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Alright so with this update we add two new classes to the fold Alter Egos and Moon Cancer.

Alter Egos do 1.5 damage to Horsemen classes except Berserker who they do double damage to. They are only weak to Berserkers and a certain assassin who got added to JP recently as of this writing, they don't take extra damage from anything and they don't take reduced damage from anything either except Foreigner class who they take half damage from and also do double damage to.

Moon Cancer is the third Extra class in the extra class strength triangle. They are strong against avengers dealing double damage and taking half damage and weak to Rulers taking double damage and dealing half damage to them. General Berserker rules apply to them as well.

As a reminder these are my opinions and after this review I will begin doing a writeup for the 5* I've been missing since the year started after I finish a personal project. With all of that said, let's begin this set of writeups, starting with our event's protagonist...

Meltlilith (Meltryllis)
Alter Ego
5*/Limited to Fate/Grand Order CCC Event, 2018/2020 New Years, and Lucky Bags
Debuts in Fate/Extra CCC
Originates from a walking trash bin

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1,807/11,692
HP: 1,965/13,402

1. Crime Ballet A: Gain 5/15 crit stars and give self a 2-hit evade for 3-turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Sadistic Streak A: Buff own attack by 10/30% and a demerit that reduces own defense by 10% both for 3-turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
3. Melt Virus EX/'EX': Decrease NP damage of all enemies by 20/50%, after the turn this skill is used self buff NP damage by 20%, and decrease NP damage of all allies by 50% all for 1-turn. After strengthening the skill becomes Melt Virus 'EX' where the the NP damage buff no longer has the delay and has a strength of 20/30%, and now lasts 2 turns. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance B: Buff debuff resistance by 17.5%
2. Riding B Buff quick cards by 8%
3. Independent Action A Buff crit damage by 10%
4. Core of the Goddess B: Buff damage by 225 and debuff resistance by 22.5%
5. High Servant A: An artificial servant created through the fusion of multiple mythological essences.
She carries the elements of Artemis, Leviathan, and Saraswati.

Noble Phantasm
Saraswati Meltout (Quick): Single target attack, strips all enemy buffs, and buffs own quick cards for 3 turns after damage is calculated (Overcharge: 10/50% buff on quick cards)

+Star generation with cards is okay and combined with her quick cards and star gain on the dodge she can add on to the pile to try and overwhelm star weight in her favor
+NP hits 8-times which guarantees a good amount of star generation and NP gen especially if if it forces an enemy into overkill or overcharge.
+Dodge can last multiple turns with 2-hits on it and if you last the whole three turns with it it's not long before you get it back at max level.
+Third skill after buff is genuinely strong and when combined with the attack buff and any quick support Melt can be obscenely powerful.
+After the addition of Skadi Melt finds a lot of utility through being a powerhouse ST quick AE that can cycle NP super well and do crits up the ass especially on her quick cards due to Skadi's quick card, crit damage, and defense reduction skills.
+If you are lacking in Rider, Assassin, and Caster ST damage (The latter two especially people tend to lack) Melt can be used in place of a lot of your options in those two and in mixed horsemen nodes gets to run wild over multiple types.
+A boss killer against anything weak to an AE including some Beasts
+Two inherent debuff enhancements give Melt some interference on enemy debuffs applying to her
+Outside of QP, her skill mats don't demand a ton out of you. The highest it requires is 9 wings and 9 scarabs per skill and you can easily get 20 of both from an event so that's most of what you need for almost all three skills. She is a bit class gem hungry but that's not as much of an issue unless you're tapped.
+Saori Hayami
+I honestly really like the sound effects on a lot of her attacks

