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Chapter 6: 4/11: Prison-To-School Pipeline

This update covers Parts 4 and 5 of the original LP.

Music: Will Power

Our boy is back, and he’s got a sweet upgrade in the form of a diacritic. We’ll put our enemies in the grave

(For the record, diacritics are likely the entire reason the font changed from the original release; this version of Persona 5 was designed to be playable with French, Italian, German, and Spanish subtitles out of the box, so it needed a font that supported diacritics. This is only interesting to me. Welcome back to the LP, folks)

If you so desire, I shall consider granting your the power to break through this crisis.

Hmph, very well…

You’ll learn the true strength of my men!

Kill them however you want. Run wild to your heart’s content!

Geez, okay. Arsène is a little intense.

And here’s the stylish-as-ever combat menu. Oh, to be back…

Pff. Wimps.

…Did I say “You’ll learn the true strength of my men”? Sorry, I meant “These are some pumpkins I fished out of the dumpster, we’ll see if you can handle them.” You! Order some level 11 guys! Some Eligors! Slap them all over the roof! I will *not* be embarrassed like this again!

Music: Triumph

And there’s the victory and level up screens. Virtually all this information is identical to what it was in the base game, I just included it for the sake of a reminder. Although, for some reason I took far less damage from these enemies. I think they might have just made them weaker for some reason, I don’t know.

Music: Tension


Maaku chooses now to be shocked at his sick costume change.

What was that just now?


And… your clothes…

*shakes bars*

Anyways, let’s scram! You lead the way!

Why do you assume *I* know the way out?
I don’t, but I just want someone else to hide behind, and you seem to be able to defend yourself, sooo…

You think you can get away with doing this to me!?

C’mon, let’s get outta here!

Okay, yeah, cool, I hear you, but first let’s get that sweet, sweet background dialogue from Shadow Kamoshida!

Ah, the most dulcet of… text strings. It’s not voiced, you see.

Hey, we gotta ignore him and look for a way out!

Okay, okay, get off my ass.

Dammit! Let’s try and find another way through!

Maaku can channel the spirit of Frogger with ease even out of Joker form.

On the other hand, there’s nowhere else we can try… Alright, let’s get to hoppin’.

Wait, why are we getting the tutorial now? We had to do some jumping like, two seconds ago. And that wasn’t even the first time, we had to do it in the flash-forward too! Whatever, I’m overthinking this.

C’mon, we’re supposed to be lookin’ for an exit right now.

You can pointlessly examine all the cages for… some reason. I have nothing else to say about this.

They’ll prolly call for backup if we try and take ‘em on. We should go some other way!

Dude, the hell IS this place?

Oh no! Those guards barely visible through the JPEG artifacting are on the move!

I ain’t playin’ along with this anymore! We gotta find a way outta this goddamn place!

Hey, let’s get the hell outta this place!

This ain’t the exit!? What the hell is this place!?

Is, uh… Is he okay…?

Wait… why’s there a volleyball in the cell?

Dammit! How the hell’re we supposed to get outta here!?

Look, the key’s right there!

“Strange Creature” is right. But hey, even Morgana got some new portraits, how nice.

I mean, you obviously look like an enemy too!

Let’s start this working relationship right!

They’re catchin’ up already!

Ha, look at Maaku checking his own phone there.

You want to know where the exit is? Let me out and I’ll take you there.

Leave it to me! I’ll show you a safe way out!

Not what I—whatever.

Even though you’re behind bars?

Now that I think about it, it is pretty fucking weird that Morgana, the cognitive being created by Igor to save humanity, breaks into the Palace of the Wild Card, future Leader of the Phantom Thieves’ gym teacher of all fucking places, and then immediately gets captured. Kind of a weak effort there, Igor.

This thing sounds like it’s all talk…
If you guys think you can get out on your own, then be my guest!
What do we do?

Are you seriously not messing with us!?
If you don’t hurry, they’ll catch you.
*looks at Maaku*

Now where’s the exit, you monster cat!?

A-All right, sheesh! Follow me, and stay quiet!

Music: Disquiet

Sakura-san said that Hamiru-kun left the house this morning. Should I contact the police?

Whatever you think is best for the student, Kawakamala Harris.

No, that’ll just be more of a hassle… *sigh* What did I do to deserve this?

Yes, priorities are definitely in order here.

Music: Tension

What does it look like I’m doing? I’m lowering the bridge. You, Frizzy Hair. It seems like you pick up on things faster than our Blondie over here.

I do not know anyone here well enough for that to be a justified conclusion on any of our parts.

Try checking around the mouth of this statue, okay?

Hmph, amateur. Come on, let’s keep going!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Why are you talking like this?! They didn’t even say anything, why are you going to “shut them up?”

Looks like it's not about capturing us anymore... They're out for blood!

Line change: The old line was: "It means they're holding nothing back and they're serious to kill us!" Which, holy shit that's bad. Good change all around.

I’ll back you up, so fight like your life depends on it! Let’s go!


You cannot actually kill anything on your turn here because the game is about to tutorialize you about weaknesses. And that’s fine, really…

This is how you fight!

…but that doesn’t mean the fucking cat has to be all smug about it!

Those cut-ins are still aces.

That’s the most basic of basics! Remember it well!

Not even sure why I’m including this stuff at this point, welp.

All right, that’s another tutorial down, eight million to go.

And Arsène learned Cleave! Nifty!

