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Hello everyone and welcome to the postgame! While this may be the Champion Team, don't expect any given one of them to stay on the squad forever. There are a lot of really cool Deltas that will be available soon.

But before we get to that, we have some pressing business with King Vesryn. I'm gonna warn you right now... I play really, really badly in this update. Whatever tiny amount of competence I displayed for the Champion fight is gone here.

Hey, 'sup PikaTaxi dude.

While the PikaTaxi has been the Fly replacement for the whole game, it's still been limited to being accessible in towns/our secret base. The PikaPad he just gave us is the actual Fly replacement item. If we use it, as long as we're outdoors, it acts just like the Fly HM.

To be fair, Fly and Surf are the two HMs I don't mind using on my team members because they're not bad moves at all. Sure Fly has an effective power of 45, but the turn of semi-invulnerability can't be discounted.

The first thing I want to do is do a little more grinding. This will put us ahead of the curve for the majority of the postgame. Only one or two challenges, that I'm going to do, will require any more. So this is likely going to be the final full team breakdown of the LP. So why not go out with a bang, right?

Everyone is now level 100. It's not often that you can say you got a team there without abusing rare candies.

I finally got rid of Stone Fist and instead gave Centaurion an elemental punch move.

Cirno has an impressive SpDef stat. It's actually just behind Snorflax! Though she doesn't have the tree bear's bulk.

I can't impress just how insanely high Generator's SpAtk is. It's the highest non-HP stat on the team!

I will forever love Snorflax for how well she stonewalled Yuki and Eduard. But she's also the first up on the chopping block once we start meeting new Deltas. She's admirably served her role!

Flamenco is actually stronger, more defensive, and faster than Cirno. Though he also requires a turn of setup before he can start kicking ass.

Anyway, now that we outlevel most of the postgame content, let's go keep our appointment with Vesryn.

Going to cut out the entire trip there because this is the third time we've been in this cave.

If we felt the pressing need to do so, we could go over to the right and re-enter the Void Gauntlet. Let's... not do that until we have to.

Behind where we caught Mew is a new cave entrance.

: Congratulations on your recent victory! Over both the Elite Four, and over Nyx. This is where we stay. The Timeless. The seven trainers plucked from history chosen to guard that crystal you found. But, now that Nyx was defeated...

: I suppose we will disband soon enough. We'll give you back the pieces you've won- there's no reason to guard them any more. But there's one last task we have before we can split. You see, when we gave Adam that crystal, it made him the guardian of the region.

: Looking around, there's only one trainer in Torren who I know is capable of protecting it as well as Adam could.

You're going to make a preteen the Third Augur? That sounds like a bad idea.

: But, there are formalities to observe. If you want to guard the region, you're going to have to show us what you're made of. Don't worry. We're not sadists! You're perfectly welcome to heal your pokemon in between bouts.

: When you defeat the main six of us, the way to our leader will open. Please, take your time. We're in no rush- but we do need to choose a new Augur!

So yeah. As a victory lap after the Elite Four, we're going to kick the ass of "the seven strongest trainers in history".

These will not be hard bouts. To be fair it's largely because we're on average 12 levels higher than whatever they're throwing at us. But now that we're through story mode, I no longer care about preserving the challenge.

I'd show you a map of this room, but it's just a large cavern with seven smaller ones off to various sides.

Looks like Cynthia is up first.

: Hello, Amy. I'm Cynthia, from the Sinnoh Region. I won't waste your time. I'm sure you're anxious to get to the end of this gauntlet, no? So let's just begin! The sooner the better.

Also I made portraits for all seven members of the Timeless, so I'm going to be using them so I can convince myself that the effort to fix their transparency errors was worth it.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Battle! Champion Cynthia

Also, to my shame I forgot to change back from Easy mode until I was halfway through the Timeless. So the first several teams I show will be the Easy mode ones.

This is pretty much going to be showing off what battling regular trainers is like.

Flamenco is the first to not one shot his opponent, though Togekiss is not looking good.

Flamenco keeps lobbing sludge at the Togekiss until it falls over.

The only thing that saved Milotic was mega evolving. Though it can't really even hurt Generator.

And that's Cynthia down!

: Believe me- as a former Champion- I know how to recognize skill when I see it. I'm sure you'll get thorugh the Timeless just fine.


Who the hell are you?

: My name is Alain. I'm an expert when it comes to Mega Evolution and Mega Pokemon. No offense, kid, but you don't stand a chance against me. I'll stomp through you jsut like any other trainer.

I'm told he's "the protagonist of the Mega Evolution specials."

Pokemon XYZ Music - OST - 05 Alain

Not gonna lie, it feels really good to sweep through these guys.

Even with a 13 level advantage, probably shouldn't underestimate a Metagross.


How many pretenders does Centaurion have to put down?

Alain's signature Charizard comes out.

So does my Champion killer.

Holy shit. Like Milotic in the last fight, the only reason Aragog survived was because he mega evolved.

