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Shuten Douji
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from The Tale of Mount Ōe in Pictures and Words

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 11993
HP: 12825

Alcoholic Fruit A: 60% chance to inflict Charm on all enemies for for 1 turn. Decrease Defense of all enemies by 10/20% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns)
Demon Kin Magic A: Increase Attack of all allies by 10%/20% for 3 turns. Increase own NP Strength by 15%/30% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns) (Unlocks after 1st Ascension)
Battle Continuation A+: Grant self a 1200/2700 HP Guts for 5 turns. (Cooldown: 9/7 turns) (Unlocks after 3rd Ascension)

Noble Phantasm
Myriad Colors - Nectar of the Gods
(Arts): Deal heavy damage to all enemies. Decrease all enemies' Debuff Resist, Attack, Defense, NP Strength, and Critical Hit Rate by 10% for 3 turns. Inflict Skill Seal on all enemies for 1 Turn. Inflict poison on all enemies for 5 turns. (Overcharge: Increases poison damage)

+Highest attack of all Assassins in the game, even in JP. Even taking the Assassin Tax into account she's on par with several 5* Archers, Lancers, and Sabers, and even Nightingale.
+Decent Stargen
+Demonkin Magic is an incredible buff, decent for the party and amazing for herself, and makes even her fairly mediocre NP hit passably hard. Short cooldown, too.
+Her arts based setup can allow her to get two NPs in during one use of Demonkin Magic, as well as stack up the debuffs on her NP.
+Skill Seal is a decent status in some fights
+30% Defense Down between Alcoholic Fruit and her NP is nothing to scoff at
+Is voiced by Aoi Yuuki trying to sound like a sexy drunk

-A lot of the debuffs on her NP just aren't very worthwhile. She'd be better if she dropped Critical Hit Rate and Debuff Resist to make the others stronger
-Only a 60% chance to Charm isn't very good
-Poison is bad
-A generic Guts with no other boosts is just too basic to be that worthwhile on a five star, especially one who isn't really a tank
-NP Gain isn't as high as you'd want from an Arts servant
-NP Damage, even with Demonkin Magic, isn't very high.
-Hits decently hard due to high Attack, but has no crit based skills to boost that damage, and only one Buster card means her damage still isn't stellar.

Overall Opinion: Shuten, much like her NP, is a bunch of decent things kind of slapped together. Demonkin Magic is the real standout of her kit, but even with it her NP isn't going to be setting any damage records, and while a 20% Attack boost for the party is good, she isn't approaching Medb or Elizabeth setups. Or even Waver's attack boost. Due to the attack debuff on her NP and her arts-based setup, she can have some use on Arts-based stall teams, inflicting decent damage while she helps stall and fishes for a Charm, and she's a decent general use Assassin, but she isn't really going to be a lynchpin of any teams. If her NP was single target, she'd probably be a lot better. Still, I'd never call her bad or anything.

Score: 6/10

Xuanzang Sanzang
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Journey to the West

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 11658
HP: 12965

Rapid Sutra Chanting A: Increase own NP Gauge by 50%/80%, increase own NP Strength by 10%/20% for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns)
Attractive Charms A: Apply a 300% Taunt to self for 1 turn, reduce all damage taken by self by 500/1500 for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
Teachings of Sanzang: Increase NP Gain of all allies by 10%/30%. Increase own Star Drop Rate by 10%/30% for 3 turns. Apply Nullify Debuff to self for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

Noble Phantasm
Buddha's Palm
(Buster): Deal significant damage to an enemy, and reduce its Critical Rate by 80%. (Overcharge further decreases critical rate. Has an Interlude to increase damage dealt.)

+Good attack for a Caster.
+One of the few Casters with a single target damaging NP.
+Has a skill to increase NP's damage and let her almost immediately build it back up. NPing twice in two turns is pretty common for her.
+Decent NP Gain and even Stargen.
+Attractive Charms is a pretty good taunt.
+Teachings of Sanzang is a solid buff for how short its cooldown is.
+The critical rate debuff on her NP honestly isn't bad, since it's so significant a cut. Helps a lot in a few boss fights.

-Can't Buster Brave Chain.
-Due to Arts based setup, can't really deal as much damage as she'd like.
-Has no actual damage buffs, just an NP Strength buff.
-Nullify Debuff for 1 turn is pretty useless.
-Stargen isn't so great that the buff to it makes her some amazing star fodder.
-Has to endure the Caster Tax.
-Has no guts or self-heal, so taunting can sometimes be counter productive.