-AE class specification means Melt's modifier of 1.5x damage can make her a less optimal character when compared to alternatives in the main horseman classes due to their natural 2x damage modifier and also have damage resistance too.
-Melt's only defensive skill is the dodge. While this isn't bad it is good to remember that she only takes reduced damage from Foreigners and everything else normal damage, so crits can still hurt her a lot. If a random crit hits her she can risk dying especially if you used her attack buff which also pushes her defense down for three turns. Against regular stuff this isn't as much of an issue as it could be, but bosses with break bars will get turns and they can do more than any random enemy.
-Use of her in mixed nodes is gonna be limited to Horsemen and extra class enemies. Anything with knights in it you're gonna swap her out for something more general because she does a lot less damage to three of some of the most consistently used classes in the game.
-Third skill prior to buff has Ishtar Delay RNG which is bad. It's not as bad as the attack buff because you can have NP ready for whatever, but it still means you are sitting waiting for your ideal hand you want to be available and that can be very risky especially for something as momentum based as quick. After her buff this doesn't apply anymore and it's an absurdly good skill giving her two turns of increased NP damage which is crazy good.
-Her buff strip doesn't apply until damage is done so she can easily run into a situation where her momentum is robbed from her because of a dodge or invincibility skill. Thankfully, this an easier problem to remedy with mystic codes like Brilliant Summer or Royal Brand, the former comes with a pierce and the latter with a sure hit buff and both support quick.
-Her optimal support doesn't come for a year and two months for NA, so you gotta wait a while to get her at full power.
-Arts card is not very good, you're mostly gonna use it for AQQ chains or the rare arts chain with her support.

Overall Opinion: Shockingly enough, the first 5* AE in the game has stood the test of time the most with this game. She received one really good buff making her NP damage significantly more powerful, but otherwise her toolkit is honestly pretty solid. The sacrifices you have to make for her to increase damage aren't very significant and so long as you can smother whatever it is you're fighting her fragility isn't hard to compensate for or even outright ignore. She can hang with some of the best quick servants in the game and while she won't run them out of relevancy, she still finds a pretty strong spot of her own.
Score: 8/10

Alter Ego
4*/Limited to Fate/Grand Order CCC Event and 12 million downloads campaign
Debuts in Fate/Extra CCC
Originates from a mean computer program

Cards: Quick/Arts/Buster/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1,716/10,299
HP: 1,744/10,901

1. Breast Valley A: Apply a 500/1000 damage cut and debuff immunity both for 3 times and 5 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Masochistic Constitution A/A+: 300% chance to apply taunt to self for a turn and buff own defense by 10/30% for a turn. After interlude the skill becomes "Masochistic Constitution A+" adds an attack buff that scales depending on health for 3 turns (Read: Enmity). The attack buff goes into effect when Passion is at 50% hp and her attack gradually scales higher as she loses more with 10-30% being the scale when the skill as at Level 1 and 30-50% being the scale at Max Level. (Cooldown: 6/4 Turns)
3. Trash and Crash EX: Buff own attacks by 10/30%, grants Pierce, 10% chance to apply instant kill after each attack all for 3 turns, buff own defense by 10/30% and apply a stun to herself both for 1 turn. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance C: Buff debuff resistance by 15%
2. Independent Action C: Buff own crit damage by 6%
3. Presence Concealment A+: Buff critgen by 10.5%
4. Core of the Goddess C: Buff damage by 200 and debuff resistance by 20%
5. High Servant A: An artificial Servant created by combining the essence of multiple mythologies. She possesses the factors of Parvati, Durga and Brynhildr.

Noble Phantasm
Brynhild Romantia (Buster): AOE attack and recovers party HP. Receives an NP strengthening later that increases the strength of the NP and the healing. (Overcharge: Healing varies from 2000/4000HP, after NP strengthening it becomes 3000/7000HP)

+Attack and defensive buffs out the ass make Passion an incredibly strong damage dealer while also mixing in tankiness.
+Taunt has a defense buff stacked with it that in conjunction with her first skill can make Passion nearly invincible for a full turn without the need for a dodge or invincibility skill.
+Debuff immunity on her first skill combined with her passives make Passion pretty solid against any debuff based enemies.
+Has a 3 turn pierce and an AOE NP which lets her blow through multiple enemies at once even in some mixed nodes where enemies might have damage negation.
+The stun on her third skill can seem intimidating, but it's negated if you use her first skill before popping the third skill.
+Mat investment on her much like Melt is pretty miniscule. She doesn't ask for a lot aside from some QP.
+Has some real nice scenes with Tamacat.

