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I had to write this shit a second time so fuck you if you think you're getting more professionalism than normal

EMIYA (Alter)
4*/Story locked until you beat Shinjuku
Debuts in Fate/Stay Night
Originates from a red-haired kid in Japan with a sword fetish

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1,499/8,996
HP: 1,960/12,250

1. Bulletproofing Reinforcement A: Buff defense by 30/50% and reduce damage taken by 300/500 for 3 hits and 5 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Projection (Skill) C: Buff all card types by 15/30% for a turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
3. Ridiculed Fortitude A: Buff attack by 20/40% for 3 hits and 5 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance D: Debuff resistance up by 12.5%
2. Independent Action A: Crit damage buff up by 10%

Noble Phantasm
Unlimited Lost Works (Arts): Single target attack, pierces defense stat and buffs, and chance to reduce NP gauge by 1. Strengthening increases damage modifier by 300% and increases NP drain chance. (Overcharge: Chance to reduce NP by 60/100%, strengthened to 80/100% after strengthening quest)

+NP is absurdly powerful after strengthening both because of the damage and higher consistency in NP reduction. A really good NP if you just wanna fuck up Nerofest Siegfried's day.
+Skills all max out at 5 turns meaning he can cycle them into themselves and if he's with Tamamo then he can stack them before the turns are up.
+Due to the above he synergizes obscenely well with Tamamo and Andersen is also a very strong support for him with his new skill buff.
+Stacking skills is a very unique thing to Alter, especially with how strong his buffs are. He can see two attack buffs at once to beef up his damage a lot or two defense buffs that basically make him invincible.
+Archer class means he doesn't need to use star weight manipulation to absorb them he's already got a pretty high absorb rate.
+CCC is a really good event for him as a character
+Junichi Suwabe

-Requires a massive investment as a character to bring him to a spot where he's actually really good. You are waiting to max all of his skills so they're shorter and stronger so you can cycle them effectively, his NP strengthening for more damage and consistency and that doesn't come until 3rd Anniversary, and he's a story lock so if you want to NP5 him it is limited to the story banner and rateups for him specifically.
-No crit damage buffing whatsoever, so his crit damage kinda has a cap to how much it can reliable fuck someone up
-NP reduction on the NP is still rng and before his strengthening it's 60% which leaves a huge margin for error
-No invincible skills so you have to rely on stalling out the enemy's NP or trying to cycle defense buffs to save him from strong attacks
-Design kinda sucks, but if you look around his artist did a better job after the release on art of him.
-This is the only other variation of the actual Emiya in this game and it's a pretty fucking not great one. It's pretty telling when you finally decide to make an Alter variant of the other iconic servant of the franchise and you decide the design doc for him should be, "Yeah, but what if he was in prison?" Thankfully he actually is a pretty decent character and gets a lot from the CCC event. Still should've thought this through a bit more.

Overall Opinion: Emiya Alter has gone through some trials and tribulations from both sides of the fanbase, but despite that I feel he is a pretty strong character. He's got a decent amount of longevity in a fight and as the game goes on and break mechanic becomes more prevalent that becomes more valued. Really the biggest thing he suffers from is being a story lock, if you could get copies of his NP more easily then I could maybe string together an argument that he is arguably better than Chloe. However I don't live in that world, so he's just mostly good.
Score: 8/10

Hessian Lobo (Avenger of Shinjuku)
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Lobo and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1,771/10,628
HP: 1,591/9,949

1. Demonic Fallen Angel A+: Buff crit star absorb by 600/1200% and buff defense by 20/40% for 1-turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Monstrous Strength B: Buff own attack by 10/30% for 2 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
3. Adorning Strength A: Clear an enemy's buffs, reduce death resistance by 30/50%, and reduce attack by 10/30% for 1-turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

1. Avenger A: Decrease other allies debuff resistance by 10% and buffs own np gain when hit by 20%
2. Oblivion Correction B: Buff own crit damage by 8%
3. Self-Restoration (Magical Energy) B: Charge 3.5% NP per turn

