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Update 20: Flame Eater

Before we head off to Devo Desert to deal with Flame Eater, let’s chat with the people around the border camp. They’ve got a few new things to say to us.

If you don't bring it down, it'll get worse.
Oh don’t worry! We’ll have that Imperial Dragon taken out before you know it!

I never would have guessed.
Odyssey, I pray for your victory!
I know what my next ice sculpture project is going to be!

Both generous, and yet redundant advice, given the name. Though I guess it assures players they’re on the right track if they were already planning to make use of Ice attacks.

Western Continent Dragons are tougher than the ones you fought East. If you find a quest too difficult, consider gaining some levels.

No need for me to do that. We’re more than ready to take on this Imperial Dragon.

You bloody fools! You think they're not my enemies too?!

The monsters in that area are quite fierce. Keep your guard up.

And that’s all for new dialogue. No more distractions, let’s head on down to Devo Desert!

The Suferion Caverns are easy to get lost in, so I wouldn't go in.

If you’re wondering what he’s talking about, I’ll talk about that a bit later.

Here are the movement patterns for the dragons in this area. The ones that stay still look around and will chase you down if they catch sight of you.

Let’s take one of those dragons down, shall we?

Wuh oh.

Cease your yapping, you noisy mutt!
Oy, that’s gonna be ringing in my ears for a while.

Oh, that is not a good start! Anyways, here’s a look at the new dragon.

Wolf Dragon
Level: 37
LIFE: 1500
ATK: 123
DEF: 77
INT: 56
SPD: 50
Attack Type: Blunt
Enemy Type: Dragon
Exp: 5184
Gold: 112
Item Drops:
-Normal: Lupine Hide - 100% Drop Rate. 2 needed to unlock the Shiranui (Katana, +118 ATK.)
--Hide of a Wolf Dragon.
-Rare: Dragon Filet - 10% Drop Rate.
--Medium dragon meat. For carnivores. Increases intelligence for the day.
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%
Ailment Susceptibility:
Death: 20% Masked Pain: 100% Skill Seal: 25%
Fear: 25% Curse: 50% Bleed: 25%
Poison: 50% Sleep: 25% Confuse: 25%
Paralysis: 50% Blind: 25% Stun: 100%


Baying: Applies a 120% multiplier to the entire party’s physical damage multipliers for 5 turns. Has a speed modifier of 80%.
Claw and Fang: Deals 120% melee ATK-based Slash damage to one party member. Party members that are hit have an 80% multiplier applied to their ATK for 5 turns. Has a speed modifier of 90%.
Bloody Dance: Deals 80% melee ATK-based Blunt damage to the entire party. Has a 40% chance to inflict Bleed. Has a speed modifier of 80%.

Wolf Dragons are pretty beefy and can hit very hard. Baying is a very dangerous debuff, for reasons I’ll go over in a bit. Not only that, but with its decently high attack combined with Claw and Fang’s high damage, along with debilitating our physical attackers, means that it can deal a hefty amount of damage to our party. As well as drawing the fight can be drawn out for a bit longer. And Bloody Dance is just a lot of outgoing damage due to being an AOE. Even though the Bleed component is whatever.

Despite the debuff that the entire party just got, I’m still gonna stick with my standard tactics.

Cease your yapping!

Ow! Stop! No! Keep out of there! That’s where I keep my medicine!

Get off of him! You okay, Edward?
I think I’ll live. I think.
Mmmm, he’ll be fine.

If you really want to know what’s in this bag, then have a small-

...sample. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Oh, Edward. If you want to teach a dog new tricks, sometimes you’ve got to use some old and reliable ones!

As for that Baying debuff we got, allow me to demonstrate something about it.

If it’s a noise-making contest you want... Ready, other me?
Hmph. It should be trivial to drown out this mutt’s yowli-

...Well now. I suppose you wouldn’t know of any other songs to deal with this problem, would you?
I umm... S-sorry other me! I taught you everything I remembered...
...The rest of you are on your own for this fight.
Oh, this is gonna hurt.

The reason Baying is dangerous is because it’s not a defense debuff (in which it wouldn’t boost the Wolf Dragon’s offenses all that much.) No, it’s a resistance debuff, meaning that our party directly takes 20% more damage from all physical attacks. What’s even worse is that Dia has no way to counter these kinds of debuffs. Hard Words increases defense, not resistance, so it won’t cancel Baying out, and the defense increase it provides is minimal anyways.

