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Update 7 - Classified Specialist

We continue our decoy mission for the SLF as we take on the last two members of the Hunter Division.

Video: Battle - Specialist Forker

♪ BGM: Soldier Scene ♫

: I'm the specialist of the Hunter Division. What do I specialize in? Everything!
: Uhhh...then what makes you so special?

It's top secret that he can unhinge his jaw.

: What I CAN say that I have the same Hidden Plate Trick as my squad buddies.
: In fact, all members of any given squad have the same sushi sprite powers!

Then what are you hinting at, you dork?!

: Why are you telling me this? Shouldn't that be classified too?
: That answer is also classified!

My feelings exactly.

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Recover 300 or more HP and win.
- Eat 5 or more plates of your favorite sushi.
- Start 2 or more sushi jubilees and win.

Okay I don't get what makes him so special except that his favorite sushi is Horse Mackerel, and its raw power is Ino-Ace which increases your score by 8%. Which is useless to him, so I dunno, maybe he's all bark and no bite.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Soldier♫

Wait a minute. Something ain't right here. The lanes don't flow like that. I get the feeling that this is what makes Forker a specialist.

So yeah, this is a gimmick fight where all the lanes, except the shared lane, flow in the same direction. That would sound like it ain't a big deal, but this was the first fight that really tripped me up during my first playthrough. You have to be really good at linking diagonals like this:

Anyways once you get the hang of it, this plays out like a normal battle. So, let's go ahead and stick a fork in him, because he's done.

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

Another raw power! And if you forgot what Ly-c does it restores your HP by 2% for every 40 plates you eat.

♪ BGM: Musashi's Theme ♫

: What luck! This is a renewal bean!

This bean sensu so familiar to me.

You got a Small Renewal Bean!

: This will restore some of your health if it reaches zero, allowing you to keep fighting!
: That sounds kinda overpowered!

Don't worry Musashi, it only recovers like 25% of your max HP.

: Well, it only works once. You may want to save it for the most powerful opponents.
: If you encounter a fearsome enemy, be sure to set it as your prepared item before battle.
: Good call! And I do that through the My Data screen?
: Exactly. You're starting to catch on, Musashi.

And once again, the game takes control to show me how to equip... the bean.

♪ BGM: Imperial Rim ♫

♪ BGM: Musashi's Theme ♫

: Oh yeah... Maybe I should hold off until I'm about to fight someone really scary.
: Don't worry. It's not the only one of its kind. Helpful item should be used, not hoarded!
: You know what, you're right! Better to use it than let it sit doing nothing in my pocket!

I feel so called out right now.

Anyways, we now move to the squad captain. What wacky gimmick is he gonna spring on us?

Video: Battle - Captain Chops

♪ BGM: Captain Scene ♫

: Well, now you face the Hunter Division's captain. No more messing around!
: It would take some fancy eating to beat me. You might even impress our sushi sprite.

So you're saying I might be able to recruit Inazo if I beat you?

: But I'd no sooner yield our sprite to you than I would let you win! It's a pride thing.

It's also his job.

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Link 12 or more plates and win.
- Eat 190 or fewer plates and win.
- Eat 10 or more types of sushi and win.

Nothing of note of this screen aside from Cap's favorite sushi which is California Roll, and its raw power is Io-9: Increases your HP recovery from sweets and fruit by 35% while your HP is at 25% or less.

♪ BGM: Battle Vs. Boss ♫

So there isn't anything special about this fight. It's just a regular sushi battle. So, uh, let's break a dish?

Oh! I just remember something I can talk about, breaking plates. So we already know that our stacks sit on the stack table waiting to be used, right? Well, let's say we have some stacks that we're holding onto for a big attack like this:

Now watch the right most yellow stack when Captain Chops throws some plates at Musashi. I also slowed the gif down so it's easier to see:

Chops didn't just did some damage to Musashi, he also broke some plates on the stack table. If that stack had a rainbow plate in it, it would be protected from plate breaking. I'm not sure how to trigger a plate break other than random chance. Point is, always grab the rainbow plate whenever possible.

Anyways, let's beat this guy up.

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

Very sloppy gameplay on this one, but I'll fix that a little later.

Nobody leveled up but when I hit A to continue this happened:

♪ BGM: New Sushi Sprite! ♫

Of course we wanna say 'yes'.

You've befriended the sushi sprite Inazo! Its skill is Hidden Plates!

Inazo's pledge plate has been tucked into your jacket's training pouch!

Guess we should report back to Masa and see how things are on their end.

♪ BGM: Mysterious Person Theme ♫

Oh, we've achieved 'The' status.

Too close! TOO CLOSE!!

: Name's Archie. I do some digging in the sushi sprite ruins over by the Shrine Grove.
: I got word the SLF was comin' to the Shrine Grove, so I came to take a peek!

Probably not a good idea, Archie. Plates are gonna be flying every which way.

: You know what? I'll do it! Shrine Grove, here we come!

Besides, I have a feeling Masa's forces could use the support fire.

: Musashi, wait. Our role is to draw them out. if we leave, the plan will fail.
: But look at poor Archie! I think he might cry if we say no.

And we don't need another kid bawling their eyes out. (Kojiro does enough of that as is.)

: Yo, it'll be easy! I know a shortcut you can take and everything!
: Cool beans! Lead the way!

My feelings exactly.

Anyways I think it time for another break. Tune in next time when we make a move for the Shrine Grove!

And I think we're overdue for a sushi update, so here we go!

New Sushi

#006: Horse Mackerel
The only thing more beautiful than its lustrous skin is how it tastes.

#010: Strawberries
A clean, true sweetness evocative of summer romance and love everlasting.

#012: Octopus
A smooth, slightly chewy mouthfeel ringed with a flourish of crunch bits.

#013: Minced Tuna
Seaweed and spring onion exquisitely complement the delicately minced fish.

#017: Yellowtail
A deliciously fatty flesh renowned for its supremely smooth taste.

#021: Melon
Gentle texture... Blossoming sweetness... A taste like nothing short of paradise.

#025: Tuna
A classic, standard sushi beloved by just about everyone everywhere ever.

#030: Surf Clam
Charmingly toothsome with a tantalizing flavor that spreads with each chew.

#035: Salmon Roe
It's as if the very essence of umami were cast as edible jewels by a savory savior.

#036: Red Sea Bream
The grace of this sushi envelops any and all who savor its soft taste.