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Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 19th Century England

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1573/10184
HP: 2232/15221

1. Nurse of Steel A: Heals on ally for 2000/4000hp (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Human Comprehension A: Buffs own attack and defense against humanoid enemies by 30/50% and 15/25% (respectively) for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Angel's Cry EX: Buffs an ally's buster card potency by 30/50% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Mad Enhancement EX: Buffs own buster cards by 12%

Noble Phantasm
Nightingale Pledge (Arts): Cleanse party debuffs, heal party for 3000/5000hp, interlude adds a reduction to enemy attack by 50% for 1 turn, and decreases all enemies' NP damage 1 turn (Overcharge: Increases the potency of the NP damage debuff by 50/100%)

+Strong healing from both skill and NP
+Her damage can be a little deceptive. Her atk stat is somewhat low for a 5* servant, but with her berserker damage bonus, mad enhancement, and second skill damage buff she can hurt enemies a bit herself. She ain't gonna solo an army, but she can get some good shots in if you happen to draw her buster cards and scenarios arise that may force you to attack with her.
+Health pool is the highest of any Berserker and is pretty high in its own right. This lets her take a little bit more punishment than most Zerkers and see a decent investment in return for it as she gets a good amount of NP charge from getting hit. Double up with her second skill and she can take more punishment than it seems at first glance.
+Targeted buster buff skill makes her very good support for some buster servants as she can steroid them up with this and have them do all of the damage. She's not Merlin, but it's a damn significant buff in its own right.
+NP is ridiculously strong in a lot of ways after the buff. On top of the full party heal and cleanse, she can mitigate a ton of damage from oncoming enemy NPs. Take into account that video has Waver and Tamamo in it, so shenanigans abound, but this should give you kind of an idea of how potent it is.
+Do not let her not take care of you, she is a Berserker after all.

-Berserker based support unit can create a very big wild card dynamic in a team and cause inconsistency with certain fights and general performance. Despite her big health pool, she still takes double damage from almost everything and her best method of damage mitigation is her NP.
-Needs NP consistently to be at her most effective, NP gain while not terrible and better than most Zerkers is still not the best and is basically gonna require her to be on arts teams to get it without running the risk of death.
-While having the potential for decent damage, she is not a damage monster. Anything to do with stars is basically inaccessible to her. The most damage she will be getting off is from popping skill two and using two buster cards, but she cannot get a full chain with busters so this once again limits her damage. She is a support through and through.
-As much as I hate to fucking say it because it's just unfair to compare them, she is not Merlin. She cannot hard carry teams and do everything in the world. If you're gonna slot her onto a team you need to put a lot of consideration into this team to fit her in depending on the level of content you're tackling.
-I fucking hate her art. It is really kind of lame and boring to look at and the Jormungand dude can do a lot better especially when you see some of his twitter art of her where she looks better there. There is an ongoing joke where everytime someone else draws Nightingale she looks better than her actual card art and it still kinda holds true.

Overall Opinion: I actually think Nightingale is very underrated. A lot of players seem to look down on her due to her nature as Zerker support and JP Players had a similar feeling until recent where she's being used in a decent amount of high level play and seeing success. She is a very team dependent character, but while her weaknesses are vast there are just as many strengths that can contribute to the sustainability and victory of a team. Her healing creates strong sustain, the NP having a full party cleanse is incredibly valuable, and the buster buff she provides gives her extra damage potential to add to a character on a team that can use it. I like the character a lot, but my belief in her strength lies in her actual toolkit rather than preferential bias. As it stands, I hope people start seeing more of what I do, but I can see why some would not look at her so favorably.
Score: 7/10

Cu Chulainn (Alter)
5*/Unlocks in Story Gacha after beating America
Debuts in Fate/Stay Night
Originates from Celtic Mythology and the horny desires of a Celtic Queen

Cards: Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1979/12805
HP: 1790/12210