-NP gain and stargen are both real bad. Aside from her NP not gaining her much of either due to being buster, she only has one quick and one arts card, neither are particularly bad but they're not amazing either. Her personal best method of generating NP is to use her own taunt and eat attacks and that's only gonna do so much for a turn. She needs support that can build NP and Stars for her and even then her star absorption is also kind of average and won't overwhelm the other two servants so much she could break past, it's very rng heavy for her.
-Her enmity gimmick on the second skill after its buff is good, but Passion doesn't dip below 50% without being in threat of dying soon as by that point she's at 5k hp before grails. Unless you are holding her taunt and defensive buffs in the hope now is when you're gonna start using that skill it's kind of a waste, especially since she'll reduce so much damage it can't really drop her so low she can get the maximum damage out of her skill and still be okay. At that point she is at risk of death and will at best survive one or two more turns unless you get very lucky.
-Healing on her NP kind of runs counter intuitive to the enmity buff she got, admittedly the heal was there before that skill was but it feels a little like an oversight.
-Speaking of her NP, Passion's NP is lacking in damage a little and after the NP strengthening it gets better but can still feel a bit lacking sometimes. It also feels very vanilla due to not having anything that really helps her as a damage dealer instead going for occasional heals?
-General AE problems, but she also runs into the issue every AOE AE runs into in that she is even more strangled if a single knight makes its way into the enemy team and will more than likely be swapped for something more generic.
+Passion can force you to use skills in order to make other skills actually work properly. This is an intentional design as you're generally supposed to use her combo of Skill 2 to 1 to 3, but it makes it so it's really difficult to use some of these skills during preferred time and if it's the last skill you are basically only able to use it when the first skill's debuff immunity is up otherwise you're gambling on the stun missing her. Thankfully her skills all have pretty mild cooldowns so the third skill is never off cooldown until the first skill is, but it's something worth noting.

Overall Opinion: Passion was the only servant I got back when the event first ran and I kind of resented it because I held her design against her. Fittingly enough over getting to use her and getting more familiar with who she was I began to appreciate her a lot more to the point she became a very consistently used servant of mine and a big plus when I actually played CCC and liked her in that a lot. Her design shouldn't belittle what she actually does, she's an alright AE Alter Ego. She can dump damage incredibly well, if she ever gets crits they hit super hard, and and she can eat damage well and hold her own in longer fights decently enough. She does lack some things like solid NP gain or a real gameplan aside from try to grind up to NP and pop all of your skills and go wild, but I do feel for all of her faults she has held out well these last few years.
Score: 7/10

Suzuka Gozen
Debuts in Fate/Extra CCC: Foxtail
Originates from Japanese Mythology

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1,590/9,544
HP: 1,880/11,753

1. Supernatural Power B: Buff own buster cards by 20/40% and crit star drop rate by 30/50%, both for 1 turn (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
2. Mystic Eyes B+: 50/100% to charm a male enemy and decreases attack by 10/20%, both for 1 turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
3. Blessing of Wisdom C: Charge NP by 5/10% for 5 turns, apply sure hit to self and buff NP damage by 20%, both for 3 turns (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance A: Buff debuff resistance by 20%
2. Riding B: Buff quick cards by 8%
3. Divinity A: Buff damage dealt by 200

Noble Phantasm
Tenkiame (Buster): AOE attack and buffs own crit damage for 3 turns (Overcharge: Crit damage buff varies by 40/80%)

