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This is gonna be a pretty stacked page with inclusion of more than a few servants who will be available around the time of Babylon's release and in one instance not until a year later. Please do not come yelling at me if you misunderstand something on that front, because I do list the specific events they are released in.

Anyways let's begin, opinions etc... blah blah if you're still reading these you know what I'm about

Ishtar (Rin Tohsaka)
5*/Limited servant available during Christmas 2016/2018 Event and various lucky bag pickups
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Mesopotamian Mythology and a spunky Japanese girl from Fuyuki

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1893/12252
HP: 2048/13965

1. Manifestation of Beauty B: Increase allies attack and crit strength by 20% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5)
2. Gleaming Brilliant Crown A: Charge NP gauge by 30/50%, 80% chance to apply invincible and ignore invincibility to herself for a turn (Cooldown: 8/6)
3. Mana Burst (Gems) A+: Delay effect for 1 turn, after turn apply a 1 turn 30/50% attack to herself for the following turn (Cooldown: 5/3 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance A: Increase debuff resist by 20%
2. Independent Action A: Increase crit damage by 10%
3. Core of the Goddess B: Increase damage by 225 and debuff resist by 22.5%

Noble Phantasm
An Gal Ta Kigal She (Buster): AOE Attack that also applies a Buster card buff before the damage (Overcharge: Buster buff potency varies between 20 and 60%)

+Buster based damage means Merlin
+AOE NP combined with Merlin means dead everything
+Third highest attack stat in the Archer class barely trailing behind Gil and only a bit more behind Arjuna
+Is Rin
+Two separate attack buffs and a crit damage buff from her own skills heightens her DPS ceiling a decent bit
+Third skill is incredibly powerful at max level with proper usage and has a low cooldown
+Second skill makes her incredibly effective in fights against enemies who like to blow damage negating skills a lot allowing her to pierce through their defenses and charge NP while doing so. Invincibility also gives her longevity, the chances on activation of skills also allows her to link with known resident egyptian ass kicker, Ozymandias, very well.
+Is still Rin
+Archer class means her crit star absorbption is pretty high and her arts cards combined with crits gives her pretty decent NP gain
+Surprisingly not hungry at all for bronze mats or any specific silver and gold mats making her relatively easy to skill level
+Just pretend Gil is Shiro
+Despite the fact she uses Rin as a vessel, she is very much her own fun kind of character and has some of the best comedy in the Babylon chapter

-Second skill outside of the NP charge is RNG. As I said this is remedied by having Ozymandias on the team, but it does ultimately limit her defensive capabilities that she has to have someone babysit her to guarantee she is able to not take damage or blow through dodge and invincibility.
-Third skill is a delayed buff and those are fucking annoying. Micromanaging your card RNG sucks, especially when you need to push for killing something and you need to pay attention and hope you can see a turn coming where you get double buster cards to maximize her damage. Thankfully the skill has a low cooldown at max level, so if you want to be aggressive with it it won't hurt you that badly unless you just have ass luck.
-NP gain outside of crits is very average, this isn't necessarily the worst thing but when you consider her contemporary gains NP incredibly easily, it's worth mentioning.
-Damage ceiling is ultimately lower than Gilgamesh and Tesla's without conditional damage buff on her NP or overall NP damage buff that both of them got too.

Overall Opinion: If you know me you know that Rin's my favorite character in the series so I want to sing the praises of literally anything that looks like her, but I gotta be somewhat non biased here. Ishtar is a strong servant with good self buffing options and can stop enemies who are trying to keep you from doing damage to them. Unfortunately, her third skill being delayed and her second skill supplemental effects being changed based means you get to play RNG Manager with her a lot. This also makes her less consistent than her contemporaries who also have higher damage ceilings and more worthwhile skills. She's not as good as they are, but she is still quite strong in her own ways and is definitely very usable. If you want some way to use FSN's other main character in some way, Ishtar is not a bad way to do it.
Score: 7/10

4*/Is added to the permanent gacha as of the Babylon chapter
Debuts in Fate/Stay Night
Originates from the Epic of Gilgamesh

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1410/8460
HP: 1920/12005

1. King's Return A: Buffs all allies stargen by 50/100% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 9/7)
2. Charisma A+: Buff all allies attack by 10.5/21% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5)
3. Sovereign of Magic Wands EX: Buff all allies arts cards and debuff success rate by 20/30% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6)