A pity for the Charizard, because Earthquake hurts from my death spider.

I love Centaurion being a Tyranitar killer.

Two down!

: Thanks. Thanks a lot. Good luck, but get outta here. You got members of the Timeless to challenge.

: Greetings, Amy. I've been waiting for this for a long time. I haven't battled since... since I battled Omicron in the Aroma Region. That was before the whole Cipher event, of course. I don't need to recount Omicron's adventures to you, do I? Everyone knows them!

: I'm excited. Let's go! Show me what you're bringing to the table!

You know what, I really can't fault him for that. He's the lead dev, and it's his perogative to put himself in his own fangame if he wants. He only shows up here and on Dev Island, so this is perfectly fine.

Pokemon Insurgence OST- vs. Champion Reukra

I should have used Psychic. Oh well, not like it's a big problem!

Used Psychic and one shot Gengar. Weird! Who'd have thought that hammering something's weakness would be a good idea?

Getting Fire Punch was the best move I made.

I'm sorry, what?

Mega Jirachi has the Periodic Orbit ability. Copying from the wiki... Periodic Orbit makes it so that delayed moves (Doom Desire, Future Sight, possibly Wish as well?) will activate once as the move is used, in addition to the activation at the end of the 2nd turn.

It doesn't work.

Though props to it, because it's downright tanky. A supereffective hit from Centaurion didn't even deal half its health in damage.

Two turns later... (all it did was use Calm Mind)

Cirno: keeping the family tradition alive by beating up dragon types.

That's mean.

Here's where I realized I was still on Easy mode. My backup save is from before the Elite Four so I'm not going to redo all of that to recapture three battles on Normal difficulty.

: Hello again, Amy. I suppose it's time to introduce myself. My name is King Vesryn. I founded two regions. One very, very far away- named after me- as well as Torren itself. I'm definitely the oldest person here... I tamed the wilderlands of the planet into a glorious region with my own two hands. But never you mind that. Let's get going, shall we?

Final Battle! Rival - Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green

On Easy difficulty, Vesryn has a Heatran instead of Victini. Also is he wielding an Aegislash?

I'd never used a Bisharp before, but if the real deal is even half as good as Centaurion here, then I've made a terrible mistake in not doing so.

Vesryn, buddy, you okay? (It used Grass Knot.)

Props to Goodra here. It takes some serious bulk to stand up to one of Cirno's Moonblasts.

Iron Tail actually claims the first casualty on our side since we started the gauntlet.

I see we're doing this now.

A Sentai hero is stronger than Athos.

Case in point.

Poor Gyarados got fried.

Cirno gets back on her feet while Mega Salamence comes out to play.

I have a strong feeling that a Light Screen is a good idea here.

Flash Cannon breaks the substitute.

This is gonna be a real fuckin' long fight if it keeps hiding behind substitutes.

Mega Aragog means I'm done playing around.

A REAL fuckin' long fight.

Oh right. Salamence is part flying.

X-Scissor can't even break the substitute.

And Mega Salamence's ability lets it hit STAB on Return.

And it's back to spamming Roost again.

The whole time Salamence has been Dragon Dancing. So it's gotten quite dangerous.

Don't worry, I'm also screaming at past me to just Thunderbolt it and be done.

Finally it's paralyzed on a turn and Generator takes it out. Jesus Christ...

Do you think you stalled enough? Bastard.

Uh... hi there.

: So you're this incredible trainer I've heard so much about, yeah? You don't look that impressive. When I was younger than you, I took down Team Galactic and even captured the pokemon in control of space and time. I think you might be outmatched here. Good luck, though!

I see the Insurgence devs are using Chorocojo's characterization of Dawn.

So uh how old is Dawn meant to be? Because she looks to be approximately the same age as Amy here. Are the Timeless just meant to be echoes of the greatest pokemon trainers at the height of their power?

Battle! Rival - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Music

The Infernape used Taunt.

Gonna be honest, if I had to come up with a team for Dawn I certainly wouldn't have chosen all three starters, Froslass, and then the two box legendaries. I don't know what I would pick, but it wouldn't be that!


Well, Centaurion can't take another blast of Thunder.

Good thing he's faster than Dialga.

Naturally Froslass has Thunderbolt as well.

That's not the win you seem to think it is, Dawn.

It would have been different had Centaurion been at full health. But all that Destiny Bond did was remove 7 HP.

The game forced me to send someone else out before the Froslass would faint. I chose Cirno in the blind hope that Torterra would come out. I was right!

Cirno is my dragon killer and I love her dearly for it.

Then Empoleon comes out and is immediately fried by Generator.

: If you can beat me, I'm sure you could take out the rest of us- no sweat!

Four down, three more to go.

N? Really? He's "one of the strongest trainers of all time"?

: You're the trainer that's supposed to take the Augur's place... Any powerful trainer can save a region- it says nothing about your character. But... your pokemon... They can tell me things that no action can. So let's begin! Let me hear the voices of your pokemon!