+Self-enhanced buster damage combined with crit damage buff makes follow ups on NP chains and any crits really powerful for her
+Consistently powerful male-based charm at max level
+Third skill can gain flat NP per turn and with it having both NP damage buff and a sure hit buff it makes a pretty ideal skill for popping whenever she has NP
+If you are able to get into NP within the 3 turns after her last one you can double up on crit buffs and make her crit damage even stronger
+Crit gen buff on first skill gives Suzuka a buster NP that can generate stars and since it is both AOE and hits 10 times, that gives her a pretty okay amount on top of whatever she has from support
+Needless to say she works pretty well with Merlin
+NP is cool as hell
+JK Power

-Cards are mostly just alright. Her star gen isn't gonna be the most amazing and the one turn you have the stargen buff you're mostly gonna be generating them from the NP unless you slipped her quick card into the chain too. NP gen is also mostly just okay. On crits her arts cards get her a lot, but outside of that she's gonna want the NP charge at max level as that's how she's going to most consistently get NP per turn without outside help.
-Attack debuff on second skill kinda sucks. Not that 20% is bad, but a one-turn attack debuff isn't gonna mean much especially when attached to a 6-turn skill at best. This skill becomes almost dead if Suzuka is fighting women at that.
-Evasion ignore is good, but on the occasion Suzuka comes across anything with invincibility she can't blow through it. Thankfully her NP is AOE so it's not a huge problem, but it is worth noting.
-Needs a decent amount of bones. 36 per skill and then the 18 for ascension.

Overall Opinion: Suzuka is pretty solid. She has an okay toolkit, a strong charm against men, and her NP is good if a bit simple. I'd say one of her real negatives is that's not like amazing at anything in particular outside of buster crits and some waveclearing, but that kinda stuff can go a long way. The fact she can hold momentum well against her preferred class type as a lot of lancers have dodges is really good and she's a pretty fun character to just have. I wish I had more to say, but even though I've used this character a lot she speaks for herself pretty well.
Score: 7/10

Moon Cancer
4*/Limited to SE.RA.PH. event as a welfare
Debuts in Fate/Extra CCC
Originates from the feelings of an AI

Cards: Quick/Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster

ATK: 1,366/8,197
HP: 2,182/13,643

1. Ten Crowns D: Targetable cleanse, heal for 1000/3000hp, and application of debuff immunity at 1 time for 3 turns (cooldown: 6/4 Turns)
2. Aurea Boura: Golden Grail C: Remove an enemy's evasion and invincibility and 50/100% chance to stun for 1 turn (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)
3. Self-Modification EX: Buffs own crit damage by 20/50% and crit weight by 400/800%, both for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

1. Magic Resistance B: Buff own debuff resistance by 17.5%
2. Item Construction A: Buff own debuff success by 10%
3. Territory Creation: Buff own arts cards by 10%

Noble Phantasm
Cursed Cupid Cleanser (Arts): Single-target attack, charges party np gauge by 20%, and reduces target's debuff resistance for 3 turns (Overcharge: Debuff resistance reduction varies at 10/50%)

