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Update 22: Sleeping Lion

It seems as if this area is clear of dragons.
But it couldn’t hurt to check in on Queen Emerald considering what happened the last time we were here.

I got this by saving my allowance... maybe it will help you out!

Aww. Why thank you!
Glad some people know how to show respect.
You of all people saying that? Really?
Now now. We’re far, far away from that unpleasant man. Let us not worry about him at this time.

On the whole, I think equality is way overrated.
Hmm. Go live in the wrong side of Aizhen for a week, and tell me how ya feel afterwards.

...Unless we lose.
Then we’ll just have to make sure that we live to tell that tale, won’t we?

But it seems these days, there's not much call for subterfuge. It's a bit of a shock!

Considering what the maid class is like in VFD, stealthy is absolutely not a way I would describe them.

It's amazing... Something like that...
So how much ya gonna offer for this baby?
Ark! We haven’t scoured the entire ocean yet! We may need this later!
Tch. Fiiiine. We’ll have to cancel this sale.
When you're finished with it, don't forget to bring it to me!

Once you’re completely done with the Salvager, you can sell it to this trader. They’ll only offer to buy it after you’ve gotten everything from the ocean with it. That being said, don’t take too long to find those, as after a certain point in late-game, you won’t be able to sell this anymore.

I'd like to visit it... I hear it's fascinating.
I guess it’s kind of an interesting place. I just hope you don’t have a boyfriend or any male acquaintances you’re planning on going there with.
Speaking of which, I was wondering. If we’re ever required to go there at any point, how exactly do you plan on smuggling us in?
We’ll burn that bridge when we get there.

Directions to Marlleaire in case you need them. Incidentally, that place has no new dialogue for us, so we won’t be visiting it until needed.

Sure, lay it on us!

The usual spiel happens. And in case anyone was wondering, no the whole FOE reference wasn’t in Japanese. It was just chanting noises, as far as I could tell. It seems Pokeytax decided to be a little cheeky there.

Look for a desert ring. Near a hellish inferno and two adversaries... You certainly meet with a lot of calamity... Considered other work?
Not really. I prefer this far more than what I used to do! Here I can be as reckless as I want with my magic!
Life’s still a hellhole, but I prefer this one to the hellhole I was in before.

I genuinely have no idea what this is even referring to.

At times like these, I resort to my photo album.
I... um...
That’s a little... obsessive, don’t you think?
We’re leaving. Now.

You'll always be thinking to yourself, "if only..." It's impossible to live without regrets.
I wasn’t really asking for a philosophy lesson there, but okay.

Wise words indeed. Never underestimate the power of a good defense!
But yor [sic] guild seems to strike before they do. Really not my style.
Ohoho, but you should never underestimate the power of a good offense as well!

Such as...?
Don't ask me... I don't even know how to do the basic ones.

Extraordinary is not how I would describe most of them, sadly.

My advice is to find somewhere you can handle the enemies!

Honestly, just kill the Dragons. That gets you enough exp intake and you can basically freely ignore the random encounters.

The boss lady sure has that down, doesn’t she?
Though this is advice Edward and that Dia could really use, hoho!


First time I saw this line of dialogue, I had a good laugh, as I knew several people who do this a lot for the Etrian Odyssey games.

But a plague took root, and the town was burned. Your superior, Menas... I'm not sure whether or not he was born there.

...And double the cash...
I wonder what Dia would have to say if he saw him now.


Polyamory is hard work. Deal with it, lover boy.
That sounds about right!

So I want this garden to be perfect, as a living proof of my devotion.
Sometime I do wonder what kind of legacy we’ll leave behind ourselves.
Ha, there’s an obvious answer to that one! Winning this war with the dragons! That’s gonna be one hell of a legacy, don’t ya think?
Indeed. Like Nila said before, let’s make sure to live to see it through.

