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Update 13: Pleroma

The party voted in this time was Stella, Edward, Nila, and Dia. So let’s head to the guild to swap over to them.

Um, Erin?

Hey, you haven't heard about Kingsblade lately, have you?
I can’t say we have.
They've been as active as ever, but I think... they're doing too much. To tell the truth, the President saved Nestor's life when he was a kid. He admired him so much that he became a Hunter. All his hopes and dreams! The President's death changed something... He acts normal, but I can tell, and it worries me. Don't push it too far yourselves, either.


Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s switch over to our actual party.

Be sure to take care of Cowabunga for us!
...I- wha- you- That’s what you decided to name the beast!?
Sure! I mean she’s our pet. Pets need names, you know.
I don’t think giving her a name is what she had a problem with.
...Okay then. So, taking care of a cow. How hard could it be? I mean, don’t cows just eat grass?
Ark, a cow’s diet is more complicated than that.
Yes, for one thing, the ideal thing for them to eat is a mixture of-
I just had to ask.

There we go!

Uhhh, what? No it’s not. Granted clearing out the Bloom there isn’t mandatory, but it’s not like doing so is hard to pull off.

If you go that way, can you check on Kingsblade for me?
I make no promises-
Sure! We can go check on them right now!
Don’t we have to go to-
Oh, I’m sure it can wait.

So what just happened was the start of another sub-event. After turning in the mission to kill Eclipse, talking with Erin will trigger the sub-event. But before we do that, I took the time to level up Edward, Nila, and Dia. So let’s spend all the SP they currently have stockpiled.

I level up Medicine to 8, resulting in the healing boost being at 260%, which means the healing multiplier is 1.52. The multiplier applied to the speed modifiers of healing skills is now 114%.

Cure II is leveled up to 5, which has a base heal of 80. A bit overkill at this point, but the main reason I wanted to do that...

Now it should be even easier to keep everyone out of trouble with this technique!

Was to unlock Cure All, which required that Medicine was at level 8 and Cure II was at level 5 to unlock. Cure All is an AOE healing spell, and it’s as slow as Cure II, which is to say that it has a speed modifier of 70%, while the base heal scales in exactly the same way as Cure. At level 1, the base heal is 12. It doesn’t sound like much, but this is one of the few AOE healing skills that you can make use of. The downside of this skill? It costs a whopping 16 mana at level 1, and that cost will ramp up to 20 as we level it up. Eventually the mana cost won’t be a big deal, but for now, it’s a nice emergency tool to have on hand.

I also max out Recover I, which allows this skill to dispel Blind, Paralysis, Sleep, and Poison at level 4. Level 5 just lowers the mana cost from 3 to 1. While the super low mana cost is nice, normally I wouldn’t bother with leveling up a skill just for that. But there’s a skill I want that requires both Recover I and II to be at max level to unlock.

Oh, and speaking of Recover II, I level it up to 4. Now it can dispel Confusion, Curse, Fear, and Petrification.

Now that Edward’s skill points are all spent, let’s move onto Nila. I level up Freeze to 5, resulting in the skill having a spell power of 400% and a damage multiplier of 200%. All I can say is, Nila is a force to be reckoned with now. Not that she wasn’t already.

I also level up Ice Mastery to 3. The spell mastery power is at 200%. Which translates to only adding on 15 points of damage to the Mage’s Ice spells. Though now it applies an 112% multiplier to the speed modifiers of said spells, so this isn’t a complete point dump.

Look out everyone, winter is coming!

Leveling up Ice Mastery and Freeze to 3 unlocks Blizzard and Freeze Veil. But I’m only really interested in Blizzard. The Mage has AOE versions of their single target spells. Though they’re slower and weaker in comparison to the single target versions. Blizzard has a speed modifier of 70%, and at level 1, it has a spell power of 300% and a damage multiplier of 150%.

I also max out Shock.

And get Shock Mastery to 3.

Add in a little thunderstorm on top of that!

Getting Shock Mastery and Shock to 3 unlocked Boltstorm, which I put in 1 point for. Now Nila can deal with random encounters even more easily. As if Mages weren’t ridiculous enough already.

Now for Dia’s skills. I max out Nobility, which causes it to apply a 130% multiplier to the speed modifiers of holy songs. Bringing up Nobility to 5 unlocked Nature Song, but I’m not really interested in that skill.

Perhaps this will teach you imbeciles a thing or two.

