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Disclaimer: Everything I say here is my opinion of servant quality and usability. Other people are free to give their perspective and opinions on why they think some servants might be alright over others. This is mostly to give an idea of what servants will be in the game and what their pros and cons might be.

Note: If I a put a number like "10%/15%" that means the first number is the skill at base level and the second is at max level. Changed skills will be numbered in correlation to the skills they replace. ATK and HP listed is what the servant achieves at their max level.

Also remember servant scores are kept within scope of servant rarity. There's no reason to think me giving a 2* servant a 9 and a 5* a 7 suddenly makes the 5* worse. It's just kept within scope of how easy a servant is to obtain and what their benefits are for that with regards to their stats, skills, and various intricacies.

Artoria Pendragon
Debuts in Fate/Stay Night
Originates from Arthurian Mythology

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 11221
HP: 15150

1. Charisma B: Increase attack of all allies by 9/18% for 3 Turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Mana Burst A: Increase own buster card potency by 30/50% for 1 Turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Intuition A: Receive 5/15 critical stars (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

1. Magic Resistance A: Increase own resistance to debuffs by 20%
2. Riding B:Increases own Quick card performance by 8%

Noble Phantasm
Excalibur (Buster): Deals damage to all enemies and charges own NP gauge (Overcharge: Increases NP charge from 20/50%) (Can be buffed after Interlude)

+Pretty much everything I've said about Alter applies here
+Her buffs are slightly better than Alter's
+Attack stat is pretty good

-Is mostly useful for waveclear
-Is hungry for more mats and QP than other versions of her who do the same thing
-Has an inherent buff on quicks, but only one quick card severely limiting her potential at crit star shenanigans
-Has a very basic skillset with nothing in particular to take advantage of for herself or to do for a team
-I feel like I've talked about the same character 3 times now even though they're supposed to be separate units.

Overall Opinion: Artoria doesn't do anything. She has a buster based NP that does AOE damage and that's it. Her NP gain's okay, her overall damage is okay, her health is good, but that doesn't mean much of anything. She's just generic. Nothing about her skillset stands out or makes her unique, especially when there is a lower rank version you can just grail and invalidate her with. She doesn't do better at buster damage or team attack buffing or crit generation or anything, she's just there.
Score: 4/10

Altera (Atilla the Hun)
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order (Originally intended for Fate/Extella)
Originates from 5th Century Eastern Europe

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 12343
HP: 13907

1. Tactics B: Increase NP damage of all allies by 9/18% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Natural Body D: Increase own attack debuff resistance by 40/80% for 3 turns and heal for 1000/2500 HP (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Crest of the Star: Increase own attack by 10/30% for 3 turns and receive 5/15 crit stars (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Changed Skills
1. Natural Body EX: Increases own attack debuff resistance by 60/120% for 3 turns, recovers 1000/3000HP, and increases star absorption rate by 100/300% for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after Interlude quest)

Passive Skills
1. Magic Resistance B: Increase debuff resistance by 17.5%
2. Divinity B: Increase overall damage by 175
3. Riding A: Increase quick card potency by 10%

Noble Phantasm
Photon Ray (Buster): Powerful attack to all enemies and reduces their defense for 3 turns (Overcharge: Reduces defense by 10/30%) (Can be buffed after Interlude)

+High damage stat
+1st Skill can team buff NPs including her own
+1st and 3rd skills combined with buster chain allow her to pump up her NP and buster card damage quite a bit which is not to even bring in other servants buffing her
+Exceptionally good for clearing hands and waves
+Self-heal for a decent amount on second skill
+Can absorb crit stars well after interlude quest buff to second skill

-Limited quick cards means she needs assistance to generate stars to make crit absorption skill useful
-AOE damage on NP limits her potential against bosses quite a bit
-Attack debuff resistance on second skill is pretty situational
-Skills aren't particularly amazing, none of the buffs are exceptional on their own and need a massive investment on mats and QP to make one of them good and the rest okay