1. Item Construction (Fake) A: Increase debuff success rate by 10%
2. Territory Creation A: Increases arts card potency by 10%
3. Divinity B: Increase damage by 175

Noble Phantasm
Melammu Digir (Arts): AOE damage, buffs party defense by 20% for 3 turns, and reduces enemy defense for 3 turns (Overcharge: Defense debuff potency ranges from 20-40%

+Incredibly arts focused and is able to solo arts chains between NP and triple arts cards
+Due to the above his NP gain is incredibly high even without the need for NP gain buffs
+NP hits 10 times, combined with King's Return this means Gilgamesh NP can generate a shitton of stars and all of his arts cards hit 5-times as well. This not only mean it generates an assload of stars but on brave chains with Gil where he has NP and two arts cards in the lineup, depending on the enemy he can potentially refund most if not all of the NP he just used.
+Sovereign of Magic Wands is an absurdly strong skill. The arts buff is very nice, but the debuff success rate also enables a lot of arts based debuffing servants to do more stuff. This allows Gil to synergize excellently with characters like Waver, Shuten Douji, or even the later added Scheherazade to make them even stronger and more effective.
+NP comes with a defense reduction. Combined with NP chaining on an arts team this allows Gil to apply a strong defense debuff due to overcharge. Should other servants have defense debuffs on their NPs this leads to a chain reaction that can enable an arts team to do something they very rarely excel at, Damage.
+It says a lot when his worst skill is the fucking attack buff that is still solid.
+Gets a pretty nice new rendition of his theme song in the chapter
+Has great april fools artwork
+Gorgeous P costume is a godsend

-No defensive capabilities at all. He WILL die if he is touched by an NP unless it is an assassin one and even then he might still need a few defense buffs
-No stall capabilities, his toolkit is strictly offensive.
-Attack stat is on the lower end of the gold servants, he does not do much damage. You need to use NP chains, crits, and skills to make the most out of his damage.
-Needs a lot of shields and a lot of stingers, the latter of which is a mat that gets introduced with the story chapter that drops him so good luck.
-Ginka's art is very good, but I don't care too much for the butterfly tattoo tbh.
-It took me more money than I am willing to admit to get him.

Overall Opinion: Caster Gil is so good... so so so good. He is the thing keeping Helena from being the absolute best 4* caster in the game. He synergizes with almost every caster in the game including the big support ones, he enables crits for arts based servants, he generates NP so incredibly well and consistently. He is also Gilgamesh which turns it out is a pretty big plus no matter what. The only real negative I feel that does condemn him a little bit is that he doesn't really assist stall based comps in any major way, which is a very popular strategy with arts servants after Jeanne loses her self stun. I would personally say that's a plus, because I think stall is like the worst way to play the game, but it is an actual thing that works and wins fights so I have to note it, unfortunately.
Score: 9/10

5*/Is added to the permanent gacha as of the Babylon chapter
Debuts in Fate/Strange Fake
Originates from Mesopotamian Mythology

Cards: Quick/Quick/Quick/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1666/10780
HP: 2244/15300

1. Transfiguration A: Buff own buster cards and randomly buff either quick or arts cards by 30/50% for a turn (Cooldown: 7/5)
2. Presence Detection A+/A++: Decrease an enemy's crit chance by 30/50% for 3 turns and remove an enemy's evade buff. After a strengthening the skill becomes Presence Detection A++ and it gains a single turn evade. (Cooldown: 7/5)
3. Consummated Shape A: Heal self for 5000/10000HP and cleanses own debuffs. (Cooldown: 12/10)

1. Magic Resistance A: Increase debuff resistance by 20%

Noble Phantasm
Enuma Elish (Buster): Single-target damage, Divine-Trait enemies are inflicted with a 500% chance stun for a turn, and a defense reduction to the target that is applied before damage for 3 turns. (Overcharge: Defense debuff ranges from 20-40%)

+Triple quick cards means he can self-chain and generate stars pretty well especially since all of his cards outside of his buster hit a lot.
+NP gain when coming from a AQQ chain is pretty decent for a dude with three fucking quick cards. It's even better if you random into the arts buff.
+Self-buff on two separate types of cards in the same skill
+Very high HP stat making him able to take more punishment than most servants, combined with his self heal and evade he can last for quite a while.
+Supplementing the above statement, he has the highest heal in the game capping at a 10k heal at max level
+NP stun is very strong and the damage on the NP itself can reach high numbers if given good support. His defense debuff helps his NP go a pretty long way in doing more damage.
+Being able to remove enemy evades is always a plus
+His master is a fucking dog in Strange Fake

