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Last time we left off was after the Suntouched gym and that whole thing. Today we start out at Metchi Town.

I suspect that it's largely the same, but I decided I'd grab Nora's little info dump properly.

But first she asks to battle.

<Insert Battle Here>

prophecy was about you instead of me.

Vipik City to challenge Xavier.

Nora says goodbye and we move ahead to catch up with Damian. He gets caught out talking about Mew and Celebi, the gym is beaten and then we are told to head over to the dump to see what is going on there.

<Insert Another Battle Here>

Oh no! Green gunk!

This doesn't come across quite as threatening when it's just green gunk.

Suddenly Mew.

Suddenly Shaymin.

And so they leave.

legendary Pokemon would choose me.

This prophecy might as well have been pulled from a fortune cookie.


And so we part ways. Next stop, Helios town.. But first, we need to get through the Rezzai Cavern.

This part starts out the same, so we're skipping ahead a bit. Update 15 if you want the whole thing. But long story short we're jumping ahead to just after the cult guy threatens the miner for the scroll he found.

You may be wondering what might be down that ladder since it didn't get blown up..

No such luck.

Damian still talks about a loud noise, we catch him up on what we saw.

doubt they could pull it off.

And so he tells us we should head to Helios City as fast as possible.

We'll see how that turns out next time.