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Chapter 2: ???-4/9: Home Again Again

This update covers Part 2 of the original LP.

Music: Interrogation Room

Yeah, I’m not actually naming our protagonist here after Commander Data’s too-obscure-to-even-be-infamous rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime. I was going to link a clip of his performance here but there really aren’t even any good ones, no one seems to care about that version of the character.

No, we’re sticking with good ol’ Mark Hamill/ハミル マーク, thank you very much.

And here she comes, folks…

…The Harbinger of Strife and Woe. The Bringer of Ruin. The Dread Prosecutor Niijima.

I’m Niijima from the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
The Prosecutor’s Office? What business do you have here?
Just let me through; it’s urgent. There’s something I need to confirm with the suspect.
Niijima-san, I believe this case is no longer in your jurisdiction. Besides—

I just got off the phone with your director. Hurry and get it over with. To be frank, you’re being an inconvenience.

Dialogue change: “There’s a call from your director” has become “I just got off the phone with your director.” Which is a change I understand because in the original it’s kind of weird that this dude knows she’s about to get a call within the next ten seconds.

Aren’t we underground? How are you getting a phone call?

I’m responsible for this case, yet I’m not even being allowed an interrogation!?
I’m calling because I knew you’d bring it up.
I will not be convinced unless I confirm it for myself. This is MY case.
*sigh* Good luck to you then. I won’t be expecting much though…

Your time will be cut short. We can’t permit you to talk with him for long.
It’s for your own sake. His methods are unknown. After all, we don’t even know if it’s safe to simply meet and speak with him.
…I understand.

I really wasn’t emotionally prepared for it to be that kid who lives in Sojiro’s attic I’ve met all of twice for less than ten minutes. Cuts deep.
Honestly, I find it a little implausible that you even remember me.

You’ll be answering my questions this time.

Knowing what I know about you, you’re probably just gonna emotionally terrorize me into talking, right? Eh, sounds like a nice change of pace from getting beaten up by Fish-Eyes again, why not?

Almost anything can happen here… and I can’t stop them. That’s why I need you to answer me honestly. I don’t have much time either.

So, you disapprove of their methods, but you’re willing to dangle the threat of them over my head for information. Seems about right.

What was your objective? Why did you cause such a major incident? I didn’t think it was a prank from the get-go, but I couldn’t assemble a case for prosecution. It’s because I couldn’t figure out the method behind it.

True. There’s no way I could be convinced of such a “world” just by reading the reports. It seems you’re coherent. When and where did you find out about that world? How is it even possible to steal another’s heart? Now, tell me your account of everything. ...Start from the very beginning.

Music: Aria of the Soul

A prisoner of fate to a future that has been sealed in advance. This is truly an unjust game… Your chances of winning are almost none. But if my voice is reaching you, there may yet be a possibility open to you… I beg you. Please overcome this game… and save the world…

It all began that day… when the game was started half a year ago… For the sake of your world’s future… as well as your own… you must remember…

Video: Recall

The beginning of this scene, with Maaku startling for no apparent reason on the train, has always bugged me. Because it is immediately following a fade from black, the immediate assumption is that he was asleep, but his eyes are actually open when the scene starts? But the big problem is that he’s “waking up” startled at all. Everything up to November 19th or so is framed as a flashback Maaku is remembering from interrogation… but the visual language of this scene seems to be implying the reverse: that Maaku is remembering the scene in the future that hasn’t happened yet.

Oh? You’re telling me that’s a stupid thing to care about? You’re absolutely right!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for riding with us today. We will be arriving in Shibuya shortly. This is the last stop for this line. Please transfer here for all subway lines. The doors to your left will open.

Maaku reminisces.

Music: Recall~Hint

Nice shot of a button popping off of the blouse of this woman being sexually assaulted. How tasteful.

Maaku can’t let this abide.

Hello, good sir, I do apologize for interrupting you in your drunken stupor but I must humbly request that you refrain from—

Geddoff me! I’m not drrrr-*hic*-drrrrunk, you are!

Hey, kid! Wanna watch me stand on one foot? Bet you can’t do thi—ohshit

…Did that just happen?

Maaku is so in shock from this turn of events he’s still completely unresponsive when the cops arrive.

To a person though? That’s gotta be a joke. You really love all that occult stuff, don’t you?

Ah, Tokyo. Look at all those badly-disguised 3D models on their way to work.

Malware? Maaku, buddy. You gotta stop with those suspicious downloads.

Maybe if I tap it repeatedly it’ll go away—no, that just made it bigger, shit.

And now time has stopped, great.

Okay, fine, I get it. Just have the mascot jump out and press-gang me into buying toothpaste or whatever, I have shit to do today.

This scene is a complete non-sequitur and has nothing to do with the rest of the game, bye!

Maaku is simply dumbfounded.

Not sure what just happened, but we don’t want any. No thanks.


Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Shut up, game. I know how to play you.

Oh! Takemi! Hey, it’s Takemi! Warning you now, I’m gonna mark out hard like a fuckin’ idiot every time they hide a future Confidant in an early scene

His house should be in the backstreets of this residential area…

It’s pretty weird that we know Sojiro’s neighborhood but not, you know, his address.

Because we already know where Leblanc is and that Sojiro is there, we decide to skip the preamble and head right there.

We near the entrance when we notice something new—CAT

Unfortunately, it flees when we get close.

Ah, rats. Looks like we can’t sequence break this bullshit.

