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Alright, prepare for a mega update!

First, we're gonna max out our Sorcerer's Ring over here.

The game gets a bit confused, since I did already destroy this rock the last time I was here, but without a cutscene.

Maybe ya could use the Sorcerer's Ring to destroy it?

Yah, crumbled like a cookie!
Despite all your faults, old man, you've got good intuition!
Whaddaya mean despite my faults?!
Let's go in and see what's there!
Lead the way, ye of little patience...

Same as last time, we're gonna go inside and to the center.

I guess there are more around the world than we thought?
You think there are still more in other places?
I think there might be. There are surely a lot of places on the planet that humans haven't laid eyes on.
How's it look, Yuri?
All I have to do is get close, right?

Let me see.

And that means?
Time for a test shot!

Wow, it powered up a lot!
It got faster, and moves farther now!
Judging from the size of the Sorcerer's Ring, I think it's reached its limit.
I think this is enough to do what we need to do.

Well, you see--
But I feel like all of those effects are simply different ways of aer interacting with itself.
Well, aer's high affinity creates--
And then, the application of those effects on certain objects allowed the technologies of blastia and magic to be developed.
Well, converted mana is--
So aer is divided into different attributes in the form of magic, and when it's used, it releases energy and then turns into aer again.
So that's how aer's helped sustain our day-to-day lives, eh...
I give up...
No, your explanations are just too hard to understand!

Well, we'll still have elemental spirits!
Yeah, we've still got some time until we gotta give it all up, too. Until then, use it or lose it!
...Yeah, you're right. Well, we can at least be thankful that the Sorcerer's Ring is even more useful now.

The game already showed off the ring in the cutscene, and it's pretty accurate.

It's super fast and has a huge range, incredibly useful for shooting enemies from a distance. Apart from that, though, there's no improvement. It can still break and burn the same stuff as before.

Skit: If Only It Could... / Baldurdash
I'm pretty certain the ring's not going to change form any more than it already has.
It sure has gotten a lot of new capabilities since we first got it.
Aww, but it's kinda sad ta think that this is all we'll get from it...
You were hoping it would get even more, huh?
Yeah, me too! I thought it would be able to do a lot more things! Too bad...
What else do you want it to do, Captain Karol?
Hmm, let's see...
I think it'd be kind of fun if it let us talk with animals!
That would be great!
I'd like to talk to Repede.
Nah, I think I'd prefer some more practical capabilities, myself.
Don't you think it's already pretty practical as it is?
Now, if it could tell me what yer thinkin', Judith, then maybe...
Or if it could make pretty girls fall in love with ol' Raven...
Or if it could see through yer clo--
You just want it for your perverted fantasies!
It's a Sorcerer's Ring, not a Sleazebag Ring!
Ooh, I've had enough of this! I should kill you!!!

Hey old man, what do you wish the ring could do now?
Ur...urgh... Go back in time...shut me up...

With that done, our next stop are the hot springs, again.

Oh yeah? What ridiculous price are you going to charge us this time?
Please, good visitors, don't be so harsh! After all of the kind service I've given you... But actually, there's a favor I'd like to ask of you, if you wouldn't mind. Might you hear me out?
I assume yer willin' ta give us somethin' in return?
Of course, of course! I would be more than willing to compensate you for your help. Perhaps a free lifetime pass to our hot springs would do the trick?
You mean we could go in any time we wanted for free?
Yes, yes, of course. You could come and go as you pleased.

No, no, it's not that... It's just...there's a group of customers coming in soon, and I'm short on help. If you could just give me your help with some tasks around the resort, I'd appreciate it tremendously.
Let's help! It sounds like it would be really tough for him otherwise.
Oh well. There's no dissuading the Princess once she gets like this.
Excellent, excellent! You'll find everything you need in the staff room. Please go and change into the appropriate employee uniform.

Woo, costumes!

You're one ta talk, boy.
Oh yeah?
Ya wanna trade me places, Yuri? I'll make it worth yer while!

I really like this set of costumes, they're nice and casual. Stuff you could actually imagine someone wearing, for the most part.

We can (or rather, have to) talk to every party member.

Didn't they stick you here so you wouldn't sneak off and peek in the women's baths?
H-how did they know?!
Yuri, ya gotta believe me...I'm not a bad guy! It was just a fleeting fit of insanity...
Yeah, yeah. I gotcha, I gotcha.
No, no, you don't understand! I didn't see anything! No one, no one at all except Judith!

Anyway, try to keep out of trouble.

Judith is also right there so let's talk to her next.

