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Common Passives

And for the sake of completion, here's the common passives. I don't really have any opinions on them, this update's just a table dump, basically.

Learnable by: Adamantine Dragoon, Devastating Fistfighter (Cestus), Death-Warding Reaper, Spirit-Summoning Necromancer, Four Heavens as One Masurao, Heaven's Wrath Shaman, Deeply Compassionate Doctor (Herbalist)

Increases maximum HP.

Learnable by: Gunpowder Dragoon, Death-Bringing Reaper, Master of the Six Ways (Warlock), Spirit-Destroying Necromancer, Dog-Leading Hound, Single Peerless Blade Masurao, Heaven's Wrath Shaman, Innocent Poisoner (Herbalist)

Increases maximum TP.

Phys ATK Up / Mag ATK Up
Phys ATK Up learnable by: Thunderclap Fencer, Gunpowder Dragoon, Cestus, Death-Bringing Reaper, Falcon-Accompanied Hound, Four Heavens as One Masurao

Mag ATK Up learnable by: Ruler of Fire, Ice, and Lightning (Warlock), Spirit-Destroying Necromancer, Heaven's Wrath Shaman

Increases physical or elemental damage.

Mag DEF Up
Learnable by: Death-Warding Reaper, Heaven's Love Shaman

Increases elemental defense.

Speed Up
Learnable by: Thunderclap Fencer, Combo Boxer (Cestus), Falcon-Accompanied Hound, Single Peerless Blade Masurao

Increases action speed and non-base accuracy/evasion.

Curb ATK Up
Learnable by: Combo Boxer (Cestus), Death-Bringing Reaper, Spirit-Summoning Necromancer, Dog-Leading Hound, Innocent Poisoner (Herbalist)

Increases the user's chance of inflicting ailments and binds.

Curb DEF Up
Learnable by: Devastating Fistfighter (Cestus), Ruler of Fire, Ice, and Lightning (Warlock), Heaven's Love Shaman, Deeply Compassionate Doctor (Herbalist)

Reduces the chance of having ailments and binds inflicted on the user.