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So, this one covers meeting Nora in the Midna Mine through to the sequence after beating the Suntouched Gym.

We start by approaching Nora after her training with Celebi, this takes place in update 6.

Mew appears, Nora decides to explain the plot for us a bit.


emerge to save the world.

Illusory one.

Remember? He just left. He's totally fine.

I find it just a little bit amusing that it's Nora that tells the Player not to tell anyone about this.

And that's that for now. We skip ahead some now to the Riolu encounter. Update 7 if you're looking to compare.

He may be a cultist, but at least he's polite.

the Abyssal cult have to offer!

Something about having to fix their mistakes, then Lucario appears.


Suddenly, Mega Evolution!

And then we head off to Suntouched City to visit Orion. The rest of this is in update 9.5.

about you.

This conversation flips back and forth between Traditional changes and being the normal script.

Orion still wants to take his rock with him.

leave now!

Oh look, Taen's here.

Spoilers: He's still a jerk.


Note that there's no hitting of Orion, and therefore he doesn't stumble backwards. This.. has an awkward side effect for pretty much the rest of the scene.

us around!

Also this outta nowhere.

Taen loses his blue. Reshiram runs off.

Including this, just 'cause.

: Isn't that cool?

If you talk to Orion after all that, he's feeling pretty good about his best friend.

That's it for now. The next point of interest appears to be Vipik Town, then probably quiet until the sky cult. So that's what you've got to look forward too.