1. Madness of the Spirits A: Decrease all enemies' attack by 10/20% and crit chance by 30/50% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
2. Protection from Arrows C: 2-Hit evasion and buffs defense by 7/14% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Battle Continuation A: Guts for 5 turns that resurrects for 1000/2500hp (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Mad Enhancement C: Buffs own buster cards by 6%
2. Divinity C Increases own damage by 150

Noble Phantasm
Currid Coinchenn (Buster): Extremely powerful attack to one enemy with an attack and defense buff that pops before the attack goes through for 1 turn (Overcharge: Attack and defense buff increase by 30/70%)

+Second highest attack stat in the game, he got to enjoy that #1 spot for about two weeks before one spicy girl showed up and usurped him.
+Remember Cu's absurd sustain? He has that but just 1-hit less on the dodge.
+Does a shitton of damage off of anything, the dude barely needs crits when he has damage multiplier on everything except two servants in the whole game. Especially when he pops NP and gets a buster chain, then that thing just dies deader than dead. God forbid you have some buster support for him on top of that.
+Normally gorilla cardset is kinda not amazing since it creates a lack of versatility and can horribly limit a servant, but if anything the three buster cards create maximum consistency. He is never hurting for a card that fucks the enemy up because if he does pull an art or quick, chances are there's a buster card there too and this allows for a higher chance of NP chain into full Buster chain turning him into a monster truck of a servant.
+Is a story servant meaning the chances of seeing him on rate up are very consistent making him one of the easier 5* to obtain or at least more likely ones. He's even in some of the guaranteed gachas so you are more likely to luck into him than any limiteds you roll for.
+Absurdly powerful anchor character if nothing else
+The best Berserker in the game, bar none

-As I said star related things don't matter to him, but I guess they balance him out to prevent him from being utterly gamebreaking.
-NP gain is mediocre with hard focus on buster cards and being a berserker, but the dude has high sustain so as long as he's soaking hits here and there, he'll still get the thing and kill shit before he dies
-Is a berserker so he is still susceptible to a quick death if unlucky or defenses are on cooldown and he is exposed.
-1st skill is mediocre for the most part as a 20% attack debuff ain't that significant, but I guess it could lower the chance of RNG stuffing him out with random crits so it's at least situational.
-The Sanson artist is honestly kinda shitty and even though Cu Alter looks a bit better than him, his final ascension art is uhhh... not great.

Overall Opinion: Alright, so imagine Cu, Hercules, and Godzilla all got fused together and wore a hoodie, that is Cuzilla. He attacks, he kills, he stabs, and he survives. he is an incredibly powerful servant that would be meta defining if his first skill was something else like star absorption or a self-buster buff, but the dude is already stupidly strong as is. I think someone could make the argument Herc with Bond CE is the best Berserker in the game, but I would say even with that Cuzilla still eclipses him in sheer power enough to push him ahead. Really though, that comparison is like choosing between your favorite monster truck. Do I like Gravedigger or Bigfoot? Speaking of which, he can also solo the final boss of Part 1.
Score: 10/10

Queen Medb
5*/Unlocks in Story Gacha after beating America
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Irish mythology

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1591/10296
HP: 2048/13968

1. Golden Rule (Body) A: Grants self debuff immunity, HP regen for 500/1000hp per turn, and charges own NP gauge by 10% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
2. Charisma B/Discipline of the Queen A: Buffs party's attack by 9/18%. Becomes replaced by Discipline of the Queen after interlude where it now buffs party attack by 10/20%, further buffs male allies by 10/20%, and recovers her own hp by 1100/2000hp. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Alluring Nightingale C: 50/80% chance to charm a male enemy for 1 turn (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Magic Resistance B: Buffs own resistance to debuffs by 17.5%
2. Riding A: Buffs own quick card potency by 10%

Noble Phantasm
Chariot My Love (Buster): Powerful attack to one enemy, deals extra damage to males and debuffs their mental resistance for 3 turns. (Overcharge: Increases the multiplier on extra damage to males by 150/200% and debuff resistance by 10/50%) (Finishing strengthening quest increases damage multiplier changing from 600% at NP1 to 800% at NP1 and she gets her debuff resistance increase by 10% at base as well meaning it's now 20/60%)