+Quick-cards are surprisingly good for an arts based servant. She has higher than average stargen (14.80%) and her cards hit about 4 times. With crits and arts starters they can even be used as a good supply of NP gain. You will still need an extra supply of crit stars coming in (2030s, Innocent Monster, whatever), but she can add a good bit to the pool as well.
+Skills all have varied uses that allow her to slot on teams in a lot of roles whether it be support, backup dps, main dps, or saboteur. First skill can provide teammates with debuff protection, a heal and debuff clearing and is on a short cooldown, second skill is a stun that is incredibly reliable at max level with only debuff resistance to worry about and can even strip an enemy of their damage negation, and finally third skill can make BB a crit powerhouse and even amplifies her star weight.
+BB's NP is incredibly powerful. Due to her status as a welfare she is simple to NP5, it can gen NP with its own hits and its inherent 20% np gain that applies to the whole party, and it enables her stun plus any teammates debuffs as well. It also does a lot of damage combined with any buffs you can slap onto her.
+As a result of the above, BB has some of the speediest NP gain of single target arts characters in the game. Between arts crits, chains, her NP, the hits from her NP, and any potential support there is a lot of NP flowing from a lot of places. The only thing she doesn't have is a charge on a skill.
+The second smallest IK rate of any servant in the game. Her death rate sits at .6% meaning anything with IK has a pretty bad chance of actually putting her down, mind you if it's an NP it probably will through damage alone, but it makes her a good damage character for the King Hassan CQ during Nerofest 2017.
+One of the sole moon cancer's in the game, the only other one is her in a hat. She is the premiere avenger killer and does it very well.
+Third highest HP stat of 4* servants. BB can take a decent amount of punishment aside from like NPs.
+Ruler is her disadvantaged class and that class comprises of six characters, two of which don't have damage based NPs and only two of which also see consistent use as enemies.
+Easy on the mats. So long as you got gems it's an easy path to getting her skills to 6 and maxing them also isn't that heavy on investment.
+Noriko Shitaya goes very hard as BB
+Her animations are all pretty amazing

-Due to her nature of being one of two Moon Cancers in the game and the one who debuted in a collaboration event, she is very rare. If you miss out on BB you are waiting 2 years for her to come back and if you miss out on her then, it's anyone's guess if you will get another chance.
-Attack stat is one of the worst of the 4* servants, I think like 9th worst. Her regular attacks won't do much unless it's against avengers, she will do the bevy of her damage through crits and NP.
-Advantaged enemy type are avengers, of which there are also 6. They are used slightly more consistently than rulers as enemies, but they are still pretty uncommon.
-No self buffing cards skills, they have to come from support. This isn't a killing negative, obviously. It's just worth noting that BB's only real personal card enhancement is one of her passives. She doesn't have skills that let her beef her cards up more so the team needs to have ways to make up for that.
-Star absorption is terrible. Not avenger terrible, but still very bad. BB needs her third skill to be able to crit consistently otherwise she is fighting with her supports for stars.
-Buster card is mostly going to be used to enhance follow up cards in chains or in case you have guaranteed crits for it. There aren't a lot of cases you're going to include this card in her turns unless you are just whacking at an avenger for extra damage.
-0 Defensive abilities. BB dies very easily to NPs and the way arts works there aren't entire ways she can be secured in some of the comps she works in to. Jeanne NP and maybe stacking defensive buffs with Mash and her targeted invincibility, but you will have to sacrifice damage potential somewhat for that.

Overall Opinion: I feel like I don't really need to say much for why you want this character. Her class being limited to herself is reason alone enough to make her worth getting just as an option for dealing with any Avengers bosses that might be griefing you; she annihilates them. She ain't a cure all for every scenario, but she does fit into a decent number of team comps in a lot of spots. She lacks meaningful DPS buffing on herself, but support casters can help solve that problem very easily and she blasts through NP enough that she can make up for the deficit. BB has some problems, but her positives are numerous and she herself is a pretty fun character in her own right.
Score: 10/10

Kiara Sessyoin
Alter Ego
5*/Limited Servant available during SE.RA.PH. Event, 12m downloads campaign, Ooku Event, and Lucky Bags
Debuts in Fate/Extra CCC
Originates from Kinoko Nasu

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1,803/11,668
HP: 2,142/14,606

1. Clairvoyance (Beast) D/D+++: Reduce debuff resistance of an enemy by 50/100% for 1 turn and an NP bar charge for 30/50%. After strengthening this skill's rank becomes "D+++" and it adds a single target arts resist reduction by 20/30% for a turn and permanently reduces the skill's cooldown by 1 turn (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns, 8/6 Turns after buff)
2. Thesis of the Still Heart A/A+: Reduce all enemies NP charge by 1 and defense by 10/30% for 3 turns. After strengthening this skill's rank becomes "A+" and it has a full enemy party buff cleanse and the cooldown is permanently reduced by 1 turn. (Cooldown: 9/7 Turns, 8/6 Turns after buff)
3. Goddess Morph EX: Buff NP gain, crit damage, hp recovery potency, and debuff resistance all by 30/50% and apply invincibility all to herself for 1 turn. Has a demerit of reducing her HP by 3000 upon activation. (Cooldown: 8/6 Turns)