Oh, Judy? I didn't recognize you at first. What do they have you doing here?
I'm running the souvenir shop. They sell all sorts of interesting stuff here. Just looking around is pretty fun. And keep this on the down-low, but I'm also on the lookout for Raven. It looks like Estelle and Rita haven't caught on yet, but when I saw how he passed out last time, I knew exactly what was going on.
I have to say, I'm surprised at how little experience Raven actually has.
So you noticed, Judy...
Oh, did I?
No, no, I'm no match for you, Judy. Poster girl for the souvenir shop, indeed. Those clothes look great on you.

Karol is over in the male bath.

How come I was the only one who didn't get a uniform? They only gave me this one towel!
I'll bet it was all they could do. I doubt they had any clothes in kid size. What's the problem? Just sit in the water and enjoy yourself.
I can't stay here for the entire time! I'll shrivel up like a prune! I wonder if I can leave yet...
There's not anything to do outside, anyway. Relax and stay here. Everyone else is working pretty hard. They wouldn't really have time to chat anyway.
What about you, Yuri? Don't you have anything better to do?
I'm on guard duty. I'm making my rounds! This is hard work!
Ugh, why do you get to have all the fun...?
Oh well, give it a bit and then come on out, I guess. The guests should be coming in here pretty soon anyway.
Yeah... All right.

And Estelle and Rita are over in the female bath.

We're more part-timers than employees...
But anyway, I was just coming to see if you've been working hard.
Yep, I'm hard at work! Look!

Urgh! No! I'm an esthetician! An esthetician!
An esthewazza? Estelle the this some kind of joke?
I'm a masseuse! I give the women massages to help them look and feel beautiful! It's hard work, but it's fun! I also get to talk with all sorts of people while I'm doing it, so it never gets boring.
Hmmm, well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Keep up the good work.
Of course! Don't you go slacking off either, Yuri!

Shouldn't you be working instead of complaining?
But with the bath right in front of me, it's so hard to feel like working...

I was just stopping by to make sure you weren't goofing off.
You're nothing like that pervert Raven. It didn't even occur to you that I might be naked in here?
If it happens, it happens.
Urgh... I can't stand you sometimes.
What, do you want me to think of you more as a woman and less as a girl?
W-what?! Get out of here! Get back to work!!
Ack, scary!

In the PS3 version, we also have Flynn in the male bath...

More or less. You're cleaning? That suits you.
I do like things to be nice and clean. Well worth the effort.
Your room always was so tidy that I couldn't even tell if anyone was living in there, at a glance.
Take a look. I'm going to make this change room squeaky clean.
Yeah, you give it your all. Later.
Yeah, see you later.

Hehe, this'll be fun.

...and Patty and Repede out front.

So, what're you doing exactly?
We're the official welcomers! No one can resist our charms.
Really? Could have fooled me.
You can never underestimate what a rainmaker will do for your business! But this is a hot spring, so we're spring makers!
Uh, is that so? Well, do your best, spring makers.
You can count on us!

I just can't tell them. People only come here when they want to go to the hot spring to begin with. What they're doing is pointless.

Once we've talked to everyone we just return to the main hall.

Think nothing of it! I'm sure you would've done the same for us. And it seems like everyone enjoyed themselves while they worked, too.

It was great! I learned so much, too.
It was hard work, but it wasn't so bad.
We can't thank you enough. Ah, now for a token of our appreciation...

The clothes you're wearing are also yours to keep.
Wow, really? Thank you!

Look on the bright side, Raven. You've got the satisfaction of a hard day's work, and you've even got some nice new clothes to wear!
All I got was a towel to go into the bath...
Young'un, you'll see someday... This is all part o' growin' up.
Walking around in a towel is part of growing up...?

And that's that! Here's a closer look at the PS3 exclusive costumes:

All of the hot spring costumes trigger skits if you wear them for a while, we'll be getting those over the course of this update.

Skit: A Little Too Casual?
Hey... Yuri?
What is it?
Don't you think you need to be a little more...proper?
What do you mean?
Your outfit! I really don't think you should be wearing that everywhere you go!
It's easy to move around in! I don't see what's wrong with it.
Aren't you embarrassed?
Looks like instillin' a sense of shame in the kid won't work...
What do you mean, a sense of shame?
Blastia Girl's impervious as well, huh...

And now, oh boy... Guild Quest, final part! This is pretty much gonna be the rest of the update so brace yourselves!

