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Welcome to the 2nd gaiden chapter!

As a sidenote, I'd like to thank special guest petrichor for helping to translate this chapter.

Unlike the first one, I let people vote for our team on this one. There were a few spots left unfilled, so I threw in Reimu, Marisa, and Murasa myself.

By the way...

I went ahead and cheated myself infinite money for this.

You'll see why in a bit.

Since I had to use a different save file for this, several of the units voted in are at tragically low levels.

A bunch of these nerds are getting 4 levels out of the deal.

Anyway, let's get on with the chapter.

Gaiden 2: Recollection of Spellcard
Just like last time, this is a play on Chapter 48, "Watatsuki's Spellcard".

According to the reports, there are intruders from Earth.

But how did they manage to pierce the lunar barrier...?

Looks like they came here on that weird ship over there.

If they can do something like that though, then these are no ordinary Earthlings.

...True, I can feel traces of divine power.

Wawawa! What do we do?! Yorihime found us!

Isn't this really bad?! She's gonna treat us like intruders!

I mean, we kinda are.

What do we do if this turns serious? This is just a dream, I don't want any trouble.

Don't! Worry! When we came here for real, all we had to do was hand over the letter and she let everyone go!

What letter?

Oh, right! Eirin's letter! We just hand it over and we're clear!

Wait, where is it?!

Again?! Where'd you drop it this time?!

No, I don't think I've seen it since this dream started...

Hey, Makura! Did you remember to recreate the letter?

The letter, hmm....


Welp, we're doomed.

It's probably because the people who went to the moon never saw what was written in the letter. She'd have nothing to base it on.

What are you all mumbling about over there? Who are you, anyway?

Oh right, Lady Yorihime! I had something to report!

It seems that among this group are two people pretending to be you and Lady Toyohime!

Imposters then...?

...How strange. How would they even know of our appearances in the first place?

We'll need to investigate this. Stop hiding in the ship and show yourselves!

Er... Um...!

This could have gone better. I guess this is no time for sightseeing.

Then it's time for desperate measures!

Wait, what are you doing?!


Huh? Someone came out...

Hold on, do you understand my position here?!

Don't! Worry! Yoyo loves you, Eirin!

And the rabbits probably won't recognize you anyway. There won't be a problem with getting to talk to her.

That's not the problem though...

I-Impossible... Why are you here...?

Don't tell me it's an imposter...? But this feeling... There's no doubt.

See? Just as planned, she's confused.

...Oh well, what's done is done. Yorihime, I need to speak with you.

Listen carefully. We're not from this dimension.


You can think of us as strangers from another place in spacetime.

So while we're the same people you know so well, in another sense we're not the same. Do you understand?

Strangers...? You're not the same Lady Yagokoro...?!

I see. So her plan is to get Yorihime to understand?

Still, strangers huh...?

I guess we're counterparts from a parallel universe then!

I mean, that's kinda true, but why do you look so happy about that?

I'm sorry for springing something so shocking on you all of a sudden. If you let us go, I promise we'll return to our own world without causing you any trouble.

I-I can hardly believe it...

Your voice is just like like hers, and even the look in your eye... Even now, I find myself just wishing this were real.




Isn't it far too convenient for you to show up in front of me right now?

In other words, this is an illusion! A phantom born from my immaturity!

Yes, this is because I've still held onto the hope of meeting you again.

Um... Lady Yorihime?

Oh dear, looks like this is going in a weird direction.

It's because Lady Yagokoro showed up so suddenly. She's so confused right now.


If this is a recreation of reality, then I suppose it was our fate to run into trouble here.

If that's how she's gonna play it, then we can't just sit back either.

Prepare for battle, everyone!

More of them are pouring out, Lady Yorihime!

What do we do about the imposters? Are they from a parallel universe or illusions or what?

...Ahem. Just pretend you never heard any of that.

Y-yes ma'am!

We may not know their true identities, but our mission is to fight anyone who trespasses on the moon.

First we seal their movements. The investigation can come afterward.

It seems she's already recovered. As expected of a leader of the lunar emissaries.

Is this really the best time to be praising her? She's completely into this now!

So how do we handle this? If we face her head-on we're in for a tough fight.

If we're cooperative, she'll probably let us off easy.

Indeed, I agree.

Even if this is a dream, violence is never the answer.

Philanthropy even at a time like this. How consistent of you, my lady.

It sounds rather dull, if you ask me. If she wants a fight, why not humor her?

