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Update 5: The Case of the Fried Shrimp

But I'd think twice. Money and fame aren't any use if you're dead.

Oh, no need to worry about us! We already took it down.
I believe you. You've got a serious look about you.

Time to report this mission as a success.

After doing so, a man comes in.

You've got the right people!
Ms. Erin needs you in the Guild Office. Please come by later.

Things are going to change once you've completed it. I bet people might even be talking about it afterward in town.

Instead of talking to Erin, let's look around town first, yet again.

But I can still be a Hunter! I think the back row is just as important. Okay! Starting today, I'll be studying Support skills!

Wasn't it you who defeated the monster near Miross? Ha ha ha. I guess we maids can't take care of everything ♪

...Sure, why not?
Watch and learn! One! Two! Three!

H-hey! Are you alright?
Ohhhhh... Ow, owwww! My joints...Ow, owwww!

What defines a great Hunter are high expectations. But, not recklessness!

Is the same uncertainty in the air around here?

Any of you guys know the kids in that guild? Say hi for me! I bet they're gonna go on to great things!
Hee hee hee, yeah. I'm sure they will.
As long as they don't do anything stupid, mind you.

If you want to go back out tomorrow, you gotta take care of yourself tonight.

Okay, now let's talk to Erin.

Miross Council? Can't say I've heard much.
Oh, I see. Well, if you do cross paths with him, please introduce me.
Yes, of course.

Yeah. We just got back from our first big mission!
Oh, that's Odyssey! Some promising rookies! Let me introduce you, eh? This is Kingsblade, whom I'd call Kazan's top guild.

Kingsblade is the hottest guild recently. Quite a run for just three people!
And we've got no plans to stop anytime soon! Hey, by the way, lemme show you something you oughta know.

Study your skills and try to find collection points on your travels. It'll be worth it. I'll find you in the bar sometime... seeya, rookies!
Ah, excuse us.

Kingsblade leaves.

The President wants to see you tomorrow. I heard you guys handled the monster quite well? Just as I hoped. I suggest you take it easy until the morning.
I could use a good rest after all that.

Fade to black.

I'd heard and believed the former, but this is all happening so fast.

This actually counts as an inn stay.

So Kingsblade taught us how to gather. Basically there are certain spots in a dungeon you can search to get some items. And a few NPCs tell us about this, so you'd think this is something you'll be able to do really soon. Yeah here's the problem. We need both a survey skill and a gather skill to be able to do that. We have a gather skill, but when is the earliest we can pick up a survey skill?

Slightly less than halfway through the game, which we aren't even close to yet. Welcome to 7th Dragon.

A Miross emissary came to Kazan some time ago. What could this be? Watch out, Mr. President! That Queen Emerald means to make a marriage!

When you're thirsty, come by, any time. First round's on me!
We complete one meager mission, and people are already singing our praises.
Hey, no complaints from me there!


Yeah, that quest trigger makes very little sense.

...That said, drink up! I'm still here for tonight! And tomorrow too!

Just sitting down and having a drink can take your mind off things.

Kazan's president is popular, even in my hometown of Nevanplace. But how can I get him to agree? Hm...

But I wonder if it's worth going there after all? I mean, it's governed by those Rushe half-beasts. I hear they're barbaric.

That must mean... You're flush with cash! You should have a home!
Even with our bigger funds, I doubt we would be able to afford it.

But Key Items don't count against the total; you can always take them. Finding them again is another matter, though.

Confusion makes it hard to tell friend from foe. You'll attack at random. Even worse is Charm. You'll always attack friends while fascinated by enemies. Both can be broken by taking damage. Cure them ASAP!

Both of these ailments are similar in what they do. When a party member is confused, you have no control over them, and they have a 50% chance of targeting either an enemy or an ally. Confusion stays after battle, so that's also kind of annoying.

Charm is similar to confusion, except affected allies will always attack their allies. Thankfully it does go away after battle. However, Charm is an enemy only ailment. No class is capable of inflicting it in any way.

Hmm... Guess I'll just train on my own today.

Dots, hearts, dots, hearts, dots, hearts... They're both lovely! Huh? Still here? Scram! I don't have time to deal with the likes of you.

