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Hello again! We now have the preparations screen, which means an additional game mechanic comes into play: Fatigue. Those of you familiar with Thracia know that Fatigue will force a character to bench for a chapter if they attack, staff, dance, or steal so much that their Fatigue stat becomes higher than their Max HP. Due to stat inflation, you'll actually suffer Fatigue far less in Super Thracia because everyone's Max HP is way higher.

Stamina Drinks are still a thing, but they're way less frequent. We've got around four. You can't expect much more than that. Take care to bench people manually if they're reaching high levels of Fatigue in this game. Unfortunately, going crazy with Asvel like that has forced him onto the bench and Chapter 8 is not worth blowing a drink on. Sucks, too, because we don't have to worry one bit about Fatigue at all in this chapter because...uh...well, you'll see. Let's check in with Leif and his new friend...

I'm telling you for the LAST TIME I am NOT your precious Marthipan!

Oh, Marth, you know better than to mess around with your love! Especially when she flew all the way from Archanea on her sweet new ride.

I thought Pegasus Knights promoted to Wyvern Knights over there.

Don't you remember, Marth? I got this after my old pegasus was shot down by a Ballista when you ordered me to attack it without remembering to give me the Iote Shield first. Miraculously, I lived through that experience.

I told you I'm not Marth. Look at my hair. Look at the color of my armor.

Oh come on, my hair is blue, Abel's is green, Est's is PINK, how hard is it to color-dye hair? And anyone can put on a white uniform, haven't you done that for that Smash thingy? Besides, you've got a Rapier and a sword of Light, it's obviously Marth. Now do me a favor and stop trying to run away from me...what would our daughter think?


Hi daddy!

...Caeda, that's a random village girl. Whose kid did you kidnap?!

Oh come on, Marth, can't you see she has your eyes, your...your...talent for magic?

Mommy says you're a worse lord than Roy.

YOU HUSH! Ahem. Why don't you tell daddy what's so special about you?

I got twenty movement stars!

TWENTY stars? I don't see ANY stars.

The stat screen doesn't display them past like ten. I guess. But there you have it! Every magic type, twenty stars, Sol, marvelous Luck and HP...

Caeda...may I see her growth rates?


I mean, it would SUCK if her growths were below 50 in most fields, whereas Super Thracia gives most of us 60 or higher in anything that's not Build...

But...but...two actions per turn!

Fucking shit fine. You, girl, take this Torch and light the place up, we're gonna be here awhile considering vision range is a whopping 1 in this map, now covered in Fog of War.

My name's Eine!


I...wha...I...what...WHAT IS THIS?!

Can't see the terrain, can't see the movement squares...this is pretty hardcore, even for a Kaizo hack.

So the entire screen is just white? They put together custom code for THIS?

If I had to guess I'd say it's the tileset palette, but yeah, the entire screen is just white.

How is this a challenge?! Because this seems to me that it's more like "Being a fucking asshole"!

That's a running theme in Thracia.

Oh and Longbows now too?! Good thing we can capture him and take it!

Seriously, Dalshin? Again? You have like 2% Movement growth.

What do you get when you take the L out of my name?


Caeda, is that a Blue-Eyes White Dragon? Are we in Yu-Gi-Oh now?

Ooh, are you impressed?

No, I was just hoping this was a different game.

You'd take Yu-Gi-Oh over Super Thracia? Wow, this hack is accomplishing a lot.

YOU! THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE FLIER IN THIS MAN'S LIFE! I'll have you know I can wield the Dragon Lance!

Shame it has no weapon lock anymore.

I am "Dashin" in the sense that I am fast AND good-looking!

This guy really wants to overcome the Knight Movement Curse.

We've got bandit reinforcements from the north, just lovely.


Oh come on, with a triangle advantage he'll never hit me.

Man, does Dalshin need his armor if he dodges everything?

WHAT?! AGAIN?! That's THREE in one chapter!

Proud day for Doga archetypes!

Wait, what happened to the screen?! I can actually see it!

The fade-in is due to two separate palettes being used - one for faded and one for not faded - so the hacker likely forgot to edit the other one. You could actually enter the Suspend menu to see where you're going.

Still really dumb. Wait, maybe the start button will help?


Though this should be helpful for something further down the line.

What, the start button? What could that be helpful for?

Caeda fears no Arch--

W-wait! Eine, get away from that Archer!


Eine, it's you! Thank goodness you're alright. Now point me in the direction of the one who took you so I can pierce her skull!

So you're her mother!

SISTER, actually. Our names have similar letters in them. She's Eine, and I'm Kleine.

What, like the Binding Blade Archer?

Actually I'm some random boss from FE12, localized as Clarisse, and the girl is a younger Katarina, whose real name is Eine/Reese.

What in the fuck--

Now then, would you know where that kidnapping Wyvern might be? I owe her a few pointy objects. Shame arrows don't splatter blood everywhere.

(Help me, Marthipaaaaan!)

Uh yeah, he's the boss of this chapter. He dismounted and won't mount until turn 15 or so.

Oh, I suppose I'll wait until then to shoot him.

We need to get to Chapter 8x though, since apparently Marty, Orsin and the others don't join us until then. So we gotta capture the boss.

Uh, bit of advice? You don't wanna go to Chapter 8x. Trust me on this.

I want Marty back. Now then, I don't expect much from an Archer, but let's see what you've got.

Well, an Archer with Luna might be somewhat okay. Love the portrait, by the way, it seems completely brand-new, not an edit or anything. Just look at the eyes, they've got that "Is he for real?" look!

Now, um, I don't want to insult either of you but you and your daughter have kinda lame stats.

Runs in the family.

There he is! Let's soften him up.

I bet this'll be important soon.

Nice HP. Shame you whiffed your only chance to kill me.

Now how in the hell do I deal with this? Those stats are bland but he's sitting on a throne with the biggest bonus in history. Stealing his sword is out of the question for, ahem, REASONS.

I guess we just pelt him with magic and magic swords and wait for Thracia's lack of 2RN to do the job for us.

And eventually...

There, we got him. You always do at least 1 point of damage so this is a capture KO.

I love you too, Marth!

I didn't say that.

Thank goodness. Now to get back Marty, Orsin, Tanya, Halvan, and......

D...Dagda? What the fuck?!