Hmph, don’t gimme this “next generation” malarkey. You’re just ganging up on us old folks.

Looks like Joe Biden’s been campaigning in Yongen-Jaya. Hey, at least he’s campaigning somewhere, right?

Really? *sigh*

I just love wasting valuable police time.

I thought I’d give this place a shot, but they said they were closed for the day… And it’s still so early too. I just can’t believe it… Maybe I should go in and ask again…

We also run into Sick Man here outside of Takemi’s clinic.

Oh, he’s just watching to make sure everyone’s safe. It’d be scary if something like that happened again, though. Let’s hurry home.

Enough diversions.

Maybe he’s gone out…

In retrospect it’s honestly pretty baffling that we weren’t told Sojiro’s address or that he would probably be at work when we arrived.

I think I hear a voice coming faintly through the window…

Well, Leblanc’s in the back alley, so I should make my other deliveries first… Mmm, next I need to take this package to…

And now we can make our way to Leblanc.

Seems like Pleasant Boy is up to his usual hijinks!

(Tabloid Show Host) The citizens can’t live in peace if this keeps up.
How frightening.
What could be going on? Didn’t something similar happen just the other day?

And good ol’ Sojiro don’t give a fuuuuuuck.

Dialogue change: “Vertical is… the name of a shellfish used for farming pearls…” has become this line, which I suppose sounds a bit more natural.

…Oh, right.

Thanks for coming.
This place is in the back alley, so there’s no worries of a car crashing in here.
A what now?

Ah, he can’t even pretend he was paying attention, too great.

There’s been a string of those rampage accidents, you know. I just hope that none happen around here.

How does something qualify as both a “rampage” and an “accident”?

It’s none of my concern.

So rude.

Haha, we’ll see you next time.

So, you’re Maaku?


I was wondering what kind of unruly kid would show up, but you’re the one, huh? Have you been told? A customer of mine and your parents know each other and—

I have been told absolutely nothing. As far as I know you’re secretly my real dad.

Well, not that that matters… Follow me.

I’ll at least give you sheets for your bed. You look like you wanna say something.

It’s on you to clean up the rest. I’ll be leaving after I lock up each day. You’ll be alone at night, but don’t do anything stupid. I’ll throw you out if you cause any trouble.
Now then…

Cool, then we’re on the same pag—

You protected some woman from a man forcing himself on her, he got injured, then sued you. Right?

You really don’t need to go through the whole thi—oh, he’s just gonna keep talking, all right.

You give me too much credit. The pavement did most of the real work.

...And now that you’ve got a criminal record, you were expelled from your high school. The courts ordered you to transfer and move out here, which your parents also approved.

It’s best you not talk about anything unnecessary. Behave yourself for the year. If nothing happens, your probation will be lifted.

I really don’t know any of these five-dollar words you like so much like pro-bayshun, mister.

Really now… It’s the word that applies to you. Your sentence lasts until next spring, right? That’s why you’re gonna be here for the coming year.

…Nope, sorry, still don’t get it.

Cause any problems, and you’ll be sent straight to juvie. We’ll be going to Shujin tomorrow.

Shujin Academy—the school you’ll be attending.

I am unfamiliar with the concept you are invoking.
You’re wearing the uniform *right now,* you idiot!
Oh, this? To be honest, I’m not really sure why I’m wearing this.

We’ll introduce ourselves properly to the staff there. There’s rarely a place that’ll accept someone like you, you know. *sigh* What a waste of my Sunday…

Man, this guy rules.

Your “luggage” arrived a little while ago. I brought it up here for you.

I should check out what’s in here…

It’s full of clothes and daily necessities. I’ll change into more comfortable clothes for now.

The first thing we do is change now that we’re not due for any more appearances in animated cutscenes.

The second thing we do is immediately head back downstairs to bother Sojiro.

…Is that so? You should try cleaning it up if you don’t like it.

Yeah, give us that hot sass.

Sorry, I don’t have the time to spare for you right now. Just head upstairs and keep to yourself.


Man, though, this place is filthy.


Sojiro takes a look around.

Though it’s only natural you’d want to keep your room tidy. Why don’t you go to bed for tonight? You don’t have anything better to be doing, right? I’m going to close up shop and get out of here myself. I won’t be the one looking after you if you get sick from staying up too late, you got that?

That’s not a real thing, old man. You can’t sick from staying up too late, this isn’t Persona 3.

Thwarted again!

Criminal record…

I ended up going home late…

Dialogue change: “I had to go home early…” has become “I ended up going home late.” The original line made zero fucking sense, so that’ll do.

Music: Desire

I think they’re just up ahead…

Don’t give me that shit…
It looks like that drunk man is bothering that woman…
Ow! P-Please, stop…!
She’s in danger…

You think you’re worth causing me trouble? Huh?
I-I’ll call the police!
Heh, call them if you want!

I’m sorry, it’s just… it’s just such a good line.

No… Stop!

Someone called the cops, huh? Get in the car! Incompetent fools like you just need to shut your mouths and follow where I steer this country!

Geddit do you get it it’s a boat thing

See? This is all because you’re so damn slow! Get in the car!

I wonder why the two separate flashbacks I had to that event today totally contradict each other…

Maaku, you really gotta turn off push notifications for apps you don’t care about. You’re not gonna any sleep with that thing constantly going off.

The icon looks almost like an eye…

Well, let’s fix that. Bye, creepy app!

And so we go to sleep having seen no new content this update. This bodes well for the next few years of my life.