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Update 14: Love Hunting

Before we go sailing, there are a few things left to do in Pleroma, so let’s take care of those first.

Can anyone assist me in unlocking its secrets? I need skilled help. Wait? You're... Odyssey? Capital! Will you assist my research? I'm conducting deep study of the deep sea, but I need a helping hand. If you're interested, see my request and come back.

Now that we have a boat, this scholar has a quest for us. And it’s also another one we can do right away!

Nevan can be found at the northern tip of the Western Continent.

But, Odyssey, I didn't understand... There's no other way.
How about next time, you don’t run off if someone needs you for something important?
Oh Dia, lighten up! You can’t really blame her for being shy. Besides, it was kind of fun playing hide and seek with her. Besides, it was a good workout.

Emille has nothing new to say. Anyways, there are two quests that I took in the last update, so let’s get around to doing them now.

What a nice thought! Please do help me out!3 Big Flowers! That's what I need. Everyone here just researches away... I think some flowers might calm everyone down a bit!

We have the flowers, so let’s hand them over.

Finally, I can decorate.

All right! My next study will test the impact of flowers on emotion.

Ah, so you’re the one that asked about those?
What I want are Scorpion Stings. They're absolutely indispensible to my current research. 5 Scorpion Stings will let me continue.

And through the magic of cheating, I already have them on hand.

Will these do?

Yes, these are just right. My research can go on!

What are you researching, anyways?
Yes? You want to know what I'm researching? It's an effective means of injecting poison into the body.
H-hey, w-wait a minute!
Oh? Well, that’s interesting.
I don’t think we needed to know that!
Sheesh, fine! I won't talk about it if you think it's disturbing.

Hmph, I should have figured.

Our rewards.

The effect may look terrible and quite frankly, you’d be right there. Unfortunately, this is as good as it gets when it comes to status protection. So if you want protection against those specific ailments, this is your only option.

Our other reward is considerably better, at least. A nice bit of defensive equipment that comes with an INT bonus. I put it on Nila.

Now let’s take that scholar up on his offer.

And this is another quest that we can do now.

As I described, I study the oceans. There are new lifeforms, shipwrecks, and old relics down there. So I'd like you to take this and do some exploration.

With this, you can raise things from the seabed for study. I have something for you to find at once. Pleroma's meridian and Simon's parallel, where they cross... My survey says there's something down there. I'd like you to pull it up from that point, post haste. I'll see you afterward.

Essentially he’s just telling us to go to the tile that’s directly north of Pleroma and west from Simon Village. A fairly simple quest.

Hee hee, shall we cast off?
I sure hope this ship holds up...
Oh, Faro said it would be fine! So there’s nothing to worry about! I think.

Yohoho, and off we go!

Now we can travel on the ocean and any body of water on the world map.

Oh great, that stupid Bloom is everywhere on the ocean, too. How does it even grow on there, anyway?
Those dragons’ gardening techniques are out of this world, that’s for sure!
Ooh! I think now’s the time to break out the torches and set all this ablaze! I mean, no one lives on the ocean, so you don’t have to worry about “innocent people” being caught up in this. Right, Edward?
...Riiiiight. I just have one question.
Ask away!
How in the world are you going to set the entire ocean on fire!?
I... um... one thing is for certain, dear Edward... that...
“I didn’t think this grand plan of mine though?”
...Yes. Exactly.
Oh boy. Back to the old fashioned way, I guess.

Hmph. What’s there to worry about? We can just crush the Bloom with this ship. We wouldn’t be stepping on them ourselves, so it’s not it’s as if-

...On second thought, if the Bloom can do that, then maybe trying to burn it all down is a bad idea.

By the way, even though we’re on a boat and not actually touching the Bloom ourselves, running over the Bloom still hurts us.

Come on! I think I see something over there!
For the last time, I said no! Do you see how rough that part of the ocean looks right now!?
Sorry Stella, dear. I’m going to have to agree with Edward on this one. I don’t think we’ll make it through all those raging waves.
You’re all a bunch of worrywarts! It’ll be fi-
My my, Stella. I didn’t know you detested us so much as to lead us into a watery grave. And here I thought you valued our companionship.
Wha-!? No! That’s not what I’m trying to- oh, forget it! Sure, keep away from that part of the ocean. Hmph.
You’re all welcome, by the way.