I want my brother to do cool stuff like that! But... to stay safe, too.

I admire their teamwork! And I want our guild to be every bit as good!

He's down to earth, but no less a great man for it. Show him proper respect.
Seems like only an idiot would think about laying a finger on him.
...What are you looking at me like that for?

It's tremendously exhausting, but I can't let everyone down. Menas is amazing... He works so much, I can't picture him asleep.

I mean, I'm not saying he does a bad job running Kazan, but... Errrr... This here is dreadfully important. Excuse me.

Kazan must prepare itself, but these nonstop all-nighters are pretty rough on us... Yawn... I'm sleepy, but, stopping'll just make tomorrow worse!

I mean, it's touching, but as his personal aide, it gives me hives!

Okay, now let's actually meet with him.

Even with my eyes closed, I bet I can tell what your faces look like.

Shining with glory. I've got a good eye for these things.I'm pleased to meet with your guild, Odyssey. Thank you for coming. You can call me Doris Agouto. I am the President, but I don't care much for titles. After all, I'm just an old Hunter myself. From today onward, I'll work with you to help save this world!
What was that part about saving this world? I wasn't under the impression it was in any danger.
Well, there are those incidents that have been popping up.
Hahaha. Don't look so surprised! You're interesting people.
When you say it like that, "save the world" sounds rather quixotic.
Poor Menas. He has no sense of poetry. Did you know that the world is seeing more and more calamities?

I may have heard something about that.
Ha, you're already up to speed, then.
Of course, this isn't the only problem. Pleroma academics see some distressing phenomena. And just now, Miross has sent an urgent missive. They're being invaded by unknown lifeforms from a nearby forest. Even their knights are having a difficult time. And that isn't all.
I have a hunch that this is just the beginning.
This is a mission straight from the President! Proceed to Miross and investigate the outbreak! And if it poses a threat to this world... you must destroy it without fail! First, head to Miross. Speak with the Council.
I expect to hear from you, Odyssey.

In actuality, they already assigned us to this mission. No need to head to the quest office. A nice bit of streamlining. The game really could have used more of it.

A pleasure to meet with you all! Let's head out, everyone!
I wonder what's going on now...

Our party leaves.

Really? That's all?
That's how I chose you. Don't worry about it. They'll deliver. I'm sure of it.
I'll wait for some evidence before I believe that.

We regain control over our party at this point.

Uh huh! It's a really nice place.
I like its lush terrain and its busy streets. But I love the people here more.

Your guild has clearance, but I'm watching you. Just give me a reason...

Whenever I screw up, my brother always makes a federal case out of it...

It's not fair! I'm a charming guy!
Uh huh. I see.

With everyone's weaknesses balanced by strengths! There are all kinds of guilds out there... What kind is yours?

Menas and I, and even the President himself, are pulling for you.

There's only one quest left in Kazan. The rest are in Miross.

And like I said, the game automatically assigned this mission to us. Oh but a word of warning, the prologue will end once you turn in this mission. So if you haven't got any leftover quests done, do so before coming back here.

If you combine skills that increase your defense, you can keep boosting it. I didn't think that worked! Did you know that?!

New regions will have new monsters... so check and upgrade your gear!

But it's no trivial matter. I must return to Miross.

I wonder if I should sneak in... a little risky, but I must train somehow. Off to work I go! Wait, what? Again? I need to get a keychain.

Up until now, you've neatly dispatched every monster. Even a maid might have had trouble handling all that.

Any of you guys know the kids in that guild? Say hi for me! They should be on our sign.
Ooh, that would be- MMPH!
We'll pass on your greeting.

People from Aizhen really discriminate against Rushe. It's impolite! He called my ears "beastly"! I know some people say that, but they're cute, right?

Hmph, don't listen to what that rude guy said! Our ears are totally cute. Oh, Dia. You really should perk those ears up. You'd look a lot better that way.
I'll pass.
I thought so ♪ Kazan is a friendly place. I'll certainly be back!

Alright, let's get that quest done. We need to head down to the bar in the inn's basement.

