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Update 4 - Wikihow to be a Sushi Sprite

Welcome back to Sushi Strikers, last time we found out that Kojiro was the rat who busted Franklin, and you know what happens to snitches, right? After that we... adopted Kojiro's sushi sprite, and now we continue the journey to save Franklin!

Video: Battle - Private Scraps

♪ BGM: Soldier Scene ♫

Bumping into soldiers, sure, but what's up with the captain sliding up into frame. Where were you my dude, and what were you doing down there. Do note though, this won't be the last time he and his captain brethren do this trick.

Uh oh, he found out about last week's food crime. Look bub, if you're gonna arrest me, you better arrest Grandma Party too. He came up with the idea after all.

: We got a tip from a promising new recruit by the name of Kojiro.
: According to him, you have in your possession a rare contraband sushi sprite.


: As you command!
: You're in for it this time, squirt. Wait until you see what my sushi sprite can do.

Whatever it does, it won't stand a chance against my—

: When he's in his paradise, he's surrounded by delicious health-recovering sweets.
: Sweets Paradise, huh? Sounds yummy. Hey, where do I know that name from? Couldn't Penzo do that?
: The best part about sweets is all I need to do is touch each one to get the benefit!

Don't ya mean 'all he need to do'? Unless you're stepping up to get served.

Hey, that's my line! Also who's talking? Jinrai, that you?

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Start 2 or more sushi jubilees and win.
- Eat 50 or more plates and win.
- Win with 25% or more HP.

Oh hey, it's Penzo, who'da thunk? I'm more interested in seeing what our Penzo brings to the table in terms of sushi.

Hmm, looks like our lanes will be a bit yellow heavy this time.

So this squad of soldiers are mostly here to demonstrate new sushi sprites and skills, so they'll always start the battle with a full skill bar. Private Scraps uses Sweets Paradise right off the bat.

And now his field is replaced with sweets, which will only heal him and not gain him any plates; so I have no idea why his AI is scripted to use the skill at the very start of the fight instead after taking damage. Not to mention he only eats a handful before they leave the screen! Here pal, let me show how it's done.

As the game mentioned, you can eat through all these sweets quickly if mash the A button, and now we've recovered all our health. Now to finish this.

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

Whoops, ended the battle too soon so we missed out on one of the star objectives. Well that's alright, we can just redo the stage take care of it real quick.

Okay, let's get that last star.

♪ BGM: Musashi's Theme ♫

: Whoa! Cool, thanks!

You got the Secret Striker Scroll!

: Score! So uh...what is it?

: This contains secret knowledge of advanced techniques, handed down through the ages.
: All right. Let's review the controls and the Eight Precepts of Sushi Striking.

The game takes control from here and opens the menu.

♪ BGM: Imperial Rim ♫

Here are the buttons controls in case you need a reference. The game then opens the 8 precepts. Most of this is stuff I've already gone over, but now it has some illustrations.

Here's all the different plates and their base damage values.

Most sushi sprites will 'awaken' when they hit a certain level; except Jinrai, his are gated by story beats.

That's one thing I've never used before, if you move the right stick on the overworld a mouse cursor appears and you can click on things to go to them. It's a little faster then just moving between stages.

There's a lot of stuff in this sub-menu, and we still have two more stages to get through; so this will be it's own mini-update, info dump, or something.

♪ BGM: Musashi's Theme ♫

: Take special note of the sushi jubilee, during which damage is increased by 50%.
: You also need a Skill Charm to enhance a sushi sprite's skill level.
: Know your enemy, yourself, and your sushi, and you can overcome a thousand obstacles.

Way ahead of you, Jinrai.

Video: Battle - Private Crumbles

♪ BGM: Soldier Scene ♫

You already pulled that trick ya dungle!

: You're gonna give me a heart attack if you keep this up.
: I expected better of Scraps. Though in hindsight, I'm not sure why.
: Crumbles! Let's see if you can do better than your sorry excuse for a comrade!
: No sweat, sir!
: Heheh. I'm tingling with anticipation to show off my sprite's special skill.

: It's a jolting move that uses electrified plates to sizzle away your health.

Okay, what are you gonna tell me next, your shoe size?

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Win in 75 or fewer seconds.
- Eat 10 or more types of sushi and win.
- Make 3 or more glowing plates and win.

Private Crumbles has himself a Tigazo, the tiger sushi sprite.

And as mentioned. Tigazo has a offensive skill that allows the user to deal more damage. How much more? I dunno, I try to math it out with the numbers used in the 8 precepts, but something didn't add up correctly; so I have no idea how much more I just knows that it does more.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Soldier♫

So, unlike Scraps, Crumbles holds off on using Electrozap for a while; but when he does he hit me with 11 plate blue stack.

Cheese-n-crackers! That actually really hurt! Better finish this quick.

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

Alright let's see that A rank.

Did not expect that! This isn't just an S rank, but a Rainbow S rank which is the highest rank you can get on a stage. This mostly caught me off guard as I slowed down to let Crumbles show off electrozap.

Video: Battle - Private Growlin

Alright, last fight of the update. Let's see what kind of heat this guy is packing.

♪ BGM: Soldier Scene ♫

: Can't you dopes take the hint?
: Hmph... I had high hopes for Crumbles. Why can't you know your place?!

What did you just say to me?! I will slap the soy sauce from your mouth, punk!!

: Growlin! Make me proud and grab Jinrai! FOR THE EMPEROR!
: Heh. With my sushi sprite's skill? It's as good as done.

What? You have the 'I Win' sus—

Ever heard of letting people finish what they're saying?!

: All the power of that Jinrai you're so proud of is like soggy rice against this technique.
: So like...a Sushi Shield makes attacks weaker or something? Good to know.

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Start 1 or more sushi jubilees and win.
- Make a 2-hit combo and win.
- Win with 20% or more HP.

This fight features Elekan, the elephant sushi sprite.

Like Electrozap, I'm not sure how much damage Sushi Shield blocks. I just know that it's not a good idea to unload your big attacks while it's up.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Soldier♫

Didn't waste time on using it. The shield surprisingly last for quite a while. This might prove to be a problem.

Heh, shield or not, you're just like every other mook with a sushi sprite.

What the?! Somehow he turned the tables on me!

♪ BGM: Battle Pinch♫

The second you start hearing that music, you know you've lost control over the battle. Worst of all Sweets Paradise is no where near ready.

I'm sweating bullets, either I link two plates and throw or he'll hit me with those greens and loss. SUSHI GIVE ME STRENGTH!!

Whew! That was a close shave!

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

Welp, I'll have to go back and get that star.

Alright, now to get that last star.

And now everything is right with the world. Well that about does it for this update. Tune in next time when we break a dish with the Commander of this squad.

New Sushi Sprites

#006: Tigazo
Secret: Can sometimes be found chasing its own tail.
Skill: Electrozap - Charges plates with electricity, increasing their attack power!

#009: Elekan
Secret: So heavy no human could move it.
Skill: Sushi Shield - Creates a shield that reduces damage taken from opponent's plates!