the reward from the Quest Office. whenever you want. I hope you guys all have a wonderful journey! See you around!
Good luck to you!

Rita and her guild mates leave.

But Emily almost goes the wrong way.

When that notice pops up, you're allowed to turn in the quest.

Oh, this Knight here provides hints for the quests you're currently on if you're stuck. Won't be showing those off since I'm showing you how to do them myself

By completing that quest, we get some Paro Medicine.

...I suppose that was worth our time after all.
I guess she was that desperate for new members.

Which is complete and utter overkill at this point in the game. No one is going to have close to 100 life for a good long while. You can sell it if you want, and that might be a good move since you'll get a whopping 200 G out of it.

I got yet another level up before even getting another Nut. Welcome to 7th Dragon.

Your armor means nothing to me!

This is a very important skill for Stella to pick up. It has a speed modifier of 90%, and at level 1 Defense down deals 110% damage and applies a debuff which applies a 90% multiplier to the target's DEF stat for 10 turns. It's pretty potent and definitely one of the main reasons I went with the axe build.

Venom now has a 28% chance to inflict Poison, and the skill has a Poison power of 100%, meaning that it deals 23 Poison damage.

One little spark, and before you know it, the whole world is on fire!

Nila will be picking up her last element.

And Heated Words now applies an 111% multiplier to the party's ATK stats.

I give up on the Nut hunting, and decide to head to Miross. See that bridge? Once you go over it, you'll be getting into tougher encounters. But since I'm level 3, I'm sure I can handle them.

Alright, we got this in the-


I'm just going to pretend that didn't happen and that I didn't have to waste time going back to the clinic again.

Hmm? I'm pretty sure those flowers weren't there before.
There's so many of them too. What's going on?
Ooh! Ooh! We should check it out! Come on!

Seems like so many of those popping up so fast would be cause for alarm.

We can't enter this place right now.

Miross appears to be close by.
Alright! We'll deliver that package without any-

Today is just not my day...
Do you hear sobbing?
I believe that's the sound of our Healer wallowing in misery.
Hmm, should we head back to Kazan again?
No. Miross is just over there. It would be foolish to head back unless you have a death wish. But if you insist...
I... think I'm good.

Fortunately, Miross was close by, so I just decided to head straight there instead of going back to Kazan.

Welcome to Miross. There aren't any quests available here yet, so don't worry about that too much. I revive Stella at the revival clinic. Let's take a look around the city.

Do you know where we can find a popular knight?
Ah, what a very descriptive question.
Ah? You're looking for a popular knight? I saw someone like that in the garden at the back of Miross.
...I stand corrected.

They're so friendly and chatty that it's creepy! You can't bargain like that!

I wonder what would be a good way to say thanks...

Oh, yeah! Wow, you got here fast.
More like we took ages to get here.
And so you've come to Miross, too, eh?

Inn prices vary from town to town, but like most typical RPGs, the price increases the farther the town is into the game.

Where did you go, Emily?! Can someone find her?
You're in big trouble...
-- Rita

Well, I can see that guild is off to a good start.

They are one of the more notable guilds around.
That name's been on everyone's lips lately. A lot of Hunters are trying to follow them.

New weapons and armor are manufactured from the materials monsters drop. That way you can buy more stuff in shops!

I hope you can visit us someday.

First thing you should do when you get to a new town is to examine all the containers you can reach.

Well then. Would you like a reading?

It couldn't hurt.
Understood. Allow me to divine your fate for today.

The screen flashes white after each text box.

Your lucky item is lamellar armor... ...perhaps.
...That was certainly a huge waste of time.
I dunno. You could think of him saying that there'll be a huge surprise today!
I remember when I used to love hearing that word. Now it just fills me with dread.

The fortune-teller's fortunes are meaningless. They're just flavor text.

Let's check out the shops in this town.

It's worth spending money to keep yourself safe!

Miross has a lot of new and good equipment in stock. Unfortunately, we can't afford any of it. Let's check out the item shop.

If you see "???", try pressing the A Button. Bring me what's needed!

Exporters are handy items. When used in a dungeon, they'll take you back to the entrance. We don't need one for the moment.

Thanks to that, they're both good friends... They grew up so well! My husband seems to disagree, though... I wonder why?

I don't think I see the problem here either.
Maybe he just likes playing favorites?

To be able to serve such a queen... is my life's delight.
Heh, it's nice to see someone so devoted to their duty!

...I take that back.
Maybe I should torch this, for the greater goo-

Don't leave your skills in the closet at home. Always remember to use them up! If you're all dead, having MANA left over won't be much of a comfort to you.

Good advice to keep in mind. Especially since mana is not that tight of a resource in this game.

