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Chapter 10: 4/14-4/15: Murder/Suicide

This update covers Part 8 of the original LP.

Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

 (Excited Girl) I think I might ask for his autograph after school.
 (Nervous Girl) I dunno if that's such a good idea... I hear that you shouldn't go near the PE faculty office. People say you can hear weird sounds, like screaming, even though no one's there...

 Are you seriously trying to convince me that our school is *haunted*?

Early Morning → Afternoon

Music: So Boring

 Think Takamaki might spill something?
 >She confronted us and told us to back off from investigating Kamoshida.
 Yeah, but her best friend Shiho Suzui is on the team!
 >That happened *yesterday*.
 ...Yeah, it's not a great idea.

Afternoon → After School

Music: Confession/Secret

 That bruise above your eye... Is that from practice, too?
Are you sure you're not pushing yourself too hard?

Yes, pushing *myself* too hard… No other possibilities…

I'm okay... Volleyball's the only thing I can do right...

...You're not going to answer your phone?
 It's probably just that part-time job I totally have! Modeling doesn't pay what it used to!

 I... should get going.
Shiho... Are you sure you're okay?

 It's almost like my attempts to help Shiho are not only wholly misguided, but actively making her situation less bearable! ...Nah.

 No, sorry, I can't fuck you today, I need to have an emotional breakdown in public and then confide in someone I don't know at all.

 (Rumor-Loving Student) Rumor has it she's dating Kamoshida.
 I heard people saw them in his car together.
 You know... she seems pretty easy, huh? You think I'd have a chance, too?
 C'mon dude, you can't go after Kamoshida's bitch!

 Whoa, man. You shouldn't call her that. It reflects poorly on you as well as myself. I know you love rumors and all, but spreading stuff like that crosses the line.
 Didn't you just call her easy a second ago?
 You're right, clearly we both have issues with latent misogyny we need to properly work out to better ourselves as people.

Glad those two were able to come to acknowledge their own sexism, and hopefully they'll work to interrogate it in the future. Just the entire rest of the school to go.

What? Oh… I’m in the way, aren’t I? Sorry…

No need to apologize.
But I was so *stupid*, standing in front of the door for so long! Please, I really am sorry. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Hm, you don’t look familiar. Could you be that transfer student from Class D?

Got it in one.
I know there’s a lot of rumors going around, just… try not to let them get to you, okay? Oh, sorry, was that out of line? Oh no…
It’s fine, they don’t bother me.
That’s good to hear. I have a close friend who’s often judged as well because of her looks…
Wait, looks? Are you saying I look scary? Really? Huh…

Ah, sorry. I didn’t mean to drag on like that. Anyway, I have to go to practice. I’ll see you around.

I feel like total shit after talking to her and I have no idea why.

Music: Suspicion

I’ll take your current mood as a good sign.
You shouldn’t! *slams vending machine* Everyone just repeated what Mishima said! Kamoshida must’ve gotten to them first, maybe even warned them about us!

At this rate… looks like we’ll have to go to him directly…

What would that *possibly* accomplish?
I know it’s pointless… but I can’t just do nothing.

But seriously, isn’t there something we can do? No way I’m gonna give in like this!

Any ideas at all? I’m open to pretty much anything at this point.

No. I don’t even want to know what you mean by that. Actually, are you sure you didn’t assault that guy?
Yes! Fine! I dunno, call the cops then.
Oh, yeah, they’ll totally believe us and not the teacher, especially considering we have no evidence. Great idea.
Geez, at least I’m trying here… Wait. Slight tweak of the first idea: we do the sneak attack, but to *the king*.
Wait, the king? The other Kamoshida? Would that work? I never thought about that…
*There* you assholes are!

Music: My Homie

...You say something?

You were looking straight at me, dude.

That voice… Is that you, Morgana!?

Oh god, the cat followed us into the real world! Quick, kill it!
I can’t believe you just left me the other day… I will enact my vengeance upon you one thousand fold if it takes me a lifetime.

The cat’s talkin’!?

Not a cat! This is just what happened when I came over to this world! Just for that, my vengeance just got upped to one thousand and one fold.

Wait… You came to our world!? *gasp* Does that mean you’ve got a phone!?


You don’t need one when you’re at my level. I did get pretty lost making my escape though…

Still don’t understand why the cat can talk!

How should I know!?

Maaku, buddy. Tell me I’m not going crazy hearing this.

Loooooooove Max Mittelman’s delivery here.

You guys are having a rough time of this, hm? I heard you mention something about witnesses.
Oh, shuddup.

Well, you’re in luck, because I just might know a thing or two about how to deal with Kamoshida… You were on the right track when I showed up.
I’m not sure we should trust your “knowledge” here. You just admitted you have no idea what’s going on multiple times in this conversation alone. Do you actually have any experience with any of this?
Err… of course! You just wouldn’t get it, because I’m so much better at this!

God, that condescendin’ attitude! This thing’s gotta be Morgana!
You were still doubting me!?

Stop shouting! People are gonna freak out when they hear the demon cat talk!