Pokemon Black/White - Battle! N Final Music

Zoroark goes down instantly. Pity for N, because it was his mega evolver.

Then the real Zekrom goes down as well.

Klinklang takes two turns, but goes down as well.

I'm not proud of this. This is a Sturdy Carracosta. It takes me longer than it should have to cotton on to that fact.

Guess how long it takes me to catch on that I can't one shot it.

I could have used Toxic to break the Sturdy. But nope.

Carracosta really can't hurt Snorflax, so why not have a little fun?

Finally Toxic breaks the mystic hold of Sturdy, but...

Fuck this thing and its stupid Sturdy ability.

Archeops comes out and nearly one shots Generator. His own Sturdy wouldn't have worked thanks to the incidental damage from Carracosta.

I really need a better answer to fire types than Aragog. He's wonderful and powerful, but he's also weak to fire!

It's mercifully not a problem here, but how many times has Mega Aragog eaten a powerful fire attack before he could Earthquake something?

: You are truly a stellar trainer. I really hope you can get through all of the Timeless.

Steven is the last of the original 6.

: Greetings, Amy. My name is Steven. I was the champion of the Hoenn Region, before I faked my death and joined the Timeless. It's been quite a ride... hopefully I'm not too out of practice. I've been very excited about battling you! Let me see what you can do.

Steven is much less of a jerk to Amy than he was to her dad. I guess it's because she's proven herself? Alternatively because she's a kid and he operates on Gordon Ramsay rules.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Champion Music

Oh no... here we go again.

Me from last week was such an idiot.

The charitable answer is that I was baiting out the Full Restores, but we all know that's not what happened. I just have no pattern recognition skills.

After using both his Full Restores, Steven just has his Carbink suicide.

Generator doesn't notice.

Then he one shots Armaldo for good measure.

Shiny Metagross, eh?

To be fair, Drain Punch would have done approximately just as much.

But I don't know why I didn't use it. I guess I forgot that Fighting is strong against Steel?

Regardless, Centaurion goes down.

Flamenco really needs Dracolich's mega evolution abilities to spam Lunar Cannon effectively. Otherwise he's just painting a huge "KO me" sign on his back whenever he comes out. Like Snorflax, I doubt he's long for the team once we find a replacement.

I should have done this from the start instead of trying to be cute or whatever it was I thought I was doing.

Aerodactyl goes down hard at least.

No more repeating the cycle with this Skarmory!

I... didn't want to? The message popped up when I swapped Generator out.

: I'm sure if you took Brendan's place... you could have easily become the champion of the Hoenn region, too. The doors to our leader should open now.

The top of the room has the final door.

Show of hands... who's surprised?

: ... ... ... !

Red's hat has transparent pixels where it should be white. Congratulations, now you can also not unsee it.

Battle! Champion - Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver

Level 97 it may be, but at the end of the day it's still just a Pikachu. Even if it is THE Pikachu

Dangerous play sending out Generator against Charizard, but it used Focus Blast instead of the arguably more dangerous fire moves.

Why is it every time I send out Snorflax, the enemy team smacks him with Toxic?

This is the best time to use Belly Drum. There's zero risk involved.

I can use Full Restores too!

I'm starting to think the AI picks its moves after you move. There's no way that Blastoise would have used Toxic on an already badly poisoned Snorflax.

Recover from that.


This Snorlax no doubt has a lot of health so let's just put our finger on the scale.

Yeah, not surprised that Body Slam paralyzed him.

One Bulk Up was enough to one shot the Snorlax!

Red is a scintillating conversationalist.

A random number of steps after we defeat the Timeless, the phone is supposed to ring to tell you that all the other sidequests are open. I don't think it was intended to be literally the first step after.

: Hey, Amy, it's Orion!!! Please tell me you're here. We need to talk. I need your help. It's about Reshiram. Please, please, please come to my Gym.

We'll do that next time.

: You've beaten all of us. The strongest trainers in history. And because of that... we feel you'd be the best person to protect this region with us.

: The Third Augur, the new protector of the region. Congratulations! Obviously this gives you responsibility... but nothing you aren't already doing! But now... there's so many people to help. For example, the people at the Scientists Club would love your assistance.

Remember a very long time ago when we KOed a bunch of fossil pokemon for pocket change? Yeah, those folks.

: Perhaps somebody in Deyraan Town or the Nightmare Realm would have something for you. And you'll definitely get calls from time to time from friends asking for your aid! And, I'd like to entrust you with these.

: I think they'll be safest in your hands. But, I want to reiterate again, the region is an open door to you now. Explore! A keen eye could be rewarded with a Battle Frontier, quests, and a whole new region to explore!

I'll put the sidequest order up to a vote. But not yet. First there's something I've been dying to show off since before I started this LP. Also along the way we'll finally get Rock Climb.

NEXT TIME: We answer Orion's Call.

Postgame Sidequest Status:

Sidequests marked with ** require most/all the others to be completed first. The marked ones are also listed in the order they should be completed.