If we all did this, there would be no need to fight, would there?
While that would be a good line of thinking for the people of Eden...
There’s no way in hell the dragons would think the same way!

I could say more, but, I should keep quiet...
I’m not sure if I would call her current condition mysterious...

I see she’s still shellshocked.
Even after what you all told me, I didn’t think it would be this bad. She’s been like this all this time?
I’m afraid it seems that way.
Heeey, where’s Grif? He’s usually hanging around in this room.
He may be elsewhere in the castle. I wonder if he has any ideas to snap the queen out of her current state. Queen Emerald is a ruler of a nation, we can’t just leave her like this.
If so, we should look for him post-haste!

But, what do I do if the one I have left is injured too?
Ya still got legs left in that case, don’t ya?
Or your mind! Perhaps the field of magic may be helpful there!

For my part, I have not felt the need to tell the Queen everything. However, to do that kind of thing in the background is... I can understand Volg's feelings, but also Queen Emerald's. But right now... If tempers have cooled and they just talked...

The next step in the Miross sub-event is to clear this quest. Which is possible to do right now, as you just need to purchase the North Sea skill to fulfill the prerequisites for this quest. I won’t be doing this at the moment, as the location we need to go to for this one is pretty far off the beaten path.

We’ve seen about everything there is to do in Miross for the moment, so let’s take this time to prepare for taking down Invisible.

They do look lovely. Perhaps we should exchange some gardening notes sometime. I know some other techniques and decorating tips that can spruce up this place a bit.
And, naturally, I take care of my skin just as faithfully!
You wouldn’t happen to have notes for that you’re willing to swap as well? I’m sure we could all use some skin-care after what we went through.
I wouldn’t say no to that! Performing live surgery on a flaming dragon can be rough on the hands.

They're all a bit... off, but their research is extremely valuable.

Roger that. If that's so, the heading is 274 degrees... steep.

Sorry. We didn’t mean to do that. Again.
Huh, so what are ya’ll doing here?

All the data is prepared, so please let us know when you're ready!

Faro heads downstairs. could the stars themselves have moved? Unless... Eden is moving...

Or... is there any way to reduce the Dragon's efficiency? Hmmm...
I don’t see why we can’t do both!
Yeah! Getting strong and making them weaker would put us way ahead of the game!
More training can keep us ahead, but I wonder how we would leave the dragons behind.

The back row will be targeted less frequently and take less damage. But weapons besides bow and whip will be weaker. And if the front row is wiped out, the back row will be left defenseless.
Eh, I’m fine in either row. Nila’s the one ya’ll have to look after, nyahaha!
Worst case scenario, I’m sure I can fend for myself.
But we’ll try to make sure it never comes to that!

We would most definitely appreciate the help!
Wait a second, we haven’t accepted any quests at this time!
Wuh oh. Hope her powers don’t get too wonky then.

Perhaps you should go eat. I can’t imagine using psychic powers would work that well off of an empty stomach.
They don’t, trust me.

And that’s her failure text if you don’t have any quests active.

But some people can't just ask for help. Like national figures! If they got caught, it'd be a scandal! But, a little scandal once in a while is nice, I think.
Ooh, sounds like someone here enjoys a bit of chaos in their lives! I can very much relate!

Uh, hang on for one second. Think I dropped something down here.
ARK! Get your hands off of that!
It was shiny, I couldn’t resist!
I see... Please call out if you require assistance.

Let’s hear it! So what do we need to know?
Understood. Let me explain. Invisible has dominated the sky, attacking any airship it finds. In order to defeat it, we must win, air-to-air. Although we only need one airship, we still do not have necessary parts. They're in Northern Pesta. Please, seek them there. First you need to confirm acceptance of the mission. Once you've received it, please proceed to Rorakka Cavern and onward. There is a secret entry to Northern Pesta... You can use a Stiff Disk to operate the door. It's extremely valuable. You will receive it after confirming the mission. Also, be warned of strong monsters in and around the ruin. Be cautious.
Understood! Anything else we need to know?