That's more like it! We're on the moon! Don't you think our line-up last time was a little lonely?

Then let's do it with everyone this time! A danmaku festival for all!

Yay! A mountain of corpses!

...It seems opinions are divided. Both sides have a point, but...

Marisa, you decide what we're gonna do.


Let's just get this over with.
It's party time!

Yep, this mechanic is back from SRW Z2 with Gaioh the first time we went through this chapter.

Of course, there's a reason why I hacked myself infinite money.

>It's party time!

Well, I mean, it's not like we aren't gonna be fighting her anyway.

So now that we've got this second chance, we'd better enjoy it while we can!

Marisa, don't tell me you mean...

Duh! It's a danmaku festival!

Everyone get's pumped up, gaining 20 Power.

H-Hey, hold on! What do you think you're doing?! It's HER!

Oh...? I assumed you'd be terrified, but instead you're challenging me.

But I suppose with that much power, nothing in this world could scare you, could it?

Huh? I thought she'd get angry, but it sounds like she's calmly evaluating us.

Last time she was so intimidating, but I suppose we've grown since then.

Regardless, this is dangerous. Your image of her as a powerful opponent is just too strong.

Meaning your feelings could potentially make her even more powerful than she was back then.

Wait, even stronger than that?!

So what we say here will lead to a fork in our destiny.

Now, what will you do?


Fight her.
Tease her.
Turn her into fertilizer.

So fun fact, most of the dialogue in this part has been route specific. On Reimu's route, for example, Tenshi's the one making this choice. But! Buried in the code, there's a secret set of third choices where Meeko makes the call! Maybe they'll make the Meeko Route real in FMW Complete.

Anyway, there's only one option here.

>Turn her into fertilizer.

That's right, I was just in the mood for some fertilizer.

And you seem like you'd make for some quality fertilizer.


Wait, Yuuka?! What are you saying to Yorihime of all people...!

It's so dreary here, wouldn't you want a flower patch too?

But I'd need fertilizer to grow them in a place like this.

W-Well that's probably true...

Medicine, no! You mustn't look her in the eye!

She picked a fight with Yukari too, so she's just that hardcore.

...Now I understand. So this is your true nature.

I've made some brief observations, and all I see is intolerable insolence...

Even a heart as vast as the ocean would struggle to forgive this! Understand that no mercy remains for you!

Ugh, what is this level of spirit...?!

The screen shakes a bit, and something explodes.

The radar's been destroyed! Is this Yorihime's true strength...?!

No, it's even more brutal than last time!

...It's just as I had feared. The strength of the Yorihime we see before us is not a strict reproduction of your memories.

The image of her that you all hold is most likely what produced this level of power.

I don't see the problem. If anything, this is what I was waiting for.

Today we've assembled every member of Fantasy Maiden Squadron!

If Yorihime's strength has increased, then we just have to outdo it!

You've got spirit, I'll give you that. However, you will soon come to regret it.

Even if you were to prostrate yourselves before me, I would not forgive you. I'll engrave the sin of invading the moon onto your very bodies!

Victory: Defeat Yorihime
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus WP: Capture at least 3 of Yorihime's spellcards.

For reference, Yorihime has 4 spellcards, so you can skip 1 of them and still get the bonus.

We can worry about Yorihime later. For now, let's just dive in and clear out the rabbits.

If you've got any underleveled units here, you can get hella EXP by stacking Gain and the Unidentified Seeds (which both double EXP).

For reference, that was 6 and a half levels from one kill.

I have to tell you, I'm really glad to have Shinki on this chapter.

Not for Love, mind you, but for Attune, which gives some 100% accuracy for a turn. This will be so, soooo useful in a bit.

Incidentally, Shizuha ALSO has Attune, while Minoriko is a MP healer, so they can contribute despite their low levels as well.

Anyway, at the end of Turn 1, we get some dialogue.

W-We're done for. I can't believe we're fighting Yorihime...

She's gonna capture us, and we'll all face some horrible punishment!

Even when everyone else is raring to go, you're still the same as ever, huh.

This is the perfect opportunity to train for real combat. Face it without fear.

But Lady Yorihime...!

...I see, so you are my imposter.

This part is slightly different if you haven't deployed Yorihime. Only slightly, though.

Oh my, so we meet.

Counterparts from a parallel universe, was it? Perhaps that wasn't entirely improvised nonsense.

