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Welcome, at last, to the final chapter. Maybe even the final update, barring any surprises.

The final party, same as it was last time.

Let's do it!

BGM: What's the Strategy?

Yes, somehow we made it out.

Your ability to move everyone in an instant is truly amazing, Toyohime.

I'm the one who's amazed. I thought you had planned to wait for an opportunity, but you made one yourselves instead.

I can't believe you even had a smoke bomb of all things on hand.

We use smokescreens a lot, so I've been steadily developing them.

Nue also did a great job at immediately following that up.

Take a look around you, Minamitsu. I'm pretty used to it.

Just a quick reminder that Makura and Meeko are elsewhere, despite the portraits I'm using.

So you're saying that all the real combat experience you've had is what trained all of you to this point?

The more I look, the more skill I see...

Well yeah, an army that's seen a hundred battles ain't just for show.

It's not like we meant to train, it's just kind of happened after being together for so many years.

...So once again, this is the strength of bonds...

That's so cool! I wanna look that confident too!

That being said, even after we finally went on this trip, we ended up just having to scramble out of there.

If I'm being honest, I would have liked more time to get a good look.

I guess it might not be possible for you to vicariously experience our journey.

Anyway, I hope we can at least take it easy after this.

I'm pretty sure you said something about us being able to stay in this dream until morning?

Yes, there's still a little bit of time left.

But everyone appears to be tired. I can take you back to reality sooner if you'd like.

Umm, what should we do? I'm feeling fine though, so I'd like to stay a little longer...

Let's not push it. After all, Lady Yorihime's group will be on us at any moment now.

About that, I don't see any signs of pursuit on the radar.

Thanks to our clever escape, it seems we've managed to put quite some distance between our groups.

What, really?!

The Palanquin Ship's output has increased too. We could probably wrap it up at this rate.

That's not what actually happened, but we've got a full roster this time.

Which means...

Yaaay, I'm going to the deck!

Alright, then I'm going too!

Okuu, what about us?

Hmm, Yatagarasu says he wants to go too!

They run out of the bridge.

...Well then. We were just in a heated battle, but they're quick to switch gears.

We rarely get this kind of opportunity, so I think it's fine as long as we're not in any danger.

When you put it that way, seems like it'd be a shame to not do anything.

Oh yeah, why don't we have a drink while looking at the Sea of Stars?

How romantic.

That's a great idea. Let's make some snacks right away!

Okay, then Sakuya and I will split the work-

Or how about a collaboration between maids?

Sounds like fun, I'll show you what I can do.

Everyone's so lively. I'm a bit tired from all the excitement though.

Don't say that, Shinki. Why don't you come with us too?

Medicine said she wanted to see the Sea of Stars with everyone. She's really been looking forward to it.

Goodness~. Well in that case, I'll hang in there for a little bit.

An emergency alarm rings.


This sound, it can't be...

A proximity alert...? Could it be our pursuers?!

What is this? There wasn't any kind of signal up to this point!

There's no mistaking it, and the enemy numbers are growing rapidly!

Hey, what's going on? Isn't this a little sudden even for a dream?!

Lady Makura, what in the world...!

I don't understand either. Not without taking a look outside...

Yeesh. Guess we still got one fight left before we wake up!

Anyway, let's head out too!

Gaiden 3: Fantasy Maidens in Dream Space

BGM: EX(hi)Re:Vision
I blame Concealed the Conclusion for this.

Lady Yorihime, there's the Earthlings' ship!

I can't believe they managed to make it this far. We almost let them slip out of our hands.

I-Is that Yorihime...?!

You guys, what happened?!

I don't know! The Lunarian troops just appeared all of a sudden like fwoosh!

Teleportation... No, they used spatial transfer?!

Instantly sending in an entire battalion at once...

...Can only be done by one person.


Dream Toyohime, along with some extra rabbits manning the cannons, spawn in.


No way, that's...!

Sister, thank you for the prompt response.

Since the opponent is one that can escape even you, I had to move before it was too late.

I've given my permission to use the anti-ship neutron launcher, so let's get this over with quickly.

Yes. Your orders, please.

T-Toyohime?! Why is she here...!

Aha, they've got a me as well, so they used the same method we did to bridge the distance.

Hold on, is this really the time for admiration?! Toyohime wasn't around in the real version!

Come to think of it, no one here has any memory of fighting her!

I don't understand the cause either. If I had to guess, it might be that someone's strong image of her has slipped into everyone's dream...