Oh and just because we can sail on the water, doesn’t mean that we can sail on the entire ocean, There are certain sections that we can’t enter yet.

Oh, and we can still get into encounters on the ocean as well.

Level: 28
LIFE: 80
ATK: 82
DEF: 50
INT: 26
SPD: 34
Attack Type: Blunt
Attributes: N/A
Exp: 139
Gold: 28
Item Drops:
-Normal: Big Pincer - 30% Drop Rate. 3 needed to unlock the Heavy Armor. (Armor. +22 DEF, -3% Physical Defense.)
--Claw of a Crab.
-Rare: Crab Meat - Don’t kill with elemental damage. 15% Drop Rate.
--Crab meat. For carnivores. Increases defense for the day.
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 50% Blunt: 50% Thrust: 50%
Fire: 200% Ice: 200% Lightning: 200%


Guard: Halves all damage taken for the current turn. Has a speed modifier of 100%. Has defensive priority.
Call for Help: Summons 1 Crab. Has a speed modifier of 100%.

The only notable thing about this enemy is that it is 1 of 3 enemies in the entire games with the ability to summon other enemies. You’ve already met one other, the Mantis Dragon. Yes, that really is all the enemies that have the ability to summon. Rather odd considering how many enemies had the ability to do that in Etrian Odyssey 1.

As for the enemy itself, if you have a Mage, they’re nothing. Otherwise they’re just kind of annoying to kill. They won’t summon Crabs unless they’re alone so, kill them first if you want to stop that from happening.

You’re not even worth searing!

If you don’t have a Mage or any other form of elemental damage, they can be slightly annoying. Otherwise, they really aren’t a threat.

There’s a new location we can head to that’s just south of Pleroma. Let’s check it out.

Starry Site. Pleroma's using it for research ♪

Yes, the first actually cuts off like that for some reason, even though the text looks normal in the actual game files.

Jeez, shout next time! This isn't what I wear usually, embarrassing...

Let’s check out the inside of this building.

This is the Starry Site, home to our telescope. Everyone in this tower is a maniacal researcher, in one field or another.

It's not known what the site's purpose was. But it must have been beautiful when it was new. ...That's what it says.

...How fascinating.

Let’s see what’s upstairs.

How will I get along with these weirdos? Hmmmm...

How to use and care for your telescope...

Might as well.

If we say no, the researcher will just ask us if we want to look at a different town. If we say yes...

Basically what this researcher does is tell us is how close we are to clearing out enough of the Bloom to lower the shop prices to 100% in that town. Even though we could already check for ourselves by just looking at the store prices, so this is a useless feature.

No thanks, I already have a pair.
Same here.

Would its center be that red star there? Let's see...

Let’s check out the left room.

The ancient mystics had their own magic, but it was lost to the sea. Perhaps it still lies in the inland sea of Eden?

Ooh! I wonder if I could find this magic for myself!
Maybe we can use the salvager to help find it!
Just how much overkill do you want to apply to our enemies?

You guys are familiar with EX Skills, right? They're very powerful and only available in EX mode. But you need some kind of teacher... they're not in the usual books.

Just telling us how to unlock EX skills, though we’ve already gotten some by looking through books!

If you don't understand something, find this.

...How helpful.

Last stop in this area, the right room.

You can get maps from other people, chests, shops, et cetera... If you see one for sale, might want to buy it!

Aizhen alchemy was the basis for the three great warriors... The three Dragons. But it was perfected in the Southern islands, and became what we know. My heart still trembles with the ecstatic joy... Forgive me, kings of the world, for this gift.

You need the Aizo language skill to read this book, for the record.

In order to treat the illness, we put ashore, southeast of Doma. We four made camp in a small forest, and met it the second night. It was a golden octopus with nine tentacles...

Interesting info we got here. For the record, these are hints on how to get EX skills.

Speaking of hints, here’s one of the biggest draws of this place. This woman here serves as our quest hint system in case you’re stuck. She’ll give you a hint on how to progress any of your current quests. Unfortunately she doesn’t tell you if your quest is impossible or anything. I’m not transcribing what she says. She just tells you what monsters have the item you’re looking for, or where to go in vague ways.