Out of all the quests we've taken, this has to be the most pointless one.
Why in the world did we take this quest again?
Oh?! You're scoffing?! So who ate it then? Are you here to find the criminal? Hurry up and find them then!
Sigh... let me explain. The "victim" showed up at his usual time, in his usual seat. Ordered his usual drink, and his usual dinner - fried shrimp. And as usual, after his third drink, he started dozing off. When he woke up, he said his shrimp was gone. Help me find out who did it, before he makes a scene...
The Odyssey detective agency is on the case!

Now we need to talk to all the people here to get their accounts.

Now that's criminal.

Y-y-yeah, I'm on a journey. Wh... what happened? I don't know...
Cut the crap, you dirty thief! I know you did it! It's all over your face!
Now now, Nila. Let's not scare the poor man. Have you seen anything suspicious here?
I've got no idea, honest!
Bah! A dead end!

I mean, I know the shrimp here is delicious, but even so...

It was a soul-crushing disappointment for me!
Look at this poor man, not being able to have the last bite of his shrimp.
Oh brother.

Oh, please. You're surrounded by delicious food constantly, day in and day out. It's only a matter of time before you give into temptation!
Can you tell us what happened around the time of the crime?
I don't remember what happened just then. I was moving around a lot.
A likely story. I've got my eye on you.

Honestly, I just wanted to grab a drink after dinner. Can you hurry up?
Oho, eager to leave, aren't you?
Ma'am, we're doing our best to solve this case. In the meantime, please settle down.

Now we have to talk to everyone again. This prompt will pop up. Investigating a suspect right away will do nothing. You have to say no first to get more info out of them.

You had opportunity... I wouldn't have noticed...

This is because the info the suspects give out will implicate another suspect, at which point you'll be able to accuse them.

Look, sorry about your food. I guess. But I'd have to be nuts to eat a customer's meal. I can just make my own.
You... you think this is some kind of joke, don't you!
Just a minute ago, you were talking about the "last fried shrimp"!
What are you saying?
Don't think I didn't hear! Everyone wants the shrimp! Even the bartender! That's why you set me up! You were too impatient to make your own!
Yeah, I said the shrimp was all gone for today. But have you ever heard of a figure of speech? Why would I swipe your shrimp when I can just make more whenever?
Hah! Got you! Changing your story?!
Sheesh, he keeps going on. What a hassle.

After investigating a likely suspect, you'll have the option to accuse them. But accusing a suspect will end the quest, and I don't want to accuse the bartender. For now, I'll just interrogate everyone else. I'll interrogate the bartender first.

Me, a suspect? Karyu over there carries the trays. That sounds way more suspicious to me. She's away from the counter and can dispose of evidence.

You know who's really suspicious? Travelers. That one hasn't ordered since I got here.

W, what about that guy over there? Didn't he pass by the v-v-victim earlier?

That regular over there is way more suspicious! He's right at the counter.

Personally, I doubt the guy going around suspecting people!

He doesn't even remember he ate it... idiot.

Now let's investigate the suspects.

The hell is going on here?
Didn't you just say you'd been looking forward to it a minute ago?
Yeah? So what?
Well, it's safe to assume you had other food, too. But it looks like your entire plate is clean. Are you claiming you saved the shrimp for last?
What! You dare imply...
I ordered an extra side of fried shrimp! There's documentation!
Pretty lame excuse.

Is this some scheme?
Come to think of it, I did see you chatting that guy up earlier.
Since the waitress has been so busy tonight... I went up to the counter to get myself a drink. I barely talked to the guy. Wait... really? You really think I stole his food just then?
No, but, he was drunk...
You're doubting me?
No, but... the way your lips are shining, they could almost be oily.
Ugh! What a cad!
Are we breaking up now?

I've just been sitting here.
I s-s-saw it! He came way closer to him than I did!
Doesn't prove much. Hardly within arm's reach.
W-w-why change your story like that?
I thought I knew him, but when I got a closer look, I realized my mistake.
Ahhh... Under your chair... The fried shrimp tail!

Wait, wait! Are you saying I'm a crook? Very funny! The culprit obviously ditched it here! Anyway, I always eat the whole shrimp, tail and all!