A strong image... Perhaps something like trauma?

O-Oh no! Light is gushing out of her fan...!


Meeko was indeed given a very hard time by Toyohime's fan...

Well now, it seems as though both sides have some unexpected parties~

At any rate, this situation is extremely concerning. We should prepare to counter their attack.

Everyone, deploy!

...I see, so those were the intruders in the report.

Based on this aura, it looks like that person and our copycats are indeed here.

They say they're from an alternate universe, but I can't determine the truth of that. Regardless, since they have trespassed on the moon...

I understand. No matter who the opponent is, I will do everything in my power to ensure the public safety of the moon.

This is precisely the mission we have been tasked with as the inheritors of that person's will.


...Yikes, that's a lovely vow and all, but on this particular day it's a problem for us.

Yeah, there's no way we can fight both of them at once...!

W-What should we do, Lady Makura? Should we return them to reality right now?!

It's not that we can't but... If it's too sudden they won't have a very pleasant awakening.

Do you think you could buy some time while I get things ready?

Gotcha, about how much time d'you think you'll need?

Eight minutes. That should be more than enough.

...Geez, so this is how it turns out. And with an unwanted addition to boot.

As far as that goes, don't forget our fighting ability is also the best it's ever been.

We've got our own space manipulator, and our own powerhouses. And if we have to, we can even play dirty.

Our number one priority is to leave the moon. I don't mind if we fight, but we need to be careful not to get too caught up in it.

Everyone, prepare for space combat. Ensure an escape route as we counterattack!

Victory: Survive until the Player Phase of turn 8
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated
Bonus WP: Clear the chapter with all player units over the eastern white line.

Speaking of, here's the white line. Same as the last time we did this chapter.

What's different is that...

This time, Toyohime is here as well. Of particular note: she has a Spellcard.

I'll let you guys know upfront, I'm not getting the Bonus on this chapter.

Some of the shitters (and Yorihime) load onto the boat. They'll be heading east, over the line.

...I actually didn't realize until I was writing this update, but you don't need anyone to reach the line. You only need to survive til turn 8. Oh well.

Everyone else is heading west.

Time to take down some Lunarians, one last time .

Um, we brought them out, but how we were supposed to use these again?

The manual says that these things are so powerful, you can pretty much just point them in the general direction of whatever you wanna hit.

It looks like they're planning to use those huge cannons!

Watch out, if it's a weapon from the moon then I'm sure it's-

Here we go, fire!


This destructive power... Are they trying to roast all my potatoes?!

You there, you can't fire continuously, so don't waste your shots.

O-Oh, right. The next volley will be charged in 2 more minutes.

Wait, what? Was that the fake Lady Toyohime?

Waitwait, what's going on?

Tee hee hee. Seems like I could give some fake orders and they'd still obey.

Sister, now is not the time to for such...

I'm just kidding. That weapon will fire once every three minutes, so be careful not to enter its range.

...Meanwhile, I guess the other Toyohime is standing by in the back.

Though I have a hard time believing she's only here to give orders... I'd like to keep an eye on her.

Yorihime still has Double Act, she closes the rest of the distance immediately. Not quite close enough to attack us yet, though.

The other rabbits dive right in.

They're pretty beefy, but considering I'm still using my fully upgraded squad from last chapter, we can usually blow through them in one round.

Like so.

The ship is almost over the line by turn 2.

Time to pick a fight.

I wasn't expecting them to make the first move.

We're used to being chased. And there's only one thing to do in this situation.

You rude pursuers are gonna get a taste of your own medicine!

What nonsense... I dare you to say that again after taking a look around you.

Heehee, oh yes. I might actually be able to have a little fun facing down the leaders of the moon backed by this huge army.

And here I was thinking that no amount of fighting in Mugen Sekai would satisfy me.

Adversity breeds fighting spirit!

...Seems like it's too late for words. Now that we're no longer on the pure land of the moon, I will show no mercy.

Understand the power of the Watatsuki bloodline!

No one else has any unique dialogue with Dream Yorihime (why would they, honestly), so that's about it out of her for the rest of the chapter.

...Well, actually, there IS a variation on this line, depending on how your first fight with her goes. If she's the one that attacks you on the Enemy Phase, you get this version:

Waaah, they caught up with us!

Did you really think you could escape like this?

If you stop us here, we won't be able to dodge Toyohime's attack. That's a tough pattern.

