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An Object of Power escaped the Panopticon a couple weeks ago and they want everyone to keep an eye out for it.
So if anyone sees a Merry-Go-Round Horse zipping around the sector, alert me immediately. Do NOT try to contain it on your own. And definitely don't bind it to yourself!
Your Security Chief,
Simon Arish

S. Arish
L. Salvador
Keep a look out

Hey Simon,
I got your message. Yeah, if someone in the sector is asking about Ahti, just tell him you'll handle it and leave it at that. Under no circumstances should any personnel intervene with his day-to-day routine. I told you everything I know about him so you could better deal with his odd habits, but yes it's still very much a classified matter.
Also, I saw your report about the Quarry worker who wandered into the Foundation. Detaining him was the right move. We'll figure out what he saw before we decide on next steps.
P.S. In case you hadn't noticed, something is up between Trench and Darling. I know this isn't your strong suit, but try your best to stay out of it.

"Unless You" — review by Cpt. Lopez
These days, most YA novels intertwine the "coming of age" story with either a contrived dystopian setting or a tragic romance. "Unless You" managed to do both.
In the story, the protagonist and her love interest search for a cure to a virus called "the Fix", which is simultaneously killing her and spreading across the whole world. To find the cure, they go on expeditions into dangerous, uncharted territories (the people all live in walled cities now because dystopian future), and along the way they just have to fall in love.
I liked how we never got to know if the Fix was ever actually... fixed. The ending was bold, especially for YA. The main character succumbs to the Fix when she's so close to the cure and commands her love interest to go on and save the world. She knows this is the end for her, but that the job can still get done. She dies out in the unknown, alone and surrounded by danger, but never loses sight of the goal. That's a good soldier's death.
I give this book 3/5. I feel most of the teenage angst is a little lost on me, but I'd recommend it to my brother's kids.

A note about the Butte Supplement: While we haven't seen presentation 24.3 yet, it will show up later in the game. I don't think it provides the details that this report implies that it should, but it does seem to imply that the link between the Oldest House and the Oceanview Motel is due to them both being Places of Power of a similar nature or purpose. I don't know what that would have to do with the Butte AWE in particular, though, so I took my best guess what they were trying to say here. I could also take a more direct approach and just count the number of light cords in the game, but I don't want to, and I assume that there must be some in the building that we never see.

Butte, Montana

Butte (AWE-17)
According to their testimony, the agents had been transported from the Butte home to a roadside motel (named the Oceanview Motel and Casino) and discovered a room key by performing a ritual (see file MOT-01). The key opened a door marked with an inverted black pyramid, which they only learned after a lengthy period of trial and error. After pulling another motel cord found inside this room, they were transported to the Oldest House.
The disappearances of the home's owner and the other locals of Butte have been attributed to the light switch cord. The Oceaniew Motel is now known to have many doors and pathways.
Since the occurrence, identical light switch cords to the one found in the Butte home have begun appearing throughout the Oldest House. At the time of writing, 10? light cords have been found in the Oldest House, located in the Executive, Maintenance, and Containment Sectors. These all access the Oceanview Motel, though how exactly this link operates is unknown but initial hypotheses center on the Butte AWE as a catalyzing event (see Dr. Darling presentation 24.3 for more details).

Havana, Cuba

Havana (AWE-48)
Bureau medical staff personally evaluated the injured embassy personnel when they arrived back in the country. While the victims reported cognitive issues, dizziness, and fatigue, further testing by Bureau medics found intense cell damage similar to that of radiation exposure.
Agents and research staff remained to take soil samples from the surrounding area, but found no trace of an infectious pathogen? beyond the health issues of the staff.
The Communications Department disseminated a story of foreign powers using sound-based weaponry maliciously? on the embassy staff, resulting in various health issues that required the embassy to be evacuated. The story successfully took hold, gaining brief international attention.

Merry-Go-Round Horse (OOP16-KE)

Merry-Go-Round Horse (OOP16-KE)
Object should be kept in a confined space when unbound.
A fiberglass horse once used as a seat for a merry-go-round ride. The pole is still connected to the object.
The object is capable of moving short distances at high speeds. This can be quite dangerous when people are in its path.
The object is currently bound by Northmoor.
The object was discovered at the site of an abandoned amusement park. Local vagrants? reported that the rides would move on their own, and that they would be chased out.
When these rumors reached the Bureau (see America Overnight episode 235), agents were dispatched to investigate. Three local vagrants were found dead at the scene. The object attacked agent name here by charging through them at full speed. Agents invoked Formula C.5 to pacify the object long enough to transport it to the Containment Sector.