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Fan Art!!!

Delta Pokemon by Miss

Delta Charmander

Delta Crustle

Delta Sunkern

Delta Sunflora

Gateau is benched in the SHAME BOX.

Delta Pidgeot

Gateau makes friends with a Farfetch'd

The Benchwarmers Box is now the Pals4Life Box

Delta Munchlax

Delta Snorlax

Delta Vespiquen

Mega Delta Bisharp

Delta Scraggy

Delta Scrafty

What we were all thinking with regards to Mega Delta Glalie


Delta Pikachu

There was some discussion about what to nickname Mew. Was.

After one of the more strange tangents the thread has ever gone on, Delta Trevenant tries to get everyone back on track

Delta Absol should exist and it is an actual federal crime that it doesn't

Delta Arcanine is magnificent

Delta Torterra is absolutely perfect and should be cherished

Primal Giratina meets the Pumpkin Wooper and CrankyKong

Delta Petilil and Delta Lilligant

Kayla plays football in her spare time

Delta Camerupt

Delta Torchic

Proof of concept for a Ghost-type Delta Electivire

Delta Dragonite

Delta Shuckle is a monster

Mikl shares a page from the Gospel of Mew

Elchar's Art!

Delta Chinchou

Gateau meets Raspberry

Space Mew, Celebi, and Shaymin all hanging out