Anyways, that’s all for this place. So let’s let’s go somewhere else.

But not before running into a new enemy first.

Level: 28
LIFE: 85
ATK: 78
DEF: 50
INT: 45
SPD: 36
Attack Type: Slash
Attributes: N/A
Exp: 170
Gold: 28
Item Drops:
-Normal: Elastic Tentacles - 30% Drop Rate. 5 needed to unlock the Rubber Cane. (Whip. +42 ATT, +6 POW.)
--Tentacles of a Roper.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Nematocyst: Deals 150% melee ATK-Based Thrust damage to one party member and has a 50% chance to inflict Paralysis. Has a speed modifier of 90%.

Ropers are a bit annoying, especially when they get paired up with Krakens. But there’s nothing really much to them.

What a bad... time for irony...

You all just can’t just stay out of trouble, can you?

Neither can you.
I- rrgh.

No need to worry! They’re done.

Nothing really notable about Ropers otherwise, other than that their design is slightly different in the later games.

Level: 27
LIFE: 78
ATK: 80
DEF: 40
INT: 24
SPD: 39
Attack Type: Blunt
Attributes: Small
Exp: 132
Gold: 27
Item Drops:
-Normal: Smelly Liver - 30% Drop Rate.
--Liver of a Redfish.
-Rare: Fish Meat - Don’t kill with physical damage. 10% Drop Rate.
--Fish meat. For carnivores. Increases magic affinity for the day.
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Ice Bite: Deals 130% melee ATK-Based Ice damage to one party member. Has a speed modifier of 90%


Seeing those fish brings back fond memories of that seared Skyfish Nila made for us the other day.
Indeed! A sublime meal that was! What I wouldn’t give to have that for dinner again.
Just make sure she remembers she’s cooking for us and not fighting a monster! I can still taste the soot in my mouth.
Ark, that was only one time, and as I recall, it was your choice to eat that pile of ashes before she remade that meal.
Not my fault she was too slow to make that second helping!
I don’t mean to be rude, but you snatched the ruined dish out of her hands before she could throw it away...

Trash mobs. Yawn.

Anyways, there are some things we can do in Kazan now, so let’s head over there.

So, I wrote him a reply, but... I don't know where he is. How can I deliver it?

I’m pretty sure this is a mistranslation, since the Japanese name for this quest is actually more along the lines of “Letter from my brother.”

Anyways, this isn’t a quest we can do right away, but we’ll be able to do it soon enough.

Now let’s handle the Collect Fancy Feathers quest.

I'm sorry! But... I need you to bring them soon as you can.
Oh, we have a couple on hand already. Here.

I just have to wait for my opportunity with Muru... And attack!
Careful not to scare her off, now.

I'll always remember today as my first day with Muru! ...I hope.

This dispels all status effects, which is a very helpful item to have!

Oh and a new item is being sold at the lunch store in Kazan. Could be a nice item to bring along, if you wish.

...But, I won't dwell on it. No point in crying over a lost love. So I'm looking for a new sweetheart! Who cares about what makes that man so dang irresistable to women!

When I passed her those feathers, I just said, "This is how I feel." Thanks a bunch for finding them for me! I appreciate it!

And eventually, I hope, Muru's husband!
Don’t get too ahead of yourself there. Hm?
Something up, Dia?
I thought I...

Ah, so it was the mumblings of a madman I heard. Never mind. We have more important matters to be tending to.

Uh, that would be us!
I am Hanoi, brave leader of a guild for the lovelorn. The "Lovehunters".
Pfffft. I’m sorry, what?
Although, I am also the only member. One could call me a lone lovehunter.

Hanoi glances behind him for one second.

We've finally met. Knowing your skill, I've prepared a quest. See me after you've taken it, and I'll tell you everything.

We can finish this quest now.

Should... should we take on this quest?
Why not? I could use a bit of amusement.

As I mentioned, I've traveled the world, looking for true love. And I've found it in Kazan! How vividly I felt it when first I saw her!
...You fell in love the moment you saw her? What?

Ah, me... love always comes upon one so suddenly, so unexpectedly!

Therefore, find me 10 Darling Flowers, if you please. They're for a bouquet! I'm begging you!

Ohhhh man! Help me, friends! Find me 10 Darling Flowers, if you please. I beg of you, help my love to bear fruit!