In fact, outside of the Knight’s EX skills, there’s no way to cancel out physical resistance debuffs at all. It’s a bit of a pain to deal with, but not enough to be a dealbreaker in this case.

You realize we can just sing again.
Yeah, but it’s the principle of the matter! Poor Stella doesn’t have our singing backing her up anymore!
R-really girls, I’m fine.

Wolf Dragons being able to nullify Heated Words is a bit annoying, but they can only target one person at a time with that attack, so it’s not a big deal.

Really, I am.


Wolf Dragons are a bit of an annoyance, but overall they’re not too bad to deal with.

There are 2 ways out of this screen. Let’s take the eastern exit first.

Like in the previous screen, the dragons that are staying still are Wolf Dragons looking around.

Here’s the map for this dungeon. Don’t worry about the exit to the northeast, it’s irrelevant for what we’re going to be doing in here. As for the dragons moving around, why don’t we get into a fight with one right now, hm?

Not this time!

Oh now that’s a very nice start!

Level: 38
LIFE: 1750
ATK: 130
DEF: 80
INT: 57
SPD: 75
Attack Type: Thrust
Enemy Type: Dragon
Exp: 5565
Gold: 114
Item Drops:
-Normal: Avicular Beak - 30% Drop Rate.
--Beak of an Igorias.
-Rare: Dragon Filet - 15% Drop Rate.
--Medium dragon meat. For carnivores. Increases intelligence for the day.
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 125%
Fire: 50% Ice: 125% Lightning: 100%
Ailment Susceptibility:
Death: 20% Masked Pain: 100% Skill Seal: 25%
Fear: 25% Curse: 50% Bleed: 25%
Poison: 50% Sleep: 25% Confuse: 25%
Paralysis: 50% Blind: 25% Stun: 100%


Mach Wing: Applies a 175% multiplier to the user's SPD for 5 turns. Has a speed modifier of 80%.
Blazing Beak: Randomly attacks the party with Fire damage 2 times, dealing 120% melee ATK-based damage per hit. Has a speed modifier of 90%.
Feather Rain: Deals 60% ranged ATK-based Slash damage to the entire party. Has a 30% chance to inflict Bleed. Has a speed modifier of 80%.

Igoriases are a bit more deadly than the Wolf Dragons, what with having higher stats and having more multi-target moves on their side. Having access to Mach Wing also makes them more annoying to deal with and you basically have to use EX skills if they get that off if you don’t want to see constant whiffs.

That’s a hefty chunk of Stella’s and Nila’s life lost. Blazing Beak could potentially be a one shot if both hits land on the same character.

Here’s a little ice for those wounds you gave us!

Concentrated Freezes from Nila deals some very good damage to them though.

Beak barge!

...Sure. I’m certain this will most certainly help you.

You know after having some bad experiences with ailments that were useless from the player’s end in other series, it’s kind of refreshing to see ailments that are useless from the enemy’s end.

Do be more careful. There’s only so much I can do if you were to actually fall in battle.
You can WHAT!?
Ohoho, you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you, Dias? By the way, thanks for that!
Oh, it’s something other me just learned to do recently. She didn’t think Edward would be able to handle all this by himself! Hee hee hee!
I- uh- that’s- wha-
Awww! I knew you really loved us! Isn’t it great, Edward? Now you’ve got a helping hand!
Mmph! Let go of me! Hmph. I figured I might as well make myself more useful to smooth this mission along. Think nothing of it.

Dia having Cure is gonna increase this guild’s survivability a lot more since she’s a fairly speedy healer.

Snuffed out!

Igoriases are dragons you really want to take down fast due to the damage they can dish out. The faster you kill them, the less damage they can deal to your party.

Oh, and the party got some level ups as well.

Cure All now has a base heal of 30 HP.

Nila and Dia get more INT.

Liquid Titanium
Level: 41
LIFE: 140
ATK: 110
DEF: 57
INT: 40
SPD: 44
Attack Type: Blunt
Enemy Type: Big Animal
Exp: 440
Gold: 41
Item Drops:
-Normal: Chilled Jelly - 30% Drop Rate.
--Jelly of a Liquid Titanium.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 50%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 150%


Jellify: Applies a 50% multiplier to the user’s physical damage multipliers for 5 turns. Has a speed modifier of 80%.