What I am interested in is Moonlit Song, which requires bringing up Nobility to 10 to unlock. It’s one of the most important support skills in the Princess’ skillset. The reason being is that it places a buff on the entire party that causes them to passively restores mana at the end of each turn! And like the other holy songs, it lasts indefinitely. It also has a speed modifier of 80%.

As for how the skill works... unfortunately, half the levels in this skill don’t actually do anything. At level 1, it restores 1 mana per turn. At level 3, it restores 2 mana. 3 mana at level 5. 4 mana at level 7, and 5 mana at level 10. The skill doesn’t do anything else when it’s not at those levels, so you have to spend a lot of SP just to level it up to points where the skill will actually do something more. And yes, the SP cost jumps up to 2 at level 8, so this isn’t a skill that scales all that well. But it is so very worth it.

5 mana per turn may not seem like much, but it’s a lot better than it sounds. For one thing, the Mage has the biggest base mana pool out of all the classes, clocking in at 100 when they reach level 75. All the other classes have less, and mana costs for skills rarely go past the double digits. So it’s an excellent way to keep your party’s sustainability up. And if you really need to recover mana, you can just get into a battle with a weak enemy, cast Moonlit Song, and just wait for a bit to completely refill your mana pools. So now, mana usage isn’t a problem for this team anymore. (Not that it really was a problem in the first place.)

Anyways, that’s all for skills, so let’s check out what Kingsblade is doing. Erin hinted that Rorakka Forest was where we should head, so that’s our next destination.

Help... Help! Can you help me?
Oh, it's all right now. You should get home. Your mother's worried.

Yuuri and Genbu turn to leave with the lost girl.

Ugh. Think just the two of you can do it? I want to finish up something here.
Something else? Nestor, you've had a long day already.
These guys're no big deal. I'll see you tonight.
But... well, at least let all three of us escort this child home!
It's a waste of time. You guys are fine. Anyway, see you.

...There he goes.
Guess I can't stop him. Let's go home, dear.

Best of luck. Excuse me...

The remaining members of Kingsblade leaves with the lost girl.

Looks like they’re just fine. We should go.
Wh-what? But Nestor's still in the forest alone. Shouldn’t we at least check up on him?
Given that he managed to survive in this hellscape for 3 years, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Believe it or not, this is all we have to do. There’s nothing in the forest for us. So let’s go back to Erin.

Still, those guys... No telling if that would actually work.
Hm, I think you’re worrying too much.

What Erin is saying right now only applies if we had the ability to continue the sub-event at this point. But we don’t. We haven’t progressed far enough in the game to do that. And with that, the only thing left to do is to head to Pleroma. So let’s go talk to Menas.

We’re all ready to go!

Fade to black.

Three people arrive on the scene.

Very prompt, Mr. Nowari. You must have quite the swift sailing ship.
Ship? No, not exactly. Using our crystal technology, we can fly at high speeds. An airship, it's called.
An airship! Is Pleroma technology really so highly advanced?
Come along, Odyssey, and board the airship. Please enjoy the comfortable ride over to Pleroma.

Odyssey leaves with the visitors.

Fade to black.

Excellent. Please continue to keep her steady. ...So, how do you like air travel? Comfortable?
Whee! I can’t believe we’re really flying through the air!
Uh, Stella? I really don’t think you should be that close to the window.
Ha ha! Wait until the others hear about what they’re missing out on!
Impressive. A smoother form of transportation than I was expecting, I’ll admit. So how long will it take for us to reach our destination?
Using Pleroma's crystal technology, we'll arrive quickly, with no worries. It's a pity the Bloom has ruined the scenery... In the old days, you could see to the edge of the world from here.

Music cuts out.

What is it?!

What are you saying?!


How'd it catch up with us at this speed? No way... Is it Invisible?!
What are you blathering on about!? We could see that thing as clear as day!
I don’t think that’s what he meant by “Invisible.”
Who cares about what he said!? We’re all going to die!
Damn it! We can't get away from something like this. Our engine's dead! Crash landing imminent!
H-huh. Y-you know, this wasn’t how I imagined us going down.
I’m probably going to regret asking this, but just what did your demented imagination come up with?
Well... There were a lot more pyrotechnics. Ooh, and explosive flaming skeletons were involved.
Would my skull get to explode in a cool way?
It probably would have been spectacular.
Too much information!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I survived. The bad news is, so did the rest of you.