Darling Flowers are an item obtained exclusively from gathering. More specifically, they’re gathered from plant nodes. So if you don’t have have the ability to collect from those, don’t bother with this quest.

Might as well show off how gathering works, though it’s nothing special. So heading over to the Nameless Cave, do you see that tiny little sparkle to the right of Stella? That indicates that you can gather on that tile.

Time to go treasure hunting!
What kind of treasure can you even find in a cave like this?

You’re told about the node you’re harvesting from and...

No comment.

You get a random item from it. What items you can get and how often you can get a specific one depends on the node. For example, from this node, you can get...

Ore Node:
-Little Stone: 70% Gather Rate.
--Just a stone.
-Kathrocite: 30% Gather Rate.
--Can be found almost anywhere. Easy to work with, but a bit frail.

Outside of a few quests, gathering is such an afterthought in this game, and for the most part, you don’t need to bother with it. I guess it can serve as a way of making money if you’re that desperate.

In Etrian Odyssey, gathering serves as an alternative way for your guild to make money and to unlock equipment in case the monsters are too tough for your party to take on. It basically serves as a nice backup system to ensure that parties don’t get unnecessarily screwed over because they’re too weak to fight anything. But here? There’s really no need for it. Only a handful of items from gathering make equipment, and the random encounters are pretty much not a threat for the most part. Not to mention how late gathering comes into play. In EO, gathering is available since the very beginning of the game. We’ve only just got the ability to make use of the mechanic now.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m getting a bit tired finding nothing but rocks.
Oh well. Looks like luck just isn’t with us today.

You can only gather a limited amount of times per day. And in our case, it’s 5 gathers period. The only way to refill our gathering attempts is by resting at an inn.

Nodes do get marked on your map for later gathering sessions, if you wish.

Plant Node:
-Little Flower: 70% Gather Rate.
--Just a flower.
-Darling Flower: 30% Gather Rate.
--Found this near some ordinary flowers. It's awfully lovely.

Ore Node:
-Little Stone: 60% Gather Rate.
--Just a stone.
-Mana Water: 30% Gather Rate.
--Dew left to soak up mana. Recovers 15 MANA.
-Nagmetite: 10% Gather Rate. 4 needed to unlock the Megaton Hammer. (Staff. +85 ATT, -3 SPD.)
--Very common ore. Strong, but easy to work with.

Some gathering points give out consumable items. It’s really not worth trying to farm some from them since the rates tend to be low enough that it's just less effort to outright buy them.

Plant Node:
-Darling Flower: 40% Gather Rate.
--Found this near some ordinary flowers. It's awfully lovely.
-Little Flower: 30% Gather Rate.
--Just a flower.
-Paro Fruit: 30% Gather Rate.
--Fruit good for cuts and scrapes. Recovers 30 LIFE.

Anyways, I’ve got all the Darling Flowers required, so let’s go back to Hanoi.

These should do the job. Today is the day she changes her mind about me. I'll arrange a bouquet and whisper sweet love... It's super mellow time ♪

Fade to black.

Uhh, are we really going to eavesdrop on his... wooing attempt?
Shhh! I wish to see how this plays out.

How unexpected... What's your errand?
Ms. May! You are far prettier than these flowers! Seeing you at work sets my heart aflutter! I too want to be worn out... By loving you, every day! Please receive this, my heart's confession!

A pink flash occurs...?

I do like flowers. But they reminds me of a day I cannot forget. That day, when Kazan was attacked, and covered in the Bloom. The last time I ever saw the President.
Ooh, ouch!
I'm sorry, but I cannot return your lovely sentiments. I am a maid of Kazan. And I will safeguard it for that man, always...
BAHAHAHAHA! Ohhh, I knew this would be worth it! I haven’t had a good laugh like that in centuries!

Fade to black.

More like they never touched at all.

The level up jingle plays. Yes, really.

I'll try the next town. Love isn't going to be waiting around here! You did a good job. I'll ask you first next time. Adios for now!

Hanoi leaves.

...That was an experience.
I’ll say.
Uhhh, should we go after him?
Why not? I could use another laugh.

Well that was a paltry reward for the amount of items we had to get. Anyways, I took the time to get more materials and sold them to the shop to unlock more equipment. Let’s check them out.