Music: Tension

Y’mean that thing that comes outta you guys all dramatic-like?
Yes. You saw how Frizzy Hair here ripped off his mask when he summoned it, right? Well, everybody wears a mask deep within their heart. By removing that…

Huh? He turned back to normal…
Hm, it looks like you don’t have full control over your power yet. The transformation shouldn’t normally dissolve like that. After all—

As we know, this has no bearing on anything at all!

Rrgh, that’s enough! This crap doesn’t make any sense!
Can’t you just sit still and listen for once, Blondie!?

Actually, there’s no time for me to lecture you! You wanna escape this place in one piece, right? Let’s go! Oh, but before that—take these. Use them carefully, okay?

Oh, you shouldn’t have.

It’s easy to forget we didn’t even have access to the full menu until this point.

Dammit! I’m too flustered! I can’t remember anything right now!

Ryuji. It is clearly a P.E. uniform. It is clearly your school’s P.E. uniform. How can you not immediately identify it?

Come on, let’s go!

But… who are these guys?
Do you really think you have time to worry about other people right now!? Besides, they’re—

Music: Keeper of Lust


Music: Tension

You really don’t get it, do you? Hrgh… There’s no time to explain.

Come on, man. The concept of cognitive beings ain’t exactly intuitive (especially not the way this game presents them). Cut him some slack, or at least just say “they’re not real” or some shit, even if we’d just end up thinking you’re a solipsistic weirdo.

Look, I’m going. If you don’t want to follow, be my guest!
Dammit… Fine, I’m coming!

Music: Suspicion

Finally! We’re saved!

…It’s not openin’!

Don’t jump to conclusions! Over here!

Ugh, amateur… This is the most basic of basics.

*sarcastically* That’s right. Everything’s hopeless and black like my fur— Now why would I die here with you two!?

I thought you were a human? You don’t have fur. You have normal human skin, surely!

The ventilation shaft, you morons! You guys should be able to squeeze through it one at a time.
I see… Then we just gotta get that metallic mesh off!

Seriously, we’re finally gettin’ outta here!
You should wait on celebrating until you actually get out. Now, get going.
But… what about you?
There’s something that I still have to do. We’re going our separate ways.

Heh, you better be careful too. See ya.

Especially the frizzy-haired one, if my judgment’s right…

Did we make it?

I myself would probably be more concerned with the “real world” part of that statement, but whatever.

The hell’s goin’ on!?

Huh? No! We were tryin’ to get to school, and we ended up at this weird castle!
...What? Hand over your bag. You better not be doing any drugs.

I can’t afford to get in trouble, man. You’re on your own, sorry.

Oh… you seemed quite friendly with him though. Anyway, you should go to school.

We passed by Shujin on our way here. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it. If you spout any more nonsense, I’ll contact your school. Is that what you want?
*to Maaku* C’mon, say somethin’!

I have some bad news, Maaku.

Uh, that’s not what I meant…

Music: Disquiet

*chuckle* Things are going as planned…

*sigh* …Better to leave it be for now.

One thing I absolutely did not miss: more pointless, cryptic nonsense from the motherfucking SIU Director.

Morning → Lunchtime

I’m sure we came the same way… What’s goin’ on here…?

We received a call from the police.
That damn cop snitched on us after all!

Probably the wrong thing to say in front of the school counselor, Ryuji.

It’s rare not to see you alone. Where were you roaming around until this time?

Ugggghhhhhhhh this dialogue

Uhh… a ca— a castle?
So you have no intention of giving an honest answer?

Music: Suspicion

You seem so carefree, Sakamoto. Quite a difference from when you did morning practice for the track team.

Knowing what we know: what a prick, holy shit.

Shuddup! It’s your fault that—

…There’s not much leeway left for you, you know?
He’s the one that provoked me!
Do you really want to be expelled!? In any case, you’ll have to explain yourself! Follow me!
What!? This is bullshit!

What a *prick,* holy *shit.*

Well, if you say so… Still, you’re coming with me. It’s undeniable that you’re extremely late.

New kid, I can’t be bothered to bring you in for some reason even though you’re guilty of the same thing, so… Fuck it. Not my problem.

It was more than a little creepy if I’m being perfectly honest.

…Well, I’ll overlook this just for today.

Is that supposed to be a joke? I’m not laughing.

Well, you see, that was probably merely because the joke was at your expense, so to speak. You see, one of the traditional elements of most types of comedy is the need for a targ—

Poor Kawakami, she gets paid by the student and us not showing up means another four hours of being a maid and questioning her life decisions.

Well, that was needlessly hostile. But I’m sure he’s a reasonable man, and that with time and effort, we can mend this relationship and move forward as people.

Oh, Maaku. If you only knew.

Music: Interrogation Room

A talking cat?

A talking cat!?! Ridiculous!?!?!!!!!!

Best line in the game, woooooooo!

I realize I’ve been harping a lot on the bad lines but holy shit, guys, I had forgotten about most of these.

The one who received a “calling card” from the Phantom Thieves was an Olympic medalist…

Oh, does it make you uncomfortable? The shit he did? Good!

Line change: This line was previously "It’s true that what he did were deplorable crimes from… indulging his desire. He confessed to it all." Understandable change, Sae's attempt to talk around things there was previously pretty awkward.

But there should’ve been no connection between the two of you since you had just transferred. Why did you target him?

Neither of these options really get across what actually needs to be communicated, the drugs fucking with Maaku’s memory, and instead just make it seem like we’re jerking Sae around. I love it.

Geez, all right, Sae. I get it. So, it happened like this…