-Incredibly awkward to use due to his card set being so imbalanced
-Transfiguration is also a very awkward skill. Thankfully while the buster buff is guaranteed, the quick and arts buffs are not. That means you have to try and adjust to whatever it is you get. They're also only 1 turn buffs, so you will almost exclusively be using this for NP into a full chain with Enkidu and considering three of Enkidu's cards are quick if you want to follow up with more quicks but get the arts buffed you just get fucked on those getting any stronger.
-Consummated Shape has an absurdly long cooldown that ruins any consistency it could hope to have in fights.
-The stun while good only applies to Divine trait servants, limiting its utility.
-Is hungry for chains

Overall Opinion: Enkidu is a weird one. His skills don't really push towards any real end goal. One is meant to sustain, one is a debuff that has general use but doesn't provide anything except an evade to him, and the last one is actually a good self buff but also contains a coin flip. His NP is genuinely good and strong and his cardset while awkward does work to some extent. He has potential and does work very well with some of the support casters like Merlin or Waver, but he does require a bit more finagling with team comps to make him work than most other Lancers need.
Score: 6/10

4*/Summonable in the permanent gacha after Babylon chapter drops
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Greek Mythology

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1375/8253
HP: 2099/13119

1. Siren Song B: 60/90% chance to charm a male enemy for a turn (Cooldown: 9/7)
2. Monstrous Strength C: Buff own attack by 10/30% for a turn (Cooldown: 7/5)
3. Affection Towards the Beyond A: Apply a 1 time guts to herself for 3 turns that revives with 1000/3000hp and applies a 1 hit invincibility to herself (Cooldown: 9/7)

1. Magic Resistance B: Increase debuff resistance by 17.5%
2. Core of the Goddess: Increase damage dealt by 250 and debuff resistance by 25%

Noble Phantasm
Caress of the Medusa (Quick): Single target damage and chance to stun the enemy, later gets an interlude that increases the damage multiplier and reduces the target's defense to quick cards by 20% for 3 turns (Overcharge: Stun chance ranges from 80% to 160%)

+NP is pretty strong after interlude and the high chance of stun is nice.
+Quick-focus and good hit counts on her quick and arts cards means pretty solid stargen from her.
+After her interlude she receives a quick resistance debuff that attaches to the enemy she hits, this enables her quick cards to do more damage and generate more stars and combined with crits she can output damage very well.
+Two-different forms of stuns means depending on the enemy she can hold them in place for a good few turns
+High 4* health stat, invincibility, and guts give her a good amount of survivability

-Needs NP to really be effective, it's her only way of doing meaningful damage
-Despite the ways to generate stars with her, she has no method of augmenting her crit damage or absorbing them leaving her with a lower baseline compared to most burst damage characters
-One stun is a conditional stun with a chance for hitting that only becomes decent once you reach skill level 8 and the other is a solid chance at 100% NP, but if you want to increase the chance then you need to either fight it out until 200/300% or NP chain.
-Attack stat is on the lower end of the 4* servants, her regular attacks don't hurt that much really just crits and NP do significant damage.
-No NP charge or NP gain manipulator of any sort, she plays at a pretty slow pace towards getting NP which forces you to use stuff like CEs or Arts chains to really push her towards NP faster.
-Don't really care for her design
-I might still be a bit salty I got an NP5 of her while trying to get Caster Gil and got multiple copies of her trying to get Ereshkigal.

Overall Opinion: This is a very boring character, so I don't have a lot to really say about her. Her toolkit supplements disruption more than anything else. She gets a lot of stars, but doesn't do much with them when she has them. You can use Skadi whenever she drops to try and help her out, but there are significantly better quick servants who gain NP at a much faster rate or do more with it that are also lancers that severely outclass Kid Medusa. She's not offensively bad, but she's just incredibly dull and I want to stop talking about her now.
Score: 5/10

5*/Story Unlock that becomes available in the story gacha after you finish Babylon
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Aztec Mythology

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1854/12001
HP: 1900/12960

1. Charisma A+: Party-wide 10.5/21% attack buff for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5)
2. Good God's Wisdom: Apply 3-turn guts to an ally that revives for 1000hp and buffs their buster card power by 20/30% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 9/7)
3. Fighting For Freedom EX: Self applied 1 turn buff that increases star absorb by 300/600%, crit damage by 30/50%, and an NP charge for 20/30% (Cooldown: 8/6)