Faro will then pipe up with a comment depending on your party’s levels. We’re actually what the game considers to be very underleveled for this mission, so she has this to say.

Our chance of success is approximately 30.672%. Not impossible... but still a cold equation. Annihilation is likely.
Yeesh. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
She may have a point. It would be wise to train up some more, just in case.

For the record, if you know what you’re doing, you’ll be fine. The random encounters will be a bit rough, but this party is more than capable of handling them, and the strong foes that lie ahead. That being said I may go for some additional levels in the process of tackling some side stuff first.

If you’re slightly underleveled, she says this instead:

Our chance of success is approximately 61.302%. Even with a victory, catastrophic losses. How can we turn the tide?

And if you’re at where the game expects you to be for this mission, or are even stronger than that, she says this:

Our chance of success is approximately 83.916%. You're quite strong! We have a fighting shot against those demons!

Let’s chat with her again.

She’ll then pipe up with a comment depending on our party’s levels. Since we’re “horrendously underleveled”, she has this to say:

The creatures near Northern Pesta are likely too strong for you.

If you’re slightly underleveled:

The creatures near Northern Pesta are ferocious... watch out.

And if you’re at the baseline or overleveled:

The creatures near Northern Pesta are tough, but you'll manage.

We’re actually not that weak for this next section of the game, though if you’re playing normally, you may want to put off this mission for later, depending on how your party is doing. This party on the other hand will be fine. Nothing left here, so let’s check out Pleroma.

It was designed based on research. It's very nice inside, though.

Everyday I learn something new!

She should be southeast at the Starry Site ruins. Don't let her scurry off this time, eh ♪

I want to have a word or two with Pleroma's architect... huff puff...

Wake up and work, all day, all night... The rumor is, she even works in her sleep. ...I hope she rests some.
That’s an incredibly unhealthy amount of work to be doing.
She’s like, the boss of this place, right? Why would she need to work that much?
Even for a workaholic, that amount is very unnatural.

I used to think they were cute, but honestly I'm tired of seeing them.

Huh. That is weird now that you mention it. In fact, I didn’t know such a thing was possible.
But, Lady Emille says it used to be common... Umm... house greens? How many things are hidden in the past?
I wonder what other funky stuff the past is hiding if it had things like this!
I myself, am wondering how Emille knew about these ancient practices.

...But, we don't know how, or why, or even when it happened.

In fact, even Pleroma was preceded by Aizhen's research facilities. And their culture is distinct. Unique would not be an exaggeration.

I've heard that a rare monster like a flower is sometimes inside.
Way ahead of ya on that one!

That is to say, there are quests unavailable due to the Bloom.

Um, no? I have no idea what he’s talking about. At no point does quest availability check for Bloom tiles. It just checks story flags, which is never tied to the Bloom.

So you may have a recurrence of it. And that may renew the Dragon population. It's an ugly story.

This is also thankfully false! If you’ve completely eradicated the Bloom from a dungeon, it cannot regrow unless you deliberately use a Bloom Seed there. While Bloom can regrow on the world map, dungeons cannot get reinfected. I’m wondering if this game originally had different Bloom mechanics and they forgot to clean up some help text relating to it.

Their movement speed and pattern changes with the species. But seeing red always means you're spotted. Tread carefully.

I don’t mind a refresher!
There's a mission for a mysterious Dragon on the Western Continent. Basho in Rushe territory is the place; check there for further information. Dreadnought is in the south sea islands, but we have little info. The south sea's Marlleaire Archipelago will have the details. However, note that Marlleaire has historically only admitted women.
Oh that isn’t a problem for us, ha ha!
Faro is pursuing a strategy to defeat the Invisible in the sky. After accepting, see the Starry Site, where Faro is operating from.The Flame Eater went west of Aizhen to Doma. It's at the volcano. The enemies there are strong, and the way is blocked.