The ability to invoke gods that I sense from you couldn't possibly be mistaken for anyone else.

You're awfully calm about this. Most people would go 'who are you?' if they suddenly saw themselves appear.

My actions won't change no matter who my opponent is. I cannot afford to be startled by every little thing.

Yes, such is a leader's duty.

Please don't start agreeing with each other. Lady Yorihime's on our side, after all...

Who's on whose side?

No, I meant the other Lady Yorihime...!

This has turned into a huge mess. And I think it'll only get worse the longer we stay on the moon.

As soon as the danmaku battle is over, we should make a quick escape.

Resuming the enemy assault, here's a picture that captures my frustration. The melee-oriented rabbits have Parry, so a bunch of physical attacks, including Tenshi's partner attack, are highly ineffective.

Oh well, just means they're softened up for the Work Experience Kids to finish off.

By the end of turn 2, we're pretty close to Yorihime, so why don't we take a look at her?

210 Mobility. 2100 Armor. 102000 HP in her first phase, and 4 spells. And, y'know, an L-Shooter cranking her accuracy and crit rate. Omega Yorihime has quite the stacked unit stats.

But the real shit doesn't start until the next page.

Level 99

Shrine Maiden L9 (massive boost to evasion/accuracy)
Surpreme (+20% accuracy, evasion, and damage reduction)
Break Power Limit+ (and she starts at 200 Power to boot)
Double Act
Prevail+ (accuracy, evasion, defense, and crit rate increase as her HP decreases)
Predict (boosts her accuracy and evasion stats directly by 35)

Absolutely ridiculous stats.

And to top it all off, remember how much I bitched about Yumeko's Personal Skill back in the Makai arc? Well, it's back! Yorihime can always S.Attack for herself, letting her not only attack effectively four times per turn, but those S.Attacks can bypass your S.Defenders.

That last part is a particular problem, because...


Just to be clear, Yorihime doesn't have any spirits casted or anything, she just naturally has a 69%nice to hit Reimu. If you can't survive at least 1 hit from Yorihime (which is pretty tough with her jacked Melee stat) then you're not going to be doing much.

Oh yeah, and there's that part where Reimu can't hit her. That's a bit of a problem, I suppose.

Best thing to do here is just defend.

On your first combat with Yorihime, you get some dialogue:

BGM: Lunatic Guardian

Well, have you prepared yourselves?

You really are awfully calm. Almost like your outburst back there was totally fake.

I'm impressed with your abiilty to maintain your composure even after seeing us.

Do not mistake this for a welcome. No matter which world you come from, you Earthlings are nothing but trouble on the moon.

To ensure the peace of the Lunar Capital, I will have you surrender quietly.

There's that guardian's sense of duty. Good enough for me!

Remi, this time we'll beat her up and stick our flag here!

I've said all that needs to be said. The rest will be discussed via danmaku.

For the honor of the Watasuki name, I shall, fully and beautifully...

2k, even to noted beefcake Tenshi while guarding.

Support Attacking for yourself looks funky.


I completely forgot Reimu has a barrier. I guess with maxed out Armor she'll be able to survive a hit after all.

Ah, but of course, Double Act is here.

Normally the AI won't target the same unit twice, but Reimu's the only person in range, and Yorihime's programmed not to start moving until turn 3.

Luckily, she missed both times here.

Ok, so on my turn, Yuuka was serendipitously in the perfect range.

Casting Strike is absolutely mandatory.

Casting defensive spirits, however, is not. As it so happens, Yorihime has no attacks beyond 6 range, and none of her spells will extend that, either.

Abusing this fact is the only reasonable way of doing this fight without cheating (or going Waifu Level 10 on someone, but I haven't actually tried that).

...Yep, that sure was less than 5% of her first HP bar.

Yorihime is kinda ridiculous.

If you're not out of Yorihime's range, using Strike+Alert (or Grit) is basically mandatory. Reimu, luckily, has Sense, which casts both at a discount.

The nature of this fight gives rise to a lot of unique considerations... most of which I figured out after playing this chapter .

The fact that Strike is, as mentioned, basically mandatory, means that partner attacks are MUCH less valuable than normal. Blowing 20 of Tenshi's SP to deal 2600 damage is a bad trade-off. As such, this is one of the few times where running solos instead of pairs is a good idea. You miss out on FPM attacks, but I'm think it's worth it.