Overall Opinion: Altera is okay, but she's not winning any awards. Two of her skills are very selfish and only one of them actually becomes good on a long term investment. While her attack stat is good, she's only going to be particularly effective against lancers and berserkers since she gains more damage on them and it's mostly gonna be in waves where her NP is at its most useful. She's not bad, but she's not particularly remarkable. Her skills at least place her in a better spot than someone like Artoria.
Score: 5/10

5*/Limited (3M Downloads Campaign, Happy New Year 2016, Fate/Accel Zero Order (Pre-Event), New Year 2017 Summoning Campaign, Fate/EXTRA CCCĂ—Fate/Grand Order

Debuts in Fate/Stay Night
Originates from the Epic of Gilgamesh

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 12280
HP: 13097

1. Charisma A+: Increase attack of all allies by 10.5./21% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5)
2. Golden Rule A: Increases own NP gain by 20/50% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6 turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Collector EX: Increases own crit star absorption rate by 300/600% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Changed Skills
3. Treasury of Babylon: Increase own crit absorption rate by 300/600% for 3 turns and charges NP gauge by 20/30% (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

Passive Skills
1. Independent Action A+: Increase critical damage by 11%
2. Magic Resistance E Increase debuff resistance by 10%
3. Divinity B Increase overall damage by 175

Noble Phantasm
Enuma Elish (Buster): Powerful attack to all enemies and bonus damage against Servant-type enemies (Overcharge: Boost bonus damage by 150/200%) (Can be buffed by interlude quest which grants him an extra buff that increases his NP's damage by 30%)

+High attack stat
+Excellent stargen despite one quick card
+Excellent NP gen especially with second skill and third skill after buff which brings it to ludicrous levels
+Already does a lot of damage and has an inherent buff where his crits do even more damage than they normally would, combine this with buster horseshit and you have a servant who poops out damage
+NP does bonus damage to every servant except Star-attribute servants of which there are 11 in the game and two of them are inherently weak to him anyways thanks to class triangle
+NP is incredibly powerful even considering its AOE, which means he's not just good for dunking on waves, he's good for shitting on regular ass bosses
+Is host to a myriad of crazy nonsense in the Fate universe
+Tomokazu Seki

-Cannot ignore the class triangle, so he will fold quickly to lancers and berserkers
-Has no defensive skills whatsoever
-Not a replacement for single target NPs, his NP does a lot of damage but it will generally still not do as much as a single target. He can just dump more damage than pretty much every other AOE NP in the game to the point where it can rival some ST NPs.
-Is a limited servant making him harder to get than most 5* already are, though he is one of the more commonly rerun ones
-NP needs interlude before it becomes mega strong
-Massive material and qp investment

Overall Opinion: Gilgamesh is an incredibly strong servant that can dump damage with the best of them. He can hit high numbers all on his own and with a team working with him on buffs and whatnot he can go even higher. He'll still struggle against lancers, but the fact one of the worst things you can say about him is he can't break the rules of the game isn't a lot honestly. He's a great DPS servant to have lead your team.
Score: 9/10

Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II/Waver Velvet)
Debuts in Fate/Zero
Originates from Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 10598
HP: 14259

1. Discerning Eye A: Can select an ally to increase the critical damage of by 20/50% for 3 turns and grant them NP gauge charge of 10%. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Tactician's Advice A+: Increase defense of all allies by 20/30% for 3 turns, reduce all damage received by 200/500 for 3 turns, and increase NP gauge by 10%. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Tactician's Command A+: Increase attack of all allies by 20/30% for 3 turns, increase overall damage by 200/500 for 3 turns, and increase NP gauge by 10%. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Item Construction B: Increase debuff rate by 8%
2. Territory Creation A: Increase arts card potency by 10%

