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Greetings and welcome to my Let's Play of the MegaMan Battle Network series!

It's my first time doing one of these for SomethingAwful, but I wanted to replay the games and figured I'd actually contribute something to the archives while I was at it!

What is MegaMan Battle Network?

In contrast to the mainline games of the Classic series (most of which I admittedly have not played), MegaMan Battle Network takes place in its own timeline and features a universe that focuses on the advancement of the internet rather than robotics.

Despite being an offshoot, it's proven to be a rather popular series, boasting an anime that lasted for five seasons, a 13 volume manga, a feature-length movie that crossed over with Duel Masters (no, that's not a joke), and even a cameo appearance by the titular character in Smash Bros. as part of Classic MegaMan's Final Smash. Granted, every MegaMan that wasn't from ZX or ×over can boast that latter achievement.

How many games does the series have?

MegaMan Battle Network has six mainline games, though all games from 3 - 6 begin to feature alternate versions. In the interest of showing off as much content as possible, I intend to play both versions of each game to an extent, though I'll be favoring a specific version for each.

I'll also make some mention of some of the side games, including the Japanese exclusive games.

What games will you be playing?

If all goes well, I intend to primarily cover

- MegaMan Battle Network (Operate Star Force)
- MegaMan Battle Network 2 (Hard Mode)
- MegaMan Battle Network 3 (Blue)
- MegaMan Battle Network 4 (Red Sun) + MegaMan Battle Network 4.5
- MegaMan Battle Network 5 (Double Team DS: Team Colonel)
- MegaMan Battle Network 6 (Gregar)

That's a lot of content.

Yes. Yes it is.

In light of that, I'll be doing some mild cheating to alleviate the amount of grinding I need to do, typically to the extent of using a max money code once and then finishing the game from there. That should, ideally, prevent me from getting burned out!

What's the policy on spoilers?

Seeing as this whole series is already on LPArchive, there's probably not much reason for me to play coy with pretending most people around don't know any plot twists. So feel free to discuss things at your leisure.

At the very least, I'll attempt to avoid talking about the events of future entries until they become relevant. This is because I have a lot of to say about certain plot beats, how certain characters are written, and so on which I would like to address as they come up.

Without further ado, let's begin. I hope you find this to be an entertaining read.

MegaMan Battle Network (Operate Star Force)
- Part 1: Prologue
- Part 2: Lan
- Part 3: Steamed Hams
- Part 4: Number Munchers
- Part 5: Papa was a Rolling Stone
- Part 6: The Iceman Cometh
- Part 7: Color Me Crazy
- Part 8: Electric Slide
- Part 9: Strange, Isn't It?
- Part 10: Shooting Star
- Part 11: Bombing Out
- Part 12: Endgame
- Part 13: Hub
- Part 14: Epilogue

MegaMan Battle Network 2
- Part 1: Network Transmission
- Part 2: School's Out Forever
- Part 3: Life's a Gas
- Part 4: City Netbattlers
- Part 5: Dynamite with a Laser Beam
- Part 6: A Cut Above the Rest
- Part 7: Style for Miles
- Part 8: Shadow of War
- Part 9: Tourist Trap
- Part 10: Snake Eater
- Part 11: What a Night for a Knight
- Part 12: The Hottest Mix-Tape of 20XX
- Part 13: Magnetic Personalities
- Part 14: The Ice Age
- Part 15: Freezing Point
- Part 16: Resurrection
- Part 17: The Super Navi
- Part 18: Epilogue
- Part 19: The Chosen One
- Part 20: The Ultimate Navi

MegaMan Battle Network 3
- Part 1: True or False
- Part 2: In A Bad Light
- Part 4: The Beast from the East
- Part 5: Do I Feel Lucky?
- Part 6: Scrubbing Bubbles
- Part 7: Back in Style
- Part 8: Tourist Trap II: Beach Boogaloo
- Part 9: Hell 2 U
- Part 10: Saving Room for Desert
- Part 11: An Ounce of Prevention
- Part 12: A Pound of Cure
- Part 13: Wither on the Vine
- Part 14: Hero for a Day
- Part 15: Flames of Vengeance
- Part 16: Rank Amateurs
- Part 17: This is not a Drill
- Part 18: Cybergeddon
- Part 19: Wily's Castle
- Part 20: The Beast
- Part 21: End of an Era
- Part 22: Light in the Darkness
- Part 23: S
- Part 24: Rebirth
- Part 25: Seven Stars

MegaMan Battle Network 4 and 4.5

MegaMan Battle Network 5: Double Team DS

MegaMan Battle Network 6

Pre-Let's Play Thoughts
- Battle Network 1/OSS
- Battle Network 2
- Battle Network 3
- Battle Network 4
- Battle Network 4.5
- Battle Network 5
- Battle Network 6
- Anime
- Manga

- Boss Locations: OSS, BN2, BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- Lotto Numbers: BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- HP Memory/RegUp Locations: OSS, BN2, BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- SubMem Locations: BN2, BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- Navi Customizer Program Locations/Compression Codes: BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- Spin Block/ExpMem Locations: BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- Quizzes: OSS, BN2, BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- Chip Trades: OSS, BN2, BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6
- Cheats Codes: OSS, BN2, BN3, BN4, BN5, BN6

- Character List
- Rivalry: MegaMan vs. GutsMan
- Character Analysis: Lan's Friends
- Rivalry: MegaMan vs. ProtoMan
- Character Analysis: Chaud
- Rivalry: MegaMan vs. Bass
- Character Analysis: Bass
- Bass: Alternate Interpretations (Anime/Manga)