Great. Now what will we do? We’re trapped on an island in the middle of nowhere!
... Don't cry over spilled milk. There's always a silver lining. We're near Pleroma. Let's walk it from here.
Oh, talk about a lucky break!

And this is our current location on the world map. Interestingly enough, this island is actually free of the Bloom.

But before we take a look around, let’s meet with the new enemies first.

Mandala Fan
Level: 26
LIFE: 80
ATK: 82
DEF: 50
INT: 26
SPD: 34
Attack Type: Blunt
Enemy Type: Large Animal
Exp: 139
Gold: 28
Item Drops:
-Normal: Bird Feathers - 30% Drop Rate. 3 needed to unlock the Light Helm (Hat. +2 DEF, +2 SPD.)
--Soft down.
-Rare: Fancy Feather - 15% Drop Rate. 6 needed to unlock the Composite Bow. (Bow, +58 ATK +6 POW.) Note: Was supposed to only drop when not killed with magic. But due to a bug, it can drop under any circumstances.
--Feather of a Mandala Fantail.
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 50% Blunt: 50% Thrust: 50%
Fire: 200% Ice: 200% Lightning: 200%


Tempting Light: 40% chance of inflicting Charm on one party member. Has a speed modifier of 85%.

Oh hey, an enemy that’s vaguely threatening. We haven’t seen one of those in a while. If you have only physical attackers, they’re either going to be annoying, or possibly nightmarish to deal with, depending on how underleveled you happen to be. As for why they’re vaguely threatening, you’ll see that in a bit.

Why don’t we take this time to see one of Nila’s new skills in action?

Uh oh.

Wow... That’s the most beautiful bird I have ever seen...
Not again...

You mean lightning.
Same difference.

Nila’s AOEs deal a decent amount of damage. Once they’re at max level, they should be respectable encounter clearers.

Allow me to demonstrate a little something about Charm.

Hold on, Stella! I’ll-

Snap you out of it...?

Charm is one of the hardest ailments to get rid of, as the only method to get rid of it other than waiting for it to wear off is by using a Somanel. No class in the game has a skill that can cure Charm. Well, there technically is one skill. The Princess’ Lullaby skill, which puts 1 party member to Sleep, and allows them to regenerate HP during that time. Although in that case, you’re just replacing Charm with the Sleep status. Still, that may be something to keep in mind because...

Aww, I couldn’t imagine hurting something like you. I’d rather...

Did... did she just smack herself in the face with her axe?
I could see her doing that even if she wasn’t so enamored with a peacock.

Thought Confusion was unbearable enough to deal with? Charm is an even stronger version of it. Where Confused victims had a 50% chance each to attack either their own team or the opposing team, a Charmed party member will always attack their own team. So if this lands on a physical attacker, you’re going to be in for a very bad time. Combined with the fact that this is the hardest ailment to dispel, this makes Charm one of the deadliest ailments to be inflicted with. Oh, and this is an ailment exclusive to enemies. No class has any way to inflict Charm.

That’s enough of that nonsense!

On the bright side, unlike Confusion, Charm doesn’t last outside of battle. At any rate, you definitely want to dispatch Mandala Fans pretty quickly. While the enemies themselves aren’t exactly all that much, Tempting Light can make battles go south really fast.

And here’s another new enemy to deal with.

Rock Scorpion
Level: 27
LIFE: 100
ATK: 85
DEF: 53
INT: 30
SPD: 32
Attack Type: Thrust
Enemy Type: Large Animal
Exp: 174
Gold: 60
Item Drops:
-Normal: Scorpion Sting - 30% Drop Rate. 2 needed to unlock the Heavy Armor (Armor. +22 DEF, -3% Physical Defense.)
--Stinger of a Rock Scorpion.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Stonesting: 10% chance of inflicting Petrification on one party member. Has a speed modifier of 85%.


Hmm... All bark and no bite. It doesn’t look like it’s too good at using that stinger, either.
You seem confident in that assessment of yours.
When ya lived like I have for a while, ya tend to pick up on these kind of things.

Much like how Mandala Fans were introductions Charm, Rock Scorpions are introductions to Petrification. Petrification is a pretty deadly ailment, in that whoever gets inflicted with it will turn to stone, and will be unable to act as long as the ailment is in effect. Said ailment never wears off on its own, even after the battle, and must be forcibly dispelled with a Somanel, Stonol, or the Healer’s Recover II skill. So whoever gets inflicted with this becomes functionally dead, to the point where they won’t even get experience points after the battle. Oh, and having everyone be Petrified or some combination of dead and Petrified will count as a game over. So yeah, you really want to dispel this ASAP if possible. Oh, and Petrified party members can still be targeted, and they won’t be able to avoid any attacks while they’re in this state.