Overall Opinion: Xuanzang's a case of a servant that's decent more because of weird design decisions on DW's part than because she's great in and of herself. As one of the few single target Casters in the game, she's your best option for a long while for dealing with Assassin bosses, and she's generally better at autoattacking them down than most other Casters, too. But in a vacuum, she's not incredible - her NP is fairly generic outside of the novelty of it being on a Caster, she has no real unique skills she brings to the table besides a slightly buffed Tengu Tactics, and her cardset is kind of at odds with what she wants to do - a BBAAQ set would have been much better, but here we are. Once Altergos and better ST casters get introduced, Xuanzang loses a lot of her appeal, but that doesn't happen for nearly two years - or in the latter case, over two years. And even when her competition does get introduced, she's hardly the worst thing ever, especially once she gets her Interlude to at least make her NP a pretty strong generic beatstick. Plus, at least a buster NP means she synergizes with Buster buffs.

Score: 6.5/10

Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 10th Century Japan

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 11556
HP: 13500

Eternal Arms Mastery A+: Increase own Star Gather Rate by 3000%/4000% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
Mana Burst (Lightning) A: Increase own Buster Card Effectiveness by 20%/30% for 1 turn. Apply Evade to self for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
Myth-Slayer A: Deal 30%/50% extra damage to [Demons] for 3 turns. Deal 30%/50% extra damage to [Sky or Earth Servants] for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

Noble Phantasm
Ox King's Lightning
(Buster): Increase own Star Drop Rate by 100% for 1 turn. Deal heavy damage to all enemies. (Overcharge: Further increase Star Drop Rate)

+High HP for a Berserker
+One of the few Berserkers with nonterrible stargen/NP Gain.
+Eternal Arms Mastery allows her to make use of the stars she herself generates.
+Myth-Slayer stacks with itself, so Demonic Sky or Earth Servants (Ibaraki is a good example) take double damage.
+Demonic bosses are fairly common, such as the Pillars.
+Can Buster Brave Chain with NP.
+Evade is always useful

-Lacks a critical damage booster on herself to make use of her stars and starweight
-Can only Buster Brave Chain with NP
-Evade can sometimes be awkward to use, since you obviously want to save it for her buster brave chain turn
-The boost on her NP is also awkward to use, since making proper use of it means you want to BBQ instead of BBB, reducing her damage that turn by a good amount.
-Demonic Servants are very rare - there are only three in the game even on JP, meaning that she rarely gets to double up.
-Slightly low attack for a Berserker

Overall Opinion: When I look at her, Raikou's pretty decent, but she's always been a little muddled. She's a crit-based Berserker with an AOE NP and no crit damage boost? She's an AOE spammer with no skill to increase her NP gain or give her any NP Gauge? She's a stargenner with one quick card? All of the things she has at her disposal are pretty good, and just being an AOE Berserker with a buster boost means you can slap a Kaleidoscope on her and have her deal with like 80% of the nodes in the game, but she lacks any real 'niche' to put her over the top. There's a lot of reasons to like her, but there's not any real reason to declare her one of the best Berserkers in the game or anything. She synergizes incredibly well with servants who can give her said crit damage boost though, like Waver or Merlin or even Hans, but then, a lot of people synergize well with those three.

Score: 7/10

Sataka Kintoki
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from The Legend of Kintaro, and also Kamen Rider

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 9819
HP: 10800

Thousand Mile Rush A: Increase own Quick Card Performance by 20%/30% for 3 turns. Increase own Star Drop Rate by 30%/50% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
Animal Communication C: Increase own NP Gauge by 30%/50% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
Natural Body A: Increase own Attack Debuff Resist by 60%/120% for 3 turns. Restore own HP by 1000/3000. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

Noble Phantasm
Golden Drive - Good Night
(Quick): Increase own Quick Card Performance by 10% for 1 turn. Deal significant damage to one enemy. (Overcharge: Further increase Quick Card Performance.)

+Great stargen, especially considering all his Quick boosts basically double as increasing his stargen.
+Animal Communication helps him spam his NP alongside his already decent NP Gain.
+Free NP5, the fact that it's a quick NP, his high attack, and his 40% Quick Boost between his first skill and his NP effect means that his NP deals insane damage.
+High star weight means he can take advantage of all the stars he generates
+Natural Body makes him decently survivable
+Highest attack of all 4* Riders, even on JP.

-Second lowest HP of all 4* Riders.
-Very selfish, due to his inherent Star Weight and lack of ally supporting skills.
-Natural Body is a bit underwhelming

Overall Opinion: Rider Kintoki is Exhibit A on how broken both Quick NPs and NP5 can be - he's pretty much built to take advantage of the busted damage modifier on Quick NPs, considering how much he boosts his Quick damage and his status as a welfare, not to mention his high attack. He even has a skill to help him get to said NP when he needs it. His third skill is a little weak, and he doesn't help your party at all, but he's an incredibly good boss killer against just about anything that's weak to Riders, be they caster or berserker, and even his basic attacks hit pretty hard with how many stars he'll probably be working with. He's probably in the top 5 riders in the game even on JP just due to how imminently usable he is, and when he releases in NA he'd have a pretty legitimate claim to best Rider until Ozy comes out. The only thing keeping him from 'best rider forever' is how hard it is to find decent buffers for Quick cards.

