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Update 5 - Who's cuter, Musashi or Jinrai?

Welcome back to Sushi Strikers, last time we encountered our first squad of imperial soldiers and some new sushi sprites! We pick up where we left off with the last of the squad, Captain Starvey.

Video: Battle - Captain Starvey

♪ BGM: Captain Scene ♫

: Fine. I don't normally do this, but let me demonstrate what my sushi can do.

Gee, I wonder what stopped you the other three t-

: Uh, you're running away? I thought we were gonna fight.
: When I activate this power, your plates will flow past too quickly to take!

Little does he know, the late game lanes move way faster so I'm used to it by this point.

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Win in 85 or fewer seconds.
- Make 2 or more glowing plates and win.
- Link 10 or more plates and win.

Dragokan, the dragon sushi sprite, has the ability Runaway Lanes which triples the current speed of their opponent's lanes. That does take the speed boost from your lane gear into consideration which is why it becomes more effective as you obtain stronger lane gears. Just something to keep in mind down the road.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Soldier♫

So this fight starts out like most fights, I was having a little trouble getting decent stacks going but I managed to drop him to half health from unloading the six stacks I made. Just before dropping to 1702HP, Starvey pops Runaway Lanes, and that was the worst possible thing he could have done as I took advantage of the extra speed to link the highest stack in this playthrough so far.

Get served, chump!

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

♪ BGM: Musashi's Theme ♫

Gurl, you've eaten sushi all day. How could you possibly have room for dinner!?

: Can it really be so easy?

Aw come on! We just ate!!

: So much for dinnertime...
: Musashi! There's another squad closing in on us this way! Wait... That isn't the Imperial Army.

The screen flashes white and then a loud shout rings out.

♪ BGM: Sushi Liberation Front ♫

Who the heck are these guys!? Whoever they are they don't seem to be against the Empire too. Hope they're friendly.

: Huh? No...
: Might we know who you are?

: We heard the Empire found out about Jinrai, so we came to make sure you weren't taken!
: Why does everyone make such a big deal about Jinrai? You didn't even ask my name!
: Hrrhrrr. It must be because I'm cuter than you.

Wow rude!

: Don't get me wrong. Our leader also wants to meet you, striker!
: Our hideout is this way!
: Hmm, I ought to thank whoever it is for saving us. Sure, lead the way!

Who could this mysterious rebel leader be, and what would they want with Jinrai? Find out... right now!

Video: Battle - Masa

♪ BGM: Sushi For All♫

: This is your hideout? So...who're you?
: My name is Masa. I am the leader of our righteous band.
: So you're the one Jinrai chose...
: I admit, I hadn't expected him to grant his power to a child.

: Rude? Ah, perhaps you are right. I did neglect to properly introduce our outfit.
: We are the Sushi Liberation Front, a loose band of rebels biting back at the Empire.
: Oh, you're against the Empire too? Then you gotta help me find Franklin!
: The Empire got their mitts on him. He helped me, so we gotta help him!
: I see.
: Very well. It's a reasonable request.
: We'll do it on the condition that you hand over Jinrai to our custody.
: What?!

Uh... How bout no.

So it's not because he's cuter than me?

: Our organization needs that level of power far more than a child needs her plaything.

You better be glad I'm trying to keep this LP family-friendly, you cussing cuss.

: Are you for real?!
: No deal. I'll save Franklin myself if I have to. And I'll need Jinrai to do it!
: Hmm.

The heck kinda pose is that?

: Our goals align. Though in order to ensure that it happens, we'll need you-know-who.

What you need is a firm plate across your jaw!

: That's not funny!
: You're pretty greedy for a so-called good guy. Why are you so obsessed with Jinrai?!
: If you try to take him, you're no better than the Empire!


: What a pity. I had hoped you would see reason.
: Don't take this personally.

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Win in 100 or fewer seconds.
- Eat 70 or more plates and win.
- Make 2 or more glowing plates and win.

Welcome to the first boss of the game. Masa is equipped with a full team of three and they're all sprites we've encountered individually. His team ability composition consist of an offensive type, a defensive type, and a utility type; and to make matters worst, he begins the fight with all three skills ready to use. Luckily, the game's AI is still in easy mode, so Masa isn't going to be doing heavy hitting combos.

♪ BGM: Battle Vs. Boss ♫

While Masa isn't pulling out all the stops to win, he is making good use of his skills. For example, he waits until he's in sushi jubilee to use Electrozap.

That's a good chuck of health he took off with just two stacks. He then pops Runaway Lanes when I enter sushi jubilee which could really trip up a first timer.

His small jabs at really eating away our health. Thank goodness for Sweets Paradise.

Then Masa pulls out Sushi Shield just as I was ready to finish him off. Heck of a save there.

Hanging on by a thread and Electrozap is ready to go too... It's do or die time!

Yeah! Got em!!

♪ BGM: Sushi For All♫

: But in return, can I rely on you to work with us? Our interests are aligned, after all.

Considering the hospitality you've shown me so far? It would be foolish to agree to joining you; but I do recognize that taking on the Empire alone would prove to be a difficult task, even with the help of Jinrai.

Oh wait that's probably not something Musashi would say.

: You and your sushi sprite would be invaluable in putting a stop to it.

Oh I see, trying to butter me up after I beat ya, eh? Oh how humble you become the second you realize how much of a skilled striker I am.

: They already have almost all the sushi, and they want even more?!
: I can't stand them!
: Neither can we.
: Which is why we aim to liberate all of the sushi gates in the land.

Sushi gates? Like the one Jinrai came out of?

: Our end goal is a world where anyone who wants sushi can have it.

♪ BGM: Sushi Liberation Front ♫

: That's a cause worth fighting for!
: Plus, going after the Empire means we're bound to find Franklin!

Good thinking Musashi! Not only do we get to keep searching for Franklin, but we'll also have help from the SLF!

: In that case, welcome to the resistance.
: We're having a strategy meeting soon, and we'd like your involvement.

: Whoa. You're giving me a sushi sprite? Just like that?
: Oh, yes. We're asking a lot of you, so we must sure you're ready to bear it.

Might need to dial back the humble factor, but heck yeah, now you're talking my langauge!

Okay, so originally this is where the update ends and I ask ya'll to vote which sprite we take, but considering the long absence I figured I wouldn't get much of a response. So I polled a couple of Discord servers I frequent as well as Twitter to help decide. The results are as such:

Elekan, with 10 votes! Now don't worry if you think we're missing out on Tigazo action. We'll be getting one real soon. This is basically 'which one you do not want to work for?'

: Sushi battles are meant to be fought with three sprites. Their skills will take you far.
: If you say so, sure! But all I really need to do to win is eat like crazy!

No Musashi! You'll get a tummy ache if you do that!

Meanwhile Masa is in the corner thinking to himself.

: (Wait...)
: (Why does that jacket look so familiar? Oh! I see...)
: (It seems that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)

♪ BGM: Chapter End Jingle ♫

This title card marks the end of Chapter 1. Now that Musashi has joined the SLF what new challenges await her? And what exactly does Masa know about Musashi's jacket? Find out, in Chapter 2: The Shrine Grove!