1. Magic Resistance A: Increase debuff resistance 20%
2. Riding EX: Strengthen quick card by 12%
3. Core of the Goddess EX: Increase damage by 300 and debuff resistance by 30%

Noble Phantasm
Xiuhcoatl (Buster): Single target damage, applies an NP seal for a turn, and applies a burn for 5 turns (Overcharge: Burn damage ranges from 1000/3000hp per turn)

+Buster means Merlin synergy
+Sustained damage and can buff self heavily with her own skills
+Targetable guts and buster buff gives Quetz a way to help keep allies alive or buff their damage
+Absurdly strong crit star absorption with rider class and her third skill
+Strong burst damage with buster cards, crits, and crit damage buffing
+Has an NP charge letting her accelerate to NP faster
+NP seal gives her a way to disrupt enemies and also stalls their NP from charging for a turn
+Sharp teeth
+Rides a pterodactly
+Can crush most of the cast with her muscles
+Her NP is a piledriver

-Burn sucks
-Star gen is on the lower side, she needs help with getting those things.
-NP charge is attached to her crit damage buff meaning you are gonna need to make some sacrifices on damage at times
-If you need chains do not look at her skill mat requirements
-Two words: Story Unlock
-Burst loses a bit of its dominating power after the break mechanic is added

Overall Opinion: Quetzalcoatl is a strong servant. She has damage out the ass, good stats, a self-res, self buffing, an np charge, and can even dropkick. This all adds up to make her a strong servant, however her immediate rival for a spot as a big buster rider is Ozymandias who she ultimately falls short of. Her burn does jack shit, her crit damage buff lasts all of a turn, and she has no real method of drawing stars out of the enemy. While she is quite powerful, she still ultimately drops off a bit in more extensive fights and after break is added her burstiness loses its luster a decent bit.
Score: 8/10

Jaguarman (Taiga Fujimura)
3*/Story unlock that is added to the story gacha and given for free after completing Babylon
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Mexico

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1304/7022
HP: 1726/9593

1. Jaguar Punch A: Self buff that strengthens buster cards by 10/30% and debuff resistance by 20/40% for 3 turns, applies a 2 hit evade, and gains 5/15 crit stars (Cooldown: 12/10)
2. Jaguar Kick B: Self buff that strengthens attack by 10/30% for 2 turns (Cooldown: 7/5)
3. Jaguar Eye A+: Self buff that strengthens crit damage by 30/50%, stargen on forest maps by 30/50%, and star absorb by 300/600% (Cooldown: 8/6)

1. Magic Resistance A: Increase debuff resistance by 20%
2. Madness Enhancement E: Strengthen buster cards by 2%
3. Divinity A: Increase damage by 200

Noble Phantasm
Great Death Claw (Buster): Single target damage, applies sure hit for 1 turn, and reduces debuff resistance for 3 turns (Overcharge: Debuff resistance reduction strength increases by 10/50%)

+Is a very strong DPS character for what is a 3* servant
+Buster focus means you can throw any number of buster support with her, especially that one guy
+Skills are all very strong and have a multitude of effects
+Jaguar Punch strengthens Taiga's overall damage by a lot and gives her crit stars to drop more damage on the enemy with and has her evade in it protecting her from damage
+Jaguar Kick is a strong self attack buff that lasts a turn longer than most of these
+Jaguar Eye heightens Taiga's damage a lot with a big crit damage buff and if you meet the condition for the other effects she absorbs them well too
+NP allows Taiga to ignore evade through applying sure hit on her for the whole turn which means not only can her NP blow through, but so can her follow up attacks as well
+Is Taiga
+Is Taiga in a Jaguar costume and sneakers
+Is Taiga in a Yakuza boss outfit
+Powerful April Fools art

-3* stats mean her health is inherently lower and makes more fragile
-First skill has a long cooldown on it meaning it is going to see use once a fight, maybe twice at best
-Selfish on skills, she is very much intended to be the DPS of a team so this doesn't lend her any real room to be anything other than that
-Sure hit does not ignore invincibility so she cannot tear through everything with NP
-Star absorb and gen are normally pretty mediocre. You've gotta use characters to supplement her on this and even some CEs as her third skill is generally pretty unreliable for that due to it being a conditional skill.
-The worst challenge quest of Gilfest, bar none
-Story Unlock