1. Beast's Authority D: Buff own crit damage by 8%
2. Independent Manifestation E: Buff own crit damage, mental debuff resistance, and instant kill resistance by 2%
3. Logos Eater C: Buff defense against all humanoid enemies by 16%
4. Nega-Messiah A: Deals 1.5x damage against Ruler-class enemies

Noble Phantasm
Amitābha Amidala - Heaven's Hole (Arts): AOE based attack that applies invincibility ignore for the whole turn before damage and ignores defense buffs to all enemies. It also recovers her own HP. (Overcharge: 2000/6000 hp recovered)

PROS (Oh my fucking god this is gonna be difficult without a paragraph per positive)
+Kiara's NP is usable whenever you have access to it due to the invincibility ignore. This is a silly thing to say, but the fact her NP guarantees you don't have to care at all about what defensive buffs or damage negation the enemy has means a lot, especially when you factor in her following up out of the NP and the pierce still applying to the rest of her cards.
+You may have noticed Kiara has a few crit damage passives and a very strong crit damage buff on her third skill. Kiara is actually surprisingly strong at dishing out crit damage and on her arts cards it makes it doable for her to cycle NP.
+Nega-Messiah is a unique passive that only Kiara has as of this writing. It gives her a bizarrely solid niche against any ruler class nodes that might be mixed in with the types she's already strong fighting against. This obviously does not make her more valuable than Avengers for killing Rulers, but it is worth noting.
+Logos Eater is another unique passive exclusive to Kiara. She has heightened defense against every servant except Summer BB, several enemies, and even a good number of event/story bosses. This puts Kiara in the somewhat rare position of being tankier than most servants at base and having the highest HP stat of any of the AEs it especially makes her meatier than the others she has to compare to. It by no means makes her super tough, but it does definitely make her take hits more gracefully, combined with even basic ass defense buffs and the damage can round out to be very easy to deal with.
+NP charge of 50% at max level is very good. After NP on an arts chain Kiara can make it back to a 100% with this provided your follow up cards weren't gutter trash. This combined with the arts debuff can set up a Kiara arts chain very well.
+Thesis of the Still Heart is an amazing skill for Kiara's gimmick as it not only opens up damage potential for her more, but it also enables her to help stall out opponents. After the buff the cooldown on it becomes more manageable to work with Tamamo so this is a skill that can easily see consistent use as soon as the effect ends and the cooldown is back up. It also has buff stripping after the buff, which can give her some added utility in challenge quests.
+Goddess Metamorphosis is a very interesting skill. If you need it for protection it works for that, but as a way to buff Kiara's gameplan more and open her up as a damage character it is very important to know how to use this. I've already mentioned this is incredibly strong for the crit damage buff alone, but the NP gen buff also is a very strong one as well. It can single-handedly make Kiara's NP gain really good when used in conjunction with her arts card.
+Usual AE benefits like diverse use in certain enemy setups that mix horsemen classes a lot and low mat investment. I guess if you're tight on hearts she can hurt, but otherwise she's not asking for a lot outside of QP.
+Has very strong team synergy with Tamamo, especially with her skill cooldowns shortened. She also has amazing synergy with a certain foul-mouthed writer who hates her guts and got a skill buff that seemed almost poised to make him a better support for her.
+Rie Tanaka
+This is seriously one of my favorite CCC chars, I can't say enough about how much I like her
+Anima Ataraxia is one of the most amazing songs ever composed by Keita Haga. This is the same man who composed Light and Darkness and Changing Seasons for the original visual novel (I would've listed EMIYA, but that's James Harris).

