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Chapter 1: ???: Rewind, Replay, Remix (New)

This update covers Part 1 of the original LP.

Opening Movie: Colors Flying High (New)

Music: Colors Flying High (Opening Movie Version) (New)

Before we start, I’ve put up the opening movie, Colors Flying High. I really dig the song but the visuals don’t sync up with it all that well.

It is cool seeing the characters trample over Tokyo smashing buildings with baseball bats, though.

And hey, at least half the cast isn’t being completely fucking marginalized in this one!

Look how happy he is to do crimes!

Also Akechi is here for some reason.

hahahaha wouldn’t it be so weird if we laid down side by side in a field of diamonds and I stroked your hair until you fell asleep

Anyway, it’s been almost six months since the Japanese release and they still haven’t put out the full version of this song, boo.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Music: Royal Days (New)

If you really look hard you can make out Crow on the left there behind Queen. It was kind of a pain in the ass getting both him and Noir (between Joker and Skull) in the same shot due to the crowd movement. Fox, Panther, and Mona are on the right, but Oracle is just fucking AWOL, I guess?

There’s a feature we’ll need to progress a bit in the game to unlock here on the title screen. I’ll show it off once I can.

There’s Oracle!

Well, let’s begin.

Similarities between characters or events to persons living or dead in your world are purely coincidental.

This is a pretty blatant lie now that I think about it.

Only those who have agreed to the above have the privilege of partaking in this game.

…The contract has been sealed. The world is not as it should be. It’s filled with distortion, and “ruin” can no longer be avoided.

Hmm, and I wonder whose fault that is, Yaldy?

Those who oppose fate and desire change… From time to time, they were referred to as Tricksters.

Video: Intro

Music: Escape

Yadda yadda let’s get to it

Music: Life Will Change

Oh god they changed the font I already regret this

This is our only chance!
Stay calm! You can get away now!
We’ll retrieve the briefcase on our end.

One thing I really regretted in the original LP even while I was making it was that my character portraits were ridiculously small, only 60x60. I bumped that up this time, of course. Also, my regular screenshot size was smaller than the maximum width, so I made those bigger too. These decisions have had the side effect of preventing me from reusing any of my old images, because now they’re too small!

Hm…? What was that…?
Don’t worry about us. Just concentrate on getting away!

Nice work as always, Joker.
I bet Skull wouldn’t pull it off that smoothly.
This happens because you have no sense for aesthetics.
Nobody asked you, Inari!

A completely unprompted nonsensical transition between two thoughts marginally related at best and a bizarre misuse of the ever-stilted word “aesthetics” at the same time? It’s like I’m home again.

Everyone remember where we’re meeting up?
No worries, I can guide you all.

These agents run up to Joker and challenge him to a dance-off.

Pretty sure this is cheating, though.

Hey, Moloch. Burned any interesting children alive lately? Other than me, I suppose.

Dude, can he even hear us!?
Don’t worry, I’m picking up everyone’s voices. Just go, Joker!

You’re not picking up my voice, though! I’m a ~silent protagonist!

C’mon, run!

I can’t confirm the intruder’s location.

Hide in the shadows, and sneak past when you see an opening!

Understood. I will continue the search!

Now’s your chance! Make a run for it!

Man, the Japanese FBI are basically the Keystone Cops as a bunch of corrupt murderers. But I repeat myself.

I know, I know! I’m looking for another route. Just hang on. Oh, perfect timing. Joker, look up!

Well, that’s new. Wheeeeeee!

It’s an enemy—right near you!


Video: Arrival (New)

Why, who ever could this be?! Is it the New Content Fairy, here to bless us by further bloating this game’s length?

Music: Take Over (New)

Ooh, Joker’s her upperclassman, apparently. Nice to know someone’s giving us the respect we deserve.

But this time, it’s my turn to come to your aid, Senpai. Now let’s win this!


Just teasing us right out of the gate with this mysterious new character’s Finishing Touch, eh? Also don’t think I didn’t notice that you didn’t show the character images during the All-out Attack because you’d have to show her unmasked. I’m wise to your tricks, game.

Music: Life Will Change

I genuinely have no clue what just happened, but I take it you’re okay?