Overall Opinion: Taiga is good, Taiga is powerful. If you need a budget lancer to wreck some shit, your lady. She has some fantastic skills that stand out among the 1-3* servant pool and her NP is also pretty unique in its capability of letting her pop off hard for a turn without having to worry about evade. However, Taiga severely struggles in getting the items she needs to augment her damage with. Thankfully due to her being in a spot where she can supplemented by characters like Merlin or Andersen, it's not too tough to brute force your way into needing the stars you do and CEs can also help that along as well. Ultimately, while I do feel like the condition force you sometimes into having to fight around that little weakness, she's still a pretty strong and worthwhile lancer to have on your roster, especially if you are in need of one that can hit an archer or berserker in the forest really frickin hard.
Score: 8/10

4*/Unlocks in the story summon after beating Babylon chapter
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Greek mythology

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1784/10706
HP: 1631/10197

1. Monstrous Strength A+: Self buff to attack by 30/50% for a turn (Cooldown: 7/5)
2. Demonic Mutation B: Applies guts to herself for 5 turns that revives for 1000/3000hp and increase crit damage by 20/50% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 9/7)
3. Mystic Eyes A++: 55/105% chance to stun an enemy for a turn (Cooldown: 8/6)

1. Avenger B: Decrease other party members debuff resistance by 8% and increase her own np gain when hit by 18%
2. Oblivion Correction C: Increase crit damage by 6%
3. Self-Restoration (Magical Energy) A: Gain 3.8% NP per turn

Noble Phantasm
Pandemonium Cetus (Buster): AOE damage, applies 5 turn curse, and party gains 10% NP charge. After interlude, NP damage modifier is increased by 100% and the team gains 15% NP charge now instead. (Overcharge: Curse damage ranges from 1000-3000hp per turn)

+Buster focus gives strong support
+Highest attack stat of any 4* servant
+Monstrous Strength is an incredibly powerful attack buff
+Demonic Mutation grants both long term sustain and increases her crit damage
+When max level, Mystic Eyes is a genuinely strong stun
+NP gain is very good between her passives, several hits on her arts cards, NP granting charge after use and potential arts chains
+After interlude her NP is pretty okay
+Avenger class has only one consistent enemy they are weak against, Berserkers, whom they are also strong against.
+Investment on materials is pretty low
+Design is kinda cool especially final ascension and the art is also very strong too
+Snake heads are the star of the show

-Avenger class means Gorgon will only see damage advantage on Ruler servants and berserkers, the latter of which everyone except Shielder has advantage on.
-Low 4* HP stat, very fragile
-In most scenarios, Demonic Mutation would actually be absurdly good. She has a teensy little problem though, avenger star absorption rate is the worst in the game meaning she will almost never see crit damage outside of like Mozart max level skill or something akin to that.
-AOE NP actually fucks her up quite a bit. Her toolkit leans towards her being a pretty burst heavy servant and those usually favor being single target. Due to her absorb rate she already struggles to do crit damage, but combine that with AOE NP and she's not gonna be able to output the maximum amount of damage on the target she is looking to kill.
-Even if it's an AOE curse it still isn't good.
-Stun is really bad until like level 7 at earliest.
-Is also bad at generating crit stars
-Story unlock

Overall Opinion: I don't think the world of Medusa in general, but I do actually like Gorgon from what's seen of her in Babylon and her design is cool. So I wish I could say nice things about her, but she's just kind of an average servant to get your hands on. While her toolkit at first glance looks really good, you have to consider her class and where the weaknesses of said class fit into everything and how much it actually hurts her that her skills aren't anything else. Her NP also being AOE doesn't do a lot for her as usually you tend to use your NP as an initiator for burst servants to follow up with crits afterwards to blow through their opponent and uhhh her np doesn't really help that along. I think you were to at least give her an attack buff from her NP and add a crit star absorption buff to her first or second skill she'd be at least okay, but as is she's kinda just there. She's not bad, but I wouldn't really put her up as an absolute must unless you're the person who loves them some tall purple haired lady.
Score: 6/10

5*/Limited servant available during Solomon chapter, download celebration campaign, and lucky bags
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Arthurian Mythology

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1692/10546
HP: 2091/14259

1. Dreamlike Charisma A: Party wide attack buff by 10/20% for 3 turns and 20% NP charge (Cooldown: 7/5)
2. Illusion A: Party wide 1 turn invincibility, critgen increase by 30/50%, and reduction of all enemies crit chance by 10/20% (Cooldown: 9/7)
3. Hero Creation EX: Targetable 3 turn buster card buff by 30/50%, 3 turn max hp by 2000/3000hp, and 50/100% crit damage buff for 1 turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