The Rubber Cane is an upgrade for Dia, but I’m still going to keep the Silk Whip on her since I prefer the SPD bonus it gives.

The Heavy Armor provides a good amount of defense, and it reduces physical damage by 3%! Definitely a worthwhile upgrade.

And this is a nice accessory to have.

Anyways, there’s nothing left for us in Kazan, so let’s head over to Miross, where we do have things to do.

After progressing Miross’ sub event far enough, this scene will play the next time we enter this house.

That's not true! He should be able to.
(Younger Twin, Yuu) Mommy... I, I...

Okay, that's enough. We'll stop for today. But until you can walk again, Yuu, we'll keep at it. Understand?
(Younger Twin, Yuu) ...Yes...

Vee leaves the house.

I don’t think that’s the best way to deal with that problem...

Yep! We’re guild Odyssey! Is there anything we can help you with?
Can we work together? I have a quest I need help with!

We can do this right away.

Uhh, that quest name doesn’t match up with the pop up we just saw. Also the material name is wrong as well. That’s supposed to be Top-Notch Wood.

Well, I can’t say no to a quest like that!
We have to help him!

Did you read it all? It's a special mission. Mom says Yuu's just never going to be able to walk. But... I don't want Yuu to feel he's different!

Yuu glances off to the side.

But, then I thought that maybe he could do some training.

I need Top-Notch Wood to make one, though... So that's my request!

Top-Notch Wood is item obtained from plant nodes.

Don’t worry! We already have some! Here, take it.

I'll go make Yuu a cane right now!

Fade to black.

(Younger Twin, Yuu) Huh? What's this?
(Older Twin, Vee) Neat, isn't it? You should be able to walk better now!

Selfish!? Are you listening to what you’re saying-
Dia. Shush.
You can't just let him hobble around like that! He's your brother! I don't want you to grow up differently... Different kids fight! They're jealous! And they're unhappy...
(Older Twin, Vee) Mom...
(Younger Twin, Yuu) ...Mom... ...I am different. We're really alike! You can barely tell us apart sometimes. But we're still different people... We've been different since we were born.

(Older Twin, Vee) That's just how it is. We get along even though we're different. ...Mom? Because we're different from you... Do you hate us?

No. No, my darlings, I love you more than anything in this world.

I'm sorry, Yuu! I'm sorry, Vee! My precious babies.
(Older Twin, Vee) Mom...

Fade to black.

We've all come together because you were able to help my son.

I guess he's always known I treat them too similarly...

The rewards aren’t really great, but the fetch quest is relatively painless. Unless the gathering RNG gets really stingy.

As for the next thing we can do in Miross...

Is it that guy by the inn over there? Jeez... It's creepy!
Ohhh no.

Ohhhhhh no.

Can you see her? My sweetheart?

We can talk more when you accept!

We can also do this quest right away.

I’m having a strange sense of déjà vu right now...

The woman I've met... She lives in this town and adores flowers!
You mean that woman we were talking to just now?
Why, yes... it IS the person from earlier! Did you not observe how amazing she was in every respect?
It would be difficult to do that when we only spoke for a few seconds.
However, something is troubling her... Once I've resolved that, my confession of love will find fertile ground. Let's walk a bit and continue our talk.

Uhhh, she isn’t-
Quiet, Stella.
So I want you to wipe out the Bloom from around Miross!
If you really want to impress her that much, why don’t you just do it yourself?

You can't confess your love while a monster's biting you. So I'm asking you.

Try to get Miross prices to 119% or lower. That'll halt the Bloom. Please, help me out!

Try to get Miross prices to 119% or lower. That'll halt the Bloom. Please, help me out!

This is a pretty easy quest, and I’ve already done that a long time ago. Of course in order for the game to realize we’ve done that, we need to leave the screen and come back. Otherwise he just tells us to get rid of the Bloom.

If you had eyes, then you’d realize that it’s been gone for a long time.
Then... you've blown away the Bloom? Just as I'd hoped! Without delay, let me confess my love!

Fade to black.

Yes? Yes?
It breaks my heart to see that pure smile of yours slip away. I've cried enough tears to raise the sea level in the nearby harbors.
What a ham.

Smile for me, dearest. And my soul will swell with love all the more!