We must eradicate the hateful things from existence. I don't care what it takes to do it.
I’m right behind you on that one!
I-I see...

Is there anyone who can help me solve it?

This quest can be completed now, but I’ll focus on cleaning up quests later.

And at least as far as I can tell from my readings, EVER. ...I wonder what kind of strange lineage she has to cause it...
Those must be some strong genes in that family.
Perhaps she has access to some very very good skin-care?
It could be possible. In some cases, taking good care of your body can make it seem like your body ages in reverse.
Maybe she discovered some form of ancient biology that she’s not letting anyone else in on! I mean come on, the past had those weird house green things, who knows what else it’s hiding?

The answer will be true or false. No Internet allowed! If you still dare to try, accept the quest.

...What’s an internet?

This quest can also be completed now.

There are monsters that only come out on certain requests!


This is the last of the quests we can get here, and we can also complete this one now. Again, I’ll be cleaning up all the quests a bit later.

Pleroma doesn’t have anything more for us, so let’s move on.

I've heard rumors that you defeated Eclipse, and still travel the world. It's a pleasure to meet people like you. Please come any time you like.

Please stop talking to me, Hunters. Our business is done. I am returning home.
If ya don’t want us to talk to ya, maybe ya should get going!

Indeed, it is in such a dire state.
We gotta do something about this soon...
If Queen Emerald were to see such misery, I'm sure it'd break her heart.
We should probably tell her to avoid Aizhen if she ever gets that time to travel around the world.

I'm just crossing my fingers that the hero doesn't end up being me.
I don’t think ya have much to worry about there.

As you can see, wait long enough and problems will resolve themselves.
That’s not really a good outlook to have...
A lot of the time, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

I have a friend who lives near there... What if he's attacked?!
Blame the innkeeper who lives there, of course!

If your homeland is this splendid, there's no need to leave... don't you see?
If you’re asking such questions, then I’m afraid to say that you don’t understand the job of a Hunter.

Wonder what that gourmet wants now.

Now what’s the occasion here?
Let me tell you what you need to know. This time, we pursue the rarest of delicacies, Black Llama Meat. Black Llamas are on the verge of extinction. Their sole habitat is the marsh on an island in the northern sea.
Ya want us to WHAT!?
Let me get this straight. There’s a species on the verge of being wiped out, and you want to eat them.
...Why the long face?! Survival of the fittest! It's too late to save them! I have no time for your feeble qualms in my hunt! I will taste this meat! If you understand, go to Kishiriba Marsh and hunt the Black Llama!

We can complete this quest now, but you need to pick up the North Sea skill so you can reach the place to get this meat.

Defeat a Black Llama and return with its meat! If you understand, take the quest and succeed!
The things some people will do for food, I swear.
Do... do we really have to?
Surely this man can find something else to eat?
Well... one kill might be fine? It’s not like we have to wipe out an entire species.

Tch. Nobles.

They're all good in their own way, and I devised recipes... But... Nothing can stand up to plain white rice....
Sometimes, it’s best to go back to the basics.

Take Duke Rikken. That guy still cares about our problems. But he has no power to change anything. No simple solution...
Didn’t help that the last meeting we had went really sour...
We should probably check up on him soon. That commotion in Simon Village most likely made itself known in Aizhen.

Seems that child was of mixed race... must have been bullied. But it seems that kid grew up and became a master swordsman!
You wouldn’t happen to remember what his name was, would you?
His name was... uhh... Er... I don't remember!

Even if you could, they'd be tainted by the Bloom's poison. It's not fair!! Dragons come just as things were getting okay...
We did all we can with the dragon problem, at least. But...
There are still several things that need to be fixed around here.

If I were a Dragon... ...Sorry, you must think I'm foolish, eh?
A rather morbid outlook, but I can understand where your frustrations come from.