Hey, were you watching?
Hm. If you have that much shrimp already, nobody would notice one more.
Are you seriously saying I went stealing shrimp with this much already?
If you like it enough to order that much... You might take one more.
Hey, you! This is insulting! Cut it out now!

It wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me, it wasn't me...
You haven't ordered food. Pretty sketchy.

I h-haven't ordered yet, but, but... I'm the kind of guy who takes a while to decide.
So you didn't even know if you wanted a beer yet?
I c-c-couldn't decide what size to get...
So I guess you ate the shrimp to help choose?
N-no! That's not...

Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up the dialogue for investigating Karyu in my playthrough, so I'll skip over that one.

As for who I want to accuse...

Alright, I think I figured out what happened.

I'm gonna accuse the Dating Man.

Are you sure about that? Because we have some hard evidence that says otherwise, my good friend.
Don't try to deny it! Because this is what really happened!

Hey, how did you even know all that?! That tech is crazy!

Hmm, I wonder what your punishment should be. Death by immola-
This idiocy has gone on long enough. Just grant him his freedom.

After making the accusation, you'll want to pardon your suspect.

Oh, what a world... Fried shrimp... My delicious fried shrimp...
But but, the criminal is right there!
You still doubt me? Whatever. Just take this.

Ooh! All is forgiven!
Nila! I never thought you could be so crooked!
So that settles it?
Hey, I just heard a voice. Who the heck is this hardboiled fella?

Accusing a suspect, then pardoning them will grant you an additional reward. (And yes, each suspect has their own re-enactment scene, so there are multiple correct answers here.) Not letting them go denies it. Anyways, as for what you can get:

You get a Heat Regulator. It increases your Fire resistance. Yeah, no.
You get a Cold Regulator. It increases your Ice resistance. Again, no.
You get a Charge Regulator. It increases your Lighting resistance. Once again, an awful reward.
You get a Stonol. It dispels Petrification on a party member. Yeah uhh, you're not gonna be encountering Petrification for a very long time, so this is a pretty bad reward.
You get a Sapphio. Which changes one party member's normal attacks to the Ice element. Why would you want this?
You get a Heal Aerosol, which restores 50 life to all party members. Actually a pretty good reward, but it's probably overkill.

In all honesty, the best reward comes from accusing the Dating Man.

It provides a very good life and mana boost, which not many classes can say no to at this point in the game. I put this on Edward since I want him to be more durable, and he burns a lot of mana. Also, I want him to be able to heal more for an upcoming section of the game.

Okay, let's turn in that quest.

The actual reward itself is kind of meh, but there's not a lot of effort you have to go through to get it anyway. The Survival Belt is definitely the best reward you can snag from it.

That's all for Kazan for now. But before we head over to Miross, there's one enemy I didn't get to cover. In both Rorakka Cavern and the Nameless Cave, there's one enemy that has a fairly low appearance rate.

Autumn Tortoise
Level: 4
LIFE: 36
ATK: 34
DEF: 17
INT: 12
SPD: 10
Attack Type: Blunt
Size: Large
Exp: 48
Gold: 20
Item Drops:
-Normal: Summer Foilage - 30% Drop Rate. 3 needed to unlock the Mage's Wand (+10 ATK, +4 mana.)
--Plants from a Summer Tortoise. [sic] (Both the name and description got mixed up with another item.)
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 50% Blunt: 50% Thrust: 50%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Hide in Shell: Multiplies the user's DEF by 120% for 5 turns. Has a speed modifier of 80%.

Autumn Tortoises can be kind of a handful early on, especially since they're resistant to physical attacks. But once you gain a few levels, they won't be so bad when you're able to go toe to toe with them.

Mages don't care about them, though.

Let's check out Rorakka Forest again.

Ye gods!
My my, those flowers certainly spread fast.

We still can't enter this place.

I hear scattered reports but can't make sense of them.

Remember this NPC for a bit later.

Everyone in Miross has their dopey head stuck way up in the clouds!
Yeah, they do have some nice hats.
...No, I don't mean they have fluffy hats! I mean what's inside! Argh, not you too!!

