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Flight from the Dark is the first book in the Lone Wolf gamebook series and I'm going to show you how to win it. I would start by showing you the cover, but I don't have it, so this will have to do.

I'll skip over the character creation stuff, but I will tell you what Kai Disciplines to pick. There are specific reasons in this book to pick Sixth Sense and Camouflage, and if you don't pick Healing then you're an idiot because it's the best ability by far. Heal one damage per section? Are you kidding me? That's overpowered as fuck. I'm also taking Weaponskill because this book has plenty of weapons lying around so chances are good I'll find the right one, and Mind Over Matter because it's cool.

Combat Skill, Endurance, money (Gold Crowns) and bonus equipment are random, so we got 17, 27, 6 and a broadsword. Not bad. Also you automatically get an axe, a meal and a worthless map. Let's begin!

This is why you need Sixth Sense. Without it you can't meet Banedon, Lone Wolf's Super Best BFF Forever.

You also need to go northeast here.

And there he is! Our magical wizard pal!

Yell at him!

And now we've got our secret Best Friends Friendship Pendant. I'll just write that down.

I guess I forgot to take a picture here, but we got chased by Giaks and ran up a hill.

And I forgot to use Camouflage there. It's not important.

I rolled a one. I hope they don't find us.

Oh shit they found us. Combat time!

Yeah, I kicked their arses.

And found some cash.

You've got to go north here. I forget why, but it's very important.

I dropped the die on the floor, but it's OK, I rolled a one.

This is why it's good to have two weapons.

Oh right, this is why you've got to go north! If you're an idiot and don't pick Healing then these herb meals are really useful. They're completely pointless if you can just heal yourself though. Now we need to go northeast to 347.

Well, shit. I don't have that bit. But it's fine, I remember what happens here. I can wing it.

It's like I'm channelling the spirit of Joe Dever! That short sword is expecially great because now Weaponskill gives us an extra 2 Combat Skill.

Never get sidetracked. It shows a lack of resolve.


What a stupid question. Who doesn't want more loot?

The soap is utterly useless, but never let that stop you from looting stuff!

If you climb the hill you die, so don't climb the hill.

Now that's what Lone Wolf is all about! Fighting cool monsters!

Even if it's not much of a fight.

And to the victor go the spoils! Pity we can't carry the dagger as well.

Sure, we could use some company.

What kind of monster would not try to save these children?

Oh, this kind of monster. I'm not fighting more giaks.

I don't need a warhammer, but I bet there's some other loot here.

A meal. I'll take it.

Nope, fuck these guys. They're trying to trick me into fighting a big lizard monster.

Camouflage time? Nope, I forgot again.

"Hey dickhead, I'm a good guy!"

Good guys steal horses, right?

I'm not dumb, of course I'm going to hide.

Well, goodbye horse. And finally I remember to use Camouflage...

... and it doesn't work.

Well of course I'm going through the graveyard. There's probably treasure.

Sixth Sense to the rescue again!

I think north is quicker, but south is safer.

I do deserve a rest, and I've always thought I'd look good on a throne.

It's not much, but I'll take any treasure I can get.

I could use Mind Over Matter here, but I'm not going to.

Why wouldn't I follow him?

Uh, yeah, I'll keep following,

Well, really. I'm not going to turn back now.

And there it is, the magic number. 350 is always (with one exception) the end of the book.

But you'll have to imagine the rest because that's all I've got.