On the other hand, since Strike lasts the entire turn, Support Attackers are at a premium, since they can potentially get 3 attacks in per turn, with minimal damage loss, without risk of being counterattacked.

And, like I said before, anyone with Attune can contribute massively.

Shinki is an interesting situation. One of her PSes gives a barrier to everyone in a huge radius around her, but I think the extra SP you get from using her SP Regen skill is better value.

She's also a long-range attacker, which is nice.

Wow. A critical hit. Amazing.

Of course, unique evasion skills like Sakuya's Perfect Square still work, if you feel like gambling.

Sadly, Yorihime doesn't have much in the way of boss dialogue, not even to herself.

With one exception.


...Now that I look at it, this is quite the strange iron giant they've brought along.

This kind of technology can't possibly be from Earth. Perhaps all that talk about a parallel universe was the truth after all.

Regardless, a humanoid weapon is both irrational and inefficient. And yet...

The other Yorihime keeps glancing over at Hisoutensoku.

Ooh, I get it! She's jealous.

D-Don't be absurd! I'm simply concerned for the moon's public order...

Why is OUR Yorihime replying?

It's certainly an out-of-place artifact by Earth's technological standards. Now our parallel universe explanation is much more convincing.

This is it. Let's see what this restored youkai robot is really made of.

You can do it, Hisoutensoku!


Between his tremendous Armor and gargantuan HP, Hisoutensoku is one of the few units who can actually trade blows with Yorihime.

Not for long, mind you, but he can do it.

By turn 5 or so, I've wound up with this arrangement. I was sorta flying by the seat of my pants here, so there's lots I'd do differently if I did this chapter again, but this is a good enough set up.

For the most part, we've got units that can somewhat play footsies with Yori up-close and pinning her, while our snipers hang back and blast her with impunity.

As Yorihime's HP drops, her Prevail+ kicks in, so even Reimu's getting hit 100%.

Unlike recent SRWs, you can't cast spirits on the enemy phase, so there's a whooole lotta blocking going on in this fight.

Me in the past: "hmm, I wonder if Youmu can take a hit"


Keep in mind this was Yorihime's Support Attack. Had this been her main attack, Youmu would be dead.

I don't expect Mokou to live very long, so I'm just going all-out with her.

Wow amazing.

Ok skipping ahead to near the end of Yorihime's first bar.

This is happening on the enemy phase, which makes the order of actions here important. It'll go Yorihime, Kaguya and Mokou counterattack, Yorihime support attacks. The support attack will definitely kill Mokou, BUT, if Yorihime dies in the middle, we can avoid it.

I don't reeeally want to do it like this (since Yorihime will get one more action from Double Act, but this time with the benefit of a spellcard), but oh well.

Yay, it worked!

Looks like I really can't afford to let my guard down. Given their strength, I supppose that's only to be expected.

However, this far from all that I'm capable of.

Careful, she's about to use that move!

You mean invoking the gods, understood!

I'm surprised that an opponent I've never met before already knows my moves.

But you'd be making a huge mistake if you think that means you can handle them!

That's...! Yorihime's blade is covered in divine flame!

Eek...! We're all gonna burn!

I'm used to the heat. How about we fight fire with fire?

If we're talking divine flames, Yatagarasu has 'em too!

No matter how many embers you gather, it's merely a matter of blowing them all away at once!

God of Fire, Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, become a blade to exorcise evil!

Enemy Spellcard
Divine Blade 「Hi-no-Kagutsuchi」
Ally: Movement -2
Yorihime: Final Damage +1200

And sure enough, she's using it right away.

So, here's a really cute detail. In FMW4, Yorihime got her animations updated to have new particle effects and such, right? But because this chapter is based on FMW3, Dream Yorihime uses her old animations.

For comparison, here's old and new Hi-no-Kagutsuchi. It's a surprisingly big difference!

Thank you Duplex Barrier.

Alright, we're on a time limit now, so it's time to start laying in. Tenshi can use Courage to cast a boatload of offensive and defensive spirits both ensuring her survival, and guarenteeing some good damage.

I wonder how much damage FPM Fantasy Nature will do?

Well... it's better than 5k, at least.

Heeey, that's halfways respectable!

I'd be tempted to do something similar with Nue, but she's got a different job...

Here's some behind the scenes info: normally I play as much as I can with animations on, in case I want to throw in a screenshot of a fight as a space filler. This chapter took me 2 hours to do, though, so I ran out of patience for that.

Ironically, Ally Yorihime has longer range than Enemy Yorihime.

