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Bit of important news before we start: Project Exile, the new translation patch for Thracia 776, has been completed and released!

Oh, excellent, now even MORE people can make excuses for the terrible design choices in Thracia 776!

But enough about that, let's play some Super Thracia.


Is that - or rather, are THEY - who I think it is?


Easy, easy. Just relax. They have only one movement until they're attacked. THEN they go crazy. So just AVOID them, okay?

Though they DO have pretty potent weapons. Wanna try and take em'?

It's possible. Uh...Lithis?...That's going to take forever to get used to. Lithis, what is your build?


FOUR?! How the hell are you going to steal ANYTHING with just FOUR build?!

Better grab that Elite Sword for me so I can start grinding it, huh?

Whatever! Let's get Fin to capture one. We'll probably need Dagda to bring him low with a Hammer, so-- that a Dark Druid?


WHAT?! A BERSERK STAFF?! ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME?! We don't even have Restore yet!

The good news is Berserk only has one shot before you have to repair it. Luckily, Hammerne is locked to me.

Oh that's good, we only have to deal with ONE incredibly powerful monster that's going to slaughter every unit on the map, including us. He might even trigger the Ardens, now that I think of it.


Well, the Dark Druid always targets Dagda with Berserk, so you could take off all his weapons. You could even capture him then.

Wait, so, he always targets Dagda? Is this for real?

Apparently there's a way to get him to hit Marty instead, but this causes a glitch where Marty is Berserked when he re-joins later in the game.

Well we certainly don't want that.


I always did wonder why punching is never an option, especially for guys with massive muscles, but no complaints here.

Sigh. Why did Super Thracia have to disable something I actually liked about this game?

Wow. I just realized I can combine my Brave skill with any weapon I could normally use. Like this Killer Axe.

Hey wait a sec. Berserked characters can be attacked by anyone right? Couldn't I stab him over and over for more EXP?

Well, it would consume our weapon stock, but sure, go ahead.

And I can spam healing on him too! I mean, C in staves is great, but what if it was an A instead?

Oh yeah we should also do something about the bandits before they wreck those houses.


And his Build growth is only 15% naturally.

Huh, I forgot about the Dismount rule. I guess that means that the only unit that can capture this boss is Dagda, and he's been Berserked. Very interesting.

Time to clean out these very uninteresting enemies.

It's a Dark Mage with the poisonous Yotsmungand spell.

Huh. I wonder if poison can actually kill Eyvel.

Weird ranks though. What would he do if he got the Meteor book from the chest?

Spamming Physic is the solution to all my problems.

Let's see about the boss.

Oh it's just Veld. He was never any good, so this should be simple.

Especially since that spell is Hel, the HP-to-one spell. It's no threat as long as he doesn't hit someone twice.

I'll just get these while I'm at it.

Shoot. I forgot the Ardens were there, go figure. They've captured Dagda!

Wait, look.

Oh WOW. Well I suppose killing him is easier now.

Much as I'd love to have that Fortify he's got, it's too heavy for Lithis to steal it.

Don't remind me.

Is that Fin? With a Lance? Indoors? Wow, now he won't be stuck with a lousy sword. I guess there are some positives to this hack.

Easier than Idunn, and THAT is saying something.

Please. Get. Build.

Shouldn't we get Fin down here for the capture?

I don't think the player thought of that in this run.

Hah, dummy.

And now for the woefully tedious and awful process of returning the children to their homes.

A ring is the reward here and the other two have other rewards later in the game.

Excuse me miss, is this your child--


Ugh what is it now.

There was a ZOMBIE in that house! I'm sure of it! Let me see the child that goes there!

Get it together, Fin! The only thing I see here is a skill that negates effective damage! Now GET HER TO HER HOME!

A-A Master Seal. This...this is good.

Hold on. Leif, I just thought of something.

What? I already know to have only a few items in mine and Lithis's inventories to make the next chapter easier.

Uh...take off all of Tanya, Dagda, and Halvan's weapons, as well as my own. Give Orsin and Marty the best Axes, give Fin the best Lances, and Safiya the best Staves. And get spare keys. Lots and lots of spare keys.


Let's just say I had a vision of the future. It's not good. Like, at all.