Like with Charm, this is also an ailment that’s exclusive to enemies. Though interestingly enough, it was intended early on for players to have access to this ailment as well, as a couple of the earlygame dragons and bosses had proper Petrification susceptibility values defined and could be inflicted with it. Though the devs must have changed their minds pretty quickly, as all the other dragons and bosses have straight up immunity to it.

...That was one of the most pathetic attempts at an attack I have ever seen.

As for the Rock Scorpions themselves, they’re really not that threatening. Stonesting has a really low hit rate, so Petrification isn’t something to really worry about when it comes to them. They’re basically trash mobs with one tooth.

Aside from the tiny chance to inflict Petrification, they really don’t have much going for them.

There’s a portal on this island, so we’re not really trapped here, at the very least.

Sorry! Didn’t mean to get distracted.

However, Nowari won’t let us leave just yet.

Welcome to Pleroma. It’s not your normal city. For one thing, there are only 3 buildings in this town.

Right of the tower is a rest stop, and on the left side is a warehouse. And south, across the sea, is the Starry Site special research facility.

Let’s check out the warehouse, first.

I see someone needs to do some spring cleaning around here.

And here’s something more marginally useful.

I wonder how long all this stuff has been here.

And down these stairs...

Is some kind of jail cell.

Well, that was a productive use of our time.

There’s nothing super interesting in the inn aside from this. There’s actually quite a bit of flavor text in Pleroma, so I’m going to shove a lot of that into the NPC update as well.

Pleroma’s main attraction is this building right here.

Pleroma is interesting in that the town is actually in one building instead of having several of them.

Oh, and there’s a store on the left over here.


Couple of equipment upgrades here, and some new accessories. The last 2 accessories provide some resistance to the status effects that can be cured by the Recovery I and II skills. Oh, and for the record, this is about as good as it gets. Nothing provides something like complete immunity to a status or something like that.

Mining, Botany, Keen Eye, I can teach you all three! Only 5000 G for the whole lot of them!

So the earliest you can get the gathering skills in 7th Dragon? This moment, right here. If you don’t buy them here, you can get them later, but honestly, money isn’t really a problem in 7th Dragon, so I go ahead and buy these.

Go get all you can!

If we talk to him again...

There are many skills. Do you know them all?

And now we can actually gather items. Now that we have gathering skill, certain tiles in dungeons will sparkle. If we inspect those tiles, we can get items from them. Unlike in Etrian Odyssey where gathering is fairly important, it’s considerably less so in 7th Dragon. For one thing, no item you can get from gathering is used to unlock any items or equipment. So really, it’s just another way to make money if you need to. However, that’s not to say it’s useless outside of that, as some quests will require us to get items exclusive to gathering.

Thanks bunches! I'll see ya again.

There’s also an item shop in Pleroma.

They don’t have many new items available, but being able to buy Heal Aerosols at this point is nice.

Bloom Regulators are items that are either really awful, or really good, depending on the version you’re playing. They last for 60 steps, same as a level 1 Walk Safe. In the Japanese version, they reduce field damage by 1 point, again, same as a level 1 Walk Safe. However, unlike Walk Safe, they don’t provide immunity to Bloom damage if a party member falls under 50 life. So it’s a worse version of a skill at its weakest point. So basically they’re just a waste of money and item slots.

However, if you are playing the fan translated version, the glitch that causes Walk Safe to provide immunity at all levels also applies to this item. So using it will flat out nullify field damage for 60 steps. A much better item, and definitely worth buying if you don’t have a Knight. Oh and again, it doesn’t matter which of the two patches you’re using.

This is the entrance, 2nd floor is the hall, and 3rd floor is the breakroom. 4th floor is split. East is the storeroom, west is research. And at the top is Chief Scholar Emille. Thanks for coming!

The person to the left of the receptionist function as a quest office.

Time to look around the tower.

There’s a little building in the middle of this floor.

It was mentioned that the building forks after this point, so let’s check out the left side first.

Er... Think you could help me out?

This quest can be done right away.

If I knew some Hunters with access to a boat, I could get somewhere.

Keep this person in mind for later.