Ahh, healer EXP.

I brought Sanae in Suwako Mode, since that's what I normally do, but hindsight, Kanako Mode would've been a better choice for the extra Armor and better weapon ranges.

Youmu has been a real trooper in this chapter. Anyone that can survive a hit without wasting SP is super useful here, as long as you heal them afterwords.

I forgot about it til this chapter, but Nitori has a PS that makes her Faith heal both units in a pair. It's been incredibly useful in topping off the Youmu/Utsuho team.

I've been gambling on Private Square procs quite a bit.

Alas, my luck finally ran out.

Ok, moving ahead to the final turn left on Hi-no-Kagutsuchi, Youmu's spending the last of her SP. She won't be attacking much more after this (unless Shinki casts Attuen on her), so let's make it count.

Yeah, I'd say that counts.

I see you're keeping up.

I thought I could make her my opponent, but... Looks like she's no ordinary enemy after all.

Possessing innate ability, blessed with a superior mentor, and sparing no effort of her own. That's Yorihime.

Speaking as her older sister, I doubt there is anyone out there who could compare.

She really is exemplary. Our own miko could stand to learn a thing or two from her.

Wait, are you serious?

...What an odd feeling. I can't believe I'm being complimented by the enemy...

From our point of view, you're not just another enemy.

Course, that means we know just how strong you are too.

...Very well. Let's see if simply knowing will be enough for you to counter the techniques of the Myriad Gods.

Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto. Descend unto me, and show us the dance that holds back calamity!

Enemy Spellcard
Divine Dance 「Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto」
Yorihime: Perfect Dodge (Ranged)
-Dodge all Ranged attacks. (Strike and Fury are still effective)

Hah, jokes on you! I can't hit you without Strike anyway!

Fight fight fight fight fight....

Even Dai's jumping into the fray for some close-range healing.

Eventually Mokou's time was bound to come.

...Huh, so here's a quirk of the AI I never realized. This is the same turn as Mokou dying, and normally the AI doesn't attack the same unit twice, but I guess they track the two units in a pair seperately? In essence, Kaguya's getting attack from Support Defending Mokou earlier, and now double-attacked, all on the same turn.

Luckily her barrier makes her quite chufty, so she can take it.

Alright there's only so many times I can say "we blow finishers on Yorihime and chip her down 5k at a time", so let's skip ahead.

Youmu's gunna finish her off with help from Shinki, just because.

It's nice to slow down and appreciate how many poses Youmu has in this attack.

To think you breached even this dance. It appears you're not all talk.

The ability to channel the power of the gods is nothing to scoff at, but we also have gods on our side.

That's right, the goddesses of autumn are...

Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako are with me!

No, like we were saying, the goddesses of autumn...

Now that I am at your side, I shall demonstrate my might!

Kanako...? This sensation, could it be...

I was once called a god of war, but now I am a god of mountains.

If I invoke the power of the wind, then even against you I can-

Against that god and miko working as a pair, I doubt I can afford to be careless.

However, with so many gods out there, every god is bound to have a natural foe.

If you call upon Take-Minakata, then...

Be careful, it's that technique from last time!

Sky against sky, let's have a pure contest of strength!

I summon thee, Take-Mikazuchi!

Enemy Spellcard
Spiritualism 「Take-Mikazuchi」
Yorihime: Break Accuracy Limit
-Accuracy can rise above 100% (excess is converted to damage).
Yorihime: Passthrough
-Can travel through enemy-occupied spaces.
Yorihime: Autocast (Accel)
-Cast Accel at the start of every turn

Quite a nasty combination of effects here!

Normally I'd advise spamming your bombs here to avoid getting too horribly murdered, but what if you don't have those? Weeeeell, as it happens, I happen to have two secret Anti-This-Particular-Spell weapons right here!

The first is the Confuse spirit. While it, yes, does cut enemy accuracy in half and all that, what it also does (despite not saying this) is set the enemy's maximum accuracy to 50%. Doesn't matter how stupidly high Yorihime's accuracy normally would be, she's not doing jack to us with this on.

Actually, the way Confuse works is really fucking confusing heh and I have no idea how it works at all. There's no reason Yorihime's accuracy should be this low... but it is, so whatever, I guess.

Anyway, the OTHER special weapon we have is one of Yamame's Personal Skills: Spider Net. Upon use, the next enemy she hits becomes incapable of moving for a turn. This works even on Final Yorihime, and it ensures she can't escape my blockade.

