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Thank goodness. One more chapter and we're able to actually prepare for fights properly.

Let's see. Looks kinda normal...

The bandits have a Berserker now, no doubt they'll be moving now...

Heh, I can get rid of them easy.

And these guys all have Movement Stars. Hoo boy. Well, it looks actually kind of tame.

By now you should realize looks can be very deceiving.

I'm trying to stay positive here!

Anti-Toxin? What's even the point? The only poison weapon in Super Thracia is Yotsmungand.

That's more like it! We need plenty of these!

Oh great. How are we supposed to get to Shiva from all the way down here?

At least I can spam Physic from anywhere I want. That should buy some time.

You know how in Path of Radiance, the bandits only seem to consider me a threat and not Ike? Yeah, THAT is how strong I am.

There's our Super Thracia dick move! I was getting concerned.

But who are they?!

Prepare for trouble!

And make it double!

I'm Jemmy!

And I'm Zeed!

So what, you're the Team Rocket of Fire Emblem? Jeez, wasn't Star Wolf enough to satisfy the inter-series continuity jokes?

We're from the Fire Emblem 6 manga!

You've got to be kidding me. Well, at least they have wiki pages, and I shit you not, TRADING CARDS.

Ah, Asvel, what a pleasant surprise! Now I will show you why Fire always wins against Wind!

You may have prevented me from blocking your appearance by sitting on the tile you spawn at, but are your stats good enough?

Well that's a "no".

Ha! Everyone knows stats are meaningless!


More like Bologna.

Ouchie ouch!

Don't worry, Jemmy, I got this!

Seriously? Attacking a Wind mage on a mountain...with Wyverns.

Well guess what? They infinitely respawn until I'm defeated!

So they all suicide on me every turn? Sweet.

Puny wyvern thinks he can ambush DALSHIN! He's DEAD WRONG! Wait no, he's not wrong. He's just dead.

What are we supposed to do about Shiva?! Where's Fin?!

We could wound him until he retreats to use a vulnerary. That'd stall him.

Movement point!

What good is that? You can heal from anywhere.

Suppose I'll just switch to Thunder and level that up for awhile.

You're really mopping them up. I guess this chapter isn't that crazy. I mean, the Serenes Forest wiki explicitly says, "This chapter may give you nightmares" but this is just boring.

Yes, well, my first inclination was that super-charging me against the Berserkers in the previous chapter wasn't an intended tactic. Imagine how this might have turned out if I were level 5 or something.

That should be enough to get him to run like a baby.

And now it's your turn.

Stats really do mean nothing when you have critical hits.

We're blasting off agaaaaaain!

There! Shiva's ours!

I'm a weak and defenseless Cleric. Join me or I'll give you an excessively long sermon!

I can't believe that actually worked.

Just a few more to mop up, maybe capture.

Hey, what gives?! What happened to the Arena?! Now I can't steal another Didja Redo joke!

Oh, but good thing Heal, Mend and Recover are all available for purchase. Weird prices, though.

Well, that's that. Now that we can use the preparation screen, it should be smooth sailing from he--