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Welcome to the Manster Prison Escape Sequence! I'm Ced, and I'm here to help you through several screenshots of nothing happening. Yes, unfortunately, even in Super Thracia chapters 4 and 4x have little to offer, so let's fast forward a little and get right to the fun part.

But first, we have new party members. Lara and Machuya (or however you spell it) haven't changed a lot, mainly getting their stats boosted to match the new standards. Oh. And Lara has even LESS build now, if you can believe it.

Brighton got some small changes, namely he can now use Axes while dismounted, which is a big advantage in this dungeon due to the weapon triangle changes. He comes with a Hammer now too, which will also be very powerful, the thing does monster damage to Armors.

Not much to say about Fergus other than his class has Axe-ess to a new weapon type. Aha. Axe-ess. Ahem. Oh and notice that his Axe rank drops a grade if he mounts, that's...a little weird, but no matter.

Him and Karin have C-ranks in Swords. This is critical because you can bring the Silver Sword and Fire Sword into these chapters - both of these items are C-rank now. This time, we've brought the Fire Sword since the Silver Sword had too little durability left in it. Oh, and Karin gets the nerfed Miracle skill.

So yes, free Leif and co., free Lithis and the green units, beat up infinitely spawning soldiers, free the prisoners and make sure they all escape to get Chapter 4x, and we come to the chokepoint right by the exit point which has a whopping four additional soldiers.

And then there's Dalshin. Who is shockingly very, VERY effective in Super Thracia. Vantage and access to Swords is actually quite handy, but the many Armors we face in these chapters demand more Hammer users, so Dalshin ends up being usable in this hack, who knew?

And so Leif and co. beat up a bunch of mages and took all the books, which were too heavy for Lithis to steal due to his nerfed Build, and they all got away. Meanwhile, Julius is still in the center room of the map, still completely oblivious to any prison breaks going on around him. All hail our glorious emperor's son.

Most people don't know this, but if you skip chapter 4x, I appear on the map in chapter 6. (But then you've skipped chapter 4x and you don't get Asvel.) I wonder if that's the case in Super Thracia?

At any rate, this map has indeed changed, as it's no longer Fog of War thanks to that big flame in the center, which is also creating chokepoints that are much easier to manage.


You do that.

Asvel now has...Nihil? And he lost his Fire rank? What happened there, Asvel?

Well, my family tried to teach me Fire magic, but I was absolute shit at it. Then they found out about my Wind magic skills, and they irrationally hate Wind magic, so they kicked me out, disowned me, and naturally when they started getting offed by a Wind mage, they instantly assumed I was behind it.

Asvel, that's the plot of Kaze no Stigma.

Well what else was I supposed to say? That the hacker wanted me to not use the many Fire tomes that are obtainable this early?

Oh yeah, it's apparently Asbel with a "B" now.

As in "Ass Bell"? I have a new favorite insult.

Oh no, ten less skill, the horror.

Archer reinforcements come from the left and right. It's also possible for a Fighter to appear from the bottom staircase. But these reinforcements are randomized, so it's not consistent.

And that's Dalshin getting a point in Movement.

What, not going to mention the fact that I can die on the first turn if one of the soldiers attacking me gets a critical hit?

Come on, what are the odds of that?

Happened on the first attempt.

Welp, here's the last part of the map.

The mage has Restore, and...oh SWEET FORSETI! A Devil Axe with THREE range?! And...and that crit rate!

And it still has that backfire effect too, so it's all the more risky.

Anyhow, Karin attempted to flirt with me...

Fucking did NOT! I gave her a magic rag that negates criticals and boosts your speed growth when you hold it. That's actually the first scroll you can get in Super Thracia. Better make use of it!

Chest contents are the usual, a Brave Sword, a stat ring, and...uh...wait.

How did Fergus get his horse in here? Was it the chest?

I think we found an actual bug. You can get on your horse when standing on unopened chests!

And here we have a Sonic Sword. It is a 1 to 3 ranged magic sword that casts Elwind at a distance. EXTREMELY useful, but needs a C in swords to be used.

Anyhow, the party captured and stole what they could and then high-tailed it out of there. We now return to your regularly scheduled ROM hack difficulty!

Oh no. Oh god no. Why. Why. Of all the stupid random cameos that had to be in this hack...WHY did it have to include YOU of all people?!

