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One Concern

The One Concern exists to keep the heathens from perverting our faith, and to enforce His will of a preserved, untouched planet.

One Concern agents share the same holy life essence as Mother!

Mother and City One

Mother is our link between Him and ourselves.
We pray to her and she in turn prays to His ear, from her prayer chamber in City One.

Mother is gifted the power to control the shape of our world, just like the rest of her lineage.
Their blood is that of the angels!

City One is where you should aspire to live!
There is no Penance there, but sins will still get you banished back to the outside.


The Progenarians are the caretakers of our churches, and our local links to Mother.
They do not speak outside of sermons, they only listen to our plights.


Ivory is the energy that enables all of our technology and electricity.
It was bestowed upon us by [color="blue"]Him[/color] to let us lead lives of comfort.

Only mechanics and engineers blessed by Mother's own hand may touch Ivory.
The most a commoner can do is handle the Ivory batteries handed to them.