Please go. I’m going to make it harder for them to track you down. …You still have something you need to do as a phantom thief, right?

Since I’m not a member of the Phantom Thieves, I’m in no position to interfere.

Not a Phantom Thief? Hmm…


With that, the mysterious girl leaves.

Video: Capture

Music: Run Away~Arrest

Good luck team, there’s a criminal to kill.

Something wrong? The exit should be up ahead.

Through there…?
Nnh…! That’s just how it is. After that commotion, the bottom floor’s—
—completely closed off. Hey, can you make it!?

Three years later, I am still incredibly bad at figuring out which Phantom Thieves are saying which lines in this scene.

Over there!

What a showoff.

Enemies, here!?
What’s wrong?!
These readings… it can’t be!

An ambush!?
Joker, can you handle this!?
Oh no!

I am the greatest phantom thief in history, suck it losers, I’m out!

You know, in retrospect—

Ow, my mask!

You have your teammate to thank for this. You were sold out.

*incredibly melodramatic feigned shock*

Suspect confirmed! Cuff him!

Music: Interrogation Room

Wake him up.

Yeeeeeeeeah, it’s Detective Fish-Eyes, back again! This is probably the most distinctive-looking character in the game who doesn’t get a portrait, to the point where even the anime knew it had to capture his likeness dead-on.

My headcanon is that this is Mitsuo’s uncle or something.

No dozing off.

“Joker” struggles in his cuffs.

Are you thinking it can be used as video evidence?

So you’re not that dumb.

*cough* Nngh! *wheeze*

To think that all those crimes were led by a punk like this… And you seemed to be enjoying every second of it… Huh?

Enjoyed every second of it? Ehhhhhhh… I spent almost two hours trying to figure out which robot had the right keycard, it wasn’t all fun and games.

I was… enjoying it…? Everything’s hazy… I can’t remember…

The five difficulties from vanilla return, though Merciless is now included instead of being free DLC. We can switch difficulties at any time, unless we pick or switch to Safety.

In the original game, the difficulty levels worked as follows: on Safety we could restart any battle if we game overed, took half damage, dealt double damage, as well as got 3x the experience and 5x the money. Enemies would also take longer to spot us and the security level increases were lower. Easy was identical to Normal but we took half damage. Hard as well was just Normal but we received 60% more and dealt 20% less damage. Merciless was kind of fucked, as well. You received and dealt the same amount of damage as in Hard, but your experience and money gains were reduced by 60%. To compensate, all attacks that were critical, Technical, or hit a weakness had their damage multiplied by 3. For everyone, both the enemies and your party.

In Royal, Safety gets the same benefits but your damage boost is reduced to 60% instead of 100%, and your experience and money are only increased by 50% each instead of 200%/400%. Easy, Normal, and Hard are all the same as they were. Merciless, on the other hand, seems to have further reduced damage dealt to 65% of Normal instead of 80%, though damage received is unaffected. You still do triple damage with crits, Technical attacks, and weakness hits, though. But the biggest difference with Merciless this time is that they really messed with the experience and money modifiers. Whereas in vanilla you got 40% of what you otherwise would have, in Royal you get 20% more. It’s honestly kind of ridiculous, but to be honest receiving only 40% originally seemed unbelievably fucked, especially considering you’re probably probably one-shotting every enemy you try to grab as a Persona (and won’t be a high enough level to get them anyway).

Anyway, gonna choose Normal again, just because I don’t want this new self-imposed ordeal of mine to be even a little harder than it needs to be. Actually, that’s not true, I’m still going to be playing with a few minor limitations, but we’ll get to that in time.

...You should know your place.

It’s a confession under your name.

I’m illiterate. Get that out of my face, cop.

I see… I need your hand to sign this, but…

We’re going to make you understand… One must take full responsibility for their actions…

Let’s go for something new here. The Hamill connection was fun and all, but there’s so many other Jokers to play around with. Let’s be one of them!

If Seth Green has that weird disease that makes his bones explode upon contact with a stiff breeze, it’s probably a bad idea for him to bone the metal lady.

You know what, I’m not feeling this either.

Fuck you, cop! I’m Goro Akechi!

No… I’ve got it. The perfect name. There’s only one definitive Joker, after all.