Ya think that thing has trouble moving around? It’s gotta weigh a ton!
I’m sure it’s found a way to accommodate for its unique body type.
Such limitations can be nothing to someone who has lived with them for their entire life!

The Liquid Titanium is yet another enemy that’s nothing of note. Though you can fry it with electricity for an easy kill.

On another note, considering the item drop names, It seems like this enemy ended up getting their drop name swapped with the Ice Slime’s drop. Though the descriptions seem to be correct.

At any rate, Stella got a level up from that fight.

She gets more POW.

Gone out... in a blaze of glory...

Yeah, Blazing Beak can be deadly to deal with. You definitely want to make sure your party members’ life are topped off in those off chances both hits land on the same party member.

Oh no! We are not stopping here today! Come on, Stella!
And I don’t intend on stopping! Thanks, Ed!
Eheh, no problem.

Good thing Edward has Resurrection. A revival method is pretty much vital to have on hand in this game if you don’t want to halt your treks in case something goes really wrong.

You may have noticed these smaller exits marked on the map.

Ooh, looks like this desert has an entire cave system in it!
I guess that’s kind of neat. But I don’t think we have time to be exploring this right now.
Maybe later when we’re not busy with this misison.

So this is actually an entirely different dungeon than the one we’re exploring right now. Yeah that’s right, it’s a dungeon within a dungeon! It’s actually completely optional to explore, but we won’t do it at the moment just so we can move on with the game. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore this place later.

Instead, we’ll check out the southwestern exit. If you’re looking to clear out the dragons in this dungeon, it’s in your best interest to go down here.

Only 6 dragons on this screen here. The 2 moving ones are Igoriases while the 4 staying still are Wolf Dragons looking around.

Looks like we’re getting close, huh?

The desert is a pretty short dungeon if you don’t tackle the optional dungeon within this one.

Here’s another exit. But this one doesn’t lead to said dungeon.

Instead it leads to a very welcome rest area.

Stay away from that Dia. It’s pretty strong stuff.
I have no interest in such beverages. From what I’ve tasted of them long ago, I’m not sure why anyone would choose to drink such foul liquids.
Eheh. I guess that’s something lost on “ancient demons” like you.
I’m surprised you held out as long as you did chugging all that back then before you finally got hammered.
Hey at least I didn’t get knocked out right away from drinking a few sips of this. You didn’t wake up for hours! I had to carry you all the way back to the inn by myself! Hmph!
While drunk? Wow, that’s amazing.
Oho, now there’s a sight I would have love to have seen!
Why thank you all for placing the horrific image of a drunk Stella within my mind.

I want to drink Stonerock made with Delicate Ore! It's what I wanna drink! I dunno if it's the Bloom or Dragons or what, but, the Ore shortage has Stonerock at a halt. Aren't you guys Hunters? Listen to the request of a citizen in dire need! I need you to bring 4 Delicate Ores to me! I'm counting on you! Get them ASAP!

This quest can be completed right away. Though it involves tackling an optional dungeon we haven’t seen yet.

Yes, definitely nice!

Not really. We’ve got more important things to worry about right now.
Some people make a living mining all the precious stones here.

I know! You need a special item.

Yeah, take it! It's very special!

Um. Thanks. I guess.
He really doesn’t have a lot of confidence in us, does he?

Whatever you have in your possession can’t possibly help us.

Don't be a jerk.

This guy just gives out unlimited Paro Fruits. Can be kind of handy I guess.

I have one for 1000 G.
Um, I don’t think we need one. We already have a map of the desert.
No, it looks like the map is for those caverns we were in earlier.

In that case, we’ll take one!

Now we have a name for that dungeon within a dungeon we were in earlier. The Suferion Caverns are an optional dungeon within Devo Desert. They’re considered entirely separate dungeons, so clearing the dragons and the Bloom out of one dungeon won’t affect the other. The map to the caverns is a nice pickup for the future, but we won’t be worrying about them now.

Oh, that’s a very nice find! Free cures for petrification are always welcome!

I could sure use a nap after all the frying, freezing, and zapping I’ve done for today!
You said it! I’m pooped!
Keep the covers tight. It's always cold here.

