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Chapter 3: 4/10: Mental Shutdown (New-ish)

(I’m gonna level with you, this update contains no new scenes. However, Royal does make some brief additions to existing scenes here, so I felt I should note that)

This update covers Part 3 of the original LP.

Well, it’s been… six weeks since you looked at me, cocked your head to the side and said, “Good update, can’t wait for more!” And I’m fucking sorry about that. I’ve been through a lot recently, but I’m here to deliver an (abridged) update at the literal eleventh hour of, what else, my fucking birthday. I just want you guys to know I’m not dead and neither is this LP, and this update will hopefully jumpstart the part of my brain that feels shame so I don’t take this long ever again! With that said, let’s get back into it!

Video: Velvet Room

Igor “The Nose” Durante

These are the jokes, fellas.

Music: Aria of the Soul

So you’ve come to, Inmate.
The you in reality is currently fast asleep. You are only experiencing this as a dream.
You’re in the presence of our master. Stand up straight!
Welcome. I am delighted to make your acquaintance. This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter.

I summoned you to speak of important matters. It involves your life as well.

Know your place, Inmate! Who do you think you’re talking to!?
Still, this is a surprise…

To think a prison would appear as such. You truly are a “prisoner” of fate.

Abolish the carceral state of mind, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

In the near future, there is no mistake that ruin awaits you.

Haha, worry not. There is a means to oppose such a fate. You must be “rehabilitated.” Rehabilitated toward freedom… That is your only means to avoid ruin…

What the *fuck* does that even mean?!

…Do you have the resolve to challenge the distortion of the world?

You didn’t decline, hm? Very well, that is enough.

Wait, no, I didn’t mean to—

Allow me to observe the path of your rehabilitation.

Ah, pardon me for not introducing the others. To your right is Caroline; to your left, Justine. They serve as wardens here.

…That is, if you remain obedient.

Take your time to slowly come to understand this place. We will surely meet again, eventually…

Time’s up. Now hurry up and go back to sleep.

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Ruin… Rehabilitation… What does it mean…?

It’s been over three years and I still cannot tell you for the life of me.

The school you’re attending is in the Aoyama district. It’ll take a while to get there by train. The transfers are a real hassle, too. I’ll drive you there, but just for today. Let’s go.

Early Morning → Daytime

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t care what happens to you. Just don’t cause me any trouble.

In my opinion, you’re nothing but a liability, but we had our circumstances to consider…

And what circumstances would those be, exactly?

Whatever you might’ve gotten away with in your hometown… those days are over. If you are thrown out from our school, there will be no place for you to go. Keep that in mind.

Here’s your student ID.

Okay, yeah, I admit this is pretty funny but I refuse to believe Kawakami is this fucking stupi—wait, never mind, it’s possible for her to fall in love with Maaku, shutting up now

And, if by chance you cause any problems, I won’t be able to protect you at all. …That IS your promise, yes, Principal Kobayakawa?
He is responsible for all his actions.
But really though, why me? There should’ve been better candidates.
It was a sudden transfer, and your class was the only one that had an opening.
If you’re done explaining things, mind if we get going? I got a store to get back to.
Sakura-san, please keep a close eye on him. Don’t let him cause any trouble outside…
Well, I’ll be sure to have a serious talk about the situation he’s in.
Come to the faculty office when you arrive at school tomorrow. I’ll show you to your classroom.

That’s what having a criminal record does to you.

By the way… if you get expelled now, I won’t hesitate to kick you out. Got it?

Come on, we’re going home.

Music: Disquiet

I can’t believe they pushed someone with a record on me. A male teacher would be better suited for this…
Why in the world was someone like that admitted here?
Who knows? It was the principal’s decision. I was told that it’s for the school’s reputation.
I would’ve thought that my volleyball team has contributed more than enough to cover that.
That’s certainly true.
Be careful, okay? Then again, if anything were to happen, I’d kick out a student like that right away.

Still, that isn’t something I should be saying as a teacher…

No fucking kidding.

Well, I should be returning to practice.
Oh, right. The tournament’s coming up, isn’t it?
Hehe, having such high expectations placed on you by others is quite a problem in itself.

Some lines were just too good to fix, I see.

We’ll have to work hard to make up for the track team too.
Yes… that’s true.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Dialogue change: Sojiro’s “Traffic’s not moving at all…” has become “Uuugh. Traffic’s not moving at all…”, and his expression has changed from “angry” to “defeated.” I normally wouldn’t bother pointing out a change this small, but they actually rerecorded this line for some reason, perhaps because Sojiro sounded a bit too angry. You can tell they changed it because The Incomparable Jamieson Price’s Sojiro voice has changed noticeably in the three years in between recordings. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just a little flatter, a little scratchier, and has less presence. Not gonna fault him, Papa Nier's always great in my book.

You’re taking the train starting tomorrow.

…… Now listen up.

…Yes? Hello? What were you going to say?

It’s not like anyone will be sympathetic with you.

What a troublesome kid I’ve taken in…

I was asked to do it, and I just… happened to agree to it. I’ve already been paid for it too, after all.

Wait… I thought from the TV quiz probation officers in Japan didn’t get paid. That still makes no fucking sense to me, by the way. Though I guess it might just be Maaku’s parents paying Sojiro to take him in? “Here’s some money, he’s yours now.” Yeah, that tracks.

A subway train has derailed, severely affecting the timetable across all of—

So that’s why it’s so crowded. There’s been a lot of those lately. In fact, there was a real sad one just last month… It happened before you came here. If I remember right, the girl that passed away was only fifteen.

…All traffic around Shibuya Station is being redirected due to the accident, so drivers should expect jam-packed streets.
Oh, come on!

Did you spot the new content in that scene? Well, no matter if you didn’t. I’m sure it’s just flavor that will have absolutely no impact on the game going forward.

And… we’re done for today! Yes, I’m aware I barely did anything this time. Blame the brain problems that made me put this off for six weeks and the other brain problems that made me feel so bad about it I felt compelled to throw this shit together. Oh, there’s that shame! Welcome back, buddy!