Sheesh, we missed you too, pal.
Afraid I don't really have any jobs to offer you right now.
It's cool. We'll try again later.
Actually... It might be better to say that I'm not gonna have any for you in the future, either.
Huh? Why not?
There's getting to be more guilds with even less experience in this racket than you guys.
Yeah, but we're not exactly seasoned pros yet ourselves.
It's always been that way, what with formin' a guild bein' free, and all.
So you get new guilds springing up day in and day out, huh?
Sure do. With the way things are, the ones who're still going strong after a month can't rightly be called rookies anymore. Besides, you guys've been getting your name out there well enough. Can't see that you need us anymore. Why not try your hand at finding work on your own?
Well, if you've made up your mind about it, we don't have much choice.
Nothing personal, you know. I'll be rooting for Brave Vesperia's success in my own way.
All right, then. Thanks for all the help.

Skit: Deep Massage
All right! Who's up for a little massage?
A massage?
Estelle, why are you dressed like a masseuse, anyway?
You don' don't actually LIKE that outfit, do you?
I do! ♪ I never saw any clothing like this in the castle. I love it! ♪
Well, it looks quite nice on you.
My favorite part is this visor! All right, Karol, time for some deep massage!
H-h-hold on, now!
A princess and a masseuse... A deadly mixture, indeed.
Maybe I should get my lab coat...

To actually start this we have to go over to Mantaic and talk with Nobis.

Can't afford to lie about all day...

I must find the secret text that details the process of Everlight refinement...
What's so special about that?
In its raw state as ore, Everlight is all but useless, of course.
Oh yeah?
That's true. It's a metal, so you wouldn't be able to do much with it unless you removed all the impurities first.
And Everlight must be refined according to a specific process. Our guild had the method written down in a secret manual... It was taken on a journey long ago, and its whereabouts remain unknown to this day.
And you were going to try and find it?
But why? Why would you put yourself at such risk?

Just what're you goin' on about?
...Our guild is facing a crisis that threatens its very survival.
Survival? But you're one of the five master guilds!
Thanks to the stability the barriers have helped create, weapons are no longer the valued items they once were. It has been many years since anyone joined our guild, and nothing will slow the aging of our oldest members.
So what does refining Everlight have to do with that?
In the art of crafting weapons, no ore is Everlight's equal.
Now that you mention it, I think I remember reading that most famous weapons are made from very specific metals.
For better or for worse, the world today is a calamitous place. Perhaps weapons we forge could play a role in restoring order to such a world, and glory to our once-great guild. Even though I have acquired the ore, without the manual, it is as nothing.
Even still, you shouldn't overdo it...
Does he look like someone who'll stay put just because you tell him to?
He's borderline obsessed.

Meanwhile, you stay put here, like you're supposed to.

Whoa, Yuri! Did you plan on asking the rest of us...?
We are striving to live lives of justice, with punishment for the unjust, are we not?
Um, yeah.
Didn't Rhianna say somethin' about her old man minin' that Everlight and makin' somethin' out of it?
Oh right, that lady you had a crush on who hired us to look for her necklace.
That's right, I'd forgotten about Miss Rhianna!
Then maybe if we ask her about this, we'll get some idea of where to begin looking.
Let's go and find out.

Skit: Not in That Getup
H-hey, Rita...
Ugh, get away from me!
If you can avoid it, I'd prefer if you didn't come near me...
Hey, kid. I don't think ya should be gettin' too close to the ladies dressed like that.
Oh, I don't think it's so bad. It's interesting!
But still, don't get too close, okay?
Sounds like it's not going over as well as you thought.
You all made me wear this 'cause you thought it was funny! You're terrible!
Who's terrible?
I don't know.
Not me, of course.
Huh? Hey...!

While we're here, let's finish up that Antlion quest.

Mansion? I don't see a building anywhere.
Come on, Flatty, you're missing the forest for the trees! You gotta look at the big picture! You dig? Now, it's time for everyone's favorite tradition... That's right! It's item exchange time!
Since when was this everyone's favorite tradition?
Details, details!
So ya want something, right?
No need to be so blunt! You're right, though. Today's item du jour is gonna knock your socks off!
That sounds like it'd be the sort of thing we wouldn't even have...
If you don't have it, you can just make it for me. That should be fun! And now, to announce the item du jour! Dadum dadum dadummm... DUM!

That's a pretty fancy item to be asking for.
Well then, it may help to know something: I feel like this will be the last item! You could call it a Kowz's sixth sense, perhaps? So then, will you, won't you? Do you, don't you?

As it turns out, I don't have that item on hand, so...