And this place also functions as a free inn! So it also refreshes EX as well. As long as you don’t take over 14 days to clear out the dragons here, you can take your time in fighting these dragons. Just keep in mind that there’s no one here to revive unconscious party members, so you’ll actually have to leave Devo Desert if your party members get taken out and you lack revival methods.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing us a lot.

Back in the desert, more level ups for the party. But as Edward has nothing to spend his SP on, I opt to hold onto his for now.

Nila’s brain continues to grow.

And so does Dia’s. Getting her INT to level 5 unlocked this skill, which was what I was aiming for. A bigger healing option will be nice for her to have.

Level: 41
LIFE: 170
ATK: 111
DEF: 64
INT: 46
SPD: 41
Attack Type: Blunt
Enemy Type: Big Animal
Exp: 450
Gold: 41
Item Drops:
-Normal: Sticky Tongue - 30% Drop Rate.
--Tongue of a Maneater.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 100% Ice: 100% Lightning: 100%


Absorb: Deals 130% melee ATK-based Thrust damage to one party member and heals the user for 120% of the damage dealt. Has a speed modifier of 100%.

A stronger version of the Anteaters we encountered earlier. Really not much else can be said about these trash mobs.

Stella gets a level up off of another dragon.

And gets more POW in the process.

More dragon slaying nets the other 3 level ups. Once again, I hold onto Edward’s SP.

More INT means more damage for Nila. I wonder just how high it’ll get?

Oh, wipe that smug grin off of your face.
Pffftheeheeheeee! “Think nothing of it!” Uh huh. Sure.

Picking up Cure II for Dia to give her more potent healing. Like the Healer’s version, it starts off with a base heal of 30 at level 1, and has a speed modifier of 70%.

Back in the first area, there’s a bit of treasure in the lower right corner.

Another level.

Another opportunity for even more power for Stella!

These dragons are just showering experience points on us!

I use up all of Edward’s SP to max out Medicine. It has a mastery power of 350% (meaning that it multiplies healing by 170%.) And multiplies his speed by 120% whenever he uses a healing skill.

Nila gains even more knowledge.

As for Dia’s skill points, I hold onto them for now, as I’m unsure of where to take her build next. At this point she’s a rather flexible party member, so I would prefer to hold off on spending her SP until I know what situations I want her to be better equipped to handle.

And some unexciting treasure in the screen east of the starting area.

At this point we’ve taken out every single dragon in Devo Desert aside from Flame Eater, so let’s go handle that.

So he’s just up ahead. Ready everyone?
As ready as I’ll ever be, I suppose.
Let’s just get on with it.

A look at our party before we engage Flame Eater.

Video: Flame Eater

Wow, they sure don’t call him Flame Eater for nothing!
No matter how big they are, we’ll put them out! The Nevanplace Empire and the Rushe King are counting on us!

Really? Again? Okay game, I’ll take the freebie.

Flame Eater
Level: 41
LIFE: 3000
ATK: 165
DEF: 90
INT: 80
SPD: 65
Attack Type: Blunt
Enemy Type: Imperial Dragon
Exp: 15300
Gold: 310
Item Drops:
-Normal: Hellish Heart - 100% Drop Rate.
--Heart of Flame Eater.
-Rare: N/A
Damage Multipliers:
Slash: 100% Blunt: 100% Thrust: 100%
Fire: 0% Ice: 200% Lightning: 100%
Ailment Susceptibility:
Death: 0% Masked Pain: 100% Skill Seal: 5%
Fear: 10% Curse: 50% Bleed: 25%
Poison: 25% Sleep: 10% Confuse: 10%
Paralysis: 50% Blind: 25% Stun: 100%


Flame Veil: Places a buff on the user for 5 turns that causes anyone to hit the user with a melee attack to be struck with a counterattack for each hit. Counterattacks deal ranged INT-based Fire damage and have a base damage of 50. Has a speed modifier of 80%.
Fire Breath: Deals ranged INT-Based Fire damage to all party members. Has a base damage of 40. Has a speed modifier of 80%.
Flame Ball: Deals ranged INT-Based Fire damage to one party member. Has a base damage of 80. Has a speed modifier of 80%.
Rock Cannon: Deals 120% ranged ATK-based Blunt damage to one party member. Party members adjacent to the initial target take 60% damage instead. Has a speed modifier of 90%.