Then why don't we just stand our ground and take them down head-on?

After we take you out, we'll beat up your sister too!

You're saying you can beat me? Have you taken a look around?

Heehee, oh yes. I might actually be able to have a little fun facing down the leaders of the moon backed by this huge army.

And here I was thinking that no amount of fighting in Mugen Sekai would satisfy me.

Adversity breeds fighting spirit!

...Seems like it's too late for words. Now that we're no longer on the pure land of the moon, I will show no mercy.

Understand the power of the Watatsuki bloodline!

It's be a shame if the translation effort went to waste, so there you go.

This Yorihime is much easier than the Super Duper Omega Final Mix+ Yorihime we fought last chapter.

Still need to blow SP to do much against her, though.

While we're at it, here's Dream Toyohime. Not that there's much to see, atm. She's pretty much like her playable counterpart, albeit with a shitload more HP.

She's got all the overpowered skills you'd expect from a lategame boss. Double Act, Break Power Limit+, and so on.

Notably, she doesn't have her MAP.


A surprisingly big pain in the ass is Yorihime's field. Movement -2 makes it pretty hard to get over to Toyohime in a timely manner.

Here's how we look going in the Enemy Phase of turn 2.

Look, it's like the stars are about to fall!

Yatagarasu says he's happy to see so many friends!

Almost all of those lights are living stars. I guess he can sense that.

I don't mind you being fascinated by the stars, but don't let your guard down. We're still in enemy territory, after all...

A bunch of rabbits spawn in close to the line.

Whoa, their buddies just keep on coming!

I was so panicked back then, I didn't remember this at all...

We don't know when or where reinforcements will appear. Please leave enemy territory at full speed!

Yorihime keeps coming at us.

Some of our more accurate units, like Alice or Mima, can post surprisingly good hitrates against her.

I still love that they use her old FMW3 animations for this fight.

Big Mama can take the punishment.

The ship gets assaulted by a bunch of rabbits, but none of them can make it past its barrier.

Might as well disembark and kill off some of these stragglers. Your entire team gets 1 Power per kill, so it all helps.

Youmu and Utsuho take out the northern cannon.

How dare they get that far!

Lady Toyohime, please be careful! I'm sure they're out for your blood!

Understood. It just so happens that I've finished my own preparations.


Wha- Whawhawhawhaaaat?!

Toyohime's holding the very latest lunar weapon!

So she really did bring it. I wonder if this is also an effect of Meeko's trauma.


M-Meeko...! Please calm down...

She's awfully shocked for someone who isn't even fighting.

To be fair, it has the same power as the real thing. We certainly need to be on guard!

Listen well, Earthlings. This is your warning.

This fan will purify anything. I'd like you to think hard about what will happen if you attempt to continue your escape.

Tch, so this was what she was planning the whole time she was hiding in the back.

Yorihime cuts through the frontlines, and Toyohime breaks through the back... They may be our enemies, but their coordination is incredible!

I am well aware of your strength. I have no intention of showing mercy.

So if you wish to surrender, now is the time.

So yeah, now Toyohime has her MAP. It works effectively like a 3rd cannon, right down the middle of the screen.

Here's how we look on turn 3. I marked the 3 tile width of Toyohime's MAP with green markers here. Only Yuuka's in range, and I'm not too worried about her surviving.

On EP3, more rabbits spawn in, flanking from the top and bottom.

Watch out, enemies are coming from over there too!

Their military is just as strong as rumored.

Alright, let's start with the biggest targets. First up is that mysterious weapon!



Oh, this guy. I mean, when they put it that way, he does kinda look like one.

But we're keeping Hisoutensoku out of this!

Instead, we're gonna fight you ourselves!

Is it really such a valuable weapon, for you all to protect it like this?

Don't be silly, Hisoutensoku is our friend!


Yeah! He lets us ride on his shoulders.

He's a wonderful person who inspires us with dreams and shares his energy with us!

He's a fellow doll!

And I'm mentoring him as a tsukumogami!

The way everyone thinks of Hisoutensoku....

Do you all see him as one of their own even though he's just a temporary existence made from a dream?

I've heard that accepting everything is the way of Gensokyo but....


...Hisoutensoku. Are you saying that you also think of everyone as your friends?

(...Because of this mutual acceptance, Hisoutensoku has built up trust with everyone else.)

(It's as if he's no different from everyone in Gensokyo...)

Yorihime fires her MAP.