-Man, this character is so hard to talk about without recklessly harping on her negatives
-Kiara's cards are very subpar. Her quick and arts only have 3 hit counts, her NP charge on attacks is middling, and her NP only does 3 hits too. Her quick card also doesn't gen much for stars and this isn't even mentioning she only has one. Her buster cards aren't bad because they do what buster cards are supposed to do, but they're gonna be used for openers on her hands to beef up her arts cards or as filler when you don't have a lot of options to pick from if card rng fucked you. Kiara is a character who could actually benefit a lot from a triple arts deck, but they decided against that.
-Kiara's NP damage is really bad at NP1. This is a character who is limited and you have to roll on a 1% chance for and even if you hit the 1% chance, you can still potentially get fucked out of getting her. If left at NP1 Kiara can struggle to output meaningful damage from it. This is something an NP strengthening could solve and she still hasn't gotten that so it's always a possibility, I suppose.
-This honestly isn't a hard negative, but it is something to mention for people who don't have it. Kiara does need crit stars to function at her most optimal level. The ideal fix for this is for her supports to have 2030s, but if you don't have that any character with Innocent Monster can help. This is another reason Andersen is really good for her too since his Innocent Monster becomes really good after buffs.
-Following the mention of buffs, if you are in NA you will be waiting A LONG WHILE for some of Kiara's stuff, we only recently got her second buff in JP.
-Her third skill being her crit damage and np charge buff overlapping with her invincibility means you need to give up one for the other sometimes. Also the buffs on that skill are all one turn which makes it a very stingy skill in that way.
-Due to a lot of the above factors, Kiara can be a somewhat difficult character to grasp and understand at times.
-This is the most I've had to write on this page about one of the CCC characters.

Overall Opinion: It is rather fitting that a woman who practiced tantric sex as a means of salvation for the human race can only find use in the hands of fans who stick with her for a long time and put everything they can into her. ...I swear I'm not trying to do any real innuendo, I am just writing this on not a lot of sleep. Anyways, Kiara's fuckin weird. This character has so many negatives that you'd think by the absurd list I created she could not possibly be decent and to be honest you would've been right maybe two years ago. The thing is though, Kiara has actually been vindicated by time a lot. There is a lot of shit that gets slung at her, however it's never considered that for all of her faults she is one of two Alter Egos that fit into the NP loop meta well. Kiara doesn't pop off as well as Melt does about it, but she is able to do it with decent consistency. The fact that she never has to care about the enemy's defensive stat and even also dumps more shit on it is better. She can mass delay NPs, crit hard as hell, and works incredibly well with some of the best arts support.

I do think though that the character has too many negatives to ignore, especially with her NP damage which is her most important thing right now. Though, I do think a lot of her negatives are easy to mitigate or if nothing else, easier to ignore. If Kiara receives an actual NP interlude she will be really good and I think a lot of people will move to use her more. Until then, is Kiara great? No. Is she bad? No. She's just... okay. I feel like if you wanna put the investment into her she'll turn out really well, but if you don't I can't really blame you. If you play NA though, I just want you to know this character is gonna be not great starting out. Regardless of practicality though, I roll for love and maybe meta sometimes and this was a big love roll for me.
Score: 7/10

Alter Ego
5*/Limited servant for the SE.RA.PH rerun and probably lucky bags
Debuts in Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail
Originates from I am not writing another fuckin joke about BB here, figure it out yourself

Cards: Quick/Arts/Arts/Buster/Buster

ATK: 1,983/12,835
HP: 1,956/13,338

1. Huge Scale C: Applies "Unlimited Proliferation" status to herself. Once a turn, for 10 turns, KP will gain 2000/3000 max hp from Proliferation stacks. The buff can be held forever, but it will cap after 10 turns. (Cooldown: 12/10)
2. Infantile Regression C: Reduces all skill cooldowns by 1 turn for herself, gain NP per stack of Unlimited Proliferation at 10/20% NP a stack, and a demerit that removes Unlimited Proliferation from KP. You cannot use cleanse resistance to negate the demerit. (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)
3. Monstrous Strength EX: Buff own attack by 20/40% for 3 turns (Cooldown: 7/5 Turns)