The literature and ruins tell the story, although few details are known.

I hear you're headed for the Western Continent and Rushe lands. The Rushe are half-beasts. Women have furry ears, men have pointed ones. They were once reviled on our continent, and it seems they fled West.
I-I see...
I don’t think you have too much to worry about now. I mean we did walk past a few Rushe scholars earlier.

But did you know that some Bloom gives experience when you step on it? It's the kind of Bloom that takes multiple steps to get rid of, I think...

For whatever reason, 7th Dragon decides now is the best time to start telling you about this.

I’m fairly certain that this is a question that we do not want the answer to.
Good point.

To return prices to normal, the Bloom must be wiped from the region.

From a story standpoint, I see why this is being told to you now, since is the place where people are doing research on the Bloom and the dragons. But this is the middle of the game! You don’t wait until then to start telling players about basic mechanics that they should really be aware of from the start!

Dragons you slay will revive in a few days. Did you beat a boss? Slaughter the other Dragons and wipe out the Bloom. If you do all that, then maybe it'll stay dead.

For example, even a stay at the inn can give it time to bounce back. You should think carefully before resting at night.

Seriously, all this info? Really would have been good to know from the get-go! Also, why are these mechanics even in the game, other than to waste the player’s time? The time limit for dragons to revive is so lenient that it’s pretty much pointless. And the Bloom having a chance to regrow on the overworld is just more of a “fuck you” rather than adding anything of significance to the game.

I found a peaceful island, with a strange language... and bugs. There is a peculiar settlement here that bars men from entering. Despite my sociological interest in the place, I could not prevail with them.

That’s all for the left side, let’s check out the right.

The story of Aizhen's creation is written. A great jewel seems to still be passed down through the royal family.

Upon talking to this NPC, he walks around for a bit.

If this keeps up, I'll have to scrap the study.

Another quest that we can complete right away.

The Lightning version of the regulators. Again, not too useful, but it may come in handy in certain situations.

Six hundred and eight days of battle stained Todowa Mountain red. The Golden Lions and Aizhen Liberation Army fought a bitter stalemate. The Liberation Army would later form a republic with 6 tribes.

I guess even some scholars need remedial arithmetic.

This NPC looks around for a bit before speaking up.

They need to relax a bit and come back!

Yet another quest we can complete right off the bat! I’m liking this place already.

There are more than 110 monsters in the world and 50 Dragons! Plus the bosses... it's an awesome number!

Over 50 different dragons. Spread out over 666 fights. On average, that would mean each type of dragon would have to be fought 13.32 times to 0 out the dragon count. (Okay the dragon distribution doesn’t actually work like that, but I’m making a point here.) Yeah, dragon fights get old fast. There’s a reason the later games lowered the dragon count drastically.

Might as well.

Families gather on Christmas to eat delicious food and a special cake. The traditional Christmas meal is roast chicken and white cream stew. The cake is covered in strawberries with a candle standing up in the middle.

Santa Claus rides a sleigh, drawn by reindeer, to children's homes. The children hang stockings in hopes of receiving gifts. But only the children who were good throughout the year will receive presents. Santa himself is a portly man with a red outfit and a white beard. And my, how he laughs!

Huh. We should try celebrating “Christmas” sometime. I bet I would get tons of presents, too!
Um, I don’t think this “Santa Claus” even exists anymore.
More like he never existed in the first place.
Aww. I wanted to see him in action myself.
...I have no idea exactly what goes on through your head, but I’m certain your idea of “seeing him in action” would end up traumatizing children around the world somehow.

You’ll also want to keep this NPC in mind for later.

And her appearance hasn't changed much either. Is she really even human?

Before going on with the plot, I want to take care of one thing, first.

I take up these 3 quests, but we’re only gonna be doing this last one this update.

I need you to bring me a book with the title...

At this point, she’ll ask you to look for one of 3 books. The other 2 possibilities are “Super Electrical Millenium Axis Maxima Sonicjet Gigalogic.” and “Hyper Electroni Minimum Maximum Jetsonic Gigalogic.”

It's in the 5th floor, left side, so look there. Thanks a bunch.

This quest is basically just a memorization test.

Here’s the book we’re looking for.

It’s as simple as that.

What are you doing in this building?

Enough fooling around. Let’s go to the top floor.

I'm Chief Scholar Emille.

Her name was localized as Emel in the 4th game.