...I couldn't do a thing to help her. It is awful to be a helpless mother.
I’m sorry. I can’t offer much other than my condolences.
How long are things gonna be like this!? There’s gotta be something we can do!
It has been a while since we left Shion to come up with something, perhaps...
Wh- We are not assassinating anyone!
I’ll be honest, it’s looking like a rather attractive prospect right now after all we’ve seen-
Not you too, Buront!

I always say, "if you're TENSE, try the spa!", innocently. Isn't that a great idea?! Everyone, please try using that line, okay!
Oh that’s a good one! I’m going to have to remember that later!

...Kings, nobles, I hate them all. So, someday...

As fun as assassinating people sounds, I’m not sure attacking random people out of the blue will accomplish anything. You gotta make those kills count!
Ya’ll aren’t really great at this resistance thing, aren’t ya?

Anyone else might have lost his head right then and there.
Considering how reckless they were, they should be fortunate a trip to the clinic was all they suffered.
Just what were they hoping to accomplish with that?

We made it through this time, but this is dangerous business...

Even then, let’s hope they can hold out before things change for the worse.

Just mostly. But it's an inconvenient fact, easily overlooked.
Uh huh. Interesting. I see. Go cry me a river.

Huh... before I settle down somewhere, I should go out on my own.
If the life of a noble isn’t doing it for you, perhaps you should think about taking a path that helps you makes some sort of impact.
Ya could try being a Hunter. Plenty of ways to make an impact that way, and it spices up your life than just being a rich blob all day!
Ark has a good sentiment, though do be warned it can be a dangerous career choice.
But also a fun and empowering one!

Because our armor is not attractive, we only wear it in emergencies.
What. No seriously, what?
I hope they’re good at donning it fast when one does arise.

Thus, I am under house arrest at the moment. But I have no regrets.
Oof. That puts a bit of a wrench in Shion’s plans.
Depending on what he has planned, this is hopefully nothing more than a minor setback.

Uh huh. Was a little rough getting there, but nothing we couldn’t handle.
How was it?! Were little ears really twitching all over town?!
Um, we saw a bunch of ears I guess.
What the hell is with the obsession with Rushe ears?
Don’t ask me!
Well, I can’t blame them for wanting to have a look at our wonderful ears. They are quite smooth and pointy. Or fluffy.
Ahh... I hope that Aizhen and Nevanplace build a friendlier relationship!
...I see. Moving on.

Only 3 mm wide... a whole 3 mm! This is my worst mistake ever.

Drastic change is needed, but nobles see no necessity. But the commoners are pressing their claim... If this continues, the chasm will only deepen. What is the King thinking?
It seems that some people in this district realize the problem exists at least.
Shame that most of the nobles don’t.

Disrespect the king and I'll cut you down!
Are you sure you want to be saying that to a guild that has killed over, oh, a hundred dragons at this point? Including two Imperials? But if that’s the throne room you want to die in, I’ll be glad to help with that!

But compared to my majesty, you must feel like a grain of sand, eh?
Uh huh. Real impressive that he’s leading a nation where half of the people living in it are pissed off at him.
...Nothing to say, Haru?
No no, she’s right and she should say it. I’ve really had enough of this dire empire.

Even those like them will be protected by Aizhen... hohoho!
Right and uh, who was it that got rid of Eclipse for ya? Oh yeah, WE DID!

But, this nation...
I understand your concerns. I really do.
We’re doing all we can. But I’m not sure if that’ll be enough...

But without an order, he had undertaken a penance himself. Hoho... one cannot help but smile.
Is that all you’re focused on?
Leave him. We have more important duties to attend to.
Maybe Shion came up with something by now. It’s one of the few hopes we have. Unless...
Don’t even think about it!

Simon Village is our next destination.

And at this point it’s just a short boat ride away from Aizhen. No need to walk all the way around to it anymore.

Almost everyone here is poor, but it's friendlier than the Aizhen slums.

This village is shabby and poor, but at least it's a friendly town.