Score: 9/10

Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from The Tale of the Heike

Cards: Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster/Buster

ATK: 9636
HP: 10954

Demonkin Magic A: Increase Attack of all allies by 10%/20% for 3 turns. Increase own NP Strength by 20%/30% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
Disengage A: Remove all debuffs from self. Restore own HP by 1000/2500. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
Morph A: Increase own Defense by 30% for 1 turn. Further increase own Defense by 10%/30% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

Noble Phantasm
Great Grudge of Rashomon
(Buster): Deal significant damage to one enemy, remove all buffs from it, and decrease its Defense by 10%. (Overcharge: Further decrease Defense.)

+High HP for her class and rarity.
+Incredibly survivable for a Berserker, between Morph and Disengage.
+Demonkin Magic is as good on her as it is on Shuten, though she has a harder time NPing twice while its active.
+NP is strong and has good riders, though she wishes she removed their buffs and reduced their defense before dealing damage
+Can Buster Brave Chain
+The one Arts and Quick cards she has aren't terrible.
+Skills all have very low cooldowns
+Disengage can be pretty handy in a lot of fight
+Nearly Cu-esque in her ability to solo the last bit of HP of a boss

-Nearly is the operative word there, she lacks a Guts or Evade to really extend her plays or let her survive any kind of NP.
-Attack is slightly low for her attack and rarity, though higher than a few 4* Berserkers.
-Even with her Arts and Quick being passable, she has difficulty building NP on her own just due to her card setup.
-Low star weight and no inherent way of fixing it
-The heal on Disengage rarely accomplishes all that much. It maybe lets her survive one more attack, if she's lucky.
-Has all the survivability drawbacks of being a Berserker, even with survival being her niche.

Overall Opinion: Ibaraki is an interesting case, since she's a Berserker trying her hardest to be survivable without giving up too much of her damage. Demonkin Magic is a strong enough buff that even it by itself makes her an offensive threat, and Morph is an incredibly strong buff if used well and stacked with other Defense buffs. She doesn't reach the heights of Cu or Proto Cu, or even Berserker Cu, but she's only a notch below them, and that's still very survivable. Paired with servants who can help her survive, like Mash or Hans, she's pretty hard to take down, and someone like Irisviel can make up for her lack of an inherent guts. As Berserkers go, she's one of the few you don't have to spend your entire life worrying about, and she still brings good damage and a strong NP. She's on par with Herc in that aspect, though they go about it different ways. I might be biased towards her since I have her at NP5 on JP, but there's plenty of videos of her soloing bosses out there at just NP1.

Score: 8/10

Fuuma Kotarou
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 16th Century Japan

Cards: Quick/Quick/Quick/Arts/Buster

ATK: 7091
HP: 8844

Sabotage A+: Decrease Attack of all enemies by 10%/20% for 3 turns. Decrease Critical Rate of all enemies by 10%/20% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
Ninjutsu A+++: Apply Evade (1 Turn) to targeted ally, and increase their Star Drop Rate by 30%/50% for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
Paranoia C: Decrease Debuff Resist of all enemies by 50%/100% for 3 turns. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

Noble Phantasm
Immortal Chaos Brigade
(Quick): Deal heavy damage to all enemies. Inflict Confusion (Every turn, has a 30% chance to inflict Skill Seal for 1 turn) to all enemies for 5 turns. (Overcharge: Increase chance for Confusion to inflict Skill Seal) (Interlude: Increase damage and add 'decrease defense of all enemies by 20%')

+Good attack for his rarity and class
+Great stargen
+Decent NP Gain
+Targeted evade is incredibly useful, allowing him to help someone like George or Leonidas completely negate an NP, or help a low-HP ally survive an AOE attack.
+His NP deals decent damage and while it's a roundabout way of getting there, Skill Seal can be useful. Post interlude, the defense debuff is also decent.
+Sabotage is pretty spammable, considering how long it lasts and its short cooldown

-Paranoia is pretty useless
-Only one Buster card means he won't be dealing that much damage even with his decent Attack
-Low HP for his rarity, on par with the 2* Assassins. Can sometimes feel frail, especially since you usually don't want him applying his evade to himself.
-Lacks any self-attack buffs or ways of increasing his damage whatsoever

Overall Opinion: Kotarou is a pure support servant whose only real viable support is a one turn targeted evade, and slightly reducing the incoming damage. However, Ninjutsu is a very useful ability, and while his other effects aren't very powerful, they do come in handy sometimes. There's plenty of challenge fights where having a leveled Kotarou to pinch hit can help a lot, enough that it's hard to dismiss him as underpowered, and his decent attack means he's a viable filler option for Rider nodes if you lack 4* Assassins. However, he doesn't really shine outside of situations where you REALLY want that evade, and Confusion is just a clunky method of inflicting an already situational debuff. He's hardly bad - in some ways, he's even pretty good - but he's very much a one trick pony. He's pretty much the opposite of Shuten - instead of a bunch of decent things slapped together, he's one really good thing and then a bunch of bad to mediocre things.

Score: 6/10