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Update 13.5 NPC Dialogue

I'm hoping to take what I learn back home to Nevanplace.

At times like this, you have to do some stretching. Are you taking breaks as needed too? You can't just press on!

Small blurbs are written about semi-famous people.

An incredibly simplified history of the world.

W-w-what do I do? I can't redo all that work over again!

Case studies on the effects of the Bloom.

Some are lent out.

"Good morning!" = "Noramimi nikonikochi!" ...A Rushe textbook.

"Good morning!" = "Re'nichi rere!" ...A Marero textbook.

A manga for girls. A girl in Gororan hunts for her long-lost true love.

Pleroma's first Chief Scholar, Naa Kratinzo.

People need to put books back where they found them!

A picture book about a lonely black llama. It's a real tearjerker.

Some very passionate poems are written. Someone's personal book.

A complete listing of Pleroma scholars.

And there are a lot of them in Pleroma. Phew. I never find anything interesting, either.

All else being constant, mana density can be determined optically. Divide the inverse of the observation by 522.2 to get the density in Jg. In everyday applications, pole density is constant.
--Momune Oruro