Hanoi spins around and then the screen flashes pink.

They're still flowers... And the way they crunch is so... pitiful...

There's no way I could love someone who stomps on flowers!

I’m glad one of us is enjoying ourselves.

Fade to black.

I can assure you that we’re doing nothing of the sort.
The complete opposite, really. Pffft.

Level up jingle plays.

I'll try the next town. Love isn't going to be waiting around here!

And that’s all we can do in Miross. Oh right, you’re probably wondering where to get Top-Notch Wood.

Valorian Wood has some plant nodes in it.

Plant Node:
-Darling Flower: 50% Gather Rate.
--Found this near some ordinary flowers. It's awfully lovely.
-Paro Fruit: 30% Gather Rate.
--Fruit good for cuts and scrapes. Recovers 30 LIFE.
-Little Flower: 20% Gather Rate.
--Just a flower.

Plant Node:
-Darling Flower: 40% Gather Rate.
--Found this near some ordinary flowers. It's awfully lovely.
-Hemp: 30% Gather Rate.
--Hemp fiber. Strong and light. Has a variety of uses.
-Little Flower: 30% Gather Rate.
--Just a flower.

Plant Node:
-Hemp: 40% Gather Rate.
--Hemp fiber. Strong and light. Has a variety of uses.
-Darling Flower: 30% Gather Rate.
--Found this near some ordinary flowers. It's awfully lovely.
-Little Flower: 30% Gather Rate.
--Just a flower.

Though if you’re hunting for Top-Notch Wood, don’t waste your time on these nodes.

Plant Node:
-Top-Notch Wood: 40% Gather Rate. 2 needed to unlock the Rubber Cane. (Whip. +42 ATT, +6 POW.)
--Very common ore. Strong, but easy to work with.
-Darling Flower: 30% Gather Rate.
--Found this near some ordinary flowers. It's awfully lovely.
-Mana Water: 30% Gather Rate.
--Dew left to soak up mana. Recovers 15 MANA.

This is the node you want for that material.

And that’s all we can do around here. But now there is something we can do in Aizhen.

......... ...I feel someone watching me. Is it my imagination?
Here we go again...

Maybe if we walk away slowly, he won’t notice us.

Damn it!

Are you ready to paint this town red with passionate love? I am! By which I mean to say, I've finally found the one.
You said that the last two times.
But I need a spot of help from you to win her heart!

Until then, I suppose I must wait... sigh.
Should we help him out again?
...Leave him be. I’ve had enough amusement for a good while.
Oh thank goodness!

Unlike the last two Hanoi quests, we can’t do this one right away. And it’s not what we’re here in Aizhen to do.

Instead, we can finally progress Aizhen’s sub-event some more now that we’ve progressed in the plot a bit.

Such disarray reflects poorly on my honor as the king. Rikken. I task you with ending this Resistance.

We should focus on aiding the people of Kazan against this threat.
Not at this time. All rebellion is a blight upon the land. If we are to look out at the world, we must first finish this job. Or would you like the world to see an incompetent king?
No...! An absurd belief! I will do as you say. I apologize...

Rikken leaves.

But glances at the king before leaving the room.

How... How the hell did someone like him become king?
Ye gods, he’s even worse than what they described.
...This kingdom is on a rapid descent to the pits of hell. In fact, I would go as far to say it would be in a better state if I still ruled. At least I was actually doing my job back then!
He wasn’t this bad when we first saw him. I mean he was pretty bad, just not this- you get the point.

Aizhen will continue onward as always, despite this hubbub.
We... we should probably check on Duke Rikken.

Ah, heroes of Kazan? Sorry, but I must be alone to think today. Please call again on a later occasion.

And we need to sleep at an inn to progress this sub-event. So...

1 day later...

I know what you must want to say to me. I have been ordered to suppress the Resistance, but I have not moved. ...I cannot blame the youth of this country for their dissatisfaction. I understand their pain, and thus, I have done nothing as of yet. There is still hope for an amicable resolution until bloodshed begins...
So he doesn’t wish to make a move against the resistance. In fact, he sympathizes with them greatly.
Hmm... Maybe we can tell Shion about this?

Odyssey, everyone, can you be a mediator between the two of us? A child like me can't change this country alone. But with Duke Rikken in agreement, it is a possibility! Thank you! Please express my feelings to the Duke! How will he respond to this from me?