+Can do for male servants what Liz can do for females with the 40% attack buff, some of the best servants in the game (Cuzilla, Ozy, Gil) will absolutely benefit from a 40% attack buff
+First skill is a grab bag that helps Medb's np gain and longevity
+Buster-Based Rider with single target NP and good star absorption means she can do Merlin shenanigans even if she isn't exactly the best candidate for it, it can make her a pretty good servant to take down male casters should the situation arise
+Good health stat
+Has some of the best outfits in the game and one of the best April Fools arts
+Is an audience surrogate due to being desperately thirsty for Cu

-Atk stat is somewhat low for a 5* servant with buster focus
-Is gonna function weirdly on some teams because she doesn't really fill a dedicated role. She has a really good attack buff skill, but that's all she's gonna have for support for male servants and the rest of her toolkit leans heavily on DPS and self-sustain.
-Charm at max level has an 80% chance to actually do something
-Stargen with one quick card is very not good meaning something would need to generate stars for her and idk if this is the servant you wanna build a team around unless you like her that much.
-Is trying to steal Cu from you and me

Overall Opinion: Medb has a really fun character, but holy hell is she confused. None of her skills really line to any specific goal, her charm sucks, and her NP does do a lot of damage and can chain into buster chain with crits, buuuuut a lot of other servants can kind of do that same thing more effectively. Still though, that kinda thing can go a long way sometimes. Also, she's Nasu's favorite.
Score: 6/10

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 19th Century Russia

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1438/8629
HP: 1901/11882

1. Magical Tuning C: Charge party's NP gauge by 10/20% (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns)
2. Mahatma A: Gain 5 crit stars per turn for 5 turns and 60/80% chance to buff own NP damage by 50% 1 turn (Cooldown: 10/8 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Pursuit of the Unknown B: All cards buffed on party by 15/20% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. [Territory Creation A: Buffs damage of own arts cards by 10%
2. Item Construction B Buffs own debuff success rate by 8%

Noble Phantasm
Sanat Kumara (Arts): Deals damage to all enemies that ignores defense, decreases defense of all enemies, their crit chance, and debuff resistance for 3 turns. (Overcharge: Increases potency of all extra effects by 10/50%) (Interlude buffs damage multiplier on Helena's NP by 150% making it 600/900% instead of 450/750%)

+Strong support skills with full party NP charge and all cards buff
+NP damage after buff is actually pretty good. Due to her self buffs on second and third skills she's able to do a pretty good chunk on her own and with any further assistance it can get pretty significant.
+As a consequence of the above, she is basically the ideal caster to kill assassins with until Xuanzang or Alter Egos drop.
+NP gain is very good with first skill and hard arts focus. This allows her more potential for overcharge shenanigans and chains with other NPs to possibly drop a fat ass defense debuff on the enemy.
+Summons a freakin UFO for her NP, uses books that fire laser beams, hates Lewis Carroll and has a floating buddy
+Is BFFs with a Lion Man and Lightning Scientist

-General damage is low due to being arts focused caster
-No defensive capabilities, she is pretty strictly offensive based support
-Skills all have somewhat long cooldowns
-Second skill is RNG-based for the NP damage buff and even at max level it isn't guaranteed
-Doesn't support anything relating to crit stars, the most she can do is generate a few per turn
-Will die hard to rider servants, like no joke a lot of those dudes can be pretty beefy and she will go down hard if on a team fighting one

Overall Opinion: I have a pretty big bias in favor of Helena because she carried my ass through a lot of harder FGO stuff thanks to her stuff contributing a lot to burst damage. I won't act like she's perfect though, she's no Waver and certainly no Merlin, but she's overall a pretty good budget support servant. She has some damage from her NP, two of her skills are really good, and isn't a bad servant to toss a CE like Demonic Boddhisatva on because then her first NP will drop a pretty good defense debuff on the enemy. Also she's just... incredibly goofy. She is involved in so many of Tesla and Edison's goofball spats or schemes and always needs to play straight men to them and it's just great.
Score: 8/10

Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from the Ramayana

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/BUster

ATK: 1642/9854
HP: 1901/11882

1. Warrior's Blessing A: Buffs own crit star absorption by 300%/500% and crit damage by 50/100% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 6/4 Turns)
2. Charisma B: Buffs party attack by 9/18% (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Curse of Separation A: Grants self guts for 3 turns with 1000hp upon revival and heals self for 1000/3000hp (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Magic Resistance A: Buffs own resistance to debuffs by 20%
2. Riding A+: Buffs own quick card potency by 11%
3. Divinity A: Increases own damage by 200

Noble Phantasm
Brahmastra (Buster): Powerful attack to one enemy and deals extra damage against demonic enemies (Overcharge: Increases potency of demonic extra damage by 150/200%)

+First skill and buster cards means a certain wizard synergizes incredibly well with him
+NP gen with two arts cards is okay
+Self-res with a heal
+Good attack stat for 4*
+Ibaraki Bully
+Is just an overall incredibly solid Saber-servant, there's a good amount of 4* sabers and he is up there as one of the best only eclipsed by two others
+Cannot fail his wife

-Stargen is mediocre, needs help making stars
-Outside of first skill his star absorb is also kinda weak
-Demonic trait is actually very rare in servants. Only three of the playable ones have it and two event bosses have it too. There are a ton more demonic generic enemies than servants. That being said it makes him pretty solid in raids as both raid event bosses are demonic.

Overall Opinion: Rama's cool, but there isn't a lot to say about to say about the dude, tbh. He hits shit really good when he has crits up and he can buster chain with the best of them. If he had better stargen or could manipulate his own stargen in some way he'd be as good as Saberlot, but as it stands he's still pretty strong. Also his wife has his bow so don't ask why he's using a sword, I swear to god.
Score: 9/10

Thomas Alva Edison
4*/Unlocks in Story Gacha after beating America
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 19th Century America

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1325/7952
HP: 1901/11882

1. Shapeshift C: Self buff to defense by 16/24% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Mass Production A: Gains 5/10 crit stars each turn and charges own NP gauge by 5/10% each turn for 5 turns (Cooldown: 12/10 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Concept Improvement A+: Boost ally NP overcharge by 2 stages and increases ally crit gen rate by 10/30% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension and Interlude)

Passive Skills
1. Territory Creation EX: Buffs own arts cards potency 4%
2. Item Construction EX: Buffs own debuff success by 4%

Noble Phantasm
WFD (Arts): Deals damage to enemy party, 1-turn skill and np lock, decrease all enemies crit chances for 3 turns and strengthening quest adds an attack debuff for 3 turns (Overcharge: Increases potency on crit chance and attack debuff by 10/50%) (Interlude also buffs damage on the NP for a general 150% increase on the modifier)

+Good NP gain with hard arts focus and second skill giving a decent amount of NP per turn
+NP can be solid for stall or locking down annoying enemies who like to spam skills
+Can influence stargen rate of himself or teammates
+Is a solid choice for killing waves of Assassins
+NP overcharge on third skill offers him a niche no other servants else really fills and can create some interesting combinations
+Obne of the best NP animations in the game

-Damage is pretty bad, he has the second worst attack stat of any gold caster and hard arts focus
-Stargen is bad on one quick card, second skill can help alleviate it a bit, but 5 stars per turn isn't significant
-By the same token his niche with the NP overcharge skill is unique, it is also very gimmicky and makes it so his third skill can be kind of a dud in most scenarios. It doesn't help a CE exists that can fulfill this skill's role as well if you need overcharge for said setup
-Skill cooldown on second skill is absurdly long