(Disciplinary Committee Member) I just heard a meow somewhere near here. Didn’t you hear it?
(Disciplinary Committee Teacher) Make sure you check every nook and cranny around.

Does that mean only us two can understand what you’re sayin’?
Looks like it.
What the hell’s goin on?

But anyway… can you really help us deal with Kamoshida?
If you’re gonna be an idiot, can you at least be more credulous?
Tell us more… well, maybe not here.

Music: Wicked Plan

(dizzy) I thr—*cough* I threw up in your bag… This was one hundred per-percent intentional as part of my intricate revenge upon you. T-Tremble.

You said you know how we can do something about Kamoshida, right?

Oh, right. To be honest, you’d gotten most of the way there. It has to do with the king and his castle.

What do you mean?

That castle is this school to Kamoshida. He might not know what happens in it, but it’s deeply linked to his heart. So if we could make the castle go away, Kamoshida’s heart would change too.
Change how?
Think about it. The castle is his distorted desires made manifest. So if we were to get rid of it…
…His desires would vanish.
Exactly! You get it!

For real!? H-He’s gonna turn good!?

Wait… that’s not really payback, is it? It’s like we’re helping him, really.
If we erase his Palace, he’ll basically have a change of heart. But he’d still have to live with his crimes, and without his desires to spur him onward, he’d be unable to deal with the guilt and confess everything he’s done!

You for real!? That’s possible!?

And once the Palace disappears, there’ll be no evidence we were ever involved! It’s the perfect crime! Ignoring the calling card…

That’s amazing! You are one incredible cat!

I’m definitely exactly *one* of those things!

So what do we need to do to make this happen?
We steal the Palace’s Treasure.
Steal? What?
I’ll give you the details once you agree to help me. Gotta have some leverage, right? What do you say?
Seems like we’ve hit a dead end on this side, and I doubt we’re gonna find a better option here…
Guess we’re in, then.
Good, then we’re settled. Oh, also, before I forget this might turn Kamoshida into a vegetable. Well, let’s get to work!
Wait, hold on, what was that!?
Uhh… if all his desires disappear, he might lose the will to go on. He could just shut down completely, or even die. But that doesn’t change much, right?

Music: Disquiet

Die!? And would it be our fault…?
C’moooooooon, you guys are cool, right? You’re willing to face that risk, aren’t you? Don’t wuss out on me now! Nobody will even find out, you babies!
Yeah, I’m not cool with killing anybody.
Neither am I. Hurting people and getting away with it because nobody knows… that’s just like what Kamoshida’s doing now.
Whoa, hold on, no need to decide right this instant. Just give it some thought, and make up your minds before you see me next. It’s not like you have any other options. *leaves*

Ugh! I’ll… try to think of something else. Let’s go.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

There’s some rumors about Suzui and Kamoshida… If they’re true, then it makes sense why she wouldn’t talk, but…
>But what?
I knew Suzui and Takamaki in middle school, and these rumors just don’t make sense! No way they’d go for Kamoshida! But then where did the rumors come from? We’ll have to look into it tomorrow. Bye!

This is technically a new sequence as in the original game some of these upcoming eavesdrop bits weren’t there, but I’m not counting optional eavesdrop sequences as “new content,” let’s be fucking real.

(Rude Female Student) Maybe she doesn’t wanna talk to him at school to show off how she’s got him wrapped around her finer? Ugh… Gross.
Oh, so that’s what’s going on… I wonder how far they’ve gone together…?

Sad times for Maaku, no one even notices I’m here…

(Female Student Heading Home)He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who’d have a criminal record. Maybe he’s one of those? You know, the people in the accidents. Maybe he suddenly freaks out and attacks people.
Huh? I don’t think so. He’s just been coming to school. Actually, he almost seems normal. And from what I hear, after you have a psychotic breakdown, you go brain dead and die right there.

Something’s… off here.

Oh god, look at those levels, the lighting engine has gone rogue! It’s overexposing this poor bastard’s face!!! We’re all fucking dead!!!!!

(Carefree Shujin Student) The volleyball team’s never going to tell him anything. They’re all completely loyal to Kamoshida.
Well, if Kamoshida likes them, their future is pretty much set. Of course they’d back him up. Speaking of which, I hear Kamoshida’s new favorite girl is someone named Suzui.
Oh, the girl who was chosen to be a regular? Ah, her face was all swollen. It looked pretty bad.

(Sleepy Student) You really want Kamoshida’s leftovers? I like the girl with the ponytail better…
Oh, you mean from the volleyball team? I guess I kinda get you… There’s also a really cute first-year with a ponytail though. Why not her?
Wait, there was a girl like that!? I didn’t look at all…

(Talkative Female Student) There’ve been similar accidents before, right? What happens if you get a psychotic breakdown?
Well, out of nowhere, you go crazy and violent, and then you suddenly pass out. In the very end, you die in a lot of pain. That’s what I hear. You die, or you’re as good as dead.

