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Chapter 9: Side Story 1: The Trials of Sisyphus

When I wake up this early summer morning, I can feel already that this is to be an auspicious day, if for no other reason that maybe my neighbors will stop their daily fucking firing of a small-but-particularly-hefty child’s weight in fireworks after tonight. The upside of the active pandemic destroying any ability to go outside or actually do anything interesting at all is that the high school football field I live right next to has stopped blasting out Top 40’s hits every Friday night from its sound system. The worst part, for the record, isn’t even the noise, it’s the guy in the unit next to me screaming out his window for them to turn it down, clearly completely fucking oblivious as to how any of this shit works. However, while football may be gone, the people who live next door seem eager to fill the resulting void in the “terrorizing your neighbors” industry. If the passing of July 4th abates this, I’ll be happy for it.

But no. This is not what I sensed coming that fateful morning. That is something darker, more haunting, more malicious. It is something primordial, lurking in the negative space of my brain, within fear and doubt. It is the world’s justice, come to strike me down.


I hadn’t really watched much of the Persona 5 anime, despite finishing an entire LP of the game and currently being four updates deep into another LP of its rerelease. I never even finished the Persona 4 anime, and the P5 one had something of a reputation for being not just cheap but actively uninspired. One of the main things I knew about it was that the end of its original run just… stops at a certain point in the story, leaving a hilarious amount of stuff unresolved that has to be finished up in two OVAs. I had no particular interest in watching this anime, but I had an out, because I was familiar with the licensor, Aniplex…

...because they’re bullshit.

Yeah, I’ll totally pay $10 an episode for Gurren Lagann, a 13-year-old show that I don’t even particularly like anymore! And this sold out!

$90 for six episodes of a twelve episode series? What a steal! And if you don’t like that, you can always pay $130 for My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute! Season 2!

And Persona 5 was not any different here, which was almost a relief honestly.

Now, Aniplex is also notable for actually putting effort into their dub productions, and that was notable here as well; the trailer they posted with the announcement made a significant effort to show off that yes, all the characters in it (which would be all the playable characters, Sae, the twins, and Igor) have the same voice actors as the game. But that just makes it worse because now I feel obligated to watch it! And I already know it’s bad! But, again, it’s a smooth triple hundo. I may have just spent a different three hundred dollars I got as a birthday present last month on Nendoroids, but I draw the line here! No more!

oh jesus CHRIST


Episode 1

We might check back in periodically with these because I’m an idiot who’s desperate for this to take even fucking longer for some godforsaken reason.