1. Madness Enhancement A+: Buff buster cards by 11%
2. Independent Action B: Buff crit damage by 8%
3. Territory Creation EX: Buff arts cards by 12%
4. Core of the Goddess A: Increase damage dealt by 250 and debuff resistance by 25%
5. High Servant EX: Alter Egos are complexes of multiple goddesses, but Protea is made from the essence of the Earth Mother Goddess that is shared by all mythologies.

Noble Phantasm
Airavata King Size (Buster): AOE attack, if Proliferation is active then a 20% buster card buff will be applied before damage, and a second buster buff is applied before damage regardless of Proliferation. (Overcharge: The second buster buff is 20/60%)

+Do you know how many buster buffs we can fit into this AE?
+Or an attack buff? A really fucking good one.
+Second highest attack stat of any servant in the game and the highest of the AEs
+Huge Scale, while largely a gimmick can still provide KP with extra HP to tank attacks with per turn and once the skill is activated she only loses the max HP and gains NP for it.
+Skill reduction on second skill can allow more active use of the third skill's attack buff.
+General Alter Ego advantages, non-intensive mat investment yada yada yada
+Kaiju voice clips are really god damn good
+Is big

-Defensive abilities are nonexistent. Max HP could technically count, but it's too reliant on enemy RNG to be a realistic one.
-Proliferation stacks are largely a gimmick and not a realistic height to reach. Waiting for 10 turns for HP max buffs on a character with buster team synergy requires a lot of RNG, smart skill use, and enemy interference that would be better off used on just having her kill the fucking thing she's fighting well before turn 10. This is to say nothing of the fact you get NP charge from clearing the skill which in and of itself is too valuable to not use, so the max hp won't really matter a lot. Also the skill's cooldown is long as hell so you will at best be able to use it once a fight and it's also able to be stripped from you if an enemy has buff stripping.
-NP charge is gonna cap at a certain amount in realistic scenarios. If you start with KP NP and go into a decent set of cards and Merlin + any support caster that provides NP charge you can see another NP for her by turn 3 or 4 which is honestly p fast for a buster servant, but it also means she's only gonna have the buff for so long and then she will never see it again... maybe.
-Buster buffs on NP only lasting a turn isn't bad, but it does make her very bursty which can limit her damage on off turns when NP and attack buff isn't up, though the latter at max level will very easily be active consistently.
-NP has no real plus to it other than it hits shit really hard and only hitting shit really hard is not an amazing metric for a servant's NP to meet.
-Can get stonewalled for a turn by damage negation
-General AE bullshit I mention in the negatives
-In most challenge content she will be a questionable pick due to her very limited skillset and longevity. In farming bullshit, she's perfectly fine and useable but so are a lot of things.
-Is still a relatively newer servant so seeing her in the near future on another banner aside from maybe an anniversary lucky bag isn't particularly realistic especially since the event she was on ratuep for was a rerun

+/-Is the closest you will probably get to a Tiamat servant. It is up to you whether that is a good thing or not.

Overall Opinion: Thank god, a short writeup I get to do. KP is still very new, but her toolkit is honestly incredibly basic despite how many words are in some of her skills. She's got one gameplan: "Hit shit really hard with rocks, yells, and headpats." That's it. If anything interferes with the most basic strategy humanly possible she can't do a lot about it. As far as beating up dumb scrubs goes she'll do well at that, but for challenge quests with multiple enemies that have break bars she'll struggle. Hell, if there's a knight class in it at all you outright just can't use her in that either. This all being said, she's a really fun character and has personality out the butt, I didn't get her but I don't regret trying to roll for her.
Score: 6/10