I command this war. Any and all support I can provide you in killing Dragons, I will. See Scholar Nowari for the specifics.
Sorry, the Chief Scholar is very busy. But we will cooperate. Your next action is to go west and meet with the Rushe in Nevanplace, no? The Bloom has reached critical mass in Nevan. Urgent action is needed, and they have not yet located the Imperial. The Rushe are fearless and fought bravely, and have suffered much. That they are in need of your assistance there can be no doubt. Defeating one or all of the Dragons will help.
Defeating one Dragon? Are you paying attention to what you're saying?!

I won't tolerate one scale, one claw, one drop of blood being left on this world. Your descendants won't even remember what we call them.
I-I see...
Ooh, you’re really speaking my kind of language!

My life, every drop of my blood, even my soul, should that be necessary. Swear to me that you'll defeat them. Even if it costs you your lives.
Um, sure...?

I hope things continue in that fashion for you. Give Nevanplace my regards.
We'll give you a ship to go west with. Faro should have prepared it by now... Where is she off to? Sorry. Can you go check for her at reception on the 1st floor?

You can also go down to the left to see the Bloom and Dragon labs. You should hear some useful information if you stop there.

Next stop, the first floor.

... ...!!! ...New people!

Faro runs off.

Oops.. Usually she's easygoing, but she gets so shy about strangers... Good luck. You'll probably need it to find her again.
...You can’t be serious.


Okay, just turning this quest in.

Keep in mind that you can only have up to 3 quests active at a time. And yes, this is a mandatory quest. I hope you weren’t in the middle of 3 quests, because you need to have room in the queue to accept this one.

I have no idea why this is even a quest. Was something going on with the event flag scripting or something, that they were forced to pull this off? Or like a lot of other decisions in this game, was this simply not well thought out? Who knows? The fact of the matter is, it’s a quest and you better have room for it.

Put it to good use! Please, try to round up Faro for us.
Might as well get this over with.

Stop. Don’t. Come back.

When you reach the 3rd floor, Faro will run off to the stairs opposite you came from.

If you try to chase after her, she’ll just run off again.

I got you now!

Faro crashes into our party.

Aw, I was so close, too!
How long is this going to go on for?
It’s already been too long.

If you try to chase Faro up here again, she won’t be up here next time. But Nowari has something to say.

Chasing after that girl. You wouldn’t happen to have seen her around, would you?
Oh, Faro ran off?! What are you doing, Faro, really... She slipped away, and we haven't been able to find her.

Okay, the actual solution to catching Faro?

First, chase her back down to the 3rd floor.

When you arrive on the 3rd floor, it’s very important that you walk up 1 tile before walking towards the center.

This will cause Faro to descend the tower. If you don’t walk up 1 tile, she’ll just run back upstairs again.

Faro runs off to the 1st floor.

Now this is just silly.

Great. She could be anywhere on this island at this point.
But I don't think she would go outside of Pleroma...

If she’s not outside of Pleroma, then she’s either in this warehouse, or the inn. And this place would make for the perfect hiding spot!

Caught you!
Nowhere to run, now!
Yes, scare her even more. I’m sure that will be productive.
Oh for the love of- look, do you mind telling us why you ran off?
I, I don't know you... I'm... not... good at talking, like Lady Emille.
Well, we’re sorry to bother you, but we need a boat.
...Eh...? ...You need a boat?
Yeah, we’re the Odyssey guild, and Nowari said you had one for us?
Odyssey...? ............I recognize you. S-s-sorry about that. My mission is to take you. We're ready to go now. Come to the coast when you're ready.

According to the fan translator, this was another translation mistake, as no such functionality exists in the game.

Pokeytax posted:

This is a (bad) translation blunder, the original line is "You'll board the ship automatically when you face the sea on the world map and press the Directional Pad."

Bear in mind that you cannot disembark onto bumpy ground.

Based on the maintenance and condition, the chance of a problem is 0.138%. But there's only an 87.6593% chance of your reaching the Western Continent.
Suddenly, I’m not feeling so sure about this.
Did you really have to tell him the odds?
Oh, the odds aren’t that bad! They’re really good! ...I think. Are they good?
... That was... I... I'm sorry... you'll be fine!

...I promise I won't run away this time.

Faro leaves.

After an incredibly pointless chase sequence, we finally have a boat, and with it, the ability to sail on the seas. No, I have no idea what the point of that was, other than to waste your time. 7th Dragon, everybody!