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Update 9 - Sushi Shuffle

So after the slight detour of S ranking all the old stages, we pick up where we left off with Kodiak's platoon. These next two stages don't have any cutscenes so let's take them on back to back and plow through them since they're nothing special.

Video: Battle - Specialist Blue and Captain Braun

Star Objectives
- Win in 105 or fewer seconds.
- Use skills 5 times or fewer and win.
- Link 11 or more plates and win.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Kodiak Forces ♫

Star Objectives
- Win in 105 or fewer seconds.
- Use skills 5 times or fewer and win.
- Link 11 or more plates and win.

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

♪ BGM: Sushi For All♫

SLF troops exit

: [Off-screen] You heard him! Move out!
: Ah, greetings, Musashi.
: Back atcha. How's it going over here? Did you free the Shrine Grove?
: I'm afraid not. Their commander is too formidable. Our initial push failed.
: No joke?
: Good thing I showed up! I'll send their commander packing!


Video: Battle - Kojiro 3: Return of Kojiro

Oh come on! He's back at it again already?!

♪ BGM: Soldier Scene ♫

Hold the phone. You're not Kojiro.

: Aw, who cares! Try all you want, but we'll never back down!
: You're in charge here?
: Sweet! An easy win for the Sushi Liberation Front!

Musashi might be getting little too cocky. Even if most of these imperial mooks aren't that strong at all.

: HAW! You've got guts, kid!

♪ BGM: Kodiak ♫

Great, now HE'S here too!

: You expect me to just do squats while you hand it over to the SLF?!
: You heard the boss. Get ready to throw down!

You better be ready to throw up!

The screen goes white and the shout of a nasally twerp rings out.


♪ BGM: Kojiro's Theme ♫

Cheese-n-crackers! Kojiro, you've flatten a man!

: Isn't this the new blood?
: Hands off! If anybody's gonna beat this jerk Musashi, it's gonna be me!
: Huh! Big talk from a pipsqueak who already bit the dust once.

TWICE even!

: All I need is one more chance! You'll see!

It really won't, and I'm not saying that just to skip another encounter with Kojiro.

: Eh, sure. Take your shot. But I don't keep softies around! If you lose, you're out!


It ain't my fault you're bad at this.

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Win with 35% or more HP.
- Link 11 or more plates and win.
- Eat 140 or fewer plates and win.

Oh right, we forgot to give back Kojiro's Little Gear! Then again knowing Kojiro, he would say he's too good for a lane gear for 'babies'.

Anyways it looks like he's doubling down on the plate wall gimmick, and I say 'doubling down' because he's sporting a Unikan, the unicorn sushi sprite. Unikan's special skill is Double-Edged Lanes which is basically Runaway Lanes (See Update 5), but now it effects both lanes. I'm honestly worried Kojiro might be biting off way more than he can chew here; and if Kojiro's out of the Imperial Army, who will be my riv-hehehe who are we kidding, we live to give him his just desserts.

♪ BGM: Battle VS Kojiro ♫

If you're wondering if Kojiro has improved since we last fought, well, the answer should be pretty obvious after watching the first few seconds of the fight. Now that I think about it, I guess he thought he could compromise his lack of lane gear with a sushi sprite that'll speed up both his and my lanes. He would have an easier time linking plates while I struggle keeping up with the shift in speed.

But like all half-baked plans, he didn't anticipate my natural ability to go with the flow.

Sorry Kojiro, you just can't trip me up with your speed tricks.

Say goodbye to your "sushi for days"!

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

♪ BGM: Kojiro's Theme ♫

As long as you hold it as far away from me as possible, I'd be fine with that.

Kojiro then runs off crying, again.

Some say Kojiro's hatred for Musashi spans across many lifetimes and alternate universes. He's even a red head in one of them!

Video: Battle - Commander Boyle

Now that we're done with that distraction, let's get back to what we were doing, seizing this GROVE!!

♪ BGM: Kodiak ♫

Have you been like that this whole time? How are you not a puddle of flesh at this point?

: Spot me while I dish out the Sushi Shuffle, boss!

First he reassembles his body and now he wants to dance!?

: Another power? What's this one do?
: Stay sharp, Musashi. They're going to try to rearrange the sushi on the belts.
: Let's mix it up!

♪ BGM: Preparing for a Battle ♫

Star Objectives
- Make 3 or more glowing plates and win.
- Eat 80 plates or more and win.
- Make a 2-hit combo and win.

We've reached the 2nd boss and this big cheese is using a Faeten, the fairy sushi sprite. Their Sushi Shuffle skill is what I call a 'mean' skill, in that you can use this skill to really mess with your opponent. You'll see what I mean in a second.

♪ BGM: Battle Vs. Boss ♫

Unlike every other time we've seen a new sushi sprite, this time Faeten's skill bar isn't full at the start; and it's pretty much gonna stay like that for the rest of the game.

So here's how Sushi Shuffle can be used to be really mean to your opponent. Here, I'm building a stack of blues and then Boyle pops it. Then this happens:

Not only did it rearranged all my sushi, it also broke my linking and cuts my blue stack short. And that's just mean~

♪ BGM: Won a Match♫

♪ BGM: Kodiak ♫

: We're punching above our weight here, men! Hit the showers!


: You did well here today. We won a great victory. But our forces badly need rest.

Not to mention Musashi, you've eaten A LOT of sushi. That can't be healthy.

: It seems to me that this Shrine Grove would be the perfect place to fortify ourselves.

And with that, I think it's time we take a break, but we did it! Now with the Shrine Grove under SLF control, what could Kodiak and his men be planning to take out Musashi? Find out next time in Chapter 3!

New Sushi Sprites

#019: Faeten
Secret: Its mischievous side is quite charming.
Skill: Sushi Shuffle - Shuffles all plates in the opponent's lanes!

#024: Unikan
Secret: Emits floating sparkles when it runs.
Skill: Double-Edged Lanes - Makes all lanes move twice as fast!