...Oh yeah, I forgot to see if the ship team was in range.

Luckily the ship is pretty sturdy, or else that'd have been quite a blunder.

We finish off the other cannon rabbit, and with it, the last of the rabbits in the vicinity of the bosses.

Next up, let's pick a fight with Toyohime.

Alright, she's within reach!

Well done. Since you've made it this far, I suppose you're prepared for what comes next.

On the other hand, haven't your plans been completely disrupted by our approach?

If we surround her, even a lunar weapon shouldn't be able to stop us!

My, that's hard to argue with. By all means, please give it a try.

...She's creeping me out. Got no idea what she's thinking.

What if she's even harder to fight than Yorihime...

Toyohime is a very laid-back person, but she also has the intelligence to grasp the big picture and the discipline to put logic over emotions.

She's at her very best in a many-on-many battle where tactics are everything.

Ugh, if she's even got Eirin saying that much about her...!

It's just as Lady Yagokoro says. My sister is one of the last people you'd ever want as an enemy.

She's popular for her soothing presence, but not just for that.

If you had Toyohime on your side in a mock battle, you'd win before you even knew it!

So if Yorihime is the fierce general, Toyohime is the clever one...!

She certainly has the skills of a lunar delegation leader.

You seem to be having a conversation, but I'm taking the liberty of starting our danmaku battle.

For the honor of the Watasuki name, I shall, fully and beautifully...

No special animations for this or anything, just her standard attacks.

Toyohime isn't hugely dangerous on her own, but she is quite sturdy. Considering we have a time limit, that's all she really needs to be a pain.

The western team is pretty much set up, so here's how the escape crew are looking, for reference.

On EP4, even more rabbits spawn in, right near the line.

For what it's worth, these all get to act right away. Luckily this isn't Fire Emblem, so Same Turn Reinforcements aren't all that bad.

Yorihime keeps on rampaging around.


Oh well, it doesn't really matter.

By the way, Toyohime's MAP doesn't have friendly fire, so luring Yorihime into range doesn't work.

So, here's why I'm not going for the Bonus WP. Just like in the original chapter, you can get it by getting your entire western team killed before the time limit.

The problem is, Yuuka is nigh-immortal, so that's hard to do efficiently. It's even harder to do that while killing Yorihime and Toyohime, if you're an LPer trying to get their dialogue .

Although Toyohime will gladly fire her MAP every turn, she only uses her Double Act to attack normally. A boon, I suppose, since it lets me rack up damage on the counterattack.

I caught an amusing shot while attacking with Reysen.

Moving ahead to the enemy phase of turn 5, I figure I might as well just break Toyohime now.

Well, you Earthlings are an impressive bunch to get this far.

You said something about a parallel universe, but this makes me wonder just how much progress the earth has made upon your arrival.

Perhaps you meant to praise us, but aren't you being a little too condescending?

Just as Lunarians have their dignity, so I expect that Earthlings do as well.

...There's just no telling what's going on behind that refined demeanor.

It looks like 'beware of the nice ones' applies even outside of Gensokyo.

And her entire attitude, it somehow reminds me of Eirin.

I suppose it would. After all, no one has inherited my wisdom and thoughts as much as Toyohime has.

And her ability to connect the mountains and the sea is something she acquired after immediately understanding all of my teachings.

What, you mean that crazy ability was something she learned later...!

That's right. It was an application of all of Lady Yagokoro's lessons on quantum theory.
for reference, this is our Toyo speaking

By causing any two points to become entangled, transfer that defies the laws of relativity can be-

Basically, a superpowered spiriting away.

Isn't it awfully rude to interrupt?

The me over there seems to get along quite well with the Earthlings.

If you don't mind, I'd like to hear all about the world you come from.

Alas, that will have to wait for another time.

You were planning to turn the situation to your advantage as you drew out the conversation, right?

So you had the same thought. However, your realization comes too late.

I've released the limiter on the fan. And now, I will show you my power.

A path that connects the mountains to the sea. Here and now...

Enemy Spellcard
Wisdom 「Power to Connect the Sea and the Mountains」
Ally: Forced Movement
-Forced to move at start of Nightmare(Toyohime)'s turn (Max 10 pairs)

Yeah, it says Nightmare(Toyohime) in the weird pseudo-patch I'm using. I'm not sure if it's like that in the actual game, or if Nook messed up. Who knows?