1. Territory Creation C: Increase potency of arts cards by 6%
2. Item Construction C: Increase debuff success rate by 6%
3. Mixed Blood EX: Charge 5% NP per turn

Noble Phantasm
Garden of Avalon (Arts): Party wide 5 turn regen that heals between 1000/2000hp per turn depending on NP level, Party wide 5 turn buff that gains NP charge by 5% per turn, and gains crit stars per turn for 5 turns (Overcharge: Crit stars per turn gained ranges from 5-25)

+Oh my god where do I begin
+I've spent five minutes thinking about how to even start talking about what makes this dude so fucking good, I hate this guy
+Alright, let's just start from the top and go to the bottom. His april fools art is one of the funniest ones as displayed above.
+Stats are generally pretty decent. His attack stat doesn't set the world on fire, but for what is a support caster he can do a surprising amount of damage on the targets he has advantage against. He also enjoys what is the third highest HP stat amongst the gold casters making him able to take a surprising amount of punishment.
+Cardset is hard specialized towards arts, while this could sometimes be a weakness in Merlin's case it creates even more consistency with his NP generation.
+Speaking of his NP generation it is absolutely out of control. Between his cardset, arts chains, Charisma, Mixed Blood passive, NP, the ability to STACK said NP, ability to easily generate crit stars and do any potential crit damage, and generally being very punchable so getting NP from getting hit he has probably one of the most absurdly accelerated NP gain rates in the game.
+I need to reiterate this as its own point, you can stack the buffs you get from his NP and it is very feasible and simple to do. This not only creates longevity in your team and consistency in NP gain for all of them, but it also perpetuates a constant cycle of Merlin getting another NP every 2-3 turns especially in any arts comps.
+Speaking of arts comps, he's one of the most used servants in stall strategies.
+Dreamlike Charisma is basically everyone else's charisma but it comes with a 20% NP charge, so yeah that's pretty fucking good especially at 5 Turn cooldown.
+So Illusion is crazy because not only did they pack in Jeanne's NP onto a skill but it also enables the team to generate more stars and reduces enemy crit chances for the following 2 turns limiting the amount the enemy can just randomly burst the shit out of one of your servants.
+Hero Creation EX is single handedly one of the best skills in the game. That is to say, it not only made him THE defacto buster support, but also ran the game for what was almost the entire year of 2017. It grants a big ass buster buff to any servant of your choice for 3 whole turns, bumps up their crit damage to an absurd level for 1 turn, and you can even use it as a pseudo heal thanks to the max HP increase. It also only has a 6 turn cooldown if you max level the fuckin thing which means it is very easy to consistently use in longer fights.
+Let's run down the list of things his NP does
-A 5 turn regen that can stack onto itself and heal your entire party every turn for five turns.
-A 5 turn NP charge that can also stack onto itself and for Merlin guarantees him at least 10% NP every turn due to his passive also working in conjunction with it.
-Crit stars per turn, which hey guess what that also stacks, that is effected by NP overcharge so you can very feasibly NP chain with this dude and get a ton of value out of it especially since that just brute forces stars onto your team.
-Would you believe this used to be more busted? It healed the team when he's an NPC support.
-Doubles your enemy's student loans, calls them ugly, steals their soul, gives them several incurable diseases, and forces them to watch through Louie Anderson era reruns of Family Feud.
+Double Merlin is the most easy mode button
+On top of all of this shit, he doesn't require an investment of ANY bronze materials or even a slight excess of silver and gold ones. The worst you needs is like 15 gears and pages per skill, which you get in an event anyways.
+Catfishes Roman (I would not read this if you are not up to date with JP and don't want one of the best gags in Part 1 spoiled for you)
+Caused one of the funniest videos in FGO history to happen
+Takahiro Sakurai

-Can't negate entire mechanics of the game
-Is a 5* so you have to hit 1% chance on rate up to get him
-Is limited so he is off rateup almost constantly
-I spent more money than I am happy to admit trying and failing to get him
-Can you tell I have no real negatives to say about this dude?