I will be returning to Simon Village. That's our base. If you have a letter, bring it to me there.

We must make haste in order to deliver “Zion’s” letter to Duke Rikken!

Excuse me! Duke Ri- huh? Um...

He told me that he goes to the top of the mountain to think.

Before we go there, I’m going to take a small detour to Hiyoron Grotto first.

Ore Node:
-Little Stone: 50% Gather Rate.
--Just a stone.
-Kathrocite: 40% Gather Rate.
--Can be found almost anywhere. Easy to work with, but a bit frail.
-Nagmetite: 10% Gather Rate. 4 needed to unlock the Megaton Hammer. (Staff. +85 ATT, -3 SPD.)
--Very common ore. Strong, but easy to work with.

Namely because there are two gathering spots in here that I want to point out.

Ore Node:
-Kathrocite: 50% Gather Rate.
--Can be found almost anywhere. Easy to work with, but a bit frail.
-Mana Water: 30% Gather Rate.
--Dew left to soak up mana. Recovers 15 MANA.
-Nagmetite: 20% Gather Rate. 4 needed to unlock the Megaton Hammer. (Staff. +85 ATT, -3 SPD.)
--Very common ore. Strong, but easy to work with.

Okay, now let’s head to Mt. Todowa.

Ore Node:
-Little Stone: 50% Gather Rate.
--Just a stone.
-Mana Water: 30% Gather Rate.
--Dew left to soak up mana. Recovers 15 MANA.
-Nagmetite: 20% Gather Rate. 4 needed to unlock the Megaton Hammer. (Staff. +85 ATT, -3 SPD.)
--Very common ore. Strong, but easy to work with.

And yes, there are gathering nodes in this dungeon as well.

Shion wrote a letter to you. Here.

However you decide, please take care to do right by my nation. I don't know what can change by meeting him, but I will try it.

We will.
Trips like these build character, Hunters... heh. Thank you.

Ore Node:
-Kathrocite: 50% Gather Rate.
--Can be found almost anywhere. Easy to work with, but a bit frail.
-Mana Water: 30% Gather Rate.
--Dew left to soak up mana. Recovers 15 MANA.
-Little Stone: 20% Gather Rate.
--Just a stone.

And this is the last gathering node in this dungeon. But oddly enough, due to a bug, the node doesn’t show up on the map below, unlike all the other nodes.

Anyways, that does it for all the gathering nodes we can access. Any of the dungeons we didn’t visit in this update don’t have them. Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, let’s head to Simon Village.

With the Duke's support, we could do so much! Oh! Can I rely on you to witness the session? That way, we can both trust that the results have meaning. Oh, when will the Duke be here? And, what do I say...

Music stops.

Oh no, the others didn’t get the memo, did they?

The screen flashes white as clashing sounds are heard, and the man is knocked back.

Music fades out as the 2 men run off.

I could not have expected things to happen like this. I will pay with my life!

A slapping sound is heard.

Viscount Shion... You know that you report to the throne! Do you intend to waste that service in pointless nattering?
But! I, how is this!!
Let me accept the offer of your life. You're still young. Spend it in service to Aizhen, your country.
...! Thank you very much! My life... I will entrust it to you!
I did not mean for such a harsh talk. Let me depart before things worsen. Goodbye!

Rikken leaves.

That... could have gone better.

That man... He truly has a regal bearing! I've decided! I will see him sit on the throne of Aizhen! All right, let's do it!
Oh boy. We really are going through with this coup thing?
Seems like it.

And I will see him to the throne myself. I must start on a plan for his ascension! It may take some time...
You know Shion, if you need help with that plan, I’m right here! I know a few magic tricks. Including making people... disappear (into a pile of ashes). If you’re willing to-
Wh-why don’t we save regicide as a last resort? We’ll come back later, Shion. So take all the time you need.
“Last resort?” Stella, you’re not actually considering that option in some way, are you?

Do you honestly think that someone like that will give up their toy chair and paper crown quietly?
I... guess you’ve got a point there... But still! We should wait for Shion to come up with a plan that probably won’t get our faces on a bunch of wanted posters or turn us into fugitives!
And if he does come up with a plan that causes either or both of those to happen?
...We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.