Flame Eater is a bit of an interesting boss in that experiences with him can differ quite a bit depending on your party composition. His main gimmick will be to set up Flame Veil right away, which can be a big annoyance for your physical attackers. If your party is mainly made up of melee attackers, they’ll constantly take damage from the Flame Veil’s counterattacks. And there isn’t really a way to dispel the buff either. Flame Eater will also make sure to refresh that buff whenever he doesn’t have it, so you can’t just wait for it to wear off. However, ranged attackers such as Bow Rogues and Mages can ignore this mechanic entirely.

Like the name implies, Flame Eater primarily attacks with Fire, though that’s not the only damage type he has access to. If you have access to some form of Fire protection in the party, such as the Knight’s Firebreak skill, that can defang Flame Eater quite heavily, but not entirely.

He’s also super weak to Ice, so that’s a good way to nuke him down. Just be warned that melee Ice attacks will still trigger Flame Veil. It only cares about the range of the attack, not the damage type.

Flame Eater has a lot of HP to chew through, so I want to start off by lowering his defenses.

Maybe this’ll work while we’ve got the element of surprise.

Thanks to that preemptive, we have a free turn. So I might as well go for a Venom attempt.

Nila will charge up before firing Freezes at him.

Dia will boost up Stella's damage a bit.

I’m not even surprised. Just disappointed.

Let’s fight fire with fire!
I hope you mean that in a figurative sense.

Heh heh heh...
I’m not sure if I like that look on your face...
Oh you’re all going to love this. Trust me.

Ember cull!

And with that, Stella’s main job is done.

Get ready for my most powerful strike!

Though she’ll also chip in with some EX-boosted Purges. But she’s not going to be the star of this fight.

Nila is.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be stabbed by a giant snowflake?

Well, wonder no more!


Four digit damage! Nila just took out a third of Flame Eater’s HP in a single attack!

Eat anchor!

Still respectable damage, even if it's lagging behind Nila's a bit.

Ahahaha! Do you honestly think those parlor tricks will work on me? I’ve studied spells like those! I know how to get around them!
Uhhh, what about Stella?
Oh. Be careful, Stella. You’ll probably get smacked with a few fireballs if you hit him with that thing.
Not a problem. As long as we can take him down, I’ll be fine with whatever he does to me!

Is that all you’ve got?

You’ll want to be a bit careful with Flame Veil if you can’t avoid triggering it, as it essentially lets Flame Eater attack you twice per turn.

Whatever you to do them, I’ll make it mean absolutely nothing!

If you’ve got some good defenses on your side, Flame Eater isn’t too tough.

For my next magic trick, I’ll perform live surgery on this Imperial Dragon!

Oh you won’t be needing that, so let me just rip that out for you! ...Huh, I thought that would finish you off. Not that it matters. I’ve still got one more trick up my sleeve. Oh Stellaaaaaa! ♪
Yes, Nila?
Be a dear and saw him in half for me!
Um, is that thing still beating!?

One sawing, coming right up!


And presto! The dragon has- hey! That’s not how you were supposed to “disappear!”
We weren’t done with you yet! Get back here, you coward!

If you can deal with Flame Eater’s mechanics, he’s not too bad. Otherwise he can be really annoying, and even deadly in worse cases.

By the way, the level up for Stella doesn’t really do much since I’m trying to max out POW Bonus, which needs 2 SP per level.

Rrrrgh. Unfortunately, he did.
On the bright side, it looks like he took the Bloom with him.
Yeah, looks like it. Well, he isn't stupid, at any rate.
I’m amazed that it actually had self-preservation instincts in the first place.
You're getting soft.
Says you. ...Anyway, we have to report this to the King.

Yeah... We’re sorry we couldn’t take him down.
......... Ha ha ha ha! Don't look so dour!
From our perspective, driving it off is as good as killing it. And the only reason it'd run is because it knew you would kill it. Hunters feared by a Imperial Dragon! I see the rumors were true. You're my kind of ambassadors.
Quite frankly, I would question the sanity of anything that didn’t flee in terror after having their heart ripped out by that lunatic. Nevermind somehow being able to stay alive after that.
S-so you’ll help us out?
We will sign your agreement. Nevanplace grants Odyssey our full approval. We will cooperate. Thousands of Rushe will fight at your side and be your shield. Until the Dragons are gone, let us join swords!

Well that mission didn’t end on the best note, but at least we got what we came here for in the first place.