Much like every other spellcard effect, it also takes place immediately upon triggering it. I'm not entirely sure how it decides where to move people, but it hasn't really messed up my formation too badly.

Especially since I have Yamame here to bomb open a hole in the danmaku.

Toyohime already had the spellcard she declared (Power to Connect the Sea and the Mountains is one of her basic attacks), so instead they gave her a proper Ideon Gun. 5 tiles wide, infinite range.

I do some fancy Zeal/Enable shenanigans to take a bunch of extra turns on Sanae and Reimu.

Lots of finishers get dumped into Toyohime.

God damn I love how this attack looks when it hits.

Reimu and Sanae finally take her down.

My, but you really are strong.

W-We somehow managed to hold back Toyohime...

There's no way we're not gonna danmaku when we brought our spellcards along!

But we've gone too far in! We need to hurry and leave enemy ground...

I won't allow it.

Ugh, her wounds have healed...!

It's like she anticipated this situation way ahead of time!

But she's given us an opening. This is our only chance to pull away.

Everyone, let's get out of here.

And yeah, there you go. She just infinitely regenerates, much like Yorihime did.

She still keeps her 5 tile MAP, by the way.

Speaking of Yorihime, might as well take her down while we're here.

To think you'd actually come out the winners in that last fight...

You get it? Now I'm the best at space!


Your strength must be the real deal, if you can put up this much resistance.

And yet, it's still not enough...!

It looks like she's recovered her health!

Oh yeah, this happened last time too.

Can't she at least let us have a little break after we beat her?
This dialogue actually varies slightly, depending on if you got the Lunar Magatama from beating Yorihime back in the original chapter or not

I could never allow my sister to witness me behaving like a coward.

You will soon realize that resistance is futile against the two of us!

And yeah, there you go. She's basically immortal.

In fact, as a bonus, here's some extra dialogue for if you kill Yorihime again:

Ugh, how could this...


Insert her healing here.

Ooh, an immortal~

Fighting Yorihime appears to be just a waste of our resources.

Everyone, prioritize reaching our destination!

...And that's it.

I've done what I wanted to do, so now we're just killing time until turn 8 rolls around.

Space sharks!


I turn my brain off and let a bunch of units get killed, since it doesn't matter.

Before too long, we hit turn 8.

Yes, we've managed to buy time!

Makura, how goes the preparation for taking us out of the dream?

Preparations complete. Everyone, please gather around the Palanquin Ship.

All remaining units zoom over to the line.

Hold it right there. If you dare to do anything strange...!

...And now, let the dream waver.

Farewell, dreamland moon...

The screen flashes, and then they're gone.


Goodness, they've vanished without a trace.

What in the world is going on? In that case, did your imposter once again...

If she had, I would have sensed it. This is something else.

If I had to describe it, it's as though time and space shifted, and yet didn't shift...


At any rate, it seems they no longer exist in this world.

...It does seem that way. I can't sense them either.

You don't think they really came from another world and returned there?

Or perhaps, it all an illusion just as you said.

Regardless, let's just consider it a good thing that we were able to protect the moon.

But we need to investigate the cause and do our best to prevent a recurrence...

Oh, but I would welcome a recurrence. I don't know if she was the real Eirin, but at least we were able to see her again.

And we were by her side. I can't be too upset when they let us imagine such a future.


...It would be nice if someday, even just for an instant, that became a reality.

And if it does, all our thousands of years of waiting will have been worth it.


Now, why don't we return to the Lunar Capital. We must report what happened.

But how should we report such inexplicable events?

Well, our opponents have vanished, so that is precisely what we will say.

That the insolent trespassers have been erased from this world.


The final results screen.

RIP in pepperoni

BGM: The Dream is Here

Sidenote: I only just noticed the name of this song. I wonder if they planned that out from the start.


Reimu, please wake up!

...Nnwha? Is the dream over...

Wait, the Palanquin Ship? Does that mean we're still in the dream...

This is a place between dreams and reality. A world between sleeping and waking.

We've left the moon safely, so you can relax!

Huh, so this is the kinda place we pass through before we wake up...

Wait, the real Makura and Meeko are here?!
(The static effect on the portraits is gone)

C'mon, Lady Makura made this dream, so that much was a piece of cake.

...I was only supposed to be a bystander, but I wanted to greet you in person before the dream ends.

And while I'm here, I will serve as your guide back to reality.

So what you're saying is, there's still some time left before daybreak?

No, the sky is already beginning to brighten.