With the confusing Confuse interaction, Sanae has surprisingly good odds of evading this attack.

Curse you BlitzBlast .

Well, RIP Sanae I guess. She was low on SP anyway.

By the way, here's the old and the new Take-Mikazuchi, for comparison.

We're nearing the end, so even using Golden Byakuren's finisher (which, if you've forgotten, knocks her back down to normal mode) is worth it, at this point.

Yorihime gets sent to hell...

Punched into a desert mountain...

Bresto Faiyaaaaa'd...

huh, ally and enemy yorihime's attacks are spelled differently

Hit with a much more dynamic lightning attack...

Final Sparked...

Ballerette'd on...

And even anchor'd.

And we're still only halfway done with this spell!

Hey so fun fact, I'm still using the test patch we made for Chapter 77, which has the items translated.

Except that this one is wrong! It doesn't restore SP at all!!!

Damn you Nook

Murasa dies from Graze damage, which looks kinda funky.

Anyway, at long last, it's time for the REAL heroine to bring home the gold.

By which of course, I meant Marisa.

Fuck yeah, Bonus WP acquired!

Why...! We should have had the advantage with this matchup!

Guess you weren't listening when she mentioned more than one god.

I make up for Kanako's weaknesses.

Plus, we autumn goddesses are here too!

Your failure to summon a god of winter was your downfall!

What nonsense are you...!

Now then, what will you do? Because I can keep going.

And I still have two of the myriad. I can keep doing this for as long as you wish.

That said, I have no intention of letting this drag out... I will finish you off with my next move.

And by next she means...

I remember now, we need anti-flash protection!

Remi, you should hide as well. Otherwise don't come crying to me when you get burned to a crisp.

Oh? Come again?

Gentle mother who rules the heavens, fill the moon with your overwhelming light!


Enemy Spellcard
Ally: Movement -2
Yorihime: All Stats +40
Yorihime: Autocast (Zeal)
-Cast Zeal at the start of every turn

Zeal, by the way, means she takes 3 actions a turn.

Right, well, Yorihime doesn't move... and I already have the Bonus, so...

Welcome to the Survival Game! Let's see who can last Yorihime's final onslaught!

Nue falls to a singular strike from Yorihime!

Next, she unleashes her MAP attacks!

Yorihime and Tenshi are the next to die! They were on low HP from all the brawling, so that makes sense.

There goes Reimu.

Next up on the chopping block...

Oh yeah, NOW they're starting to drop like flies.

Plus, that was only the first of two MAPs on this turn!

Farewell Tewi, you made it far.

Yuuka is, as usual, completely immortal. She never got hit even once throughout the entire fight.

There goes Cirno.

This is actually Hisoutensoku going kaput, but other people have to be the one to say the line for him.

And lastly, there goes Utsuho.

So our survivors are Yuuka, Eiki, Minoriko, and Youmu. Congrats to you 4.

Yorihime doesn't actually attack on the final turn of the spell, so...

This is the only time in this LP I've ever timed out a spellcard .

...And lo, the door to the Heavenly Cave opened, and the night was held in check.

That was a terrifying onslaught. Is this Yorihime's true strength?

Hey look, it's the first (and only) time Clarste's efforts in translating the "you escaped" dialogue has ever paid off.

...And yet, all that said, you've still managed to overcome every single attack.

I've experienced it for myself but... Seeing it again like this really brings home the incredible strength of your solidarity.

The advantages of a third-party perspective. Sometimes you can see things you'd otherwise miss.

Stuff like our friendship, or our bonds!


At any rate, her attacks have stopped. Now's our chance to get away!

Trying to escape? I don't think so...!

Toyohime, can you connect to a location?

Yes. Will the sea of stars do?

Take this! A smoke bomb that'll fog up the whole surface of the moon!

Morons like you can just get swarmed by my minions!

Ooh, whee, an abduction!

...Tch, I can't believe how well-executed that was. They're like a perfectly-trained unit.

Lady Yorihime, are you all right?!

Reinforcements have arrived as per Lady Toyohime's orders!

They caught me off guard for just a moment. By now they've probably made it to the sea of stars.

What? But to do so right before your eyes, Lady Yorihime...!

Naturally, I have no intention of allowing them to escape.

My pursuit begins now. Inform my sister.

Aaand that's it.

Next time: the final episode of Fantasy Maiden Wars!