Noble Phantasm
Unreturning Army (Arts): Inflicts curse (500 damage/3 turns), reduces NP gauge by 1, reduces defense for 3 turns, and chance to stun (Overcharge: Boosts defense reduction by 10/30% and enhances chances of inflicting stun by 50/80%) (Can be buffed with interlude quest, buffs curse damage and duration, and buffs defense reduction to 30%/50%)

+High HP
+Incredible NP Gain
+Bufflord with decently low cooldown on his skills
+All Support skills grant NP to teammates
+NP is debuff hell with 3 really good debuffs and curse is kinda just there I guess
+Can be splashed onto literally any team and he will make it better
+Has wildly changing ascension arts allowing you to play dress up with the Waver you like most
+Is an amazing laundry list of a man

-Low damage
-Generates very little quick stars on his own
-Is a long term investment servant requiring a ton of materials and qp and is gonna seem relatively mediocre at the start
-Will fold hard to Berserkers and Riders

Overall Opinion: Waver is meta-defining servant. His NP gain is so incredibly it is very possible to cycle through it constantly even stack defense debuffs. His skills all have very low cooldown and at most leave a three turn gap before you can pop them for their incredibly strong buffs again. He grants NP to other servants, possibly giving them a push towards NP that they could very well need. He's just an incredibly useful servant with a ton of applications, is easy to dump into any team, and go wild with. Waver can carry teams to victory and even if he himself doesn't do all of the damage, he can make someone else do all of the damage instead. He is a definite must in the long term of the game.
Score: 10/10

Sakata Kintoki
5*/Limited (4M Downloads Campaign, Happy New Year 2016, Kintoki Summoning Campaign, New Year 2017 Summoning Campaign, Onigashima Event Re-Run)
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Kintaro

Cards: Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster/Buster

ATK: 12712
HP: 12150

1. Monstrous Strength A+: Increase own attack by 30%/50% for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Animal Dialogue C: Increase own NP gauge by 30/50% (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Natural Body A: Increase own attack debuff resistance by 60/120% for 3 turns and recovers 1000/3000 HP (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Mad Enhancement: Increases own Buster card damage by 2%
2. Divinity D: Increases damage by 125

Noble Phantasm
Golden Spark (Buster): Powerful attack to one enemy and a chance to stun for 1 turn (Overcharge: Increase stun chance by 50/100%)

+Incredibly high damage output with 3 buster cards, a buster NP, a high attack stat, good self attack buff, and berserk class advantage
+Is a walking nuke
+NP can proc stun also adding a turn skip on top of doing a ton of damage to them
+Second skill grants a ton of NP
+Self-heal is very significant and good for Kintoki in prolonged fights
+Can run through every class thanks to Berserker advantage making him relevant against any type of enemy
+Is one of the limited servants who ends up on rateups more than most
+Is very shy around sexy women and in general is a boy scout despite his yakuza-esque design

-Outside of second skill, Kintoki's NP generation is bad and he needs CEs and teammates to make up the difference
-Survivability is also poor. 3000 HP heal is good, but being a class that takes double damage normally and having no damage mitigation skills whatsoever means you get hurt really fast.
-Crit star gain is very bad. Do not expect him to generate more than like 2 stars out of his quick card or even to absorb crit stars. You need a ton of crit stars to do them with this dude.
-Third skill is overall very wishy washy between attack debuff resistance and 3000 HP heal.

Overall Opinion: Kintoki does one thing and he does one thing very well, hits shit really hard. Don't expect him to do anything more than that. He is a character who emphasizes power among all other than things and that works both to his benefit and detriment. Your goal with Kintoki is to keep hitting shit until it dies, build NP at some point during all of this, and then pop his NP to nuke the boss to death. He can reach near 100k damage on his own, this is to say nothing of what a team supporting him can do. He's a cool guy and despite all of his faults, he is absolutely worth tossing out the gems for.
Score: 8/10

