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Update 6 - Hunter x Hunter Division

Welcome back to Sushi Strikers! Last time Musashi met with the Sushi Liberation Front's head honcho, Masa, and despite a really rocky first impression, Musashi decided to assist the SLF in their ongoing fight against the Empire. We now return with the really cool stuff, war room deliberation.

Video: Chapter 2 Intro

♪ BGM: Sushi For All♫

: It's a small, isolated island in the southern bay that's thick with overgrown forests.
: Within it lie the venerable ruins of ancient sushi monks. Hence, the Shrine Grove.

Sushi monks? How does that work?

: You might think of it as a spiritual home for us.
: There in that place of supreme mystical energy, sushi sprites can hone their power.
: It was once protected by vigilant villagers, but the Empire occupied it in the Struggles.

The sushi monks opted to eat their sushi non-violently.

: However, the Sushi Liberation Front has vowed to reclaim it as our headquarters!

: Isn't it? I thought so, anyway.

Oh, get a room you two.

: Yeah, it sounds great! But where do I come in?
: I'm glad you asked. You have a special job: to engage the enemy away from our forces.
: The Empire is aware of Jinrai now, putting you squarely in their sights.
: While all eyes are on you, my forces will have room to work.

[...] I'm not sure I like where this is going.

: I'm sorry if it's not the role you'd prefer to play.
: Relax, chief! Anything for the SLF!

Besides we're used to working alone, right Jinrai? Anyways, we now have our first mission with the SLF, being bait. And you bet we're gonna be the best bait the Empire ever did see!

♪ BGM: Republic ♫

Now before we continue, I wanna take a second and use some of these EXP tickets we've been getting, because the Elekan we just got starts out at level 1.

I'm still hoarding the skill charms for the time being. I'll start using them after we get more sprites with cooler skills.

Alright, now we have a balanced out team.

Video: Battle - Striker Nife

♪ BGM: Soldier Scene ♫

: So you've heard of me, huh? Heheh.

Looks like Musashi is already making a name for herself.

: (Ugh,this goofball... Doesn't she know not all publicity is good pubicity?)

Who you calling a goofball, ya goofball.

: I'm with the Hunter Division! I may look like a common soldier, but don't be fooled!

He's actually a 1st edition holographic soldier.

: Oh yeah? What's so hot about the Hunter Division?
: Glad you asked! Our squad's sushi sprite skill is the Hidden Plate Trick!
: Pay no mind if you see me stacking more plates than I ate, heheheh!
: Not that a striker needs to play dirty to win! We're tough enough on our own!


♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Make a 2-hit combo and win.
- Earn a B grade or better and win.
- Make 3 or more glowing plates and win.

So Nife is sporting an Inazo, the fox sushi sprite, they come with the Hidden Plates ability which adds an additional three plates after linking plates. So Striker Nife is totally legit in his sushi striking in this case.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Soldier♫

And like everyone else who had a sushi sprite we've never seen before, Nife immediately activates hidden plates. Unfortunately with a really low skill level, hidden plates only last for like 5 seconds, so he was only able to take advantage of the skill for one stack.

Other than that this fight is more or less the same as all the others. Though having a third sprite is kinda throwing off the colors a bit. (That and I'm not paying a lick of attention.)

Anyways I popped Sushi Shield, and wow, I never noticed that the shield last for quite a long time, even at skill level 1.

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

Ouch, all that brain-farting cost me dearly.

Raw power? The heck is that? Also oh no, the power of taxes is coursing through my kid veins!

♪ BGM: Musashi's Theme ♫

What was that? It was like something awakened deep inside of Musashi.

: That's raw power, Musashi. It's the mark of a true sushi striker!
: All sushi contains a hidden power within.
: If a sushi striker eats enough of one type of sushi, its unique ability will flow into them!

Jeez, I wonder what button I have to push in order to activate that?

: ANOTHER ability? Like, on top of all the ones the sushi sprites give me?
: That's right! The power of your favorite sushi will activate automatically during battle.
: Your declared Favorite is listed on the My Data screen

Thank goodness. Though most raw powers activate in different ways. For example, one might activate at the beginning of a match and another might activate after eating a certain number plates of sushi.

Anyways the game takes control to demonstrate how to set your favorite sushi.

♪ BGM: Imperial Rim ♫

Hm, extra time to link plates while at low health isn't the worst ability, but probably not one I would use a lot.

♪ BGM: Musashi's Theme ♫

: Salmon's raw power is A-Tax!
: If you're low on health, it extends your window to link plates from 7 seconds to 8.
: That way, even on your last legs, you can deliver a powerful strike and pull through!
: Sounds good to me! With raw power, I'll be even more unstoppable!

Video: Battle - Saboteur Spoone

♪ BGM: Soldier Scene ♫

Musashi, your face!

: You've got a mouth on you. Feel like you've seen it all when it comes to this stuff, huh?

Considering how I'm having a hard time coming up with commentary for the fights? Yeah, I do!

: Don't kid yourself. I bet you still think sushi is the only thing that flows down the lanes.

Well duh, fruit also flows in the lanes too!

: Us capsule-cracking saboteurs know better!
: Huh? Capsules aren't food!

: Only the one who opens the capsules gets the tide-turning items inside, after all!

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Win in 100 or fewer seconds.
- Win with 20% or more HP.
- Link 10 or more plates and win.

Nothing new here besides Saboteur Spoone's favorite sushi is Squid. Luckily I have a save with most of the raw powers unlocked, and here's what the squid raw power says:

Raw Power: Ly-C
Description: Restores your HP by 2% for every 40 plates you eat.

Interesting, though 2% ain't gonna make or break a fight.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Soldier♫

Oh... I gacha.

: However, they are generally locked.
: Locked?! Then how do we get to the juicy items inside?
: Simple. Take the capsule after linking at least as many plates as showen on the lock.

In this case, we need to have 5 or more plates in our current chain before we can pick it up.

: Like so.

The Jubilee charger instantly entered us into sushi jubilee.

: Yes, a result of the item I unlocked. Other items do other things.
: Take capsules before the enemy can to give yourself an advantage in battle!

The screen flashes and a sound plays. It's the sound of a capsule entering the lane.

Capsule Sound Sample

Now that that's over, let's get to the real battle.

We want to grab capsules as often as we can. Instant jubilees are really nice and makes this fight go by really quick. Note that grabbing another capsule while in jubilee will not stack the effects, but it does deny your opponent from grabbing the capsule for themselves.

Here I got greedy and instead of staying on top of denying Spoone any capsules I chose to continue linking this stack of green. Which means Spoone went for the capsule immediately.

Which is fine. If Hidden Plate was ready that could have been a nasty combo move. I pretty much grab every capsule for the rest of the fight and bent Spoone into submission.

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

Ooh, an S-rank. Not a rainbow S, but this'll do. (I've heard that normal S-ranks give more exp than rainbow S's, but I can't confirm or deny that.)

And with that, I think we're due for a break, so tune in next time when we take on the rest of the Hunter Division!

New Sushi Sprites

#015: Inazo
Secret: Excels at stealth ops like a ninja.
Skill: Hidden Plates - Adds three plates to whatever number linked!