However, I feel that waking up suddenly would be hard on you all, so I thought maybe if I just let you snooze for a bit longer...

Well isn't that thoughtful. That's our oversleeping freak!

We finally managed to reunite, so it would be pretty boring to just part ways like that.

...But, that means our dream journey is really ending.

It kinda feels like, I'm relieved, but also disappointed...

In short, it passed in the blink of an eye.

And in the end, it was just one danmaku battle after another...

I mean, that's how it always is.

Heehee, that's true. It was a very fitting journey for us.

And I'm glad I was able to personally witness things I had only heard about.

...I feel the same way about that part.

But the real version was way more wild and hardcore!

That's right! Miss Rabbit got captured, and Reimu went on a rampage...

And that was also when Reisen reconciled with Yorihime.

Eh, that really happened?!

W-Well, more or less~...

I was feeling pretty bad back then, so don't make me remember it.

Aww, but you recovered pretty quickly didn't you?

...So what you're saying is, you've all been through so many ups and downs to get here.

During this journey, I've been so taken with the strength of your bonds....

The path we've taken to get here was anything but easy though.

And it looks like through this dream, you were able to pick up on some of it too.

... Yes, it was originally a dream to learn about the moon, but I was able to learn so much more than that.

What you've experienced, how you've grown...

I think being able to see even just a little of that will encourage me to keep living.

You're making such a big deal out of it. We had a good time too, you know.

Yeah, you revived Hisoutensoku for us!

Revived Hisoutensoku...?

...I was merely repaying my debts. There's no need for gratitude.

Even so, Hisoutensoku is our friend, so that doesn't change how happy we are about it.

And I think Hisoutensoku is grateful to you too, Makura.


Hisoutensoku, you...

...Do you really mean to say such things to the person who used you in the past?

That just as Gensokyo has done, you're also forgiving and accepting me...

Hisoutensoku is just like Reimu and Marisa and the rest...


Which means, there's no need for you to act like you're beneath us.

Plus, it's only thanks to this dream that we could reunite with all our friends.

...Thanks to...

It's just that, well, we'll miss each other when we have to say goodbye again once this dream's over.

We're all going to split up, and Hisoutensoku's going to disappear too...

...About that, I will leave Hisoutensoku's body as-is.

From now on, you should still be able to see him again in the dream world.

What, really?!

Yay! Hisoutensoku, we can play together again!


That's going a little overboard for atonement. Don't tell me those feelings were contagious?

Now that you've shown me your bonds, I can't bring myself to take them away.

...You know, just hearing this makes me feel better about returning to reality.

Mmhmm. It's not like everything will disappear when we wake up.

By the way, are we still okay with daybreak just about to happen?

Oh, Lady Makura. It's about time...!

...That's right. It's time.

I will now bring you with me.


BGM: Awakening


This is outside the ship...!

Is that the dream earth that we can see over there....?

No, it's not a dream. That said, it's also not the real thing.

...This is the final boundary before awakening. The boundary between dreams and reality.

Your real bodies are about to awaken and call you all back.

Does this mean you brought us here so you could see us off?

And you even went out of your way to prepare such an amazing view, how tasteful.

No, that's not something Lady Makura made, it's something that's within all of you.

Within us...?

...I see, so that's a manifestation of the Gensokyo within us.

Just as the moon is reflected in water, so Gensokyo's dream and reality are reflected in the boundary.

It's so pretty. Even we were surprised!

...The Gensokyo you've all built is so very beautiful.

Every time I look at it, I'm once again reminded of the preciousness of Gensokyo.

Yeah, seeing it like this makes me think returning to reality might not be so bad after all.

It's not something we normally think about, or notice...

If I can get you to feel that way, then my efforts as your guide have been worth it.

Please, return to reality without dwelling on this dream, and keep developing and telling the story of that beautiful world.

After all, even if this dream ends, Gensokyo will continue.

It's not like we need you to tell us that.

It's her expression of goodwill towards Gensokyo. I'll always remember these words.

Oh, and this is...?

...It would appear that the time has come to say goodbye.

As each of you wakes up in the real world, your body will be taken along.

Which means we're going first. I suppose that's the fate of those at the top.

Even if it wasn't for very long, I had a lot of fun playing with you all again!

Gensokyo's only so big. If we want to meet again, we will.

And we we do, let's play again just like we did today!

Yeah, that's a promise!

And they're gone... Guess they're back in the real world.