Which was completion of this mission.

I can’t believe how well that worked out for us!
Me neither. I thought we blew our chance when we let him escape.

Go back to Kazan and report your success, no problems.

And with all that accomplished, it’s time to head back to Kazan.

We love each other, and we're always together. Being like this is wonderful. So even this is for her. For her sake... For our sake... What is this feeling? This feeling of joy and contentment ♪
Hee hee, someone’s sure happy!

With those missions turned in, let’s report back to Menas.

Visiting Pleroma and convincing the Rushe... With this, every major nation on both continents is united in the fight. It would be nice to say that with this foundation, the Dragons are beaten. But from now on, you can expect a long campaign against the Dragons. It's been decided to hold a conference of all the delegates at Pleroma. Of course, you'll be attending as well.
R-r-really? Us? In a meeting with all those people?
To be fair, we did kill 2 Imperial Dragons, and caused another to flee in terror after the beating we gave him.
Yeah, we totally deserve a spot there after all we’ve done!
I guess it’s settled! Let’s head out!
...Then, let us go.

Fade to black.

This meeting is to discuss Eden's current status, and measures to take. But first, we need the status in each nation.

We're currently targeting the Imperial Dragon Invisible to reclaim our skies. Scholar Faro is leading the offensive.

That's all for us.

Odyssey helped us drive the Flame Eater from our continent. But the Bloom has not yet faded. Thus, we suspect that a Dragon lurks in Basho, and are investigating.
So something really was up when the Bloom didn’t disappear from that town!

Now if you didn’t go to Marlleaire and unlock the mission to stop Dreadnought, an additional sceme plays where an NPC barges into the meeting and...

I'm sorry! I heard that everyone was meeting here?
Ah, yes, that's the case. However, who are you?
I'm a messenger for Marlleaire, archipelago of the south seas.
The same Marlleaire that only admits women entry, then...
Yes. A policy that has served us well over the years. The Dragon Dreadnought is attacking us, and we are in a state of crisis. It is beyond our control. Thus, we ask for help from this rumored "guild". Queen Setis has sent me to treat with you.
...I see. We understand. Please be seated.

And she sits at the eastern side of the table for the rest of the scene. But because we already unlocked that mission, we skip right over that part and straight to this part.

We have a Dragon at Doma Volcano, east of Aizhen, confirmed. ...It may be the Flame Eater, fleeing.
Tch! I bet he’s licking his wounds over there!
However, the path is cut off by an eruption, and we can't be sure.
...Understood. Odyssey. The Dragon Invisible is a known major threat. We will announce it at the Mission Office. The Flame Eater is sketchier right now... We must confirm it as soon as possible.

Or if we didn’t unlock the Dreadnought mission, Menas’ last line is instead:


Marlleaire's Dreadnought and the Flame Eater are sketchier... We must confirm them as soon as possible.

Thus far we have covered only Imperial Dragons, but other Dragons exist. Larger Dragons are worse, but all Dragons are a threat to the people. Any word on how the lesser Dragons will be disposed of?
In other words, kill small Dragons, not large ones?
No Imperial Dragon in Miross right now, I see. Surely you can handle the small fry without such assistance. Or are Miross Knights too scared to fight?
Don't patronize me! I speak based on my own experience! Miross is peaceful, and we don't treat our people's lives as cavalierly as you!
...!! Are you mocking the pride of the Rushe?!
Both of you, calm yourselves! Now is not the time or place to argue!
Certainly, Mr. Grif has a point. Neither Dragons nor Imperial Dragons can be ignored. Odyssey... Determine which to pursue based on the situation. If you intend to fight the Imperial Dragon, then take the mission. If you seek to exterminate lesser Dragons, you can act of your own volition.
So what occurs next is up to us.
Eh heh, that’s a lot of pressure to be putting on us, don’t you think?
...Mr. Nowari?

You must manage our data on Imperial Dragons.
Roger that.
I myself will keep tabs on the number of lesser Dragons about. Come to me for that info and to Nowari for the rest. With that, I declare this summit dissolved for now.

If the Marlleaire Envoy is still here:

We are west of here. Please, consider giving us your help!

She then leaves the meeting room.

Aizhen must also join with the other nations. But, the King is now...

Rikken leaves.

If all else fails, we have one last option. Isn't that so, Lady Emille?
...Yes. I'm glad the Rushe grasp the situation.