If you're interested in history, sit down! How about Miross University? Do you want to hear about famous people? Or... how I fell in love?
...Any interest I had just vanished in an instant.

And yet, something is still missing. Sure, it's great, but maybe with a little...

Keep this NPC in mind for now.

Their name was, umm, something like, uhhhhh... "Meatball Attack"! Was that it?

Dragons, eh? I wonder how tough they are. Might have rare stuff...

It's a hard place, but we Rushe have settled it. I love my homeland!

Here's another NPC you should remember.

Walking over here automatically triggers a scene.

... Hmm... I can't seem to find a flower like that again, anywhere. I wonder if someone somewhere has taken it?

And here's the 3rd quest we can take.

But to get a better weapon, you need to be powerful. It's so expensive...

Oh, if one were to go missing... or worse! If both of them did!

I'll do anything to help! For her sake, even garden! Or clean the floors!!

To handle one's daily tasks, it's best to calmly sit down and proceed one at a time. Ah! Did you hear that just now?!
Uh huh!
You could have pretended you hadn't, you know...
Oh, uhhh. Oops.

I dunno. It seems to me like a hero always turns up to set things right.

But I'm always afraid of the damage I'll take as I try to run away.

Escaping is mainly based on your SPD stat.

Ha, sorry, I'm just weak! I still help out, though. I'm finding a lost cat.

Is she shy?

Just go over and talk to him. What's so hard about that?

...Okay, I'll humor you. Why?
If you share your struggles and feel the same pains, there can be no discord. Isn't that a better way? Equality for all!
That's kind of a screwed up idea about equality.

If not, many people could lose their lives. By sacrificing some, we save many others.

He told me, "That's just the way it is." I guess he meant it.

Please don't tell anyone I said that.

You also want to keep this NPC in mind.

I've confessed my love to two women... That's two women, and I'm just starting! ...Will they both reject me?
Sometimes the depths of people's stupidity makes me wonder.

Oh dear... I must have left it with the limbs. Oh, with no shears, how can I properly care for the garden maze... What will I do?

And here's the last quest in the prologue.

But, then you still have to throw one out.

Um, you don't have to do that.
Wait, you think you can divide it evenly?! Tell me how!!
Can't you just measure the angles? 120 degrees should get you 3 even slices.
120 degrees? Of course! I was thinking it was impossible... Oh, what a waste... I'm so dumb sometimes.

Hey, you're on the extermination mission? Tough one, eh? I should know, they put me on it before. Let me tell you...

My first step to fix it is to put off lunch. I'm full anyway...

Oh yeah, I missed this Mana Water in the back hall. (Thanks to forums user Efe for letting me know.)

Party Skills are secondary skills that take effect outside of battle. Learning "Gather" skills will let you harvest important materials.

Ha ha ha, you're such a funny man.

But I admit it's easier when no one's staying.

Okay, let's take up these 2 quests.

I'm the gardener caring for this garden maze. However, I carelessly misplaced my shears recently. It's a disaster. So please, Hunters, find my Shears.
Do you have any idea where they could be?
Look around town. Do know that the tool shop just ran out of shears. Someone in the town must have a pair, but how to get them... Might not help, but for now I'll give you a Watering Can. It's not worth a lot, but it'll appeal to anyone interested in gardening. Can you somehow get Shears starting with this? I'm begging you!

Description: Watering can from the garden maze. Handy for watering flowers.

I'm sure you can see where this is going. It's basically just one of those trading quests, though there aren't that many people we have to talk to.

Well now... The soldiers' storeroom is well-equipped with tools. Perhaps they can manage it.

That's actually the final place we need to go, but no one there wants a watering can.

First, we need to talk to this NPC.

Will more water make you healthy again? But how can I water all of you?
Would this help?
Oh, it's a Watering Can! Hey, hey, please give it to me! I could use it to water all my flowers!
Sure! Here you go!
Yay! Thank you! I can water all of my flowers with this. Let me give you this Flower Seed as a thank you! Take some of Miross's beautiful flowers home from your travels ♪

The next step is to talk to this NPC.

