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Finally out of that dumb dungeon! We just need to get our mounts back now!

Oh that's easy, we can re-mount as soon as we're outdoors.

Seriously? How does that work? Our horses weren't anywhere to be seen inside.

They've been in PokéBalls the entire time! My favorite is Swanna.

Swanna's not a horse!

Look, it's not my fault Pokémon has no flying horses, okay?

Oh great, they were waiting for us.

We can break east! The cavaliers won't follow, the armors should be easy to take out, and the mages are tolerable. The bards have Lightning, but they won't move at all. We could take their tomes.

I'll stall em'! Nothing but a bunch of wimpy Thunder mages, the worst mage class!

Why do I feel like this is foreshadowing...?

Thank GOODNESS. I can heal and Canto like an actually good healer.

Hey, we could totally draw out those guys and Capture them.

You can't capture mounted units.

Can too! Get me my PokéBalls!

Go, Keldeo! Sacred Sword attack!

Hey, I wanted his stuff!

Oh good, a free Rapier! We gotta stock up on that.

Bah! Stupid Gen 1 miss glitch!

It's not a glitch in this game.

If that's all they've got this will be a very easy escape. Okay, next house!

Hey, it's Lena! Lena the...Axe And this hack was made before Awakening had Nuns With Axes. Then again, Nintendo always did take good ideas from the fans.

Actually, my name is Titania.

Huh? Like the Tellius Paladin? The class makes sense, but you look nothing like her! And she's called "Tiamat" in Japan anyhow.

No really, look...

AlphaKretin posted:

No, this really is like Titania, that Japanese name reads Tiamat. are you supposed to be young Titania or something?

Beats me.

All I know is, I have a Bhuj and Vantage.

Then you're welcome on my team.

This can't be used until level 20 now.

Wow, it's going to take like four chapters for anyone to reach that at the rate we're going.

Soon it will be "lights out" for the bards!

Get it? Lights out? Lightning magic?

Pure Water. Sadly inflated stat caps means +7 is almost never that great.

Oh isn't that cute, the right arrow is blocked so only I can fly someone out with it, the rest have to reach the leftmost arrows.

Geez they're making me come to them even. What are they even doing? Tooting on their flutes or something?

And this is why the Fire Sword is good stuff.

Wait what? A Bargain Manual? I didn't even know this was here!

It's an unused item in the vanilla game. Now anyone you want can buy items at half price.

Woah. You hear that noise? That's the sound of Shanam committing seppuku.

I wonder what's for sale in this map?


And the Paragon Manual. Time to spend the next ten chapters carefully considering who will get it.

Reinforcements, and...oh SHIT. Leif, what turn is it?!

Like turn 15 I think?

OH SHIT! Okay, do exactly as I say, you need to get over to Nanna and--

Shit. Too late.

The fuck just happened?!

Ah, Prince Leif, pleasure to see you in another map!

Oh great. You again. What did you just do?

Oh it's just a scripted teleport event. Nothing fancy.

Oh and a swarm of promoted enemy units.

Wait WHAT?


Yeah remember that guy, Galzus? I decided to come up with something more fair.

Fair? How in the FUCK is this more fair?!

Well, Galzus has Movement stars, these guys just have a good chance of one-shotting you with a random crit.

And the scripted teleport thing?!

Someone could have rescued you to prevent it.

You know. If you were psychic and saw this coming.

Don't worry, Leif, I got this! Nanna, get behind me!

What? Asvel, they're BERSERKERS, you can't seriously hold them off, can you?

Just stay within three spaces of me so I get the Charisma boost!


Fucking fuck this fucking sucks fuck me


Sweet, I can use Tornado now!

Oh my god get these guys away from me!

Asvel? What the hell? How are you still alive?

Like THAT.

Here, saved you one! They're worth 100 EXP each since they're technically third tier.


You'll...just have to forgive me if I seem in shock. How many of them did you kill?

That many. Shame I broke Grafcalibur, but we won't need it anyways.

Oh my god.

Uh, boys, everyone's waiting at the goal point, should I order them to start running?

Go on ahead, I...I gotta clear my head.

I thought you said this plan was perfect!

I didn't expect the Wind mage to do THAT!

Couldn't you have warped him, too?!

My staff broke!

Oh, I'll REALLY break it now!

Hold up, Asvel. I got a present for you.

Really? What is it?

...Leif, I think I like working with you.

I like working with you, too, my man.