Overall Opinion: Yeah, he's alright I guess. Idk, roll for him if you want his hair's stupid.
Score: Appmedia Tier List/10

Old Man of the Mountain (King Hassan)
5*/Limited servant available during new years 2017, download celebration campaign, and lucky bags
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from 11th Century Persia

Cards: Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1831/11848
HP: 1956/13338

1. Battle Continuation EX: Applies guts to himself for 5 turns that revives for 3000/5000hp (Cooldown: 9/7)
2. Protection of the Faith A+++: Self buff to debuff resistance by 50/100%, heals for 1000/2500hp, increases defense by 20/40% for a turn, and increases attack by 10/20% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5)
3. Death Toll EX: Reduce all enemies instant kill resistance by 50/100% for 3 turns and buffs own buster card strength by 30/50% for a turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance: Improves debuff resistance by 17.5%
2. Presence Concealment A: Increase stargen by 10%
3. Independent Action B: Increase crit damage by 8%
4. At the Boundary A: Is impervious to instant kill, increases resistance to charm by 100%, and 5% chance to instant kill on an enemy with a normal attack

Noble Phantasm
Azrael (Buster): Single target damage and high chance of instant kill (Overcharge: Instant kill chance ranges from 100%-200%)

+Synergizes absurdly well with Merlin
+Second highest attack stat of the assassin class
+Can annihilate Rider enemies with ease, making him amazing for dealing with any enemies harassing his caster support
+Is the most consistent at taking advantage of instant kill mechanics in the game. Between his cards having the chance to cause it and his NP guaranteeing it for anything that isn't a servant or story boss, his Death Toll skill also reduces the enemy's resistance to it massively to enable it further.
+Guts actually heals for a decent amount of health upon revival, Protection of the Faith grants him a strong defensive buff on top of healing, and his debuff resistance being so powerful gives KH a lot of longevity in a fight.
+Between Protection of the Faith and Death Toll he's able to augment his damage pretty decently.
+Is incredibly resistant to debuffs and status effects of several kinds, but especially Instant Kill and Charm.
+Quick card is a genuinely amazing card and a good way to generate NP from chains like ABQ and even generates a decent number of stars too
+Can skip enemy death animation with NP
+Is an amazingly designed servant from top to bottom, this is one of my favorite FGO original characters.
+Jouji Nakata

-Is HEAVILY tuned towards buster cards, to an actual detriment. KH struggles to gain NP and crit stars because all he can do mostly is damage. This limits his ability to arts chain for more NP, his quick card being his best card for gaining resources being at only a single one hurts him pretty significantly too in the race to kill enemies before they can kill you.
-Instant kill is still a really RNG heavy mechanic. KH definitely enables it in his favor more, but it is still an incredibly unreliable gimmick on any servant as the chances are so unbelievably small that you are better at trying your luck on the friendship gacha for Angra than you are of insta killing a servant.
-Assassin tax on his base damage multiplier hurts his damage a little, especially when compared to other buster based DPS servants who don't have to deal with it
-NP gain and stargen are on the lackluster side due to how DPS focused he is, you will need a support to make up for both of these things.
-Requires an insane investment on bronze mats. 73 chains, 66 bones, and 59 stingers makes him one of the hungriest boys in the game for mats.
-This is a personal peeve and honestly doesn't matter, but for what is supposed to be the big ass kicker of the Assassin line of servants it's a bit upsetting his attack stat is lower than Shuten Douji's.

Overall Opinion: KH is sort of deceptive, I feel. He can seem like he's sorely lacking or the niche he fills is an unnecessary one. However, when you put things into perspective of what he will be doing and who he will be doing things with, you can make up for a lot. He is unique, in that he is one of the few buster based assassins in the game and the only one with triple buster cards. This means not only is his support lineup really strong, they can also compensate for his problems in realistic and manageable ways. On top of this his skills all have reasonable cooldowns, he has defensive capabilities and consistent damage buffing too. He is a servant with sustained damage that can last through a lengthier fight and this makes him perfect after the break mechanic gets introduced as well. The instant kill gimmick has a lot of focus, but if the worst that happens when you fight a servant is it doesn't work and you just resort to hitting them really hard constantly then you actually are probably fine overall. I don't want to seem biased, because as I said this is one of my favorite characters in the game, but I feel that he genuinely holds his weight as a DPS assassin even despite some of his faults.
Score: 8/10

Ereshkigal (Rin Tohsaka)
5*/Limited servant available during Christmas 2017/2019 event and various lucky bag pickups
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Mesopotamian Mythology and Rin but blonde

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1598/10343
HP: 2356/16065

1. Concealed Great Crown A: Applies invincibility to self for a turn and has an 60/80% chance to apply debuff immunity, buff removal immunity, and instant kill immunity for 1 turn, these buffs all proc separately (Cooldown: 8/6)
2. Mana Burst (Prison) A+: Strengthen buster cards by 30/50% for a turn and charges NP gauge by 30/50% (Cooldown: 8/6)
3. Protection of the Underworld EX: The following buffs are all 3 turn party wide buffs starting with applying "Protection of the Underworld" (This applies only to her NP), increases defense by 10/20%, increases NP gen by 20/30%, and increases max hp by 2000/3000hp(Cooldown: 8/6)

1. Magic Resistance D: Increases debuff resistance by 12.5%
2. Territory Creation A+: Strengthens arts card by 11%
3. Core of the Goddess B: Increases damage by 225 and debuff resistance by 22.5%

Noble Phantasm
Kur Kigal Irkalla (Buster): AOE damage, buffs the attack of any allies with "Protection of the Underworld" status by 20% for 3 turns, and applies a buster buff to herself before damage for 1 turn (Overcharge: Strength of buster buff varies between 10%-50%)

+Very strong focus on party wide buffs gives Ereshkigal a solid place as a support
+Invincibility combined with defense buff and the second highest hp stat in the game makes Eresh quite durable
+Can enable a multitude of effects that protect herself from enemy debuffs, buff cleansing, or instant death
+Can buff her own damage between her two buster buffs and her attack buff from NP a decent bit
+Amazing NP gain. Her Mana Burst at max level fills half of her NP bar, she drops an NP gen on the whole party that ups her gain even higher, and she has a great arts card that hits 6 times and when put into chains like AQQ she can generate a decent amount on her own.
+Her arts is actually kind of insane, with proper buffing and a bit of crits she can go from 0 to 100 with it
+Protection of the Underworld is another contender for one of the best skills in the game. It adds sustain through the defense and max hp buffs, it enables the team to gain NP even faster, and allows her NP to act as an attack buff as well, every buff has long term use and burns through half of the skill's cooldown at max level and it's got a surprisingly short cooldown for what is a skill that has as much packed in it as it does.
+Her and Merlin feed off of each other incredibly well
+Hi, it's still Rin
+Has some of the best scenes in Babylon including really funny gags and her third skill is a cute reference to one of the most remembered parts of Babylon as a whole
+Has nice ascensions and amazing final ascension art
+Is a better blonde Rin design than Wada's Rin
+Her NP has bonus servants

-Very low attack stat for a 5*
-Anything that isn't the invincibility on Concealed Great Crown is RNG and even at max level a 20% chance to miss is still not great. It's not an awful skill because it is entirely saved by the shield, but christ dude this would be a pretty great skill if the chance of getting screwed over wasn't there.
-Anything to do with crit stars is basically nonexistent with her, she has her two quick cards and that's it
-Buster buff on NP is not good, 10% at base level isn't adding much damage to the whole equation combined with her already poor attack stat. You would need to chain NPs to get more out of and at that point you're sacrificing more potential follow up damage for somewhat more damage on an AOE NP. The attack buff from her NP also doesn't apply until after damage is calculated, so that also shouldn't encourage NP chaining.
-I didn't get her last year and I'm gonna need to be on watch after her rateup in a month and a half.
-Hungry for stakes, which drop in Salem two weeks before she herself actually gets added to the game. So unless you wanna dedicate yourself to the mega grind of 72 stakes per skill, you are gonna be waiting awhile to skill level her.

Overall Opinion: I felt a little weird putting Ereshkigal on this list at all considering she comes a year after the singularity drops. Though, I felt it appropriate as this is a big singularity and she doesn't really fit any future review structure so I didn't want her to just be put on a random one and I want to do it so eat my ass. Anyways, Ereshkigal is interesting in that she finds herself in the strange niche of Support Lancer. Her first skill is kinda weird, it becomes decent if you use her in conjunction with Ozy, but that's the most I can see helping it to be better. Second skill is genuinely good, if she had a better attack stat and could do someone crit damage bullshit she'd be insane as a DPS option. Protection of the Underworld is a genuinely amazing skill and what makes the character really good. She adds a ton to a team with that one skill and on top of that enables the team to accelerate NP gain more while helping out their sustain. The character ultimately does suffer in some ways, but I feel the character's strengths do shine through quite well especially when you bring Merlin into the picture and the team is just all NPs all of the time. I think the character is genuinely pretty amazing as both a character and a unit and while I am definitely biased, I feel her strengths do shine through as the faults she does have can be made up for in simple ways.
Score: 8/10