You don't have that, do you? Hmmm... Maybe it's beyond your abilities...

Let's go and synth it!

First we buy the Silver Edge in Aurnion,

Medical Smash: Strength of heal arte proportional to remaining HP. Strength increases by 1.5 times with Max HP.

and then we synth it into the +1α version.

Medical Smash: Strength of heal arte proportional to remaining HP. Strength increases by 1.5 times with Max HP.
Taunt & Evade: Taunt an enemy to avoid being targeted.

While we're here let's grab some other stuff too.

Step Cancel: Able to cancel actions with Backstep.
Evade 3: Increases agility by 15%. Increase due to equipment not affected.

Escape Jump: Able to jump when cancelling guard. Character become invincible for a short time.
Lucky Spear: Occasionally increases the amount of EXP earned when a spear is equipped.

It wasn't easy, but here you go!
Ah, swooshy-haired midget, you always come through in a pinch! You're such a little smarty!
Is that supposed to be a compliment?
Round and round we go! Where we stop...only I know!

Here you go! This is as good as it gets!

Oo hoo! This is awesome! Thankeeee! Awwwwesome!!

It looks like A-to-the-L was happy. How nice. Now, to give you a reward for your help.
This'd better not be something lame again!
Yeah, after we worked that hard to get it for you!

Can't take a joke, eh? No wonder you're such a flatty, Flatty. Okay, once again... This time it's for real!

Whoa! Hey, this isn't bad at all, Li'l K! ♥
Hard workers deserve appropriate compensation for their efforts! There's nothing I hate more than when honest people are given a bum deal.
Yes, I couldn't agree more!
You've still got some growing up to do, Little Miss Innocent.
Yes, I know. I'll do my best!
This haul isn't bad at all.
Yes, I think we actually came out on top, in the end.
Well, looks like we made out pretty well.
Yeah, thanks a lot!

Now, the following part does not always happen. Apparently it's possible to skip one or more of the Antlion events and still get this scene, but if you did, you won't get the last part.

What? What? What's the matter?
Come to think of it, you exchanged lots of great things with me, didn't you?
Well, it was more like they were taken by force...
Shut it, Flatty! Since you've helped me out so many times, I've got a little something in return.
Something in return?
Yep. Hold on a sec. Sorry about that. This is for you!

Resurrect: Occasionally revive from KO automatically.
HP Recover: Increases the amount of HP recovered.

Evade 3: Increases agility by 15%. Increase due to equipment not affected.

That's all. The end! Fin!
So...uh... Are these all the items we gave you, only now they've been barfed back up...or something?
Hey, who's complainin'? These items are great!
You really don't mind if we take all this?
No, go right ahead. Think of them as a way of showing my thanks for everything you've done. They can also double as my payment for such delicious eye-candy. ♥
You're really creepy! I hope you know that!

Skit: It Looks Great on You
The antlionz sure are weird.
Yeah, we don't know what they want or where they come from...or anything else about them.
Not that I care about any of that stuff.
That's our genius mage!
She must have her gigantic brain thinkin' about much more important things.
But I thought that clothing--or whatever it was he was wearing--was very cute!
I prefer the kowz, myself.
If I were only a little shorter, I could fit into that getup...
Yeah, I'll bet Karol could wear it!
M-me? I-I don't think it would look good on me at all...
You'll never know until you try it on!
Y-Yuri, you too? Cut it out...
I guess there's no way to know...
But to try it out...
Huh... N-no, stop it...!!

Karol runs off, followed by Rita and Raven.

Times like this are the only times those two get along at all.
Hee hee, it looks great on you, Karol!
Gaaahh!!! Qawsedrftgyhujikolp...

Someone clearly just mashed his keyboard at the end there.

Anyway, with that done, we're off to Dahngrest.

...Yes, Rhianna is still at the inn. Somehow.

...I've been thinking about that...
And what did you come up with?
Well, I figure there's no point hiding from her forever...
Then we can all go together!

Hi there. It's been a while, hasn't it?
And all of you... You're Karol's friends, then?
Miss Rhianna, I'd like you to meet my new guildmates.
I heard you've gone from guild to guild. I think it's time for you to grow up and commit to something.
Um, actually, this time I'm in it for the long haul...
Oh you are? Well then, you must finally have been blessed with a truly understanding group of friends.
Yeah, I have. And I heard that you're engaged to be married... Congratulations.
Yes, that's right. Thank you.