Noble Phantasm
Frieren Scharfrichter (Quick): Single-target attack, applies sure hit for the turn before damage and chance to instant kill (Overcharge: IK chance varies from 60/100%

+Between quick NP damage modifier, attack, crit damage, and Skadi buffs Lobo has some pretty sick ass burst damage
+Can pierce dodge and has a buff clear so that lets him deal with invincibility
+Is really good at killing rulers and berserkers
+Crit star absorption makes him one of two avengers that can actually get stars through messing with their star weight and not brute forcing it
+The sole 4* Avenger who is accessible on most banners

-Until he gets Skadi he is pretty subpar
-No defensive capabilities aside from a 1-turn defense buff on his star weight buff skill so rip
-Third skill is basically only gonna be used for buff stripping because letting Lobo kill characters with invincibility or killing defense buffs is more important to him than death resistance reduction and attack debuff even if the latter is actually pretty decent.
-Made of paper
-Without BB his boss fight can be kind of fucking obnoxious

Overall Opinion: I love this dog, but he doesn't do anything particularly special. He hits shit real hard and real good and that's it and while sometimes that's all you need, sometimes you also need more than just that. Regardless though he's a pretty alright beat stick and if you want to kill the shit out of Jeanne or QSH then he can do that pretty well too. He's a good dog and can put in some work.
Score: 7/10

Yan Qing (Assassin of Shinjuku)
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Water Margin

Cards: Quick/Quick/Quick/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1,443/8,661
HP: 1,862/11,637

1. Zhong Guo Quan Fa EX: Buff own star absorb by 300/600% and NP gain by 20/30% for a turn (Cooldown: 7/5)
2. Espionage A/Doppelganger B+: Buff own stargen by 9/29% for 3 turns. Becomes Doppleganger B+ after strengthening quest, buffs quick cards, crit damage, and critgen all by 20/30% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
3. Skillful Star A+: Decrease star absorb by 100% for a turn and gains 10/20 crit stars (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

1. Presence Concealment C: Crit damage buff by 6%
2. Ruffian A: Quick card and crit damage buff by 5%

Noble Phantasm
Shi Mian Mai Fu・Wu Ying Zuo Wei (Quick): Single target attack and inflicts crit damage down to target for 3 turns (Overcharge: Crit damage reduction varies from 20/40%)

+Gains an assload of stars
+Can cycle NP once or twice with Skadis, Kaleido, and NP gain increase
+Quick cards will do a lot of damage between Skadis and crits
+NP can be really strong due to quick np damage modifier being insane
+Second skill is actually good after strengthening
+Is a pretty chill dude

-This character already generates a lot of stars between his skills and quick cards why the hell does he have a star absorb gain and reduction?
-Third skill is basically an instinct due to how meaningless the star weight reduction is gonna be on what is supposed to be a DPS quick assassin
-First skill is only good for the NP gain and even then it's only a turn
-No damage negation or defensive buffs meaning any crits can hurt him a lot even with his pretty average HP pool
-Can't ignore damage negation or defense buffs hurting him a lot. Having to give up a turn means a lot to quick cards because they are incredibly momentum based, so this can hurt a servant quite a bit. You can use the Brilliant Summer Mystic Code to help remedy this, but building your team around this character is only advisable as a labor of love.
-If you play NA you are waiting a while for that second skill to not be shit.

Overall Opinion: Yan's a nice dude, but shit man he just doesn't really do anything other than gather stars. I mean Jack does that too, but Jack has the added benefit of being able to strip buffs, defend herself, and tear through half of the cast with an added damage bonus to her NP. Yan doesn't have any of that shit and isn't even really that solid a DPS choice, his third skill is pretty dead a lot of the time and his first skill isn't that meaningful. The character's gonna require a lot more than that second skill buff, but it's a start.
Score: 5/10

James Moriarty (Archer of Shinjuku)
5*/Limited servant only available during Shinjuku banners and Lucky bag summonings
Debuts in Fate/Grand Order
Originates from Sherlock Holmes and Der Freischütz

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1,820/11,781
HP: 2,007/13,685