(Office Worker Heading Home) The train derailing the other day was horrific. If you ask me, it looked like an act of terrorism.
Maybe it’s a conspiracy, another country attacking us. You think they’re using mind control?
If it was mind control, they’re messing it up. Those people end up going brain dead, don’t they?

Time to head downstairs and conveniently run into Ann!

Wait, what!? That’s not what you promised! And you call yourself a teacher!? This has nothing to do with Shiho!
*dial tone*

Music: Disquiet

Shiho’s… starting position…

Yes. Wait, uh… no?

Haven’t you heard of privacy?

…… Sorry, that was uncalled for. *wipes tears* How much did you hear, anyway?
You were having an argument about your friend.
That’s… it’s nothing! Nothing at all…

Maaku has a fine talent for sticking his grubby little nose where it doesn’t belong, and as such, he is obligated to follow Ann.

(Cool-Headed Woman) She probably just got dumped or something. Leave her alone.

Not until I know you’re okay.
I don’t get you… Why are you even bothering with me? *sob*

It was just an argument…
An argument with Kamoshida?

It seems like she’s really stressed out…

Video: Confession

Music: Confession/Secret (Piano Version)

That Kamoshida and I are…? It’s not true at all, but…!

I’m out of time… he told me to go to his place after this…

If I don’t do it, he said he would take my friend’s starting position on the volleyball team… This was all for Shiho, that’s the only reason I could get through this, but I can’t take it anymore…
I can’t… I hate him! But I can’t hurt Shiho like that… I can’t hurt the only friend I have at that awful school!

Music: Sunset Bridge

That’s probably why it had to be me.
Yeah, maybe… or maybe it’s just because you’re weird.
Most people just ignore me. Everyone says you’re a bad guy, but I’m not seeing it.

>I’m bad to the bone.

Heh, sure. Yeah, I had a feeling it was all too much to be true, and you seemed… I don’t know, lonely? Like there was nowhere you belonged, like me. Maybe that’s why I could open up to you.
People sure like projecting their problems onto me. It’s fine, I’m kind of a blank slate like that.
I just wish I knew how to help Shiho. If only Kamoshida would just forget all about me, or change his mind… No way that could happen, though…
Couldn’t it?
It was just a fantasy. Thanks anyway, though. I should head home. Keep this between us, okay? I’ll figure out how to deal with Kamoshida myself.

Wait, I don’t think you’re allowed to take those cups with you!

Are you leaving?
What is it?

Mr. Kamoshida wants to see you… I don’t know what he wants, but he seemed weirdly upset and kept muttering something about a “damn tease”… I need to go hide in case he gets mad at me again…

Well, I’m sure Ann’s toying with Kamoshida will have no negative consequences for Shiho here!

After School → Early Morning

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

A cat wouldn’t leave me alone, and then I had to resolve an impromptu emotional crisis.
Fine, don’t tell me. God, you’re a weird kid.

...By the way, you haven’t been hanging around any bad influences, have you?

I think the school itself is probably a bad influence on me… but I did make a friend.

Huh. They’ve gotta be pretty strange to want to spend time with you.

Why do people feel so comfortable talking shit about me to my face? Do I have the aura of a placemat?

*yawn* Look at the time. Seriously, think about how I feel having to stay up here waiting for you.

In the future, try not to come back so damn late. Understood?

The whole “stealing desires” thing is going right over my head, but I know I’m not down with killing anyone if we mess up. Yeah, I’m pissed off at him, but leaving him brain dead? We’ll have to turn Morgana down. I’ll think more about what to do tonight.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Early Morning

(Worried Volleyball Player) She was with Mr. Kamoshida! There’s a lot of *scandalous* rumors flying about the two of them…
None of that stuff is true, though… Right?
Couldn’t be…

Man, it’s been nothing but bad news lately. I’m worried about the future…
Oh, that reminds me. Apparently, a guest is coming to the school today. Some young guy I think…
...Oh? Tell me more.

Early Morning → Morning

Music: So Boring

Why’s it called the National Diet anyway if it’s full of fat cats? Eh??? Eh?????

My new character gimmick is that Ushimaru is a struggling stand-up comedian. This is now canon to the LP. Anyway, all he’s talking about here is the separation of powers to extremely circuitously foreshadow the Shido stuff seventy hours in the future.

This is really the only choice you have, just listen to—
Quiet down!
Hamiru, stop screaming. I think I hear the cat that’s been giving the disciplinary committee so much trouble…


>Are you cutting class?

I can’t deal with that shit right now. I mean, what’re we gonna do about Kamoshida? Do we just gotta go along with what that cat says? Urgh, that damn furball…

My patience grows thinner by the day. One day soon, you will all know my wrath.
Thank you for reading that aloud for me. I keep almost getting caught with the text-to-speech in class.

Enough! This is a classroom!
Wait… She’s going to jump!

Hey! Stay in your seats! Do not step foot outside of this room!

Music: Desire


Line Changes!

In the diner scene with Ann, “Are you really a bad person as the rumor says….? You just don’t seem like it.” has become “Are you really a bad person? I’ve heard people talking about you, but… I just don’t see it.” Much less awkward.