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Real Dia the Princess

Dia was a young girl who lived in a distant kingdom. She is rather optimistic, and prefers to look on the bright side of things, and wishes that more people would do the same. For 14 years, she was raised by loving parents, and had lived a peaceful life. However, all that changed upon her 15th birthday. It was the day she was to be crowned a princess, and take up some more responsibilities in the kingdom. But upon the crowning ceremony's completion, an ancient spirit awoke and forcibly manifested itself in her body, taking control and causing panic as it announced its very return to all who witnessed the ceremony. Dia's mind was shunted to the deepest parts of her head as the demon took control of her, and could only helplessly watch as... the other entity failed to manifest its powers and basically shouted nonsense, doing absolutely nothing of note. Within seconds, the demon became a laughingstock, as it was now stuck in the body of and only had the capabilities of a young girl. However, the laughter ceased to be, and soon after, people moved to capture the young girl, in hopes of exorcising the rogue spirit and freeing Dia. The demon would have none of this, and quickly fled the kingdom in search of its own solution.

The escape was successful, but the search for a solution was fruitless. Dia became slightly embittered at losing control over her own body, and the two bickered for quite some time.

"So you couldn't have just gone with the exorcism attempts?"

"And risk being sealed away again? Never."

"Sure must be great being some big, bad, demon, stuck in some girl's body, hee hee!"

"Quiet, you."

Eventually, they came upon two travelers: A Rushe woman and a Human man. The woman was surprised to see a young girl traveling alone, and offered to let her join her guild.

"Stella, we haven't even formed a guild yet. And you're just letting her on board?"

"We can't just let someone like her travel alone in these dangerous lands! Taking her along would be the heroic thing to do!"

The demon lashed out at the woman, as they were most certainly not just a helpless young girl. The woman gave a hearty laugh as she took Dia in, despite the entity's protests.

"Look, you don't have to act so tough around me. I know it must have been hard traveling alone through the middle of nowhere. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about!"

"Aside from all of us maybe dying horribly to some bear or something. Ugh, I never should have complained to you about my previous guilds."

"Edward, you really need to look on the bright side of things. Besides, aside from all that ugly stuff you told me about, being a Hunter sounds fun and heroic!"

Some time afterwards on their travels, they witnessed a Human woman being chased out of a town by an angry mob. With nowhere to go, the Rushe woman took her into the budding guild as well.

"Stella, are you sure this is a good idea? We have no idea what she was run out of town for."

"Oh, that? Hmph, it was just an experiment that went horribly wrong, and they needed someone to pin the blame on. I swear, you'd think they'd be more careful about putting so many inflammable things that close to each other." She grumbled.

Eventually, they all reached the town of Kazan and officially formed their guild. From there, they carried out all kinds of tasks, ranging from the mundane, such as delivering a package, to the grand, such as solving the mystery of disappearing fried shrimp. All while this was happening, Dia couldn't help but feel a bit lonely, as she could only communicate with the other being in her body, and it didn't seem to care to "let her out", so to speak. Being in a guild looked to be such fun, but she couldn't even participate due to her situation. Still, the Rushe woman's bright attitude and ideals led to the young girl to look to her as a role model, and wishing that more people would be like her, much to the demon's chagrin.

However, the fun wasn't to last. After their latest mission, an army of dragons invaded the world of Eden. The guild worked hard to evacuate the city of Kazan, but despite their best efforts, they couldn't withstand the dragons' relentless assault. Combined with the effects of the poisonous Bloom the dragons infected the world with, the guild exhausted themselves to the point of entering a 3 year coma. While Dia's body was helpless, her own mind and the other being's minds were not. More bickering occurred between the two, but over the course of 3 years, Dia and the ancient entity eventually came to an understanding. Despite the fact that the demon was now stripped of its powers, it still had some combat prowess that Dia completely lacked. Given the state of the world and that it would be unlikely that the dragons would simply go away if they woke up, the thought of giving Dia control of her body back was unthinkable to both of them. For the best chances of survival, it would be best for the demon to remain in control.

At the end of those 3 long years the guild finally awoke, and set out to retake the world back from the dragons. Many hardships were had, but little by little, they slowly erased the dragons' influence upon the world. And they even recruited more members along the way in their quest. However, Dia couldn't help but feel even more lonely, as she could communicate with none of them.

During their travels, they came upon the island of Marlleaire, where they purchased a curious object known as an Oblivion Pearl. The moment the other Dia touched the pearl, a strange twist of fate occurred. Dia herself was at the forefront, while the other part of her was now shoved to the back of her mind. However, the other part of Dia wasn't entirely imprisoned, as she clawed her way out of Dia's mind enough to at least be able to communicate with the rest of the guild. Even though Dia herself was back in control, she wasn't happy with the situation, because their mission wasn't complete yet while the more experienced part of her was locked away. Fortunately for everyone involved, that incident was quickly resolved (much to the other Dia's befuddlement), letting the other Dia resume control. Though the demon never bothered to fix the opening she created, letting the real Dia communicate with everyone else as much as she pleased. Dia doesn't know why the other her granted her this courtesy, but she had her suspicions (and was greatly amused at them.)

She may be forced to be in the backseat for the mission to take the world back from the dragons, but now that she had seven companions she could communicate with instead of just one, the ongoing journey for her became far less lonely.