...I-I beg your pardon. He's actually referring to the necklace given to you by your fiance...
You did say your father had fashioned the necklace out of Everlight himself, did you not?
That's correct.
We've heard that Everlight can only be forged using a very specific process. We were wondering how it was your father might have come to know such a thing...
I'm afraid only my father could answer that.
Hmm. Any idea where we might find him about now...?

Then, that means...
He belonged to a metal-working guild, though. Perhaps they could help you.
Where could we find the other members of that guild?
Another continent lies across the seas to the west of Dahngrest.
That's the continent of Yurzorea, right?
Yes. A strange little town exists on the continent's northern-most reaches.

Thanks a lot! We owe you one! ...Let's roll!
Here now, Karol. You should know by now that haste makes waste.
Oops, um, sorry...
I can't promise that my father's guildmates will know anything at all.
That's okay! We'll just go see!
Keep your friends close to you, and give it your very best.
I-I will!
Please continue looking after Karol for me.

Skit: Scandalous!
Rita? How long are you planning to wear that?
Huh? I haven't really thought about it.
Isn't that what you wear after getting out of the bath?
Yep. It's easy to move around in and it gives me nice airflow, too.
You can't wear that!
A young lady can't parade around in scandalous clothing like that for all the world to see!
What if a strange man attacked you?
I'd blast him to smithereens.
That's right! You'd kick his b--
No! Stop changing the subject!
This is what common people wear, right? And if you think this is scandalous, what about Judith?
I, umm...
Too scandalized for words, I see.

Guildmates in the "northern most reaches", huh? Guess that's referring to Nam Cobanda!

We've got some dazzling earrings made with the finest silver. Step right up!
You don't have much in the way of weapons and armor, do you?
Fraid not, ma'am. We focus on aesthetics here. ♪

Heh, that's right. I'd almost forgotten.
Well, if you're not here to shop, what is it we can help you with?
We're actually wondering if you can shed some light on the method for refining Everlight.
Hey, you think he means that stuff Kale had written down in that old book of his?
That would be my best guess.
That's it...! That's what Nobis is looking for...
I dunno what we'd have done without that old book.
Processing Everlight is a pretty tricky business, you see.
Would you consider lending it to us? We could even make a copy for ourselves if it isn't too long.
Problem is, we don't have it anymore.

The Imperial Knights?

You happen ta hear what this group of knights called themselves?
Wasn't it somethin' like the Cumore brigade?
...Never thought we'd be hearing that name all the way out here.

You should have seen his face light up when he first heard us mention it.
He must have seen it as a sure-fire way to start making some heavy weaponry.
It's the no-talent hacks that always seem obsessed with making the biggest toys.
Well, what now...? If Cumore took it with him, then...
I'd imagine the Knights'd keep a pretty close eye on the stuff they confiscate. Not too familiar with the protocol myself, though.
Why don't we try asking Flynn?
Maybe that's our safest bet if the old man here can't help us.
Looks like we're headed to Aurnion.

Skit: Manly Musk
Wow old man, really making yourself at home with that getup, aren't you?
Oh yeah!
Can you feel the macho energy? The manly musk, waftin' from my physique?
My fans across the world are gonna love this!
Hey, Rita!
Ya interested in becoming my fan?
Whaddaya say? Manly musk!
Agh! That's gross! Get away from me!
Hey dog, do something about him, would you?
Humph! It seems it is time ta put my macho energy ta the ultimate test--
taming the savage beast!
Gaze upon my manly physique, and be awed!
Repede's male...

As you can imagine, this is going to end up being a chase around the world for some dumb manual. Oh well...

I'd like to take you up on that, but we're actually in a bit of a hurry.
We must be moving on once we've asked what we came to ask.
Ask who? Me?
Did you ever see a secret manual for refining metal ore among the items confiscated by the Knights?

No. Confiscated items were always under the jurisdiction of the Schwann brigade...

Oh yeah...?
Sounds like Schwann was even more clueless than I'd thought.
Keeping track of all these items is basically paperwork. It's not something a captain usually deals with.
Ya know, this one's not so bad after all...

But I'm not seeing anything that looks like a manual here...
Oh well... We had to check. Thanks, man. We're gonna get going.
Yo... Yuri.
Give 'em hell out there.

Where'd this manual wind up, anyway...?
I wonder if Cumore didn't just pocket it for himself.
If he did, we'd find it at his place in the royal quarter.
A little light burglary, huh?
No, we should ask someone at the house to go and see if they can find it for us.
We might as well go check the place out... You know where Cumore's pad is, old man?
It's in the east end of the royal quarter back at the capital, if memory serves.
That's right. Cumore's from a pretty well to do noble family, isn't he?
Royal quarter, huh...? Wonder if they'll be so kind as to let us in.
Don't worry. I'll see that we're allowed to enter.
That should make things go a little smoother.
All right, come on, let's go!