Overall Opinion: Edison's a pretty mediocre support caster, which is ultimately his role. While his first skill is selfish, the other two provide crit star possibilities and messing with NP overcharge. However, NP overcharge is such a specific thing to pull into that it could end up not mattering a lot for certain characters. For instance, 300% Overcharge on Cu Alter means he's getting a 50% attack and defense buff which means a hell of a lot. Meanwhile, that same 300% Overcharge on Kintoki means he's only getting a 75% chance at a stun which still leaves a decent amount of room for failure on that attack. Not that it makes Edison bad, but it creates a very specific slot that he is able to fill only on some teams and it's unfortunate, because it's like his only big thing aside from his NP that really makes him unique as a servant. I wouldn't call Edison bad because overall he's mostly just kinda average, but the specification of what he does kind of specializes him enough to at least make him a special character. He's also a big goofy lion man and I love him.
Score: 6/10

Li Shuwen
4*/Unlocks in Story Gacha after beating America
Debuts in Fate/Extra
Originates from 19th Century China

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1608/9653
HP: 1817/11360

1. Chinese Martial Arts A+++: 1-turn evasion ignore and buffs crit damage by 50/100% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
2. Sphere Boundary B: Grants self-evasion for 1-turn and buffs star absord by 300/500% for 1-turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Juezhao B: 1-turn invincibility ignore and buffs own arts cards potency by 30/50% for 1-turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Magic Resistance D: Buffs own resistance to debuffs by 12.5%

Noble Phantasm
Shen Qiang Wu Er Da (Arts): Deals damage to one enemy that ignores defense, decreases enemy defense by 20% for 3 turns, and a chance to instantly kill the enemy (Overcharge: Influences chance to proc instant kill by 40/80%)

+Attack stat is the second highest of the 4* lancers only about 15 points behind Lalter
+Two-different skills to stuff out damage negating skills
+Can self-buff art cards
+Can increase own crit damage and star absorb allowing him some potential critical damage shenanigans
+NP is a single-target NP that can ignore damage buffs and be buffed by Li's own third skill making it pretty damaging
+Decent NP gain, even without hard arts focus he can do a decent bit on his own and gain it at an alright pace

-Star absorb is bad, without the buff he isn't sucking up any stars
-A burst character to the end. I don't bring this up with a lot of other characters, but all of Li's skills only last for a single turn. This effectively limits his damage potential to a single moment in a fight whereas some other burst characters can still operate effectively outside of that
-Damage is somewhat limited with only the single buster card. Even with his good attack stat nothing he has outside of his burst really enhances his damage and makes him sorta wonky turn to turn
-Lowest health stat of any gold lancer. While it's not a terrible amount of health it makes him a bit more glass cannon like than others

Overall Opinion: Li Shuwen is a pretty cool dude, but it's more as an assassin in the game he originates from than as a lancer. By no means is Li bad, his burst damage is good, he can protect himself from NPs, and even bulldoze through evasion and shield. That being said, only being a burst character for a turn is gonna limit his general utility in a fight. I bring it up with Li over other servants because it is an incredibly small amount of time and you need to basically wait out turns until you get three cards with him to make the most of his damage when some other servants can do more even in turns without chains or have access to buster chains to make themselves scarier. As it stands though he's pretty serviceable and an ST NP against some of the ridiculous archer class servants in this game is pretty valuable.
Score: 7/10

3*/Reward for beating America
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 19th Century America

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1273/6875
HP: 1642/9123

1. Bloody Devil B: Buffs own buster cards potency by 30/50% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Shamanism B: Buffs own arts cards potency by 30/50% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Guardian Beast B: Buffs own quick cards potency by 30/50% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Territory Creation B: Buffs own arts cards by 8%
2. Item Construction C: Buffs own debuff success by 6%

Noble Phantasm
Tsago Degi Naleya (Arts): Deals damage to all enemies, reduces enemy crit chance by 20% for 3 turns, recovers party hp, and increases party debuff resistance for 3 turn (Overcharge: Party heal recovers 1000/2000hp and debuff resistance buff is increased by 20/60%) (An interlude happens that buffs his NP multiplier by 150%)

+Can buff his own cards
+NP gain is pretty decent off of his own arts cards
+Arts cards in general are his big strong point due to being arts focused
+Decent at killing assassins
+NP is very versatile offering a decent host of benefits to itself out of the damage
+Is not Caster Gilles