1. Magic Bullet Shooter EX: Buff crit absorption by 300%/600% and apply invincibility pierce to self for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. The Extremity of Spiderwebs A++: Charge own NP gauge by 30/50%, buff own NP damage by 20% for 3 turns, and a demerit that reduces your crit stars by 10 and is only usable when you have at least 10 (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
3. Charisma of Wicked Wisdom A: Buff party's attack by 10/20% and further buff evil aligned allies attack by 10/20% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance D Increase debuff resist by 12.5%
2. Independent Action A+ Buff crit damage by 11%

Noble Phantasm
The Dynamics of an Asteroid (Buster): Single target attack and inflicts defense debuff before damage for 3 turns (Overcharge: Defense debuff varies from 20/40%)

+Archer class means high star absorb plus his first skill gives him a solid chance at getting crits
+Can ignore invincibility and dodge allowing him to burst through enemies pretty well
+Second skill is actually a pretty good buff if you are willing to give up the 10 stars for it
+Charisma is pretty good as a support skill for evil aligned servants, 40% is nothing to shake your head at
+Can self arts chain? I guess that's a plus.
+The sole 5* Archer with a single target buster NP
+Has a lot of personality and style. I cannot talk enough about how much I love this character, he is just brimming with dandy style.
+His NP is one of the best NP animations in the entire game, it is some gungrave shit and I love it. Hell his regular animations are pretty nice too.
+One of Raita's best designs

-Holy fuck where do I start
-I guess we'll do a redux of what I did with Merlin and just go from the top. If you ever plan to use this character for his attack buff on evil aligned servants, you are forced into using the Plugsuit because he WILL cannibalize your crit stars because of his high star weight.
-His NP gain is not good. Don't let the hit rates on his arts cards and arts chains fool you, he struggles a lot with getting NP at a decent rate. I think it's this way to balance and account for his NP charge which would make sense... IF HIS NP CHARGE WAS USABLE WITHOUT GIVING UP STARS.
-Speaking of his arts cards, why the fuck does he have THREE arts cards. This is a buster NP servant and unlike some others who make it work despite this, he does not have much going for him that makes this worthwhile.
-He does not get the evil alignment buff, only his allies do.
-Second skill rendered bad because of the demerit. Like 10 stars kinda sounds like nothing, but a benefit of this character is he can eat stars really easily so you don't need to have a lot of stars to guarantee him crits. But in using this skill to try and optimize his damage and get his NP faster because of his ass gain you deny an entire card the chance to crit and spread the stars more amongst his cards lowering your chances to crit on other ones. It basically renders his status as an archer completely fuckin moot, because the alternative is you brute force it so losing 10 stars means nothing but then him having all this star absorb means jack shit too.
-Cannot self buster chain due to his deck so yeah chaining with his NP leaves a lot to be desired
-Requires an asslod of bronze mats: Per skill he requires 36 stingers, 48 dust, and 72 spinal fluids.
-Despite being the only 5* buster archer, this doesn't really mean jack shit. There's a multitude of 4* ST buster archers with actual good kits that get a lot out of their turns and being used alongside proper support that Moriarty's damage even with his better stats don't compare.
-I don't know why but every Shinjuku servant has a single-target NP and no damage negation while being in a class that starts with the letter A. Coincidence? Maybe!

Overall Opinion: DW what have you done to my cool grandpa? No part of this kit makes any fucking sense. I think any time I try to break one part of it to maybe bring it all together, 900 more questions get raised as to why things are the way they are. Moriarty struggles to find a place as anything whether it be DPS, support, or a guy who fires bullets at sabers and kills them. With Merlin he can do a decent bit of damage and he's not entirely lost as a DPS I guess, but his deck is so bad for him and doesn't lead to anything meaningful half of the time and the second skill he needs to optimize his NP damage requires he lose something in this equation to do so despite the fact the skill isn't even that absurdly good while other characters don't need this for skills like this. They did my man wrong and he's honestly in the running for worst 5* in the game as much as I hate to say it.
Score: 4/10