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Update 33: Harisuzume no Naku Koro ni

Okay, people, Gram needs some help here. Kaelin's fancy suit's impossible to wash, and the smell's starting to get to Greg.
Hmm. I don't believe I've actually seen his coat. Would you mind describing it?
Y'know those really ornate coats that go to the knees that nobles wear? Linings and accents everywhere? Yeah, it's one of those. And this one's especially fancy.
I take it Genetta refused to incorporate it into our normal laundry, then.
Here. Tell me you wouldn't refuse to wash that on top of the rest of the inn's normal loads.
...Yes, I see where she's coming from. I can also see why this cost several hundred thousand en...
Do most fancy coats have two gold dragon ouroboroses on the side and back?
Last I Something tells me Kaelin took outside inspiration there.
So how do you intend to actually wash this garish fashion nightmare?
...I have just the perfect idea. A, B, C, dears, prepare for a reverse Curse Bomb...
Hrm. A purifying Bomb? You sure that affects physical things?
It never hurts to try~

We begin not with the amazing new Stratum, but with cleaning up some old loose ends.

Hello, my lumpy, rocky friend! It's been a while, hasn't it?

Golem's conditional, if you'll remember, is "kill while paralyzed." Since Golem itself is immune to all disables, you have to paralyze a Mini-Golem and wait for it to combine into Golem to do that.



Cradle (+187 ATK, +195 MATK, Explosion, Gold x3) is made from 1 Paralysis-Marked Barrier (Golem conditional). Costs 395000 en, sells for 158000 en.

Explosion: Uses the head. Deals ranged INT-based fire damage to all enemies. Has a 60% speed modifier and a base accuracy of 150% at all levels.

Pretty much designed for Herbalists. What, you forgot that Herbalists can equip scythes too? I mean, you're gonna end up buying a Cradle for a Reaper, yeah, but Explosion won't amount to much if you have an Earthrun/Therian Reaper. For my purposes, Magda can actually make pretty good use of Explosion, due to the fact that she's Lunarian, and has the INT to match.

Herbalists, you say?

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Next up is the angry screeching fucker.

You'll notice my party is different. Hippogriff's conditional is "kill on the first turn." Here's my strategy for that:

Bind Hippogriff with Chain Blast.

And then ruin its day with Lead Blow.

ez-pz, once more

Answerer (+196 ATK, +176 MATK, Bind Claw, Gold x6) is made from 1 Ephemeral Axebeak (Hippogriff conditional). Costs 438000 en, sells for 175200 en.

Bind Claw: Uses the arms. Deals melee STR-based cut damage to one row of enemies. Attempts to bind the arms of hit targets. Has no speed modifier and a base accuracy of 99% at all levels.

Doesn't do much for Illusionary Fencers, but it's a fairly reliable multi-target damage option for Thunderclap Fencers when they're not busy with Chains.

A much easier mission than Occupy Arteria Carpals.

And then there's this pompous, zombified jerk.

Undead King's conditional is kill with fucking curse damage.

Formaldehyde is selected.

To that, I say fuck that several ways from every cardinal direction, and then some that don't exist.

Agh, oogh, the smell...
A smell that bad's gotta have some mystic power behind it...

At-- Urp... At least it worked... Who is responsible for that foul-smelling substance...

Is that...a kilt?
It most certainly is. The most mystical kilt in all of Sidonia. I've been petitioning the Corpse Party for quite some time now, and each time they'd refused... Until they'd heard of my work in taking down the Undead King~
That, um... Does-- Do you wear anything else with the kilt?
Hm? No, why would we? The kilt itself must be undisturbed.
Do, uh... Do the lady Necromancers wear that as well?
I see no reason why they wouldn't.

Corpse-User's Garb (Necromancer ultimate armor; +80 DEF, +116 MDEF, +30% head bind resistance) is made from 1 Curse-Marked Cloth (Undead King conditional). Costs 240000 en, sells for 96000 en.

I buy this for Lanzon later in the update.

And then I go off to fill out the Monstrous Codex and Item Compendium as much as possible for this point (Crystal Dragon's conditional excepted). The empty spot is the real, proper Wandering Flame-Phantom, not that weird event version we fought.

One last loose end: the lizard quest.

As you enter the 19th floor, you're greeted with the signs of chaos. The beautiful crystal Labyrinth has been despoiled, most likely by the rampaging lizards you've taken a request to stop. You have no idea where their boss is, but odds are good that if you keep fighting lizards he'll show up eventually. As long as you're ready to face him at any time, you should begin.

For the duration of this quest, every tile on the floor is forced to these encounter groups: