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Traditional Story Mode Part 1


Right off the bat this whole speech is different.

: I bring both good news and bad news.

to the brim with dastardly teams.

That brings me to my announcement.

to move on.

He's just gone on a new adventure, nothing to worry about.

works against it!

Time to move to the Darkrai Cult. There's more changed here than you might expect.

Like even this sequence.


say the least.

No Gengar in this whole part.

We're just sleeping here and these guys are keeping an eye on us. How nice.

supervision job has been.

These guys aren't so bad.

: I'm not sure why she's so afraid of him. He's just a kid, after all.

: going to try summoning Darkrai again today.

: She wants me keeping an eye on the kid until he waks up, so I can't come and watch.

: Come on out, Gengar!

So Mew chases off the Gengar, we gain control and need to find a way to disguise ourself to continue.

Instead of getting DNA out of a previously sacrificed cultist, there's a convenient robe just lying on this table here we get it from instead.


This guy is just here for the show.

: I can't believe it! A legendary Pokemon!

bring Darkrai to us.

I guess the robe belongs to Johnson, and he even has a family. How nice!

Now we get to what was the sacrifice to summon Darkrai. You may notice there's no magic pattern on the ground in front of Persephone.

: Then we should be good to go!
We've put a lot of work into this.

: This is our chance, everyone!
Let's begin! Activate the machine!

It's much nicer when you can use technology instead of sacrificing people.

: You are the great balancer of the world!

: You punish the great, and ground the immortal. It has been a year since I saw you last.

This makes it sound like she's summoned Darkrai for a confessional.

: But afterwards, you fled off to find my sister.


: An entire year's worth of work, down the drain. This was all just a waste of time.

: I just don't get it. What could we be doing wrong?

: He'll be waking up soon and we can't have him escaping!

Let's chat with a few of the cultists before we leave.

: Man, I don't want to relive that experience!

At least someone had a good time.

Next time, we make a new friend and get our first Pokemon!