-All of his buffs are exclusive to himself and he is not a particularly strong servant.
-Too specialized for his own good, none of his skills even have extra buffs like healing or star absorb, he's just a beatstick 3* caster which is like... what?
-One quick card basically makes his last skill a one turn buff for... a turn of slightly better quick card that still sucks
-Attack stat is the second highest of the 3* casters, but is still not amazing. He's at most gonna see a decent turnout buffing his own arts cards, exploding NP onto assassins, and then doing a followup chain. You might still be better off with Medea or a 4* caster with AOE NP.
-Side benefits of NP need overcharge to see the maximum benefits of, which he will struggle to obtain unless it's on an NP chain. A 1000hp heal for the party is nice, I guess, but it's not that significant. You will need 500% to get 2000hp which still isn't that amazing.
-This isn't a particularly big con, more so something that's kind of annoying. His second passive increases his own success rate for debuffs... but he doesn't actually have any debuffs with a success rate? His only debuff is the crit chance reduction and that's guaranteed to happen.

Overall Opinion: Geronimo's something of a joke to the fanbase. While he's not as bad as Caster Gilles, that's not putting the dude on a high pedestal. His damage kinda sucks, his skills are incredibly unremarkable on him, and his NP needs a lot of charge to be useful beyond the AOE attack. It's kind of a shame because he ultimately ends up being the most unremarkable servant of the bunch due to this.
Score: 4/10

Billy the Kid
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 19th Century America

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1279/6890
HP: 1711/9506

1. Marksmanship A++: Buffs own crit damage by 60/120% for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Quick Draw A+: Charges own NP gauge by 30/50% (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
3. Eye of the Mind (False C): 1-turn evasion and buffs own crit damage by 16/32% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Passive Skills
1. Independent Action A: Buffs own crit damage by 10%
2. Riding C+: Buffs own quick cards by 7%

Noble Phantasm
Thunderer (Quick): Deals damage to one enemy that ignores evasion and reduce their crit chance for 3 turns (Overcharge: Increases potency of critical chance debuff by 10/50%) (Strengthening quest adds a 400% damage modifier to Billy's NP and raises the modifier of the crit chance debuff by 10%)

+Despite being a 3* servant he has absurdly high damage potential
+Crit monster with his skills buffing his crit damage modifier to an absurd amount
+Has Riding which buffs his quick cards inherently
+NP gets a strengthening quest that gives him the highest quick NP modifier at 2400% at NP5, which is very realistic to obtain and it ignores evasion
+NP gain is actually pretty good with two arts cards, second skill and crits
+Has an evasion which enhances his survivability
+Final sprite is awesome. It's such a simple look for him, but it works so well and looks nice.

-Star generation on his own is okay, but he could use some help. Either through a CE or a servant assisting him.
-Glass cannon, he will die fast to anything strong against him or even against some stuff that just has neutral damage like higher end bosses.
-Outside of crits, Billy is pretty limited. He needs them to keep being consistent.
-Only one of his crit damage skills is gonna last beyond a turn and it's not the big one. Billy will be a monster for one turn and then return to just being pretty strong for two more turns until his first skill pops off of cooldown.
-Will need to sacrifice evasion for more crit damage which can be a problem when Break becomes a mechanic and things don't die as quickly.
-I honestly don't like his voice too much, would've hoped for something like Hans where he had this super deep voice despite his incredibly young looks, but his outfit sure is super nice.

Overall Opinion: Billy is a servant I sat on for quite a while, mostly because I need feathers and don't have them. However, you will definitely want to take the jump on him, because he is super worth it. His damage on crits is very good, his NP is super strong, and he's pretty decent at generating his own NP. There are just a lot of incredibly strong archers in this game, but Billy stands out a lot being one of the few quick-based archers that can compete pretty well with the others. I would put him below Robin at the end of the day still because his faults are much more apparent, but he's still very valuable. Watch him effectively solo a 600k hp Altera with only George's to soak hits for him and Drunk Jalter CE.
Score: 9/10