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In this episode, we play with our friends in Perfection, then go get a badge and see what Jaern is up to. Updates 17/18 for comparison.

We're starting at the Perfection base.


do something for me.

Lets hear him out a bit.

different typings.

At this point I got bored. He really does go on for far too long.

So we fight Taen.

And win.

After the nice man gives us a present, we move up to go warn Jaern about the cultists.

Damian just wants to get on with it.

And as is standard, Jaern tells us everything.


got all of Torren on my side.

He goes on about how he has everything he needs to summon Rayquayza and he's going to bring peace to the region. But notably he only wants to bring peace and not explicitly control everything using Rayquayza. Also no sacrifice required.

orders were given.

Because we aren't doing the sacrifice thing we get to battling East much quicker. Also Jaern's gone already.

And because he's still alive he gives us the TM and Badge.

fair chance to stop him.

East wishes us good luck and we head on over to Jaern.

And so we fight Rayquayza. It's still a big deal, but if you know it's coming it's not quite as scary.


same mistake twice!

Skipping ahead a touch.

about it.

From there it continues as it did in the main update. Crystal pieces are found, and the news report is exactly the same.

If you're wondering about East's will, it turns out if you go back to the room where you had your "Gym Battle" it's just lying around on the floor in there for you to pick up. It's a bit rough honestly since there's not really a good reason to ever go back.