Internal politics?

Maybe next time, I'll... Good luck from now on! Don't overdo it!

When I grow up, think I could be a Hunter?!
Hone your skills some more, and I’m sure you’ll make an excellent Hunter.

They’re either living peacefully, or panicking after the dragon attack. I never really kept up with them.
Don’t have any. Learned how to scrape by all by myself.
All of a sudden, your kids go off to fight for the fate of the world? I'd send my son too, I guess... it'd be really complicated, though...
Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that point.

I'm too worried that the poison will turn my animals rabid, you know?
I wonder how many animals had their conditions worsened after the Bloom spread all over the world.
Considering all the wild things we ran into, too many.

You’ll be in for some good news if you head there now.

Although, I can't say I'd mind living a little posher than this.

Hunters, don't forget to look for a future partner in your travels!
Hmph. I have no interest in finding a lover or whatever. That kind of lifestyle just isn't for me.
I don’t even know that many people around my age that well! I guess there’s Dia, but I’m sure asking out a demon princess will go sooooo well-


Do not even think about such an act!
H-Hey I wasn’t being serious-


Actually... I wouldn't mind going out and eating dinner with you sometime, Ark. Hee hee. Maybe when you're free la-
...Remind me to never truly anger Dia, lest she yells at our minds directly once more from long distances.
I really have to ask her how she does that one of these days. It’s really not like any kind of magic I’ve seen before.
Who knows if it’s even magic.

When we tell the stories, will we laugh? Or, will we...
You’ll live to tell the tale. We’ll make sure of it.

Ah, that’s good to hear.

Right, let’s talk to Shion. After you subdue Flame Eater, you can proceed with the Aizhen sub-event by talking to him.

Oh, friends! I ask of you! The riot here, and Duke Rikken's house arrest... They are all my fault. His Majesty does not understand! I love this country above all else! So there is only one way to resolve this... You must take me to see Duke Rikken!

Right this way! I hope you came up with something good. Things aren’t going so hot in Aizhen.
Thank you very much! Surely, we can still change this nation!

Fade to black.

...Nothing is going on! But your house arrest is a complete disgrace! We cannot tolerate the king's outrages any further!

And in his place, take the throne and rule this country!
...Hmph. I will not dishonor my name by high treason.
I am serious!! There is no other way to save Aizhen!!
.........I love this country. Above all else. I take pride in its enduring laws and traditions, handed down. To disobey the law is something I am incapable of doing. Only the current King is Aizhen's lawful ruler. Only the King can lay claim to the throne.
.........Well, then...

Shion leaves.

Well. That was a bust.
Now what do we do?
I guess we better catch up with Shion. Maybe we can come up with something else.

Oh! There he is!

According to Duke Rikken, he is ineligible to become king of Aizhen. If that's so, then I will set about making him eligible.
A good plan, but, how exactly do you intend on doing that?
Duke Rikken is already quite near the bloodline. All that's needed is decisive evidence of a closer connection. His ancestors were closely linked to Aizhen's founding King.
Oho! How sneaky! What should we do to help out?
According to records, Aizhen's first tombs hold their remains. Somewhere, there must be a Founding Relic, to establish his claim. If he had a close link of blood and a relic, that's a strong claim! But I have been unable to locate the tomb.
Urgh. Now what? You gotta have some idea on how to pull this off!
Surely you have some theories on where the tomb may be located.
I suspect Mt. Todowa, but that does not narrow it down much. And the records are badly damaged... Odyssey, Hunters... I submit my request to the Office. Please accept it and find the Founding Relic to bolster my claim!

This quest can be completed now, and you have to do so in order to complete this sub-event.

This is my request! If you accept, bring me the Founding Relic!

Nothing really too tough here, just a really simple fetch quest.

But, it's rumored that Todowa Mountain has a secret passage.
Tomb of Kings... Secret passage... Aha! So that’s what that grave was there for!
You know where it is?
Yeah! Come on!
H-hey, slow down, Ark! You’ll crash into someone at the speed you’re going!