This place is so lovely. I want to bring a souvenir back to my friends. Flowers would be perfect. But, they don't really keep well crossing the sea...Hmm... if you find a Flower Seed, tell me. I'd love to take it home. If that's okay by you!
We already have one. Here you go!
Oh, I appreciate this so much! I'll try and grow it back at home. Let me try to thank you. During my journey, I found this Herb. It makes a wonderful smell in the kitchen. Please, do try it.

Next NPC to talk to is this one.

There must be better food somewhere. A dish for me to perfect You! What're those herbs you have?! Show me! Hmm... sniff. Yeah, this is what I'm looking for! Wanna give me this Herb? Come on!
Take them if you're that desperate.
Ah, thank you! With this, I'll be able to perfect a new cuisine! Let me give you the Cookies I baked a while ago. They're excellent.

The last step is to talk to this guy.

Hungry... I'm so hungry. What's there to eat? What's that smell? Oh, it's so good! What've you got?! It's... Cookies!! Oh, I can't stand it. Please give them to me!
Okay okay! Just... stop drooling. Sheesh.
Ohhh... these cookies! They smell heavenly! They'll fill me right up. Right now, they're worth their weight in gold. Let me give you this...
Wait, do you have any shears? We heard you had some in here.
Hm, Shears? Hey, yeah, I have some! Hope they work for you.

That's all for this quest. Let's give these back to the client.

Ah... Thank you so much. I can work again now. I've left a modest token of my appreciation at the Quest Office. And I'll honor your efforts by landscaping this garden beautifully forever.

That's the 3rd quest down, let's get started on the 4th one.

I saw the flower outside of the city, just by chance. When I lost the path, I saw one flower shining pure and white in the darkness... I started walking again, and it's made me healthy. A wise woman said that it only blooms briefly, and it's the Illusory Flower. I wonder if there's a way you could find it somehow? That way, everyone in Miross could see its beauty for themselves. Thank you!
Is there any more you could tell us?

When in doubt, talk to the quest giver again. They sometimes have another hint to give.

Oh, but, the one who told me, the wise woman, might know something. She can usually be found near the big fountain.

I know some people call me that, but it doesn't mean much of anything.
But you've heard of the Illusory Flower, right?
Illusory Flower? ...Oh, that... It's a rare species found only near Miross; very few details are known. It rarely blooms, and is hardy enough to flourish even in harsh conditions. It seems to only bloom in specific circumstances. Those sightings were south. Ah, where were they? I don't know exactly where. A merchant or trader might be your best bet.

Said trader is in the inn.

For real! Rare items are my business. Feel free to look yourself. But the directions will cost you 100G, eh? Sorry, but I have to make a living... I am a merchant.

Whatever. Just spit it out.
Thank you! To find the Illusory Flower, first leave Miross. From the sign to the SW, go twenty steps south. It should bloom there. At least... if you go now, it might still be. I keep cursing myself for not getting it. That a dealer in rarities like me missed it... Can you believe it?

Something I want to point out is that there is another portal up here, but you can't do anything with it yet.

You need to search this spot.

Huh, that was easy.
Watch out! Looks like a lot of bugs are headed this way!

You're thrown into a battle here but...

They're really not much of a threat.

Oh come on, the exact same encounter formation? Mix it up a bit!

That fight did grant our party a level up, at the very least.

This is the Illusory Flower? ...I see. Was it only beautiful while it bloomed alone in that spot, I wonder? In any case, see the Quest Office for a reward.

And that's all the quests we can do in the prologue. Let's turn them in.

The Dagger is a weapon for the Rogue. This will let them use their dagger skills. We don't have one in the party, so it's worthless to us. Our party also leveled up to 7, so let's spend their skill points.

Or rather, try to because some skills in this game need more than 1 skill point to level them up. I'll have to hold off on Stella's skill point for now.

Venom now has a 50% infliction rate, and a poison power of 400%. So it deals 83 Poison damage.

Mana mastery now adds 18.75 damage to mana spells, and applies an 118% multiplier to mana spell speed modifiers.

Heated Words now applies a 122% multiplier to the party's ATK stats.

I'll end things off here for now. Next time, we'll finish up the prologue.