The Rushe King leaves.

Queen Emerald wishes to make peace with the Dragons, if possible. Therefore, the Miross Knights cannot assist you. Please understood.

Grif leaves.

Everyone everywhere, bothered only by their own nation's Dragons. That's human nature for you.

Emille, Nowari, and Faro leave.

I'll return to Kazan. I need to touch base with Erin on things.

Menas leaves.

Welcome to 7th Dragon’s mid-game. You remember all those optional dungeons and sidequests we took on since the beginning of the game? That was but a small taste of the true scope of the game. The game really opens up here. All those missions we got? There’s no set order in which we can tackle them. We can tackle them in any order we wish. The entire world map is our oyster at this point! Which is pretty cool! I really like this part of the game!

However, not all missions are unlocked from the get-go. While the missions involving the mysterious Imperial Dragon in Basho and Invisible are handed to us, we have to unlock the missions with Dreadnought and the rematch with Flame Eater ourselves. We’ve already got the mission with Dreadnought unlocked, so lets fast forward a bit and unlock the Flame Eater mission just so we can see what it entails.

Duke Rikken had the most well-ordered seat out of anyone.
How fascinating.

Uhh, fast forward a little farther than that.

The volcano might end up dying down.
If you knew that, why didn't you kill the Dragon and then come back?!
B, but I was just doing reconnaissance... I would have surely died.
What an excuse! You good-for-nothing! Get out of my sight!
I'm sorry...

...Oh, you're all dirty. I don't care about shabby sorts like you. Shoo. Hm? What? Odyssey? So what?! Wait, where have I heard... That's right! You're that guild with the hero complexes! No, don't say anything. It won't work on me. Recently, a hell of a Dragon settled on the volcano nearby my Inn... At this rate, the volcano will die, and so will my precious hot spring. What a pain! So go kill that Flame Eater or whatever, guys! Well? What is it? Are you just going to let it get away? Didn't you come here to take care of it?! That's all I have to say! Hurry up and kill it! It's your job! Your duty!

First, go accept the contract so you can't weasel out of it!

Jerk. Errr... I mean and now we have the Flame Eater mission unlocked for viewing.

The missions available to us are as follows:

Taking on the mysterious Imperial Dragon that seems to have resided near Basho somewhere.

Taking on Dreadnought, which has taken over the Tower of the Gods and is causing trouble for the people of Marlleaire.

Taking on Invisible, who as you may recall, was a jerk dragon that caused the airship on our initial trip to Pleroma to have a crash landing.

Or finishing the job with Flame Eater and- what the fuck is that reward!? What a cheapskate jerk! Maybe letting that inn shut down would be- ahem.

So these are the 4 missions we have. This is the suggested order, but again. We don’t have to follow it. In order to progress to end-game, we’ll need to defeat all these Imperial Dragons at some point. But the way we go about it is completely up to you. That said... this isn’t the only way to get to end-game.

Remember what Grif said in that meeting? The small fry dragons are also a point of concern. If we somehow manage to lower the dragon counter to 333, the game will automatically progress to end-game. In fact, this can be accomplished without ever taking on any of the Imperial Dragons, and we can just ignore those missions entirely and complete the game without ever accepting them.

Woof. Sounds like a lot went on at that meeting.
There is certainly a large amount of pressure on us.
Have you decided which of these problems you want to tackle first?
Well we just got back from the meeting so we haven’t had time to decide.
Mmhmm! Don’t pressure poor little Stella now!
Yeah! This is a pretty important decision for all of us!
Don’t take too long. They can’t wait forever.
Hmm... You know, I think I’m going to...

So with that in mind, let’s take some very big votes. We’ve been long due for a party shuffle, so vote for the 3 party members you want to see tackle the world’s problems for a while.

Not only that, but you’ll also influence the course of this LP by voting for 2 of the missions listed. You can cast both of your votes for the same mission if you wish. Remember that voting for focusing only on the Small Fry is a valid choice. The order that the missions will be tackled in this LP will be from the most popular to the least popular.

Note that if there if 2 or more missions happen to tie, the game’s suggested order will take priority in that case to break the tie. Which to reiterate is Mystery Dragon > Dreadnought > Invisible > Flame Eater.

So now that all the rules are laid out. Cast your votes and influence the fate of this LP!