Should I say something? Oh, man...

So please, don't pick it up right now, just leave it on the ground....
...I wasn't aware that simply talking to other people somehow became such a complex task.

It is quite refined.
Isn't it, though? I dunno, though, I'm sure Kazan is nice too.

Even the most selfless love, then, lacks pure altruism.
Awww, how cute!
Ah! Did you hear that just now?!

Oh yeah, I heard everything!
Auuughh! How embarrassing!

...I suppose that takes care of our money troubles.
I wasn't expecting to get out of bankruptcy just like that.

Always search the containers.

It's useless merely to talk about world peace.

He seems quite forthright, but... it's too much to bear. I don't believe it!


And! You get hungry!!

That way, you won't have disparity between the best warriors and the rest. Isn't that a better way? Equality for all!

I'm sure some of you can probably relate to what he's actually saying.

This is a Quest Office, a dispatch post for quests worldwide. ...Not for me, of course. I won't be doing any. Just waiting patiently!

We don't need this right now.

Feel free to come back!

That's all for the town portion. Let's enter the castle.

Hey! Do you know where we can find a popular knight?

This is where you need to go to deliver the package.

Ah, it's from a childhood friend in my hometown! Is she interested too?! Oh, my heart's pounding! ...Anyway, you've certainly done your job. The Courier Guild always gets things done on time. Thanks very much!

I trim it to within a quarter-inch precision.

How can they evenly divide the cake?
Uhh... Hm. Can I get back to you on that?

Why not?
Oh? You want to know why you can't go in? It's the throne room! Who's on the throne? Currently, it's Queen Emerald. Previously...
Quick you fools. Retreat while he still rambles!

Plus, when you have dinner after a long day, it tastes even better!

Miross is a country of love; medicine's valued.

It's a very nice room. But the Queen's room is even better.

And that's all we can do in Miross for now. Let's head back to Kazan.

...What did I do to deserve this?
As far as I know, absolutely nothing. Which makes your suffering all the more delicious to watch.

And realize I forgot to change the rows back, leading to Edward going down again.

Oh, FINALLY I get a 2nd Nut! Now I just need one more.

I saw that I was close to a level up, and got into another battle to level up the party.

Axecraft now provides an 116% multiplier to axes.

Venom now has a 31% infliction rate, and a Poison power of 150%. It deals 33 Poison damage now.

Light em' up!

And Nila picks up her last elemental spell.

Heated Words now provides an 112% multiplier to the party's ATK stats.

It took me so long to find a 3rd nut, that everyone reached level 5. Also I was so happy at finally getting that quest done, that I forgot to spend my skill points. Good going, Fetus.

And that's all the quests completed! Time to talk to our clients.

Yep! No troubles in delivering it!
He got it just fine? Ah, good to hear. My legs are my meal ticket. I'll teach you guys the trick to traveling fast.

With this skill, you can press the B Button to dash around! Doesn't that make you want to join my guild? Hahaha, just kidding! Anyway, my hip should be fine in no time. Then I'll be back to work. Go get your reward from the Quest Office any time!

Now we're done with that quest. And yes, he did just grant us the ability to run. The party's movement speed is rather slow, so this is a nice reward. No, I have no idea why this was locked behind a quest of all things.

Money troubles? What's that?

I've been waiting... I'll make it right now.

Fade to black.

Perfect! This should keep him safe on his way. You see? I made an amulet. Hee hee. Thank you soooooo much for helping! To say thanks, I made an extra one for you. Please take it!

Safe travels, everyone!

A fairly nice reward. Provides a decent amount of mana and is a boost to POW.

I give this to Nila.

The actual reward is lousy, but getting a free Traveler's Charm makes up for it.

Sooo... Now what?
I dunno. Let's look around town and see if anyone else needs our help!
...If this is all that Hunters do, then I've made a huge mistake.

To progress the game, just head to the front entrance of the town.

Yeah, I heard. A very strong monster is in the Nameless Cave.
A little place like that? Wouldn't a lot of Hunters get a nasty surprise?
Yes, it's a serious situation. The President's office is already taking steps. They're looking for Hunters to resolve the situation.
Are you taking a crack? Good way to build a rep.
Do I look like an idiot? Way too dangerous. Besides, a big guild will take care of it. No room for little guys.

Oh no. You can't possibly think-!
I know what we're going to do next!

But I'd think twice. Money and fame aren't any use if you're dead.

Eh, one of the huge guilds will get it. Scraps are the most we can hope for.
You hear that? One of the bigger guilds can take care of it. No room for us out there!
Are you kidding me!? This is exactly the kind of thing heroes need to do! Come on, everyone!
...We're all going to die.