Vlad III
Debuts in Fate/Apocrypha
Originates from 15th Century Romania

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 11,499
HP: 13,770

1. Vampirism A: 80/100% chance to reduce NP charge of one enemy and increases own NP gauge by 20/30% (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
2. Morph C: Increase own defense by 16/24% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Battle Continuation A: Grants guts for a self-res of 1000/2500 HP (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Changed Skills
2. Legend of Fresh Blood A+: Increase own defense and attack by 20/30% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after interlude quest)

Passive Skills
1. Mad Enhancement EX: Increase Buster card potency by 12%

Noble Phantasm
Kazikli Bey (Arts): Powerful attack to one enemy and receive crit stars (Overcharge: 15/35 crit stars received) (Can be buffed by interlude, buff gives higher overall damage multiplier and crit stars from 20/40)

+Fantastic attack stat
+Great sustain between second and third skills
+Arts based servant favors NP spam
+Doesn't need decent crit gen when his NP poops out crit stars
+Second skill buffs for a significant amount
+Can drain enemy NP
+NP is very powerful ST NP allowing him to cycle into getting more NP after having just popped his
+Buster cards do a good amount of damage on their own thanks to Mad Enhancement EX

-Berserker class makes Vlad made of paper normally
-Outside of arts teams his NP gain is kind of middling, so NP spam becomes much less feasible as an option
-Guts skill doesn't heal for a lot on res leaving Vlad 1 hit away from death more often than not
-Requires interlude before his second skill becomes good and makes him incredibly strong
-Star absorption sucks meaning that even if he does get the stars, there's no guarantee they won't just distribute amongst the rest of the team next turn

Overall Opinion: Vlad is really godlike on arts teams, but sort of struggles a bit on other stuff. He does very well for himself with his own cards and skills, but he needs other art-based servant for him to make the most out of his stuff. That being said once you get into his cycle of "build np, pop np, get stars, do busters with crits, and then repeat," then he's actually very powerful and rivals Kintoki in crazy damage output.
Score: 8/10

Jeanne D'Arc
Debuts in Fate/Apocrypha
Originates from 15th Century France

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 9593
HP: 16500

1. Revelation A: Receive 3/9 crit stars each turn for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
2. True Name Discernment B: Reduce NP power of one enemy by 15/30% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Divine Judgment A: 70/120% chance to stun one enemy servant for 1 turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Magic Resistance EX: Increase debuff resistance by 25%

Noble Phantasm
Luminosite Eternelle (Arts): Grants invincibility for 1 turn, increases defense for 3 turns, and recover HP for 2 turns for the party. (Demerit: Inflicts stun on self for 2 turns) (Overcharge: Increase the defense buff by 5/25% and recovers 1000/3000 HP) (Can buff with an interlude quest that removes the stun and adds a team cleanse)

+Okay NP gain with 3 arts cards
+Has decent crit gen, despite 1 quick card
+NP is amazing for stopping full team wiping NPs
+Incredibly high HP combined with ruler defense makes it so Rulers only have to fear Berserkers

-NP stuns herself for 2 turns before buff which could easily screw up entire hands if her cards feature highly in them. The actual stun realistically comes out to one turn, but you basically either need to stuff her NP at the end of a chain with her attacks in (Which will still negate her extra attack) or need to use none of her cards in the rest of the chain.
-Skills are really wonky. 1st skill is okay, but not really good. 2nd skill is bad because you can just use Jeanne NP to save yourself from other NPs. Third skill needs to be levelled to be fully reliable. 70% isn't terrible, but that's still a 3/10 chance for failure.
-Damage output is awful
-Needs arts teams to cycle NP and make the team nigh unkillable

Overall Opinion: Jeanne suffered a lot for a long time. She only had her NP going for her to protect her along with her skills that would sometimes be useful and sometimes not be. The NP also required you to play around it with her stunned cards polluting hands and also messing with her cards on activation as well. After the buff to her NP though she is seen as a very solid support unit that can consistently protect teams, heal them, and stop debuffs. She's not the best, but she has a strong niche and with the right people aside her she can get up to some silly stuff.
Score: 7/10