In case you're wondering, in the PS3 version, Flynn in Nam Cobanda just knows that they don't have the manual, and you skip the event in Aurnion.

Skit: Gorgeous You-know-whats
Umm, Judith? I think that outfit looks very cute on you.
Oh, thanks, Estelle!
But, um...
When you're wearing that outfit...
She's trying to say that we're fed up with all the guys ogling you in that outfit!
Umm, that's not exactly it.
You see, we, umm, have a very important job to do, so, umm...
So you're jealous?
If that's all it is, just wear this outfit yourself.
Like my boobs could fill out that top!

Estelle runs away.

I never said anything about boobs...

Pardon me, but we are on our way to Sir Cumore's residence. Can you let us through?
P-princess?! But what are you doing here?
So long as the Princess is with us, there can be no problem, surely.
Captain Schwann... I could never refuse entry to either of you...
We're in! ♪
You should know though, Sir Cumore's residence is currently uninhabited.
What...? But why?
Captain Cumore struggled numerous times to exhibit proper...conduct as a Knight. During his assignments at Heliord and Mantaic, he was at the center of some rather unseemly developments.

Huh. That guy's had some ups and downs.

Mimula... Hey wait, is that...?
That ill-mannered girl we did a job for earlier.
Huh... That's no big surprise. I kept thinking she reminded me of somebody.
Do you know where this Mimula is right now?
It hasn't been long since she was taken into custody, so she should still be down in the prison.

Mimula, huh? Didn't think we'd hear of that woman again.

(I really didn't, I completely forgot this incredibly long final part of the Guild Quest sidequest.)

Skit: The Bon Festival
Mm? What?
About that outfit of yours... You sure it's supposed to be worn at a hot spring?
I mean, it's not like I know a whole lot about hot springs, but that outfit looks like it's supposed to be worn when you want to go wild, not relax.
You think?
Maybe it's some country's battle garb!
Yeah, I was thinking that too. Look, it even says "number 2" on the back there. Like you're declaring your rank or something.
Oh, apparently that's an outfit you wear at the Bon Festival. I read about it in a book.
Bone Festival? Do they dance with bones...?
Everyone forms a circle around a special grandstand, and they make lots of noise. Not only that, but there are all sorts of food put out on display.
Perhaps it's some sort of festival of thanks?
That sounds... unique.
There are other writings about the festival, too. Like, how many people would gather, dressed as you are now, and carry around giant blocks. While doing so, the people had a few cheers they would always use to encourage them. Um, I think they were, "heave ho!" and "hurrah!"
"Heave ho"? Could that be like "heave up"? I've got absolutely no idea what "Hurrah" is supposed to mean, though.
...Or maybe that outfit resonates with those words, and generates some sort of response with aer...
Hmm. Whatever the case, it looks like these clothes are profound indeed.
No. Definitely not.

Man, she hasn't changed a bit...
What? Who's there? ...Oh, you're that guild from earlier.
Looks like you've done well for yourself.
You're the ones I hired to find Sebastian! I knew he wouldn't just leave me here!
Huh? No clue what you're going on about.
Sebastian sent you, didn't he?! To help get me out of here...
We're not actually here to break you out of jail, no.
But... Then he's abandoned me to the wolves after all! And he calls himself a faithful servant!
Wow, he just took off...

My heart goes out to ya, dearie. Honest.
So, you had a brother named Cumore, right?
So what if I did?! All of this is thanks to his childish mischief!
Did you ever see something like a secret manual among his things?
A secret manual...
It sounds as though you have heard of it before.

Don't you want to know about the manual?!
If it means being used by someone like you, I'll take my chances on something else.

It's not what we want, but it's not our place to let you out of there.

Sorry, muffin.


What?! Oooh!

Sounds like he's the one we need to bring in.
Yeah, but where do you think he ran off to?
It's a wide, wide world, after all...
Could he really have gotten that far away, though?
He could be almost anywhere if he's gotten on a boat.
Hmm, a boat... Let's check the ports, then.

Really, just a random port? Thankfully there's only one port on this whole continent.

Also, while we're here in Zaphias, we can check to see how Lune is doing.

She's smiling...
She can smile, because she has people who will smile with her.
...She's such a strong person.
It's up to us to make sure