Another light shines.

Ayayaya, is it our turn now?

Then let's get a closing MC!

...Everyone. We had so much fun performing this encore with you all.

The boundary between the real world and the Netherworld is currently thin. Please come visit us again.

And if you don't make it in time, let's meet again after you die.

...Hmph, I can't really take that up.

I look forward to meeting again somewhere.

And so, I bid you farewell...

They disappear, and the next light starts.

...It seems we're next.

I'm not really sure why, but us too, it looks like.

Though we part ways for the moment, I am sure our paths will cross again.

Whether that's next year, or a thousand years later...

We can connect our hearts, so I'm sure we'll find each other again.

Please, take care.

Cue the next.

...Oh, it looks like the rest of us will awaken at the same time.

I truly enjoyed this dreamlike journey.

...With everyone living their own lives and building their own happiness, at some point we won't be able to meet whenever we'd like.

So it was truly wonderful for us to be able to spend today together.

Even if our bodies are separated, our dreams are connected as one...

And it seems to me that through those dreams, we'll be able to meet again.

I'll come visit again. 'Cuz we're, uh, friends and stuff.

Yes, let's be friends forever!

Whatever, it was fun.

Heh, that's about it...

Well then, let's go!

See you all later.

...They've all gone back. That just leaves...


...No, I should be the one thanking you, Hisoutensoku.

Through your bonds with everyone, I've learned a little of what it means to be part of Gensokyo.

Coming to understand each other, accepting each other, giving and taking with each other...

...I'm a little jealous of you for being able to do that.

That body is yours. From now on, I think you should use this dream world to live close to everyone.

Goodbye, Hisoutensoku. May you also have sweet dreams.


One last flash.

Lady Makura...

...We should head back too. Our real lives are waiting for us.

Yes, but before we go...

...This journey was fun, wasn't it.


I had fun! I want to do it again, and this time I want to be part of the danmaku battles.

...You're right. I'm sure you'll do just fine, Meeko.

I know that I shouldn't wish for the same thing, but...

You don't have to worry, everyone else can do it after all!

Lady Makura, let's practice our danmaku when you wake up!

...Heehee, you're right. As long as you keep pulling me forward like this, I can face the future.

...It's about time to wake up. Before we cross the boundary, why don't you rest here with me.

Goodnight, Meeko.

Goodnight, Lady Makura...

(...A journey that gave me a glimpse into everyone's history. It was filled with discoveries and surprises.)

(Someday, I'd like to trace the path of all their battles, not just the moon.)

(And I'm sure that will be a long journey... However, I get the feeling that once I see the end of it, I will truly be able to long for the future.)

(...And perhaps that's when I will be able to become a part of Gensokyo.)

(Able to fight danmaku battles alongside everyone else...)

(...Dawn is about to break. Who knows what the morning will bring...)

(Let's keep on living our lives, seeking a future yet unseen...)

(...And at the end of our dreams, let's dream once more...)

And with that, we hit the credits.

One last save on the road.

And with that, the LP is, for all intents and purposes, over.

It's been a long road - for reference, this LP started over 26 months ago - but somehow or another we finally made it to the end.

I'll want to thank, in no particular order: Clarste, for doing the bulk of the translation work; Hokuto, for getting us through the the second and third games and always been willing to lend a hand; Petrichor, for swooping in at the end to translate the last few chapters; Nook, for doing a lot of the technical stuff, including compiling the patches; our mysterious hacker friend that I don't know the name of, for developing the tools we used to extract all the text/data; Nages, for being a constant source of motivation and doing a bunch of proofreading; A Cartoon Duck and Joey, for doing a shitload of excellent proofreading; BlitzBlast, for doing the first three LPs and getting us here; and Ryza, for having delicious thighs busting his ass making all the videos and gifs throughout the LP, and especially for subtitling the entirety of Chapter 64, which got Sanbondo to notice us. I'll also throw in a shoutout to all the constant contributers in the thread, including SyntheticPolygon, Rectus, pureauthor, iospace, KnoxZone, Edorph, GimmickMan and particularly nyttyn (who submitted a whole bunch of unexpected sheep fanart), as well as anyone else who I might have forgotten.

And... I guess that's it. While I'm here, I might as well plug my other LP of Genealogy of Fantasy, a Fire Emblem/Touhou fangame which I started to practice and hone my own translation skills. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else to say, so uh... yeah.

Thanks for reading!