This NPC has a rather out of the way hint to point you in the right direction, though you don’t really need it to be honest.

It was around here somewhere... Ah, see that crack in the wall? That’s where it is!

While this quest is active, the game provides this hint for the secret passage when you get close to it, in case you missed the previous hint from the Elite Swordswoman in Miross before we set out for the first visit to Mt. Todowa.

That tomb was near the end of this place.
Come on, come on!

An old mattock is stuck into the grave.

Is this really it?
I don’t see anything else around here, so I guess this will do.

There is an emblem here, but I’m not sure if this is enough to prove Duke Rikken’s claim to the throne.
We don’t have any other options, so we may as well make do. If this doesn’t work, let’s hope Shion has a backup-backup plan.

This was all we could find.
This... This dirty old pickaxe is my "founding relic"? There is a royal crest engraved in this pattern, but, this is pushing it... However, I have no other choice.
Nrgh. Are ya sure this plan’ll work?
Maybe we should think about a different way to deal with Aizhen’s problems if this doesn’t work out.
...I’m afraid this may be the only chance we have. What we’re essentially committing is high treason. If we fail to dethrone the king, he may not be willing to let us walk free, so to speak...
We might be fine. I’ve gotten out of tighter bureaucratic binds before.
Long story. But I’m not sure if we can do the same for Shion and Duke Rikken... Shion, are you sure you want to go through with this?
I cannot but believe in this! I will report this "eligibility" to the Duke and see what he says. Perhaps this kind of "Founding Relic" will prejudice his claim, but... I cannot give up! Not for the future of this country! Odyssey, everyone, thank you very much. After turning in the quest, please see me.
...Alright. If that’s what you want, then we won’t stop you.

And let’s go back to Shion and see how this unfolds.

Fade to black.

You are not the lawful ruler, you say... You lack qualification. Here is a qualification to Aizhen's throne... a founding relic!
This is truly a relic of our founding King?

No, it's quite clear. This is absolutely a Founding Relic.

Until I saw this relic, I knew not what to do. But seeing this in my hands, at this moment in time, my course is clear.
Wait this is actually gonna work?

Your diligence will not be in vain. Leave the rest to me.
Then, Duke Rikken...!!
Yes, let us go to see the King!

Fade to black.

Rikken!! You will not dictate my actions!! This... from you! A coup d'etat!!!

Sougen looks around for a moment.

Someone! Here! Come here!!
Sire, sire! Pray do not panic!! As the ruler of our country, I must ask you to remain calm!
...That doesn’t sound like what someone who wants to perform a coup would say.
...He never did say that’s what he was going to do.
Hmph. So you think that you can simply take this from me...
I am not so dull so as not to see that I am a hollow king.
So he does have some self-awareness.
All my power, my riches, the trust of the people, I have failed to guard.
...I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.
But one may not simply seize the throne of Aizhen!
......... You understand nothing... What is a King? What is a nation?! Have you ever thought about these questions?!
What are you saying?
...Please, look at this, sire.

Have you forgotten, my king, your lessons? It is a Founding Relic!
W-what does that signify? Do you think a filthy shovel will make you the king?
You still don't get it? The reason that this pickaxe exists?! Aizhen was not always a land of luxury. It began a stony field. The first king stood by the people himself with a tool in his own hand. He built this nation with his own hands, built the law to protect his people. What have you done? You have abandoned them and cling to status! And still, you tell me you are the King!!!
...Th-this is...!
If you still want to be the King of Aizhen, why not behave like one?! Why not become a true King, who leads and protects his people? Who loves them? It is still possible for you to truly succeed the first king of Aizhen!!
Rikken...! You...!!

I have defied the law and savaged the throne. I accept my punishment.