Now, now, dear, is that any way to greet your new hosts? Why I've even gifted you with a fancy Sonic Sword. I've even assisted young Nanna, there, in getting a brand-new portrait.

You know, he has a point there, all things considered. Even gave me one of his Stamina Drinks.

I bet it's poisoned.

Nonsense, those drinks are how I stay in tip-top shape!

So if Nanna drinks it this thread will have TWO fat princesses, lovely.

Well, I know my sweetheart likes me this way.

Uh-huh. And who is this sweetheart?

Claus is my name. I am the student of master Gharnef.

I've...never heard of you.

I was in the Fire Emblem 1 Manga.

Wow. That's one obscure cameo. You don't even have a Fire Emblem Wiki page.

Now then, Eyvel. You may be wondering why I've placed you and your friend in my battle arena. You see, Claus and I wish to play a game.

Oh, is it that ball game from the Thracia novelization?

Yes, it is a sort of ball game. Only instead of balls, here in Manster, we use...

Endlessly respawning Berserker clones!

The guy from the stupid sideplot in the second DS game?

What's the point? I'm still immortal, so they really can't scratch me.

True. But your weapon only has 25 shots before it breaks, darling.

Oh. This is gonna suck.

Oh great. Weren't those guys on the other side of the wall originally?

Yep, and they all charge at the start of the map. The Archer's got a Silver Bow, the Mages have Thunder, Fire, the one in the front has a Tornado spell...oh! And the Fighter has a Bhuj.

...A what?

Didn't you hear? That's what the Pugi is actually called.

........okay. We can at least capture him and put it to good use.

Oh look, it's actually reasonable to get that treasure chest instead of walking all the way around the outside, what do you know. enemy Dancer. Oh boy.

A point in movement. Never goes to the people who can use it more, eh?

As much as I hate wasting weapons as good as Grafcalibur, I'm gonna need it to withstand this Tornado spell.

But what good is a stupidly long neck?


Oh look, Eyvel, you have a visitor!

What have you done with her?!

We merely introduced her to our all-time favorite TV show. It seems to have had quite the unexpected side effect.


Archer? What's she talking about? There's no way Eyvel could be a shitty Archer, right?

Nanna, please shut up while I lure her to the other side of the arena.

This is turning into quite the ring collection.

Man I want to get that Bhuj so bad.

Dalshin will protect wimpy Prince from big scary Bhuj.

Holy crap that was close.

Could be better odds...but it is the beginning of the chapter, so let's do it!

With that out of the way...well...looks like the rest of the chapter will be the usual, just gotta get past all the stationary enemies.

Wait did you mean like paper or like unmoving stationary?


Arrrrgh. 15% can't be that hard to hit one time!

Let's see here. Archers with Longbows and another Dark Mage with a poisonous weapon. Looks like we'll have to take our time trying to capture him.

What is TAKING Leif so LONG to get OVER HERE?!


Dalshin not know what these words mean.

This is actually quite appreciated, as Lockpicks only have 20 uses here.

I can get this guy down to 15 HP. Then Dalshin can swoop in and capture on the next--

Fuck. Physic has infinite range in this game.

Uh, why are you pointing your staff that way?

I get my urges to point my staff in strange directions, that's all.

You never point it at ME anymore!

Guess we have to just get in there and kill him before the Dancer can do her thing.

This Dancer also happens to have a Wind Sword. 1-2 range, +5 Speed when equipped.

I want it.

And now we just...wait. What the heck? How are we supposed to get out...OH! I forgot to open the door to where Nanna is. Silly me, forgetting I have a love interest.

I'll just walk all the way over to where the door is in the span of a single turn.

Oh, NOW you think to do that!

Oh no! Prince Leif has escaped and made it to the room with our highly dangerous and invincible Swordmaster under our control!

Quick, use the Triforce of Power to turn Eyvel to stone and let's get out of here!

And taking the captive with us instead of using her to slaughter the player's party.

Erm...bad news...

WHAT?! A guy with a Blizzard spell just popped out of the wall?! That's bullshit!

Oh, no, that's actually good news. Blizzard doesn't inflict Sleep, and we can capture it for later. The bad news is over there.

Hey wait just a minute, why the hell are we running away?! We could just slaughter them ourselves, here and now!

Holy're precisely right! After them, sweetheart!

Huh, what do you know. Waiting until everyone was by the exit before opening the door turning out to be a good thing.

Dash it all! Foiled once again!