Duke Rikken is the one Aizhen needs to survive! So please, take my life!
I told you children say things like that. Do not interfere!
I could say the same to you, throwing your life away so easily! Even a child can desire to protect his country. Aizhen needs all of us.

Music fades out.

I can listen no more to selfish bickering over death and dying. Your lives belong to this nation, and thus, they belong to me. You do not have my permission to end your service to Aizhen.

In order to be a true King of Aizhen and lead the world of Eden... Nothing exists that I will not do in service of that aim! If you tell me that you want to change Aizhen, I will grant your wish! If you tell me I am not fit to wield this relic, then fit I shall become!

Of course, I swear it!
Yes, I swear it!!
I don’t believe it, Duke Rikken actually got through to him!
...Odyssey as my witness, it starts here.

Ya better believe we’ll hold ya to that!
My life's purpose is to succeed as a just and rightful King of Aizhen!

And with that, we’ve finally completed our first sub-event, Sleeping Lion.

I will show you what Aizhen can achieve under a true ruler! As a first step, I will commit to you our fullest support. Though I have only just awoken, you will see this lion's pride.
Ho ho! You’ve got a lot to clean up then, sleepyhead!
We’ll be looking forward to it.

Yep. Didn’t expect things to go as well as they did, but all’s well that ends well, right?
I thank you with all my heart. Our people are saved...! I too will join the king, and do my best to improve this nation!

A few NPCs have their dialogue updated to reflect the state of this healing nation. Though not all of them updated since it just started. Later on, more people in Aizhen have 2 sets of dialogue reflecting if you completed this sub-event or not.

Like the Duke, I want to do more and more for the sake of Aizhen.

I must thank you again. ...Thank you very much. While you have solved one problem, will you not remain with us? We will give you our firm support in the tasks that lie ahead.
While we appreciate the offer, we must leave soon to assist the rest of the world.

Now you may be wondering if there are any other benefits to completing sub-events other than completing story arcs. Head on over to the resistance hideout after completing the Sleeping Lion sub-event.

I... I'm not good at keeping secrets. I was so scared I'd slip up!

But what I like is to help everyone out! My comrades!

I admit. ...I thought you were idiots and idealists, but it's coming true!
...I’m not sure if you should be calling us that, considering that we weren’t the ones who tried to attack Duke Rikken.

We've all got to work to fight the Dragons.

In this day and age, plenty of people will trade gold for power.

However, few of the nobles have been converted as of yet. In order to find a compromise... there's still more work to do.
No! We’ve done all we can here. I’m sure King Sougen and any other nobles dedicated to the cause can handle things from here.

Once you get to the hideout, make sure to talk to Shion.

From now on, I will work as an ombudsman for the people under the Duke. ...Today, reform in Aizhen truly begins. No, begins to show! Please, watch as we change Aizhen. ...Come to think of it, despite all your help, I have not yet thanked you as you deserve. Please, accept this.

Is it okay for us to just take this?
It has been in my family for generations. But it is no loss to pass it on to you. Please, make use of it!

Because of your help, we were able to come to a compromise. Thanks, really. I tried to stop you... I'm embarrassed about it.
Sometimes, you just need a little more faith in people.

Right, so about that reward we got.

Death swiftly comes for you all!

Completing a sub-event is one way you can obtain ultimate equipment in this game! They’re definitely worth your time to complete for access to best-in-slot weapons or armor. The Skanda’s Cloak can be obtained very early, and it’s the best body armor in the entire game for most classes, equippable by everyone! Fighters and Knights will gain access to something better though, but for the other 5 classes, this is as good as it gets.

The Skanda’s Cloak provides a massive amount of defense on top of granting the biggest SPD bonus in the entire game! Unfortunately, you can’t get multiple Skanda’s Cloaks, so make sure this goes to whoever needs it most. As for me, I put it on Nila as she’s by far the squishiest party member we have, and she’ll greatly appreciate the SPD boost to wipe out groups of enemies more quickly.